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Chapter 86: The First Performance of Myriad Illusions

Chapter 86: The First Performance of Myriad Illusions

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"Flaming Crystal Palace?"

An Te was totally confused.

Why had he never heard of this organization? And what was with this awkward name? Were they joking? However, from his opponent’s serious expression, they did not seem to be faking it.

Shen Wei…

Shen Yi’s elder sister?

An Te frowned. Seems like things are getting troublesome.

"Deal with him," Wang Chun said indifferently.


Shen Wei immediately unleashed her power.

A single slash of hers tore the ground apart.

A terrifying crack started extending along the ground.

"Peak E class!"

An Te’s expression changed greatly as he put his all into avoiding this ability.

"Damn it."

His forehead was full of sweat. This young lady called Shen Wei actually possessed such powerful combat power. That extreme attack power was something he couldn’t defend against at all.



Step by step, An Te was pushed back.

Continuous slash!

With the broken saber in her hands together with endless killing intent, each of Shen Wei’s attacks was fatal. An Te’s nerves were stretched to the limit, afraid that he would be killed in a single slash by Shen Wei the moment he got careless.

"Shadow, until when do you plan to continue watching the show?" An Te cursed.

"Aiyaya, are you talking to me?" Shadow started digging in his ear. "Earlier, you said that I can only do one single thing and am not supposed to get involved in anything else. See, I am behaving myself over here."

"I will give you 30%," An Te said hatefully.

Shadow spread his hands. "50%."

"Impossible." A cold glint flickered in An Te’s eyes. "I have been working hard for so many days. You want me to work for free? You are only here to make up the numbers. 40%. Accept it or so be it."

"All right."

Beaming, Shadow accepted.

He knew that if he were to continue dragging this forth, he might get more. However, 40% was sufficient. An Te was the one who had planned all of this and worked hard until now. He only needed to participate in a single combat to get a share of 40%. That was simply too profitable.


With a flash of the broken saber, Shen Wei had pushed An Te back once again. However, she had still failed to kill him.

"Go," Wang Chun said decisively. "We can’t defeat them both. There might still be a chance for us if we let Shen Wei take us and escape here."

He could clearly see that this Shadow person was very strong. It would probably be too hard for Shen Yi alone to contend with both of them.

"There’s no need for that." Chen Feng suddenly smiled as he said, "You can just deal with An Te. This guy, leave him to me."


Wang Chun widened his eyes.

He knew that Chen Feng had increased his strength. However, he was someone who had only recently fused with his E-class gene, while his opponent was someone at the peak of E class. Furthermore, he was only a producer!

"Brother, don’t play around." Wang Chun pulled Chen Feng. "Now is not the time to let emotions affect one’s decisions."

Chen Feng: "…"

Did he look like someone so stupid?

At this moment, a dark shadow flickered into existence and started descending upon them with an intense killing intent.

"An Te, hold on first," Shadow said calmly. "I will kill these two kids first to avoid anything unexpected happening."

"All right." An Te clenched his teeth. "You better be fast."

"Don’t worry." Shadow sneered. "Its only two beginner E-class kids."


Shadow raised his hands.

A pitch black phantom appeared before Chen Feng. Shadow pointed at Chen Feng and the phantom turned into a black flash before rushing toward Chen Feng. This was a full power attack from a peak E-class warrior.


Shadow was calm as water.

However, at this very moment.


A dazzling radiance.

Twenty Wind Blades suddenly appeared around Chen Feng and surrounded him. Every single one of the ice-cold blades was filled to the brim with dense killing intent.

The twenty Wind Blades smashed toward the phantom, defeating it with mere quantity alone.

"What cursed ability is this?"

Shadow’s heart jolted.

Wind Blade? So many of them? I have never heard of such an ability!

However, was this Chen Feng’s trump card? If it was only this… Shadow waved his hands and thirty shadows that were exactly the same as him appeared.

You can block one of them. How about 30 of them?

I refuse to believe that you can block all of them!


The shadows all charged at Chen Feng.

One shadow after another, each filled with killing intent.

However, outside of everyone’s expectations, Chen Feng merely waved his hand at this.


An endless amount of Wind Blades were instantly unleashed.




Every single one of the shadows was flooded by Wind Blades.

Shadow’s mouth was wide open for a long time. What on earth is this?

Wang Chun, to the side, also had a stupefied expression on his face. Is Chen Feng really a gene producer?

"Very good."

Shadow inhaled deeply.

He knew that this man called Chen Feng before him was definitely qualified to be an opponent of his.


"Let us have a proper battle then."

Shadow’s gaze was cold.




One after another, phantoms appeared again. This time, however, Shadow did not get them to charge at Chen Feng individually. Instead, he got the phantoms to overlap together before launching the attack toward Chen Feng.

Shadow attack!


An extremely strong power instantly erupted.


Chen Feng pointed at the air.

Twenty Wind Blades bombarded the shadow attack. However, there was no effect. The overlap of several tens of phantoms had unleashed a horrifying power. Chen Feng could clearly see that even the afterimages left behind by these phantoms were emitting a shocking power.

This attack was something the Wind Blades couldn’t block.


Chen Feng did not find this surprising.

This shadow attack was obviously not some basic attacks. Instead, this was some high-level battle technique comprehended by his opponent. Normal Wind Blades would be useless against it, regardless of the amount.

If that was the case…

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. After truly entering E class, he'd had a lot of improvements. His spiritual energy had an all-around improvement, the speed he released his Wind Blades had increased by onefold, and the amount of Wind Blades that could be created with one point of luck value had increased from ten to twenty. However, the true improvement he gained was actually Myriad Illusions!

Myriad Illusions, activate!

Chen Feng instinctively activated it. However, there was no reaction whatsoever from it.

No reaction?

How was this possible?!

Chen Feng’s heart jolted. You can’t be holding me down during a crucial moment. Is it because my pose was wrong?

Chen Feng activated his luck value and tried once again, yet nothing happened this time as well.

Something wasn’t right.

Chen Feng’s heart jolted violently.

Currenly, the shadow attack had reached him.

Damn it.

What was the problem?

Chen Feng forced himself to calm down and re-examine this Myriad Illusions ability. Myriad Illusions was definitely something similar to Wind Blade, where he only needed to activate it to use it. This was the information he had previously gotten online. However, it seemed like his Myriad Illusions was a mutated version?

Indeed, mutated!

A vague idea formed in Chen Feng’s head.

A mutated Myriad Illusions was different from its ordinary version, as it needed to fuse with other genetic abilities.


Chen Feng’s eyes lit up.

Wind Blade?

As he thought of this.

Without the slightest hesitation, Chen Feng activated Wind Blade and Myriad Illusions at the same time.


An astonishing attack was unleashed in an instant.


The first Wind Blade appeared.

No, it couldn’t even be called a Wind Blade anymore. Although it still contained the power of wind within, this Wind Blade’s color had turned from blue to red. Furthermore, around it were dense flames!

This was a burning Wind Blade.


The burning Wind Blade collided with the shadow attack.

A terrifying energy erupted at the instant of the collision. That incomparably powerful shadow attack stopped instantly. It had been stopped forcefully by the power released by the burning Wind Blade.

An extremely strong power!

"2-star secret art?"

Shadow contemplated.

A combination of wind and fire into a 2-star wind and fire secret art. Mhm… truly powerful indeed. Unfortunately, Chen Feng’s level is still too low.

Not sufficient to cause me any trouble.


The shadow attack erupted in power once again.

The appearance of the burning Wind Blade had merely caused it to pause momentarily. However, at this very moment, the second Wind Blade appeared.

This time—

It was yellow in color.


A yellow-colored Wind Blade was unleashed.

The Wind Blade whistled forth while emitting a sandstorm from it. The originally blue Wind Blade had, for unknown reasons, become filled to the brim with a thick earth aura. The originally purely energy-type attack of Wind Blade had mysteriously become an unsophisticated physical attack that, along with the dense sand and soil in it, ferociously smashed upon the shadow attack.


The Wind Blade instantly crumbled.

However, the shadow attack was once again stopped here.

This time, the shadow felt even more uncomfortable. The yellow-colored Wind Blade had erupted with a bizarre power, covering its whole body with sand and soil. The originally perfectly overlapped shadow felt incredibly uncomfortable now.


Shadow was somewhat stupefied. What ability was this?

Another 2-star secret art?

Wind and earth?

This Chen Feng was only at E-class, so he could only have fused with two genes. At the very most, he could only have a single 2-star secret art. What on earth was happening here?

At this time, the third Wind Blade was unleashed.

This time—

It was a deep blue color.


A watery Wind Blade charged toward the shadow.


The Wind Blade descended.

A terrifying power blossomed from it, enveloping the shadow with a huge amount of water.

The shadow attack…

Was once again submerged.

He had yet to clear off the sand and soil earlier and was now submerged in water instead. The super powerful shadow attack formed through overlapping a countless amount of phantoms was now a mud man.


Became even harder.


The fourth Wind Blade was unleashed.

The color of this Wind Blade was even more bizarre. It was transparent!

Pa ji.

A bizarre sound resounded.

The Wind Blade collided with the shadow attack. Instead of shattering, it instead turned into a transparent liquid that stuck onto the body of the shadow. The shadow attack’s movement was now even more sluggish than before.

That feeling…

Was like some weird mucus.

Shadow’s expression looked extremely unsightly at this point. However, this was just the beginning.



Green-colored Wind Blade…

Black-colored Wind Blade…

Wind Blades with all sorts of colors were spammed onto the shadow. Now, Shadow was already thoroughly stupefied. It was not like he had not experienced any bitter battles before. He had experienced many battles where he was threading the line of death. However, he was sure that the current battle was the most disgusting battle he had gotten himself into.

Too disgusting!

Twenty attacks!

Water and fire appeared three times respectively. The remaining fourteen times were all random and ridiculous attacks. The shadow attack that was initially a high speed attack was now stuck on the same spot.

What f*cking ability was this?

Shadow had a dazed expression on his face.