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Chapter 87: Blood Shadow

Chapter 87: Blood Shadow

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At the same time, the Chen Feng opposite him had an odd expression on his face as well.


What could he say?

Myriad Illusions, something that could only fuse with other abilities. This seemed like a bad thing, since this meant that the Myriad Illusions ability had lost its original function as a standalone ability. However, what amazed Chen Feng was that, after fusion, it could generate secret arts!

What did this entail?

Regardless of what gene it was, it would be able to be fused with Myriad Illusions!

Regardless of what secret art it was, it would have a 1-star increase in its rating.

Worthy of being the illusionary snake leader!

Worthy of being a mutated gene!

Chen Feng was overwhelmed with emotions.

Too strong.

This gene that he had improved and mutated couldn’t be more suitable for him. His effort in painstakingly coming all the way here was not in vain.

And the biggest surprise for him was the true combat power of Myriad Illusions!

For example—

When it was fused with Wind Blades.

Every time a Wind Blade was used, one point of luck value was enough for him to continuously release Wind Blades for a full second. At his current level, he would be able to release twenty Wind Blades per second.

As for Myriad Illusions?

Chen Feng did not dare to try.

Although Wind Blade and Myriad Illusions could be used in tandem with Luck Aura, the consumption of luck value would also increase as a result. Hence, Chen Feng would prioritize using Luck Aura on Wind Blades.

The result of this test of his was extremely astonishing.

Furthermore, there was no need for the probability of Myriad Illusions to be triggered when he was using this method.

Mere regular activation of Myriad Illusions and Wind Blades were already sufficient to unleash an astonishing power. The succession of Wind Blades he released that caused Shadow to be vomiting blood in anger had only used up one luck value.

"This is too perfect…"

Chen Feng hadn’t had enough with this.

Too powerful!

At this time.


A loud sound.

The rocky grounds around them started trembling.

Everyone instinctively looked toward the source of the loud sound and saw that An Te, who had still been showing off his prowess a moment ago, was currently in ragged clothing, cutting an extremely sorry figure as he looked at Shen Wei. In front of him was a 1 meter deep gorge.

Too terrifying.

An Te was horrified. "Shadow, are you f*cking done yet?"

"Soon," Shadow said impatiently.


He had to finish this as soon as possible!

Shadow’s heart palpitated. Shen Wei’s prowess was giving him an ominous feeling. He suddenly realized that his choice of coming here with An Te this time was quite a bad choice.


Since he was already here, he was unwilling to leave just like that.

Shadow waved his hand. "Scatter."

That shadow attack that was beaten into submission by Chen Feng dissolved instantly.

"You are very strong," Shadow said, word by word. "However, it’s about time this ends."


A terrifying power started blossoming around Shadow, and it was at this moment that something astonishing happened.

Below Chen Feng’s foot, the shadow that had always been with him had suddenly moved. Chen Feng, who was already prepared for everything, retreated instantly. However, beyond his expectations, the shadow did not attack him. Instead, it rapidly separated itself from Chen Feng and moved to Shadow.

The same thing happened to Wang Chun, An Te, Shen Wei… every single shadow that one could see gathered beside Shadow.


Shadow’s expression was solemn.


He spat out a mouthful of blood.

All shadows, including his own shadow, fused at this very moment.


The power of blood blossomed.

Five shadows instantly transformed into a blood shadow.

"I originally didn’t want to use this skill."

Shadow’s voice became hoarse and his entire body shriveled. After going through the transformation, the blood shadow before him had turned into a blood-colored person that looked like him.

In the shadow’s hand was even a broken saber.


The blood shadow took a step forth as a terrifying power bubbled around him.

Chen Feng stirred.

This power…


Shadow pointed at Chen Feng and sneered. "It has fused with the power of every single one of you here. It is much more powerful than everyone here. The fused body it has is the body of a true expert."

"Now, be devoured by my blood shadow…"


The blood shadow unleashed its power. At the same time, the broken saber within his hands was emitting a terrifying power as well.


Everyone’s power?

"Damn it."

Chen Feng’s expression changed slightly.

Such a heaven-defying ability exists?


As he looked at the pale complexion of Shadow, Chen Feng knew that the energy exhaustion for the activation of this ability was huge. The stronger the blood shadow was, the more Shadow needed to exhaust. Furthermore, he was sure that Shadow would only be able to persevere for a few seconds at most. However, regretfully, a normal opponent would not be able to survive for more than a few seconds against this ability either.

What joke was this?

The blood shadow was something that had fused with everyone’s power, including Chen Feng's!

"What’s happening exactly?"

Chen Feng stirred.

He was too clear on how powerful the Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade combination of both his skills was!

However, at this moment, Chen Feng suddenly had a weird expression on his face.

Wind Blade…

He suddenly remembered that at its core, only a single Wind Blade would be released each time.

Myriad Illusions was something that would grow in strength in tandem with Wind Blade. The more powerful the Wind Blade was, the more powerful the Myriad Illusions would be. Only when the amount of Wind Blade was sufficiently high would Myriad Illusions be able to display its true power.

All of that was something that the blood shadow couldn’t accomplish, as it did not have luck value!

If that was the case…

Chen Feng suddenly laughed.


Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade was once again released from his hand as multi-colored Wind Blades started flooding the blood shadow and totally enveloping it, unleashing an astonishing power in the process.

"You think only you knows how to do this?"

Shadow’s voice was hoarse as he ordered the blood shadow to activate the same ability.


A chilling blue-colored Wind Blade shot out.


Shadow was totally confused.

That was it?

How come that was all?


Once again, he activated the Wind Blade ability.


A fiery Wind Blade shot out.


Shadow was somewhat stupefied. Once again, that was it?

Chen Feng was able to unleash twenty Wind Blades per second. As for him? One per second! This kind of speed, they were totally not in the same league.

"Damn it. Is it due to him being more well-practiced at this ability?"

Shadow’s expression was unsightly.

Blood shadow was not an omnipotent existence.

Despite it being able to possess the abilities of everyone here, becoming extremely powerful, it was only able to gain the opponent’s abilities, not their skills and experiences with those abilities.


When I reached D-class, I have to fuse with an ability capable of absorbing my opponent’s skills , Shadow vowed inwardly.

He believed that blood shadow would truly be undefeated at that time. Now, the blood shadow that was merely a 3-star secret art was way too weak.

Pa Ji!

One again, this familiar sound resounded.

Shadow’s expression suddenly became unsightly.

He raised his head.

Indeed, without realizing, under the endless bizarre Wind Blades, the blood shadow that possessed terrifying combat power was stuck just like the previous shadow.

On its body was water, earth, and mucus.

F*ck this shit!

Shadow couldn’t help but curse.


The blood shadow started emitting a terrifying power around it.

That force of power shook unceasingly.

Possessing all the abilities of An Te and Shen Wei, it was much more powerful! However, now, it was stuck at the same spot, unable to move a step forward.

Truly sorrowful.

"Damn it."

Shadow clenched both his fists.

He knew that as long as he could use an even stronger power to shake all the mucus, water, and earth off the blood shadow’s body, it would be sufficient. However, what caused him to feel depressed was the fact that the blood shadow itself was not a physical body in the first place.

If he were to shake off the mucus, water, and earth like that, the blood shadow would dissipate as well.

This… he couldn’t even fight against this.

This Chen Feng that appeared to be a mere initial E-class warrior, this junior producer, was totally a terrifying guy!


A sorrowful cry.

Shadow looked toward the cry and saw that under Shen Wei’s attack, An Te was running away, cutting a sorry figure.

"Shadow, be faster!" An Te bellowed.

He was engaged in a battle with Shen Wei and couldn’t even take care of himself. Hence, he couldn’t split his attention to view other battles. As such, he did not understand the reason that Shadow had yet to deal with Wang Chun and Chen Feng.

"I will give you 50%. That should do it, right?" An Te was anxious. "Come faster!"


Shadow smiled bitterly. Could that 50% deal with this problem he was facing?

He looked at the blood shadow that was sluggishly raising its broken saber like a crippled person in front of Chen Feng. Then, he looked at the An Te that was being chased by Shen Wei. Shadow inhaled deeply.

"Chen Feng, you forced me."

Shadow waved his hand and dispersed the blood shadow.

Chen Feng was solemn.

"He still has another trump card?"

He had even used his 2-star secret art, trump card…

Could it be a virus?

Chen Feng concentrated his gaze.


The indistinct shadows around Shadow started flickering.

The Wind Blade in Chen Feng’s hands were trigger ready. And then Shadow was engulfed by darkness and subsequently disappeared without a trace.

"The f*ck?"

Chen Feng’s mouth twitched.

This guy…