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Chapter 88: I Won’t Fight Him

Chapter 88: I Won’t Fight Him

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Shadow fleeing caused Chen Feng to not know whether to laugh or cry.

He never expected that this peak E-class genetic warrior would decisively flee when he saw that the battle was not looking favorable for him, directly abandoning An Te here.


An Te opened his eyes wide and shouted miserably, "Shadow!"

He never expected that Shadow would actually abandon him and flee.

"I saved your life before!" An Te bellowed.


There was no response whatsoever.

"Didn’t you have an extremely good relationship with Qin Jie and your squad members as well?" Chen Feng sneered. "If it was Qin Jie and the rest, at least they wouldn’t abandon their teammates no matter what, even if they had some conflict with you."

"This is the choice you made yourself," Chen Feng said coldly.


An Te was dazed.


The descent of Shen Wei’s attack had cut off any remaining hopes An Te had.

Different from a genetic warrior’s ability, Shen Wei did not have any ability at all. All her attacks were extremely rough and simple. To slash, and slash, and slash without end.

An Te, who was at the peak of E-class, was simply slashed to death by Shen Wei.

From this, Shen Wei’s prowess was quite apparent.

"Even death is not enough to pay for your sins!"

Shen Wei arrogantly sheathed her broken saber, kicking off a small storm with her saber aura as she did this.

Due to this, the skirt she was wearing, which was already extremely short, rose slightly, appearing even shorter.

Chen Feng: "…"

Suddenly, he was somewhat envious of Wang Chun.

However, student Wang Chun had yet to recover from his shock.

Chen Feng and Shadow’s battle ended just like that?

The f*ck, are you kidding me?

Shadow was extremely powerful. He was even slightly more powerful than An Te. Even with that, Chen Feng was still able to beat him until he ran within minutes. Instead, it was Shen Wei who had spent a longer time in battle.

Chen Feng was actually this strong?

Wang Chun was shocked.

He was too clear on how strong Shen Wei was.

Peak E-class!

Genuinely at the peak!

One could say that there were very few people in E-class capable of defeating Shen Wei. However, Chen Feng, who had just stepped into E-class, seemed to have reached this stage. This…

He had really looked down upon this genius?

Wang Chun smiled bitterly.

He did not give up on the gene prepared to him by the Wang Family and picked this gene merely because he was a nerd. It was also due to the strength of the female characters in The Crystal Palace.

To be honest, deep inside, he was somewhat arrogant.

Now, however…

All his arrogance crumbled before Chen Feng.

What was more vexing was the fact that Chen Feng was also a formidable gene producer. Having a profession that would require all of one’s energy yet still possessing such formidable combat power.

Or perhaps this was due to Chen Feng’s genetic ability coincidentally being the ability that had a suppressive effect against that shadow’s ability?

That was what Wang Chun thought.

"Shen Wei." Wang Chun looked at the young lady. "If you were to battle Chen Feng, how confident are you of obtaining a victory?"

"I won’t fight him," Shen Wei said coldly.

Wang Chun couldn’t understand. "Why?"

Shen Wei glared at him. "Too gross."

Wang Chun: "…"

Chen Feng: "…"

Can’t they stop using this term?!

Chen Feng did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Who would have guessed that all these Wind Blades being unleashed together would cause such circumstances to appear? Even the illusionary snake leader probably wouldn’t have been able to guess that this would happen.

Chen Feng could only spread his hand as a response.

At this instant.


A pleasantly surprised expression appeared on Wang Chun’s face.


In his hand, the semi-illusionary comic hovered midair.

It flickered with a colorful glow.


A slim silhouette turned into light particles and shot out of the book, transforming back into her physical body while she was in midair and landed in Shen Wei’s embrace.


Shen Yi hugged Shen Wei.

A smiling expression appeared on Shen Wei’s face. "You recovered."


"Of course."

Shen Yi was excited. "Sister, you are finally out here. I have missed you to death."

"If this rubbish master of ours was somewhat stronger, all our sisters would have been out a long time ago," Shen Wei said coldly.

"Sisteeer!" Shen Yi purred.

Wang Chun smiled bitterly. Could he be blamed for this?

"Brother, fortune and misfortune are truly interdependent of each other[1]."

Chen Feng patted Wang Chun's shoulder, taking joy in his plight.

The battle was over.

Chen Feng looked around him. The whole cave had crumbled down, sandstorms were everywhere, the ground was in a mess with piles of crushed rocks everywhere, and a single shattered empty egg shell lay there…


Chen Feng suddenly thought of something. Empty egg shells?

Chen Feng went over to take a look. Wasn’t this the snake egg used by Shen Yi to lure the huge snake here? He remembered that this egg was incomparably hard and couldn’t be broken no matter what.

Shen Yi noticed this as well. "Sigh, why is this thing broken?"

Shen Wei picked up a piece of the egg shell and slashed at it with her broken saber. That piece of egg shell was undamaged after being slashed. "This thing is extremely hard. I’m afraid it’s not an ordinary illusionary snake."

"Judging from the way it cracked, this seemed to be something that happened naturally."

Everyone’s expressions changed greatly.

Naturally cracking?

In other words, within this egg might be an even more powerful illusionary snake, despite it just being a newborn?

"We need to leave immediately," Wang Chun said decisively.

How strong was Shen Wei? Yet she was unable to even break the fragment of the egg shell?

This unknown snake egg might have mutated and might be even more powerful! In other words, at the moment of its birth, it was already the king of this area.

"Leave quickly." Wang Chun felt his lips go dry. "If it’s really the birth of a snake king, this place will be surrounded by all the illusionary snakes here. We will die regardless of how strong we are."


Chen Feng instantly wised up as well.

How many illusionary snakes were there in the Desolate Rocky Grounds?

Nobody knew!

The reason they barely encountered any illusionary snakes was because the snakes couldn’t be bothered to show themselves. If all the snakes were to come out, they would not be able to leave here alive at all.

They left quickly.

Naturally, before leaving, Chen Feng did not forget to pick up all the egg shells.

They were all treasures!

The area was still engulfed by sandstorms as usual.

Despite the fact that the sky-covering sandstorms were even denser compared to when they came, without having to worry about getting assassinated, their speed was faster than before instead.

However, oddly, they did not meet a single illusionary snake on their way.

Not even one!

All the illusionary snakes of the Desolate Rocky Grounds seemed to have disappeared. Chen Feng and the rest were able to travel smoothly, leaving the cave and reaching the entrance of the Desolate Rocky Grounds without meeting a single snake.

"It seems like I guessed correctly," Wang Chun said in a low voice. "All the illusionary snakes went to that cave. If we hadn’t escaped quickly, we would have probably gotten ourselves surrounded."


Chen Feng nodded slightly and looked behind him.

Snake king, eh?

Or is it one of those who went through an extremely powerful mutation?

With the appearance of this thing here, it seems like the Desolate Rocky Grounds will undergo a great change hereafter.

"Let’s go," Chen Feng said.

They left quickly.

Despite leaving the Desolate Rocky Grounds, they still had to maintain their vigilance. Only after they reached the end of this 5 km journey and reached the Genetic Union’s camp would they be truly safe.

However, when they had only traveled half the distance…


Shen Yi abruptly stopped everyone and cautiously looked in front of them. "There’s someone there."


Everyone’s heart jolted.


The broken saber in Shen Wei’s hand ignited.

Not far away, a thin silhouette walked out from behind a rock.

"Interesting, I was actually discovered?"

A familiar voice traveled to them. That person raised his head and showed a face full of scars. "Long time no see, my dear adorable students."

"Xie Kangzhong!"

Chen Feng’s pupils constricted.

That’s right.

Xie Kangzhong!

Chen Feng had never expected the person to suddenly appear here would actually be the teacher in charge of the high school class he was in. The very Xie Kangzhong that had abandoned all his students and escaped during the Dragon’s Passing Mountain incident.

He was actually alive!


1. A Chinese term that basically means that a good thing might lead to bad thing, while a bad thing might lead to a good thing. In the current context in this chapter, Chen Feng is talking about how lucky Wang Chun is to have all this beautiful comic book girls at his side, yet at the same time, it’s quite unlucky that Shen Wei is this cold.