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Chapter 89: Comfortable

Chapter 89: Comfortable

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Wang family, Gold City.

Countless people were in a solemn silence.

The elders of the Wang family were all waiting there. At the center of them all was Wang Yue, who was kneeling with a respectful expression on his face. Before him was an old man with a faint smile on his face.

"Not bad." The old man nodded slightly. "Quite a good innate talent with acceptable genes. You are qualified to accept my teachings."

As he said that, he raised his forefinger and tapped Wang Yue’s forehead with it.


As that finger landed on Wang Yue’s forehead, it started glowing.


On Wang Yue’s head, between his eyebrows, a dot of light glowed abruptly. Akin to a white plum blossom, the glow started rotating unceasingly, radiating a terrifying power.


The seemingly endless radiance cracked.

Wang Yue felt like his spirit had been brightly lit up, while his mind felt unprecedentedly clear. A gush of formidable power was working within his body, constantly unlocking his hidden potential.

His spiritual energy grew at a crazy pace.

After a long time, when the radiance finally shrunk back into a tiny white dot and their surroundings returned to normal, Wang Yue opened his eyes. Within his eyes, an additional grandeur that wasn’t there before could now be seen.

"Many thanks, senior."

Wang Yue was grateful.

Wang Yue had spent a large amount of resources in order to invite this great master here in order to give him a stronger potential and a better future. From the moment he fused with that gene, he seemed to have soared up to the skies with a single leap.

In the not-too-distant future of the current era, Wang Yue would definitely occupy an important position.

"Senior, please."

The elders of Wang family invited the great master to get seated and started their discussion on proper business. On the other hand, Wang Yue followed his father into a room to talk.

"You are still having someone monitor Wang Chun?"

Wang Tianhao’s expression was solemn.


Wang Yue nodded his head. "He was the Wang family’s previous choice. As long as he remains alive, they will not give me their heart and soul. They might still have a sliver of hope remaining that, if I were to be crippled in the future, they might still be able to continue supporting Wang Chun."

"Hehe, only when he dies will those old fools of the Wang family give up on that hope."

"Only then will they know that their only choice is me. I am the only one capable of leading the Wang family out of Gold City and growing it to a new height," Wang Yue said coldly.

"Do less of such things in the future."

Wang Tianhao glared at him. "With your potential and future, you should be seeing the bigger picture. Someone from a place like Gold City is no longer qualified to have your attention. What you should do now is to concentrate on improving yourself and becoming stronger. To challenge the true experts of this world!"

"A human needs to look upward. Don’t keep paying attention to those who are destined to be stepped on below your feet. As for Wang Chun and Chen Feng…"

Wang Tianhao sneered. "Just leave them to me."

He was aware that this son of his was good in every aspect. His only weakness was being too narrow-minded. If Wang Chun was not dealt with, he would not be able to rest or eat in peace. There was also that Chen Feng…

"Reach D class as soon as possible, understand?" Wang Tianhao said strictly.

Wang Yue nodded. "Understood."

He believed that his father would be able to perfectly handle this thing for him.

Chen Feng…

Hehe, he had originally planned to personally defeat Chen Feng. Unfortunately, from the moment he fused with that gene, he knew that Chen Feng was no longer qualified to be his opponent.

He, Wang Yue, was destined to soar up to the skies with a single leap!

After sneering, Wang Yue walked toward the training room.

The Wang family had prepared everything for him in advance. Everything else was unrelated to him. The only thing he needed to do was to transform the potential he had into actual strength, becoming a true expert!

"D class, here I come."

Wang Yue was filled with expectations.

Currently, at the Desolate Rocky Grounds, Chen Feng and his group were cautiously looking at the Xie Kangzhong that had suddenly appeared. This guy who escaped previously had actually appeared now…

"What are you here for?" Chen Feng said coldly.

"To kill someone," Xie Kangzhong said calmly.

Wang Chun sneered. "The Wang family sent you here?"

"I am now a wanted person. They gave me a very good job."

Xie Kangzhong had a malevolent expression on his face as he rubbed the scars on his face. "Hehe, it was truly hard to escape from Dragon’s Passing Mountain. However, I survived!"

"Both of you need to die!"

Xie Kangzhong was filled with killing intent.

Both of them had to die?

Wang Chun and Chen Feng instinctively looked at each other. Wang family indeed!

"Your family is so messy?"

Chen Feng looked at Wang Chun.

"One just needs to get used to it."

Wang Chun felt somewhat helpless as well.

All those positions, such as director of a large company, chairman of a large organization, heir of a large family... as long as it was a position with power, there would be a lot of people fighting over it. This was the cruel reality.

"Xie Kangzhong, D-class genetic warrior," Chen Feng said in a low voice. "One of his genetic abilities is Fiery Dragon. The remaining two abilities are unknown."

"D class, eh…"

Wang Chun was somewhat anxious.


A fireball lit up.

In Xie Kangzhong’s hand was a fireball that was ready for action after fully condensing. As he brandished his fingers, it turned into a huge fiery dragon that streaked toward them.


Shen Wei made her move.

The broken saber in her hands slashed downward.


Slashed into two pieces with a single slash.

The fiery dragon was cut in two by Shen Wei. However, after passing through Shen Wei, the flame converged midair and turned back into its original appearance, unaffected by Shen Wei’s slash at all!

This was a flame possessing the power of a D-class warrior.

"Be careful."

Wang Chun’s expression changed slightly.

"Flame, eh?"

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes.


A train of multi-colored Wind Blades were unleashed and smashed into the flame. What followed was an explosion of light as all sorts of energy erupted and dispersed the Fiery Dragon forcefully.


The burning hot wind brushed past the both of them.

Too dangerous!

Wang Chun wiped the beads of sweat on his forehead. D class was indeed different.

"It has actually been blocked?"

Xie Kangzhong was very surprised.

He was very clear on Chen Feng’s strength. Even if he was E class now, he was still someone who was recently promoted. He never expected Chen Feng to be capable of blocking his attack.

"Did I judge wrongly in the past?"

Xie Kangzhong was astonished.

At this instant.

"Shen Wei!" Wang Chun screamed. "Freely attack!"

"All right."

Shen Wei acted decisively.

Xie Kangzhong was too strong. They definitely couldn’t give him too many opportunities to attack.

Chen Feng instantly erupted. Myriad Illusionary Wind Blades!


A succession of Wind Blades were let forth instantly. Chen Feng used the same method when he dealt with the blood shadow previously—to use the superior quantity of Wind Blades and to force Xie Kangzhong to remain on the same spot!



Every single burst of his Wind Blades was more violent than the previous. Water, earth, mucus, all of them erupted forth.

Pa Ji!

Xie Kangzhong’s body became sluggish.

"Unlimited slash!"

The flame on Shen Wei’s broken saber burned furiously.


From the broken saber, a chain of fiery slashes descended, layering onto each other before erupting at the same instance and, filled with endless killing intent, attacking toward Xie Kangzhong.


A terrifying explosion of flame.

Almost all of Shen Wei’s unlimited slashes landed on Xie Kangzhong.

Was he hit?

Chen Feng couldn’t resist and looked toward the collision point.

The flame gradually disappeared.

When Chen Feng saw the situation there, he inhaled a mouthful of cold air.

Xie Kangzhong was safe and sound.

Not only that, on his body was a yellow-colored scale armor that had automatically obstructed all of Chen Feng’s attack. Even Shen Wei’s attacks were blocked.

"Stone Scale?"

Chen Feng’s heart jolted furiously.

It was actually this ability!

Stone Scale: A type of defensive ability that worked by petrifying one’s own body. It was extremely formidable. When used by a person with Xie Kangzhong’s current strength, any attack below D class was useless against it!

In other words—

Regardless of how many people you got, regardless of how many attacks you unleashed, as long as your attacks did not reach D class, it would all be pointless. In simpler terms, it was an unbreakable defense! This kind of ability wasn’t particularly powerful, as it was extremely weak against an opponent of the same class. However, when facing an opponent that was from a lower class, it was simply an existence akin to a bug!


Xie Kangzhong said with a voice that almost sounded like a moan.


All the fire around him started hovering. All the fire released by Shen Wei was actually being absorbed by him into his body to replenish his energy!

"This is…"

Chen Feng’s expression changed slightly.

"Flame Absorption! He actually fused with this kind of gene!"

Wang Chun had an unsightly expression on his face.

Due to the popularity of fire-type genes, fire-type defensive genes were also extremely popular.

Flame Absorption was one such gene.

It was a type of defensive genetic ability. Its only function was to absorb fire!

Despite it only being able to absorb part of the flame and unable to fully absorb all flames or grant immunity to flames, however, all fire-type genetic abilities would be greatly weakened before this genetic ability!


Chen Feng suddenly looked at Xie Kangzhong’s face.

No wonder a D-class genetic warrior like him was so miserable at Dragon’s Passing Mountain. The power contained within the seadragon blood essence was seawater, something with a natural repressive effect on his abiliy.

First, fire-type gene, Fiery Dragon!

Second, general gene, Stone Scale!

Third, defensive gene, Fire Absorption.

Naturally, such a gene setup was something that would only be picked by an ordinary genetic warrior without many resources, who could only make his choice after reaching each stage. Unfortunately, his ability was the perfect ability to suppress Wang Chun’s ability!

Chen Feng looked at the burning flame on Shen Wei’s broken saber.

This time, it was getting troublesome.