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Chapter 90: 3-Star Secret Art

Chapter 90: 3-Star Secret Art

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Once again, Shen Wei’s slash descended.

A comfortable expression appeared on Xie Kangzhong’s face.

No effect!

Every single one of Shen Wei's attacks had no effect on him!

"Only this much?" Xie Kangzhong had a malevolent expression on his face. "Then you all can go and die now."

"Hmph!" Shen Wei sneered. "My attack might have no effect on you. However, your Fiery Dragon might not necessarily have much effect either."

XIe Kangzhong sneered. "Is that so?"


Yellow stones started covering his right hand.


He started emitting flame.

When the stones on him were ignited, an astonishing thing happened. Every single piece of the stone started turning a bright red color at a scary speed. The red hot flame started boiling, while on Xie Kangzhong’s right hand, the stones separated from him, turning into lumps of boiling lava that rolled around.

The air around him became hot and warped.


Xie Kangzhong punched.

The lava burst forth, heading toward Shen Wei.


Once again, Shen Wei unleashed her power. Her broken saber collided with the lava at midair.


With a single slash, the lava crumbled.


Despite defending with her saber, Shen Wei was still flung away. She retreated for several tens of steps and spat out a mouthful of blood before she finally stabilized herself. The hand that was holding the broken saber was trembling.

Due to the limitations of Wang Chun’s current strength, the power she could currently display was too little!

A D-class warrior was simply too powerful. With her strength at peak E class, it was already the limit for her to be able to block a 2-star secret art.

Xie Kangzhong looked at Chen Feng. "The next will be you."


2-star secret art—Lava was once again unleashed.

The boiling lava that was a fusion product of flame and stone, the boiling lava boulder, pierced the air as it shot forth toward Chen Feng, akin to a meteorite on doomsday.



A whining sound could be heard as it shot forth.

The lava boulder this time was even larger than the previous attack.

"Die," Xie Kangzhong said softly.


The lava boulder abruptly sped up. This 2-star secret art that was formed with D-class power burst forth once again. Chen Feng looked at it silently.


He inhaled deeply.

Indeed, it had come to this.

Xie Kangzhong was much stronger than Shadow. Normal obstruction methods were totally unable to slow him down. This lava boulder was also a thoroughly pure attack.

If one wanted to defeat him, one could only face him with brute force!

If that’s the case—


Chen Feng’s eyes were sharp.

He wanted to take a good look at how strong he really was now. He also wanted to take a good look at what kind of power could be displayed when the power of Myriad Illusions was fully unleashed.


Chen Feng raised his hand.

Luck Aura, activate!

Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade was once again unleashed.

However, this time, there was not only unlimited Wind Blades. This was the first time that Chen Feng had used the Luck Aura on Myriad Illusions. This time, he decided to use Luck Aura on both Myriad Illusions and Wind Blades at the same time!


His luck value started declining rapidly.

One point…

Two points…

Three points…

At the same time, Chen Feng felt a gush of intriguing power start flowing around in his body. At this instant, the unlimited Wind Blades in his hands started radiating with an astonishing power!

Was this really all right?

Chen Feng was not sure.

Xie Kangzhong was too strong. At least for Chen Feng, he was too strong.

D class signified that his lowest attack would be at 1,000 units. The attack power of his 2-star secret art was definitely higher. As for Chen Feng? He only had 200 points of spiritual energy. He did not have anything to increase the attack power of his Wind Blades either. A normal Wind Blade only had 200 units of attack power! The only thing he could count on now was Myriad Illusions.

How powerful would Myriad Illusions be after getting fully supported by Luck Aura?

He did not know.


An azure-colored Wind Blade instantly shot out.

It was a clump of blue-colored mist. No, to be more accurate, it was a clump of bizarre icy mist. With an astonishing chillness, it charged toward the lava boulder.


A bizarre noise resounded.

A portion of the flame on the lava boulder actually disappeared.



One after another, Wind Blades shot forth.

Seven or eight icy mists enveloped the lava boulder. One after another, Wind Blades smashed onto the lava boulder, extinguishing the flame on it and turning it into an ice cube.

That’s right.

That lava boulder that was still boiling a short while ago had now turned into a chunk of ice.


Another Wind Blade shot forth and smashed this chunk of ice apart.


The frozen lava boulder was smashed apart and blossomed into countless black powder midair.

Lava boulder, exterminated!

"How is that possible?"

Xie Kangzhong widened his eyes.

This was a lava boulder with D-class power. How was it possible for it to be destroyed by a beginner E-class warrior like Chen Feng?

However, he did not have time to be shocked, as the remaining ten icy mists swept toward him. His expression changed immediately. At this point, it was already too late to form another lava boulder. Hence, he started shooting a series of Fiery Dragons out of his hand.



One after another, loud sounds of explosion.

The collusion of the Fiery Dragons and icy mists gave rise to an endless white mist that drifted around in midair, making the area appear like a scene out of paradise.

Wang Chun had a dazed expression on his face.


What freaking ability was it this time?

However, as he looked at the shiny flame and icy mist, he suddenly felt like laughing, as the scene before him was akin to a fire-breathing dragon fighting it out with a large fire extinguisher.

Was there anything funnier than this?



The white mist finally disappeared.

Chen Feng’s icy-mist Wind Blades stopped at this moment as well.

After calculating, he found that he would use around 5 points of luck value per second. The unlimited Wind Blades would only exhaust 1 point out of the 5, with the remaining being all exhausted by Myriad Illusions.

"Suppressive effect on his ability."

Chen Feng was in ecstasy.

What was the crux of the lava boulder?

Its high temperature!

When its temperature decreased, its power would decrease greatly. This was also the reason why Chen Feng’s final Wind Blade was able to smash it apart.

Under the effect of Luck Aura…

Regardless of what ability his opponent had, Myriad Illusions would be able to pick the suitable genes from the several tens of thousands type of genes contained within the illusionary snake gene set he had and use the chosen genes to suppress his opponent’s ability!

Ability suppression!

Under such circumstances, Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade would be able to display a much more astonishing power!

So this was the real power of Myriad Illusions!

Chen Feng was excited.

At this time, the white mist had gradually disappeared. Xie Kangzhong’s originally frail looking silhouette slowly appeared. On his face, a wound could be clearly seen.

That was a wound left behind by a blue-colored Wind Blade earlier.

"Very good."

Xie Kangzhong touched the wound on his face and laughed malevolently as he said, "I did not expect to get injured by my own student. Hehe. Interesting. You are challenging my bottom line."

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes.

Bottom line…

This guy still had a trump card?

Xie Kangzhong only had three genes.

Chen Feng guessed that he should have a two 2-star secret art at the very least. However, as for 3 stars? He was not sure if these three abilities of Xie Kangzhong would be able to be fused into a 3-star secret art.

Even if there was, could Xie Kangzhong afford to buy the formula for this secret art?

"Do you know why I learnt Flame Absorption?" Xie Kangzhong said suddenly. "Because, Flame Absorption, fire-type ability, petrification-type ability, these three abilities are able to form a 3-star secret art."

Chen Feng’s heart jolted ferociously.


"I couldn’t afford it," Xie Kangzhong muttered. "I haven’t improved myself for way too long due to this. Furthermore, that Dragon’s Passing Mountain incident destroyed everything I have! However, it’s fine. A short while ago, someone sent it to me, along with the request to kill the both of you!"


Chen Feng's and Wang Chun’s expressions changed greatly.

Wang Yue!

It was indeed him!

Damn it!

Chen Feng’s expression was unsightly.

Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade was very strong. However, there was still a limit to its prowess. Chen Feng’s foundation was too low. Could he really defeat a Xie Kangzhong that possessed a 3-star secret art?

He had no idea.



Xie Kangzhong’s body started emitting cracking sounds.



One after another, clumps of flame burst out of his body. Akin to a boiling kettle, the flame couldn’t be restrained and started spurting out of every single hole on Xie Kangzhong’s body.





The temperature rose.

"What damnable ability is this?"

Chen Feng’s heart jolted violently and he pulled Wang Chun and the rest as they retreated.



Endless power bubbled out of Xie Kangzhong’s body. His whole body transformed into stone, and his size started growing. When his height reached 3 meters, the boiling flame fused with the stones on his body, turning into clumps of scalding lava. One after another, fiery red lava swirled around, joining all the lava boulders together.

"This is…"

Chen Feng and the rest inhaled a mouthful of cold air.

That was because, currently, not a trace of Xie Kangzhong’s original appearance could be seen. What stood before them was a three-meter-high lava monster.

A terrifying life form formed of red-hot lava.