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Chapter 91: Lava Giant

Chapter 91: Lava Giant

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Lava Giant!

Chen Feng suddenly recalled the legend surrounding this 3-star secret art.

This was a secret art that could be formed by a combination of genes from the categories of flame absorption, fire, and petrification. During its initial creation, it was only a 2-star secret art where only two genetic abilities were required for it.

It was also a forbidden secret art.

The reason for that was simple.

In order to use it, only fire- and petrification-related abilities, a sufficient skill level and sufficient control of one’s spiritual energy were required. This meant that one only needed to be E-class to transform into a lava giant to display an astonishing power, which was more than enough for a genetic warrior to skip levels to battle someone of a higher class than them.

However, those who learnt this ability had all died within a short period of time.

The reason was equally simple.

Self harm!

Lava would not only harm others, the harm it dealt the user was even bigger.

Hence, this secret art was subsequently classified as a forbidden ability and remained so until someone modified it into a 3-star secret art. Matching it with an additional genetic ability related to flame absorption, it was able to counteract the self harm effect, and with that, this ability once again surfaced in the real world, upgraded from a 2-star secret art into a 3-star secret art.

Although the skill was now harder to learn since an additional genetic ability was required, making it a skill only accessible to those in D class, due to the strength that a D class possessed, the lava giant had also become even more powerful compared to the previous version.

And when Xie Kangzhong used this skill…


Xie Kangzhong’s body was enveloped by boundless flames.

"Regardless of how strong it is, lava is still lava in the end!"

Chen Feng clenched his teeth.

Icy mist Wind Blade!

Without hesitation, Chen Feng started shooting out icy mists once again.



One after another, icy cold Wind Blades shot out.



The chain of icy mists smashed into the lava loudly. A small chunk of the boiling lava froze. However, in an instant, some lava flowed through it and the frozen area started burning once again as the lava recovered. Due to all the lava that was flowing around, a perfect circulation had actually formed on the lava boulders.

Icy mist no longer had any effect!

The only way it would work was if it was able to erase all the lava in a single instant!

"Let’s give it a try, then."

Chen Feng looked at his remaining luck value.

It was more than enough.


A huge amount of icy mist Wind Blades were instantly unleashed.

However, just as Chen Feng started his attack, Xie Kangzhong roared and shot a fiery dragon out of his hand, easily countering Chen Feng’s Wind Blades.

This was the very moment Chen Feng started having an ominous feeling.

The lava was no longer the same as the earlier immobile lava that he was able to extinguish easily.

What he faced currently was a mobile lava giant. Furthermore, it was even capable of shooting out flames—a monster with a formidable counter-attacking ability.

What should he do now?

Chen Feng was anxious.

Xie Kangzhong was too strong!

He was already a D-class warrior. After improving himself, he had now reached a terrifying level of strength! Chen Feng guessed that his main attribute would be at least 2,000 points.

As for Chen Feng? Only 200!

They were totally not in the same league!

Shen Wei?

Chen Feng looked at the pale face of the young lady and could only shake his head. Similar to him, Wang Chun was also someone who had only entered E class recently. Regardless of how powerful Shen Wei was, she was still in E class.

This was simply a hopeless situation!

"Damn it."

Wang Chun had an unsightly expression on his face. "If I was given more time, a mere D class…"

He was indignant as well.

Both he and Chen Feng were extremely powerful existences among those in the same class as them. Strong enough to be able to be arrogant!

However, their current opponent was actually a D-class genetic warrior possessing a 3-star secret art. This already exceeded the scope of what they could handle.

Even if they could skip levels to battle someone of a higher class…they would still not be able to shorten their gap with their current opponent.

Wang Chun smiled bitterly. "Am I going to die now?"

Chen Feng was also making his final attempt.

Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade!


The strongest Wind Blades he could muster were once again unleashed.

If there was such possibility, even if it was an odd of one in a billion, as long as an ability capable of erasing Xie Kangzhong’s ability existed, it would definitely appear now!



When Chen Feng unleashed his Wind Blades, what appeared was still those icy mists.

This meant that, among the several tens of thousands of types of genes contained in illusionary snakes, those genes that Chen Feng was able to activate currently did not include an ability capable of killing Xie Kangzhong!

The icy mist Wind Blades were still the optimal choice.

Chen Feng smiled bitterly. "Is it due to me being too weak?"

He was certain that hidden within the genes of an illusionary snake, there were definitely a number of powerful genetic abilities. However, it seemed like due to him being too weak, he was unable to activate these genes at all. Those several tens of thousands of genes seemed to be closely linked with his spiritual energy. Only when he increased his spirit attribute would he be able to activate those genes.

"Let’s end this," Xie Kangzhong said malevolently.


He punched the ground.


The earth crumbled!

The earth cracked and started spreading as lava bubled out of it. A terrifying power was clearly displayed at this instant. Chen Feng and the rest could not even react to the changes in time before the intense heat reached their feet.


Chen Feng felt a tinge of sweetness in his throat.

Damn it!

They could perhaps try to resist Xie Kangzhong’s attack. However, out of their expectations, Xie Kangzhong had never intended to attack with a common method. Instead, he chose to attack through the ground underneath them by planting his flame energy into the ground and exploding it upward! Unless they were not standing on the ground at all, they would not be able to guard against this!

Chen Feng turned around and saw that Wang Chun and the rest were injured as well.

This time, it was getting truly dangerous.

Wang Chun smiled bitterly. "Damn it."

He had sent a distress signal over to the Wang family a long time ago. However, it was akin to throwing a stone into the sea. He wasn’t even sure if anyone had even received his distress signal. Seemed like he was going to die for real this time.

"Sorry to have involved you in this," Wang Chun said to Chen Feng.


Chen Feng shook his head.


It was probably the very fact that the both of them were here together that had attracted Wang Yue to make this move.


He was the one who made the mistake this time.

Previously, he had given the aurora reagent to Qin Jie to play safe. That move of him had achieved good results. Granted, he was surprised by Shadow’s appearance and him killing Qin Jie. However, even then, Chen Feng was still not particularly worried. He had guessed that Shadow would activate that aurora reagent on him due to him thinking that this was a reagent able to display the power of a peak D-class attack!

As long as Shadow used it against Chen Feng, trying to trigger an explosion using it, Chen Feng would be able to immediately retrieve it back.

Simple and direct.

However, he did not expect that Shadow would actually escape.

He had escaped with the aurora reagent. When he saw that things were getting bad, he would rather give up on An Te instead of using the "earthdragon gene reagent" he perceived as something "priceless." This far exceeded Chen Feng’s expectations.

Where was the basic trust between fellow humans?

Chen Feng smiled bitterly. "If I knew this, I would have produced more of it."

This was his mistake.


A heart-wrenching howl by Xie Kangzhong.

Am I going to die now?

Chen Feng clenched his teeth as he looked at the large amount of luck value he had left. This was the biggest result of his one month’s worth of preparation. He refuse to believe that with this much luck value remaining he couldn’t even survive this.


Xie Kangzhong started raging again.



Everywhere he passed, the temperature rose greatly.

One punch of his was enough to shatter the earth.

Unable to resist!

Unable to block!

Unable to defeat!

The current Xie Kangzhong was akin to an unrivaled war god. He did not even need to get near Chen Feng as he only needed to spam his flame attacks on the ground.

Chen Feng and the rest could not resist his attacks at all.



The weakest Shen Yi died.

"Shen Yi!"

Shen Wei raged. "Unlimited slash!"

She erupted once again with a terrifying power and slashed toward Xie Kangzhong. However, facing the current Xie Kangzhong that was akin to a giant, her attacks were useless.


With a punch, Shen Wei died.

"Only this much?" Xie Kangzhong said.

The current him was akin to a demon from hell. Scalding lava flowed around him. Every single clump of lava represented the unending and formidable power he had.

Icy mist Wind Blade?


Even if Chen Feng used up all his luck value, he would probably still fail to kill Xie Kangzhong!


Once again, Xie Kangzhong started smashing the ground.


Wang Chun started spurting blood.

His gaze blurred as he struggled to stay conscious.

Chen Feng felt a tinge of sweetness in his throat; however, he forcefully held the blood in. Xie Kangzhong’s attack was truly too powerful. Chen Feng had to stop his attacks, or else all that would be left for them was death!

What to do?

Chen Feng’s brain started working furiously.

Icy mist?

Wind Blade?

None work!

To face his attack directly was even more unreliable!


He could only win through trickery.

Although Luck Aura was able to choose the strongest ability or the ability that suppressed fire abilities, this was as much as it could accomplish. It was like an intelligent computer that would always make the optimal choice for the situation. However, the optimal choice might not be the most fitting choice.

At times, a human touch was still required.

Let me think.

Chen Feng’s eyes flickered.

Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade…

Lava giant…

All the information he had pertaining the lava giant flashed through his mind. Formidable, unrivaled, still powerful even among the D-class warriors. However, was it truly something without weak points?

There were weak points!

For example—

The huge exhaustion of energy.

Chen Feng smiled bitterly. Huge exhaustion was true when compared to those among the same class. However, when facing someone at Chen Feng’s class? Chen Feng’s spiritual energy was only a fraction of his opponent's! Furthermore, after this skill was upgraded into a 3-star secret art from a 2-star secret art, with the existence of the flame absorption ability, its weak point of having a high exhaustion rate had probably been fixed as well.


From 2 stars to 3 stars?

Chen Feng’s eyes lit up abruptly.

He was not certain if he had any flame absorption genes within him. However, he was certain that within him, there were fire-type genes and petrification-type genes.

If that was the case…

Could he use the lava giant ability as well?

He had not learned this ability. However, could Luck Aura activate it?

Chen Feng inhaled deeply.


Luck Aura fully activated!


A ray of light blossomed within his hand.

A fiery red colored Wind Blade and a yellow colored Wind Blade collided midair, fused, and changed into a small and exquisite mini version of lava giant.

It appeared!

Chen Feng was in ecstasy.

Only one extra point of luck value was consumed on top of the original consumption.

Evidently, the creation of this mini lava giant had once again increased Chen Feng’s luck value consumption. However, currently, luck value exhaustion was simply the least of his concerns!

He had saved it all up for one whole month, all of it for this moment!

"Go then!"

Chen Feng was stirred.