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Chapter 93: Really Dare to Act?

Chapter 93: Really Dare to Act?

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Xie Kangzhong was dead.

Wang Chun blanked as his mouth was left hanging, not recovering from his shock after even a long time. Xie Kangzhong might have been a normal D-class warrior, but a D-class warrior was still a D-class warrior! Furthermore, Xie Kangzhong’s strength was increased by at least onefold while he was transformed into a lava giant, totally not something someone at their level was supposed to be able to deal with.

However, he still ended up dying.

Dying by Chen Feng’s hands.

As a lava giant, he was killed by a group of lava midgets.

Furthermore, he died in an extremely inhumane condition.

Instinctively, Wang Chun looked at Xie Kangzhong’s corpse and the leftovers from all sorts of ability on his body, especially that chrysanthemum[1] that was blasted apart…

He trembled subconsciously.

Too vicious!

As a genius, Wang Chun believed that, in the future, he would become an expert as well. However, what he was more certain about was that, no matter what, he would not fight Chen Feng in the future.

This guy was simply an abominable existence.

Killing a D-class warrior right after he fused with his E-class gene.

His existence was like one big scam!

Now, when Chen Feng saw the collapse of Xie Kangzhong, he finally let out a breath of relief. Finally, it had ended. This had been too difficult on him.

This was the strongest opponent he had ever faced.

This person was even his class teacher.

Chen Feng looked at the data on his screen. Only 50 points of luck value were left from the initial 500 points. The luck value he had saved for one whole month were nearly used up during this trip.

This battle alone wasted 240 points of luck value!

This was not some normal battle. Xie Kangzhong’s death was not undue. In actuality, this was simply a battle where he got spammed to death by luck values.

Chen Feng smiled bitterly.

At this rate, no matter how much luck value he has, it wouldn’t be enough.

"I’m still too weak," he mumbled. If he was stronger, he wouldn’t have been so passive in this battle, and would not have needed to use such peculiar methods to obtain victory.

However, he had also gotten a clear understanding of his current strength.

Within E class, he was not afraid of anyone.

Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade alone was sufficient for him to totally defeat a majority of people in this class.

As for D class?

That would depend on fate and luck value.

"Are you alright?"

Wang Chun walked over to him.

"I’m fine."

Chen Feng stretched his aching body.

"Let’s go back first," Wang Chun said softly. "It’s too dangerous here."


Chen Feng nodded slightly.

The two of them did not dare to stay here for long and left immediately. However, when they had just started moving, a flash of light could be seen in the air as a silhouette streaked over to them from a distance.

Chen Feng was immediately on alert. "Who?"

"It’s someone from Wang family." Wang Chun finally left out a breath of relief. "This should be someone who received my distress signal and came over to help."

Chen Feng was somewhat relieved. "That’s good, then."

If another Xie Kangzhong came... he really couldn’t do anything anymore.

Not far from them, that silhouette stopped and hovered midair.

Wang Chun was filled with expectations. However, when he saw that person, he became ashen-faced. "Why is it you? Where is second uncle?"

Chen Feng, with his acute senses, felt an ominous feeling. "Who is this?"

"My sixth uncle, Wang Tianhao," Wang Chun said coldly. "Wang Yue’s father."

Chen Feng’s pupils constricted. "What?"

Wang Yue’s father?

"Your second uncle is too old and has gone to rest." Wang Tianhao wiped the bloodstains on his hands and smiled. "I’m here to bring you back."

"You killed him!" Wang Chun’s body trembled as his eyes gleamed with killing intent. "You, father and son duo, finally decided to eliminate the dissidents?"

"Hehe, how is that possible?" Wang Tianhao smiled as he said, "You, kid, are too impetuous. Come, just follow sixth uncle and go back home."

Wang Chun merely stared at him coldly.

"Sigh, this kid." The smile on Wang Tianhao’s face vanished. "Why can’t you be more obedient?"

Wang Chun maintained his silence.

"You are Chen Feng?" Wang Tianhao looked at Chen Feng and indifferently said, "I did not expect that you could actually kill Xie Kangzhong. It seems like eliminating the both of you is the correct choice."

"In Gold City, someone so great is not allowed to exist," Wang Tianhao said slowly.

Chen Feng did not respond. Instead, he was constantly scanning their surroundings with the corners of his eyes.

The woods…


Since they were now out of the Desolate Rocky Grounds, they might have an opportunity to leave here!


Chen Feng was constantly looking for it.

"You can stop looking." Wang Tianhao smiled. "Since I can appear here, I have definitely cleared our surroundings sufficiently. The both of you are really not bad. Unfortunately, you were both born at the wrong time."

"In this era, ultimately, only one man’s name is allowed to shine brightly."

"Goodbye, then."

Wang Tianhao raised his hand.


A terrifying radiance started gushing out of his hand.

"This is…"

Chen Feng’s heart jolted ferociously. This was actually the Death Ray!

It was over.

Chen Feng’s heart felt cold.

This was an extremely powerful ray-type attack. This peculiar light ray possessed an energy concentration that was far denser than a laser, able to unleash an extremely shocking power in an instant.


All his eyes could see was an expanse of white light.

Endless light descended, submerging Chen Feng and Wang Chun within it.

"Wind Blade!"

Chen Feng instinctively counter attacked.

However, the twenty Wind Blades he shot off evaporated before the ray of death and failed to affect it whatsoever. Wang Tianhao was far stronger than Xie Kangzhong.

They stood no chance before him.

Above C-class?

Chen Feng smiled bitterly.

He did not expect that, after killing Xie Kangzhong, this guy would appear instead. What was interesting was the fact that it was Wang Chun who had sent the distress signal. This was truly…

Chen Feng sighed.

Distress signal?

He had sent a distress signal as well. However…

Will you really act?

Chen Feng closed his eyes.


Endless rays of light submerged everything.

The whole world turned white.

Calmly, Wang Tianhao finished unleashing his attack and retracted his hand. Two E-class kids would pose no threat to him. However, he stopped his steps and stared unbelievably in front of him.

Where the ray of light had attacked, a graceful silhouette had appeared suddenly. Quietly, she stood in front of Chen Feng, blocking off the entirety of the attack. The ray of light was split apart, shooting through both sides of the spot she stood on.

Death Ray had missed.


The two mountains behind them were hit by the Death Ray, leaving huge holes in them.

This was the power of Death Ray! Incredibly frightening.

However, Wang Tianhao’s expression became extremely serious as he looked at that silhouette among the smoke and dust. Someone capable of blocking his attack was definitely not someone simple.

"Who is your distinguished self?" Wang Tianhao solemnly said, "This is the Wang family’s personal affair. I hope you won’t interfere with this."

Currently, the aftershock of the attack ended while the smoke and dust gradually settled. An extremely familiar silhouette appeared in front of him. In front of her, that huge flaming sword was radiating with a bizarre glow.

This was the sword that had severed the Death Ray earlier.

Wang Tianhao’s expression changed greatly. "Yao Er!"

No matter what, he had never expected that the one who spoiled his plan and saved Chen Feng and Wang Chun was his own daughter, Wang Yao!

She was here.

Chen Feng raised his head.

Before his eyes, Wang Yao was standing there silently, a sense of detachment on her delicate face. The huge flaming sword started hovering while the tiny skirt she was wearing fluttered around with the wind, leaking off a certain sense of unprecedented beauty.

"You want to spoil my plan?"

Wang Tianhao was angry. He could maintain his calm against everyone else. Except this daughter! He had no idea how had he ever provoked this daughter of his!

This lunatic!

Wang Tianhao held his fury. "I won’t get involved with your affairs. Hence, you won’t get involved in my affairs as well. Is that fine?"

"Scram," Wang Yao said calmly.

"Wang Yao!" Wang Tianhao angrily said, "Don’t think that I won’t dare to touch you just because you are my daughter! Don’t be too excessive! There must be a limit to your wanton mischief! If you continue messing around, don’t blame me for not holding my hand…"


The air trembled.

The flaming sword that was hovering in front Wang Yao suddenly erupted.

"You dare to act?" Wang Tianhao laughed despite his anger. "You are the same as your mom. A thankless wretch that can’t be tamed. Alright then, since that’s the case, don’t blame me for not holding back—"


Blood splattered.

Wang Tianhao stopped midway through his sentence.

He stared at his daughter with an unbelievable expression on his face. Inadvertently, he looked into that pair of eyes that seemed capable of seeing through one’s heart, and for the first time, he felt alarmed.

And also—

Bone piercing coldness.


1. Chrysanthemum = butthole