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Chapter 94: Favor of Words

Chapter 94: Favor of Words

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh
Time seemed to freeze.

Blood splattered.

Wang Tianhao stood there blankly, looking at his daughter with an unbelievable expression. In the sky, an arm soared up before falling down somewhere in the distance.

How could this…

He did not dare to believe that Wang Yao truly dared to make a move against him!

One more thing he couldn’t understand was how Wang Yao’s strength had become so terrifying. Although this daughter of his had always acted mysteriously and had always been extremely strong, according to his estimation, at the very most, she should have only gotten into C class recently. But now…

One move!

He had actually failed to even resist one move from Wang Yao!

How was this possible!

He almost collapsed.

He couldn’t accept the fact that Wang Yao dared to act against him. However, what he couldn’t accept even more was the fact that Wang Yao’s strength was so much higher than his, high enough to utterly crush him!

Currently, Chen Feng and Wang Chun were also dazed, and remained so for a long time.


Had them seen wrongly?

Wang Yao?

Slashed Wang Tianhao?

Wang Chun slapped himself ferociously. The burning pain on his face assured him that what he saw was not a dream! Wang Yao had truly slashed Wang Tianhao!


Wang Chun had a stupefied expression on his face.

He looked at Chen Feng before looking at Wang Yao, could it be…

In his brain, a melodramatic romance story that far exceeded the harem in his crystal comic had appeared.

However, our fellow student Chen Feng was just as confused as he was.

This script seemed to be developing in the wrong direction, right?

In actuality, he was still somewhat anxious.

He had asked for help the moment he saw Xie Kangzhong, at almost the exact same time that Wang Chun sent the distress signal. However, Wang Yao had never appeared. Hence, he was very worried. Afterward, when Wang Tianhao appeared, he had directly given up on his hope.

What a joke.

Although Wang Yao had agreed to grant him three favors, he couldn’t really expect her to slash her biological father, right?


He had almost given up.

However, he did not expect that Wang Yao had really come and decisively and straightforwardly slashed Wang Tianhao. Truthfully, if it wasn’t due to Wang Tianhao’s reaction time being fast, his head would have changed its resting place by now.

What damnable situation was this?

Chen Feng suddenly recalled what Wang Yao had told him previously. At the time, he had thought it was merely something Wang Yao said to pacify his heart in order to get her hands on the seadragon blood essence. However, now that he thought of it, she actually meant what she said.

Wang Yao…

Surrounding her was indeed a huge secret!

Chen Feng looked at that petite silhouette standing in front of him. Suddenly, his heart ached somewhat. Having such a bad relationship with her family, what kind of past did she have?

Chen Feng concentrated his gaze.


The huge flaming sword flew back.

Wang Yao coldly raised her head and looked at Wang Tianhao. "Final warning, scram!"


Wang Tianhao was angered to the point that he was shuddering all over.

However, as he noticed the killing intent in Wang Yao’s eyes, he felt like he had fallen into an ice cave. Wang Yao had looked at him this way many times previously. He had thought that Wang Yao merely disliked him. He had never guessed that she would truly dare to kill him! The words of anger that he almost spurted out were forcefully swallowed back by him.

He did not dare to say those words.

He was afraid that he would really die here. That would truly be a joke.

After clenching his teeth, he looked toward the arm in the distance. He did not dare to pick it up. Instead, he turned around and escaped.

Cutting a sorry figure.

Wang Chun: "…"

A C-class warrior could be considered an absolute expert in a place like Gold City.

However, this expert here had been beaten like a dog with a single move. Wang Chun had known how cold this sister [1] of his was. However, he had never guessed that her strength was so valiant!

Frighteningly strong!

Wang Yao looked at Chen Feng. "Two more times."

Chen Feng nodded slightly. "All right."


Wang Yao picked them up, one in each of her hands, and landed on a cloud.


The cloud drifted.

Shortly after, Wang Yao had sent them both to the camp.

"Contact me if there’s anything," Wang Yao said to Chen Feng before turning around and leaving.

"Wait," Chen Feng said suddenly.

"You don’t need to pointlessly take pity on me." Wang Yao raised her head. Those big eyes of hers appeared capable of seeing through one’s inner thoughts. Chen Feng did not get the chance to ask what he wanted ask, and he no longer dared to continue asking.

Wang Yao…

What have you actually experienced?

Chen Feng sighed inwardly.

"I only wanted to ask." Chen Feng reorganized his words and said seriously, "Mhm… Wang Yue, do you plan to get involved in affairs regarding him?"

Wang Chun’s ears moved slightly.

Wang Yue!

They were talking about a serious topic now!

"I have returned the favor of his words." Wang Yao was as cold as usual. "The path he is currently threading is in actuality a dead end anyway. If you are interested in taking him away at an earlier date, I wouldn’t mind."

The favor of his words?

In actuality a dead end?

Chen Feng’s heart jolted ferociously. What did this mean?

He looked at Wang Chun. Wang Chun looked confused as well. The both of them looked at each other, unable to understand what Wang Yao meant when she said these words.

But there was one specific point from Wang Yao that they had understood clearly. Wang Yao would no longer get involved in any affairs pertaining to Wang Yue!

Even if—

He was killed!

Chen Feng and Wang Chun exchanged glances, eager to give it a try.

That fellow Wang Yue had over and over again tried to dispose of them. Was he really thinking that they were pushovers? It was still all right in the past with Wang Yao protecting him. Now…


Wang family?

Could the Wang family protect you?

Chen Feng sneered. He looked at Wang Yao. This astonishingly beautiful young lady was as cold as always.

"Since you no longer care about Wang Yue..." Chen Feng thought about it. "Then my second favor would be to kill him while you’re at it?"


A sluggish expression slightly appeared on Wang Yao’s face. She turned around and looked at that teasing smile on Chen Feng’s face before furiously glaring at him, snorting coldly, and disappearing before them.


Chen Feng beamed as he looked at her departing figure.

"You are the awesome one."

"I won’t even admire an elderly lady, only admiring you![2]" Wang Chun praised Chen Feng. "Able to steal Wang Yao, causing her to fight her father and kill her brother. This melodramatic plot is something that I can usually only see on soap operas."

Chen Feng: "…"

This praise doesn’t seem quite right?

"It’s merely a transaction," Chen Feng explained.

"You don’t have to explain." Wang Chun patted his shoulder. "An awesome lifestyle needs not any explanations."

He did not even feel like saying anything anymore.

Gene producer?

At the junior production level, Chen Feng was already able to insta-produce an illusionary snake’s scale!

Genetic warrior?

Right after he entered E class, Chen Feng was already able to kill off a D-class warrior like Xie Kangzhong!


When Chen Feng was framed, the deputy president of the Gene Production Association proved his innocence for him! That was not the end of it! Chen Feng had just stolen a Wang Yao that possessed a terrifying strength from the Wang family. For him, she would even slash her own father and renounce her own brother. These two backers were sufficient for Chen Feng to do whatever he wished!

Now, even if someone were to tell him that Chen Feng was actually some lost prince of some ancient country, he would believe it!

"You aren't actually a descendant of some ancient country, right?"

Wang Chun had an expression of doubt on his face.

"Descendant your ass." Chen Feng rolled his eyes. "You who owned the whole harem of the crystal comic should be the actual descendant, right?"

Wang Chun: "…"

The both of them rolled their eyes toward each other.

However, quickly, Chen Feng thought of something and looked at Wang Chun. "What do you plan to do in the future?"

"Walk my own path," Wang Chun said indifferently. "Leaving the Wang family was my original plan. Now that Wang Yue is clearing off dissidents in the family, it’s also a good thing for me to leave this way. In the future, when I get the chance, I will cause Wang Yue some serious trouble."

"You must be careful when alone." Chen Feng gave it some thought. "If there’s anything, you can contact me."

"Don’t worry." Wang Chun solemnly said, "After experiencing all this, I will be even more careful. For Shen Yi and Shen Wei and their sisters, I will definitely become stronger!"

Chen Feng: "…"

Chen Feng sighed. "Why am I saying all this to the owner of The Crystal Palace like you?"

Seemed like he was the actual lone ranger, right?

"See you."

Chen Feng waved his hand as he turned around and left.

He took the Ironcloud and returned to Gold City. Only when he saw the familiar lighting of the city did he feel like he had returned home. These two days felt like forever.

Time to return to the urban district!

Chen Feng raised his head and looked at the monitored area in the distance.


His wristband buzzed.

Chen Feng opened it and saw that it was actually a message from Xu Fei.

"I broke through."

Xu Fei had a refreshing expression on his face. "Have you settled that illusionary snake matter of yours? If not, I can go over and give you a help."

Broke through?

D class?

Chen Feng’s heart jolted.

"I settled it." Chen Feng smiled. "However, coincidentally, I have a mission for you. If you dare to accept it, of course."

"What mission?"

Xu Fei was astonished. A mission they did not dare to accept existed?

Chen Feng sneered. "Sniping Wang Yue!"



1. Wang Yao is Wang Chun’s cousin to be precise. However, the raw says sister as Chinese tend to refer to cousins as sister or brother at times.

2. A Chinese netspeak, usually goes like "I won’t even admire [insert random characters], only admiring you." Basically it meant someone exclaiming his heartfelt admiration toward someone.