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Chapter 95: Failure

Chapter 95: Failure

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Xu Fei’s pupils constricted abruptly.

Wang Yue?

That guy from the Wang family?

The most influential family in Gold City, the Wang family!

Outsiders might not be clear about this, but the locals of Gold City would have heard of something regarding this family. They were the descendants of a powerful genetic warrior in the past. Although the family was now in decline, a thin camel was still bigger than a horse. The Wang family’s power within Gold City was still extremely powerful.

As for Wang Yue?

He seemed to be the recently appointed heir of the Wang family.


Chen Feng beamed as he looked at Xu Fei.

"How is that possible?"

Xu Fei sneered. Shortly after, however, somewhat embarrassed, he said, "However, that little girl…"

"I already told her about it," Chen Feng said indifferently.

Xu Fei eyes abruptly widened. "Shit!"

Told her about it? Dude, you are trying to kill her younger brother! Is it possible that this guy managed to get into a relationship with that girl? Xu Fei could only admire Chen Feng.

"Three million as the fee for your hardships." Chen Feng beamed as he looked at Xu Fei. "You can claim the remaining expenses from me as well."

"I accept it!"

Xu Fei’s eyes lit up. What a generous offer.

"Start by investigating his whereabouts first," Chen Feng said, "and then... look for an opportunity to make a move on him."


Xu Fei left in excitement to prepare for this.

Chen Feng smiled calmly.

He was now rich and imposing. Even if he did not have any money, he could simply produce some gene reagents to make up for it. Since Wang Yue wanted to play the game of assassination with him, then he would play a nice game with Wang Yue.

Let’s see who would be the one getting assassinated this time.

After arriving home, Chen Feng rested for a whole night.

At the Desolate Rocky Grounds, in order to maintain his vigilance and protect Qin Jie from getting killed by An Te, Chen Feng had never rested and had accompanied Qin Jie for one whole night. Subsequently, there was also the appearance of Shadow and his battle with Xie Kangzhong. Danger was lurking on every side, he almost couldn’t hold on anymore.


Chen Feng slumped onto his bed and entered a deep slumber.

Early next morning, Chen Feng had recovered to his peak condition.

"I’m home."

Chen Feng was relaxed and happy.

His current condition where he was full of vigor was truly comfortable. Especially now that his spirit attribute had reached 200 points. Every single bit of spiritual energy he had gave him a feeling that the world was more distinct.

After having his breakfast, Chen Feng started concluding his results from this mission.

First of all, he learned two formulas: illusionary snake’s scale and aurora.

Out of these two, the illusionary snake’s scale formula was approaching saturation after countless counts of production and practice. This signified that if Chen Feng were to produce it a few more times, he would soon master this formula despite this formula being useless for him. As for aurora, it was something that enabled Chen Feng to possess an extremely powerful trump card.

Next, Chen Feng had fully stepped into E-class. The perfect combination of Myriad Illusions and Wind Blades had also caused Chen Feng’s combat power to increase greatly.

These were the gains that Chen Feng was satisfied with. Next, he started concluding the things he was unsatisfied with.

For example—

The aurora reagent being taken away by Shadow.

This was the largest mistake Chen Feng made during this mission. Although the aurora reagent being presented as "earthdragon gene reagent" had scared his enemies several times with great effect, after it was taken away, Chen Feng’s combat power was greatly affected. Or else, it wouldn’t have been so hard for him to face Xie Kangzhong.

"This is my mistake," Chen Feng muttered to himself. "Next time, I must carry at least two aurora reagents on me."

Naturally, he couldn’t help but maliciously think that, if Shadow really used this "earthdragon gene reagent" as his trump card, when he used it, would he notice this unexpected "surprise"?


His wristband buzzed.

"It’s me."

Xu Fei’s image popped up.

After a whole night of investigation, he had gotten results.

"The Wang family has been in turmoil recently."

"Seems like it was because the old man of the Wang family was dying."

"As for Wang Yue…"

Xu Fei looked at the investigation results. "Recently, he has been increasing his strength furiously and is advancing rapidly. Not only that. The whole Wang family is helping him gather materials. Every single day, he will only produce genes and seclude himself in training. It is said that he is preparing for an event called ‘rookie competition’."

"Gene Rookie Competition?"

Chen Feng’s eyes lit up.

Sure enough!

That Wang Yue fellow was also planning to join this event!

He had always been stepped on by Chen Feng. However, now that he had obtained the support of the whole Wang family to rapidly improve, naturally, he was able to progress at a flying speed, especially in regards to gene production…

Chen Feng frowned suddenly. "He plans to keep staying in Wang family?"

"No." Xu Fei shook his head. "According to our investigations, Wang Yue has already mastered many basic formulas. Now, he seems to have changed his direction and started improving in regards to the production of rare formulas. Among these formulas is one that needs to be produced on the spot. We have gotten detailed information and are certain of the time and venue for that."

"Three days later, Purplewoods Continent," Xu Fei said calmly.

Purplewoods Continent…

Chen Feng contemplated.

Purplewoods Continent was a place where beginner E-class mutated beasts were active in. Many different types of mutated beasts could be found there, forming a perfect ecosystem.

Chen Feng was certain that Wang Yue would not go alone. "Around how many people will be going?"

Xu Fei smiled bitterly. "51."

"How many?" Chen Feng thought he had heard wrongly.


"Among them, 47 of them are E-class genetic warriors. There are also three beginner D-class genetic warriors and Wang Yue himself, 51 people in total," Xu Fei said with a bitter smile.

Chen Feng: "…"



The f*ck. Why don't you fly up into the skies while you’re at it.

Which freaking family will bring 50 people along when going out to temper oneself?

He must be crazy.

"I suppose he must have sent too many assassins on others. Hence, he’s now on guard," Xu Fei speculated.


A cold glint flashed in Chen Feng’s eyes.

On guard? Regardless of how on guard you are, I will still kill you this time!

"How many of them can your team deal with?" Chen Feng asked solemnly.

"Either 3 D-class warriors or 30 E-class warriors." Xu Fei had no hesitation. "D-class warriors might sound terrifying. However, those E-class warriors might be even more troublesome to deal with. Mainly, it’s due to their amount being too high and them having too many different abilities. No one truly knows what abilities they actually have. If they were scattered, it wouldn’t be a problem to deal with all of them. However, when they are all gathered together, it is extremely dangerous."

When quantity reached a certain amount, it might have a qualitative effect.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. "That’s enough."

"Your team only needed to deal with those three D-class warriors." Chen Feng thought about it. "Let me think of the ways to deal with those E-class warriors."

"All right."

Xu Fei did not say anything unnecessary.

The assassination plan against Wang Yue began quietly.

"Forty-seven E-class warriors…"

Chen Feng entered deep contemplation.

Forty-seven E-class warriors. This combination’s strength is far above those D-class warriors. Furthermore, if they were allowed to freely unleash all their power, they might be able to display an unimaginable power!

Hence, they must either be separated or controlled!

Looking for outsiders?

Chen Feng shook his head.

Different from the Wang family, he was a lone ranger and was not able to get someone he was familiar with to do such things. He might even get counter-assassinated instead. As such, he had to be cautious when handling this.

The perfect example was Wang Chun. Chen Feng did not plan to court disaster upon himself.

"Doing it myself?"

Chen Feng frowned.

Using what?

Lava midgets?

The strongest power he had displayed so far was what he displayed against Xie Kangzhong. However, the so-called lava midgets were simply something he formed by casually combining two different abilities. In essence, those were still something he controlled with his spiritual energy. Both its might and strength were not sufficient! Furthermore, this skill consumed way too much luck value. In order to resist Xie Kangzhong, he had wasted 100 points of luck value.

A crazy amount of luck value!

Furthermore—such a usage was a one-off thing.

Frankly, Xie Kangzhong had not been killed by him. Instead, he was spammed to death by luck values that were saved over a whole month. This type of victory was not something that could be duplicated.

"Not reliable."

Chen Feng vetoed this option immediately.

What if an aurora reagent was used?

Chen Feng pondered. Now that he was stronger and had fused with the illusionary snake gene, that was something worth trying.

Chen Feng decided decisively. "Let’s first produce one set of aurora reagent."


Luck Aura activated!

Chen Feng began his production skillfully. However, beyond his expectations, at the very beginning of the production, Chen Feng already had a feeling that something was wrong.


Light swirled around as his digitized mode collapsed.

Production failed.


Chen Feng had a stupefied expression on his face.

Production failed?

God knows how long it had been since he had tasted any failure.

Especially a failure when Luck Aura was fully activated. Chen Feng opened his data window and started studying it in detail. No luck value was used.

"Did I forget to activate it?"

Chen Feng felt suspicious.

Let’s try again.


Luck Aura activated!

Once again, Chen Feng started gene production. Before he could even finish the first stage, he felt his digitized mode rocking before once again, it collapsed!

Gene production, failed.