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Chapter 96: A Mystical Ability

Chapter 96: A Mystical Ability

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What’s the situation?

Chen Feng panicked.


What was going on?

Now, Chen Feng truly felt that something had happened.

"The luck values were not being used…"

Chen Feng pondered.

What circumstances would cause the luck values to not be used?

It was when the luck values were unable to complete the assigned task.

When he had activated Luck Aura earlier, he was willing it to complete his production. However, if there was no possibility of the production being successful no matter what, the Luck Aura would not work.

In other words, his current success rate was 0%!

"Is there a problem with the materials?" Chen Feng guessed.

Only when there was some problem with the materials would the production be total failure.

After thinking for a bit, Chen Feng bought another set of materials from a different shop and started his production once again. However, he was speechless, as this time it still resulted in failure.

"It’s not a problem with the materials…"

"First stage, gene search, failed…"

Chen Feng frowned.


Once again, he started production.

He had not mastered aurora reagent formula. Hence, he had to rely on his luck values. Therefore, he was unable to objectively judge his production process. This time, he decided to use a formula that he had mastered.

Thundersnake gene reagent!


Chen Feng started production.

This time, Chen Feng fully activated his spiritual energy. After entering the digitized mode, he was not in a hurry to start. Instead, he started patrolling the digitized world.

It did not seem like there were any abnormalities.

"Is it a misconception?" Chen Feng muttered.

Gene search, begin!



He had long ago familiarized himself with the materials for the thundersnake gene. Hence, he was able to easily search for the required genes in the digitized world. However, Chen Feng suddenly paused his gene search.

A familiar gene had disappeared.

That’s right.


"There is indeed a problem."

A cold glint flickered in Chen Feng’s eyes.


He forced the digitized world to reduce the speed it operated at.

As the digitized world in itself was something formed by spiritual energy, he could exhaust his spiritual energy in order to affect the whole digitized world. The consumption rate when doing this was extremely high, though.

Onefold slower…

Twofold slower…

Threefold slower…


Chen Feng reduced the speed non-stop while his spiritual energy was being furiously exhausted. When his 200 points of spiritual energy was nearing the bottom, Chen Feng finally found an abnormality.


A white light streaked past and a gene vanished immediately.

"There’s something."

Chen Feng’s heart was solemn.



The white light streaked past.

Chen Feng fully concentrated his spiritual energy and was finally able to see how the white light looked—it was actually a small snake formed by lightning. Its body traveled back and forth like a sharp arrow!



Lightning streaked past.

It traveled around the digitized world wantonly.

Currently, it did not even realize that Chen Feng had noticed it.

Chen Feng, on the other hand, was looking at it with a dazed expression, only when his spiritual energy was fully exhausted and his digitized world collapsed did Chen Feng recover from his stupor with a stupefied expression on his face.

Tiny lightning snake?


What on earth was that!

Chen Feng thought carefully. Although that tiny lighting snake was formed by light, having a good-looking appearance, however, it was essentially an illusionary snake with marquee installed on it!

That’s right!

Illusionary snake!

Exactly the same as the illusionary snake leader Chen Feng had met previously.

Could it be…

Chen Feng abruptly thought of something and immediately looked for the eggshell he took from the Desolate Rocky Grounds. With horror, he found that the eggshell had disappeared.

How could this have happened?

Chen Feng suddenly thought of a possibility.

After that illusionary snake was born, it had never left. Instead, all along, it was hidden within the eggshell. When Chen Feng took the eggshell back, it had been brought back as well.

"Son of a b*tch."

Chen Feng smiled bitterly.

With that illusionary snake around, he was not able to produce any genes.

Now, he had to get things clarified.

Unable to wait for his spiritual energy to recover, Chen Feng directly bought several spirit recovering reagents. When his spiritual energy was recovered, he entered the digitized mode once again.

This time, he directly reduced the speed and started observing it.

In the digitized world, lightning flickered around. That miniature snake traveled back and forth happily. When it met a gene, it would devour it with a single bite before a comfortable expression was shown on its face.

Chen Feng widened his eyes abruptly.

Eating genes?


He suddenly recalled the ancestors of illusionary snakes. That damnable gluttonous snake!

That life-form seemed to be something that had genes as their food. When eating other life forms, their main purpose was to get the genes in the bodies of the other life forms. This specific characteristic of this species had gradually disappeared with time. However, now, it seemed to have reappeared.

Gene returned to its roots?


This was not merely a gene returning to its roots. Instead, this was simply an evolution!

This damnable tiny lighting snake had even stopped eating mutated beasts. Instead, it was now only eating genes! Only eating the genes that went through Chen Feng’s extraction process in the digitized world! Soaring high after Chen Feng constructed the digitized world!

In other words…

Chen Feng finally understood that… the genes he extracted from the blood essence using his spiritual energy and the gene world he formed using the digitized mode were all the food of this fellow?


Chen Feng cursed inwardly. No wonder he had failed all his productions!

"This can’t continue."

A cold glint flickered in Chen Feng’s eyes. This fellow had to be dealt with.

It was extremely difficult to catch the tiny lightning snake.

That was because, even when the digitized world was slowed to its limit, Chen Feng could only see it after great difficulty.

In this state, if Chen Feng was to make his move, his speed would also be slowed to its limit, nearly not moving at all. Under normal circumstances, this fellow was uncatchable!


This was only applied to an ordinary person.

Chen Feng sneered.

Once again, he recovered his spiritual energy and entered the digitized world. However, this time, Chen Feng did not reduce the speed. Instead, he directly activated Luck Aura.


Light streaked past.

Chen Feng casually grabbed at the air with his right hand.


In the digitized world, it could be clearly seen that a tiny lightning snake was grabbed by a huge hand. It had an ominous feeling and started escaping quickly. However, it was obstructed by one gene after another that just happened to pass by the area. The boundless foods that used to fascinate it were now things that were obstructing its path of escape.


Chen Feng caught it easily.



The tiny lightning snake flickered unceasingly, like a "signal lost" indication on a communication device. However, after trying a few times yet failing to get away, it could only give up.

So this was the fellow?

Chen Feng carefully observed this tiny snake.


Couldn’t be seen clearly.

Different than ordinary illusionary snakes, this fellow seemed to be formed by light particles! It could even change its color and brightness at will.

A marquee indeed!

Chen Feng was too tired to even berate this thing.

No wonder it couldn’t be seen previously. When it hatched, this guy had assumed the same color as the eggshell, so it was not found at all.

Or it might also be…

In reality, its body was also formed of light particles?


Chen Feng suddenly heard a whine.

When he looked carefully, it was actually the tiny snake in his hand begging for forgiveness from him.

It even had intelligence?

Chen Feng exclaimed in admiration.

"You can understand my words? Chen Feng asked.

This perfectly straight string of light in his hand suddenly bent down several times.

Chen Feng: "…"

Was this the snake nodding?

"Your body in the real world is also the same?" Chen Feng asked.

The string of light did not respond after a long time, probably unable to understand Chen Feng’s meaning.

"Can’t understand?"

Chen Feng was somewhat disappointed.



The light string shook its body unceasingly.

What does this mean?

Chen Feng was confused.

The string of light seemed to be anxious now. A layer of faint light flickered on his body. Instantly, the whole digitized world was engulfed by the light. Chen Feng’s digitized world collapsed instantly.

Not good.

Chen Feng had an ominous feeling.

This tiny lightning snake still had this move up its sleeve!

At this moment of shock, Chen Feng had returned to the real world. However, the moment he lowered his head, he saw something that was totally unimaginable—

That tiny lightning snake was actually still in his hand!


The string of light slightly curved its body, nodding to Chen Feng, seemingly proud of its achievement.

Chen Feng was shocked.

Could it be…

He finally knew what the string of light meant.

Main body!

This was in actuality its main body!

Different from Chen Feng that had constructed a digitized world and entered it using his spiritual body, the snake could enter the digitized world with its main body! It could actually travel between the spiritual world and real world with its main body!