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Chapter 98: Ambush

Chapter 98: Ambush

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Purplewoods Continent.

This was an extremely beautiful place surrounded by oases.

Normally, this was also a place where mutated beasts rampaged. Now, though, all the mutated beasts seemed to have been killed at the same time, causing the place to reek of blood.

Under the shade of a tree was Wang Yue, wearing a solemn expression. Around him were flickering lights that swirled around him.

The materials before him floated as willed by his spiritual energy. One after another, materials disappeared as they were changed into a liquid form. Next, they fused with the recently produced blood essence, producing a brand new reagent.


A gratified expression appeared on Wang Yue’s face.

After 36 attempts at production, he had finally succeeded once!

This rare formula was indeed worthy of being an E-class formula. Haha. Only by dealing with this formula would he be a true intermediate producer.

Chen Feng?

Wang Chun?

Merely clowns.

"Continue," Wang Yue said coldly.

"Capture the mutated beast and bring it here," the middle aged man beside him said in a deep tone. Next, several E-class warriors carried a half-dead mutated beast to Wang Yue before killing it.


The mutated beast died.

Wang Yue extracted the blood essence in a well-practiced manner and started his production.

The genetic warriors before him left and started hunting mutated beasts again. Some of them were in charge of clearing the area and providing protection to Wang Yue, some were responsible for supplying spirit recovery to Wang Yue, some were responsible for making sure that their environment was comfortable so as to not affect Wang Yue's production, and some were responsible for carrying materials around for Wang Yue.

Far away, as Chen Feng and his group saw this, they were speechless.


No wonder he needed 50 peoples.

Even spiritual energy recovery needed assistance?


At this point, Chen Feng no longer knew what to say.

"Your Wang family is indeed wealthy," Chen Feng lamented. The only thing he could say was how the Wang family was rich and imposing, willing to part with these riches for Wang Yue.

"Screw that," Wang Chun said in disdain. "Grandfather had retired from the leading position. Now that Wang Yue’s group is the one wielding the power in the family, every single one of them is like some newly rich guy. Sooner or later, the fortunes of the Wang family will be squandered off by them."


Light swirled before Monkey’s eyes. Both his eyes were sharp as lighting, while the screen of light in front of him flickered unceasingly.

Suddenly, the image broke off.

"What happened?" Xu Fei asked in a low voice.

"We can’t continue watching," Monkey replied. "Inside there are some fellows with extremely keen spiritual energy. If I continue monitoring them, there’s a large probability of getting discovered."

"If so, let’s just trail after them," Chen Feng said calmly.

Ambush was also a form of art.

They needed to trail after Wang Yue’s group the whole time, avoid getting found out, and look for an opportunity to kill with a single strike! If they were to rashly charge up to Wang Yue’s group, it would only end with both sides suffering losses.

Now… was still not the time.

"How’s the preparation over there?" Chen Feng suddenly asked.

"It’s ready." Xu Fei laughed happily. "Zhou Ling and the rest should have finished their job."

"Very good."

Chen Feng’s gaze was as sharp.


"Let’s begin."

"All right."

Several silhouettes quietly hid themselves within the woods.


The wind blew past.

Wang Yue failed the gene he was producing and was abruptly startled awake as he looked at his surroundings.

"What’s the matter?" his underlings asked.

"Nothing." Doubt appeared in Wang Yue’s eyes before he shook his head. "Tell those few people in charge of scouting to be more careful. Don’t allow other mutated beasts to come here."


His underlings relayed his command immediately.

Layers of spiritual energy enveloped their surroundings as the monitoring became stricter.

Only with this was Wang Yue relieved and once again started his production.

One time, two times…

After 30 times, he finally succeeded once again!

Wang Yue frowned. "Somewhat slow."

With this speed, whether or not he could became an intermediate-level producer before the rookie competition was a big question. Right at this moment, the excited voices of several of his underlings traveled over.

"Young Master Wang, we found a beast leader."


Wang Yue’s heart jolted.

If a leader was killed for his production, even if he failed the production, he would also have quite a large improvement! After all, the genes contained within a leader far exceed normal beasts.

The higher the difficulty, the higher the improvement!

"Bring it over here!"

Wang Yue was excited.

Even if it was a leader, for this species, it would only be peak E class. Under the protection of three D-class genetic warriors, he did not fear it at all!


A D-class warrior easily killed that leader before bringing it back.

"This is a leader…"

Wang Yue was emotional.

Nowadays, whatever he wanted to accomplish only needed a word from him and there would be someone carrying it out for him. He suddenly felt that, even without Wang Yao’s assistance, he would still be able to get stronger!

Wang Yue clenched his teeth as he thought inwardly, Sister, I am aware that you look down on me. However, in the future, I must have such high accomplishments that you can only look up to me!


After extracting the genes from the leader’s corpse, Wang Yue once again started his production.

Around him were a group of people standing guard.

At this moment, without anyone noticing, the nose of the mutated beasts in the vicinity wrinkled slightly before looking in their direction and as they became somewhat irritable all of a sudden.

Soon, a group of mutated beast started charging in their direction.

In the beginning, Wang Yue’s group was not bothered about this at all. If the mutated beasts were to charge toward them, they only needed to kill those beasts. However, as the amount of mutated beasts increased, causing several deaths of E-class genetic warriors, they finally noticed that something was wrong.


Waves of mutated beasts charged forth as if they were crazy.

"What’s the matter?"

Everyone’s expression changed slightly.

"No idea."

Everyone was panicked.

Why were the mutated beasts around here suddenly raging?

At this time, a genetic warrior with an ability related to smell found that something was wrong. The mutated beast leader they had killed earlier was emitting a familiar smell from its corpse.

"There’s some odd fragrance in its body!"

That guy reacted. "It must have been injected with a reagent that attracts mutated beasts!"

"Damn it."

Everyone was startled awake.

After the mutated beast leader’s corpse was thrown away, the disturbance had indeed disappeared quickly. However, everyone’s expression was unsightly. Why would a mutated beast leader’s body be injected with such thing?

Wang Yue thought of An Te.

Since he couldn’t contact An Te, could it be…

"Investigate those on our side," Wang Yue said in a low voice. "Some of those in our ranks might be problematic."


A cold glint flickered in the eyes of the few D-class warriors.

However, right at this moment, one after another, green and white rays of light streaked through the air, charging toward them from various directions. The few of them who possessed formidable strength were immediately startled awake.

"Enemy attack!"

A loud shout.


They reacted quickly.



The white rays of light streaking toward them were all erased.

Those white lights shattered and disappeared in the air. With this, the few of them let out breaths of relief.

"Prepare for battle."

Everyone was on high alert.

However, right at this moment, the sky thundered. Everyone instinctively raised their head and their expression immediately changed greatly. They recalled a certain gene reagent that was extremely popular a short while ago, could it be…




Boundless lightning descended upon them.

Everyone paled and put up defenses in horror. So when the white lights disappeared earlier, it was actually these damnable mutated thundersnake gene reagents being activated.


The lightning bombarded them.

The mutated thundersnake gene reagent was not considered a powerful reagent. However, its advantage was its surprise factor.

After the lightning flashed through, out of the 47 E-class warriors of Wang Yue, only 20 remained. The remaining 27 of them were all dead!

"Damn it."

Wang Yue furiously called for help. However, the signal had long been blocked.

"These things are mutated thundersnake gene reagents. After activation, they will disappear and attack from above."

A cold glint flickered in Wang Yue’s eyes.


Once again, several bolts of lightning descended upon them.

Unfortunately, after being discovered by Wang Yue, his people started defending in an orderly manner. As such, the lightning was no longer effective against them.

"Chen Feng!"

Wang Yue’s face was shockingly cold.

The moment he saw the amount of mutated thundersnake gene that was so huge it covered the skies, he knew who the enemy was! However, he had never expected that Chen Feng actually dared to make a move on him.

How dare he?!