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Chapter 99: Green Skeleton

Chapter 99: Green Skeleton

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As the few D-class genetic warriors surrounded them, Wang Yue felt like his heart had fallen into a deep abyss. He also found with astonishment that the last two ambushers to appear were Chen Feng and Wang Chun!

Wang Chun...

Wang Yue clenched his teeth.

It is indeed these two!

Both sides exchanged glances. They were able to feel the killing intent in their opponent’s gazes, which were sharp as blades.

"Chen Feng, if you kill me, my sister will not let you off!" Wang Yue shouted.


Chen Feng merely sneered before nodding slightly toward Xu Fei’s group. "Kill!"

"Understood." Xu Fei laughed malevolently.


The four-person squad once again made their move.

Their current opponents were the three D-class genetic warriors!


The battle began immediately.

Xu Fei and his squad had just entered D-class, so their strength was not particularly formidable. However, their opponents, who were beginner D-class warriors as well, had one less person compared to their four-man squad.


The three sank into a predicament immediately.

"Kill them all!" A E-class genetic warrior screeched.

The group of E-class warriors prepared to make their move. However, with a sneer from Wang Chun, the Shen Yi siblings charged out and forcefully intercepted all the E-class warriors.

Shen Wei sneered. "Who gave you all permission to get involved?"


More than half of the ground there crumbled while flames started raging around the area.

Against these masterminds that had caused her to die once and her sister to die twice, Shen Wei would not be courteous. Her terrifying unlimited slash was fully unleashed at this moment!



Endless sounds of miserable screams could be heard.

Shen Wei’s power was very peculiar. She was incapable of skipping class to challenge those in D class. However, due to her peculiar power and skills, she had an absolute reign at the peak of E class regardless of the amount of enemies she faced.

Everyone from the Wang family’s camp sunk into a bitter struggle.

The ambush was a success on its first attempt.

Chen Feng sneered as he looked at Wang Yue.

Wang Yue gulped. "Chen Feng, if you kill me, the Wang family will not let you off!"

"Is that so?" Chen Feng merely smiled indifferently.

From the moment the body’s original owner was thrown into the sea to feed the sharks, everything was already set in stone. So far, nothing had happened due to Wang Yao’s appearance, which forced Chen Feng to bury his killing intent in the bottom of his heart.

Now, however, it was about time for this to be dealt with.


A Wind Blade appeared in Chen Feng’s hand.


The Wind Blade circled around before streaking toward Wang Yue.

"Don’t kill me."

Wang Yue retreated in horror.

He did not want to die here. However, just as he was about to be hit by the Wind Blade, the middle-aged man beside him, who had always been responsible for replenishing his spiritual energy, raised his hand suddenly.


Astonishingly, when the Wind Blade hit his hand, a crisp sound could be heard.

"What is that?"

Chen Feng’s heart jolted.

"You are Chen Feng?"

The middle-aged man looked at Chen Feng. "Wang Tianhao mentioned you to me. He said that a person like you would definitely not be willing to be insulted like that and would certainly plot revenge. Hence, he had me conceal myself at Wang Yue’s side to protect him. Mhm, I originally thought he was simply being too worried over his son. Now however, it seems like…"

"A person at a high position like him is able to see far indeed."

The middle-aged man smiled.


A terrifying power was emitted from his body.

He was actually D class!

"It’s you."

As Xu Fei noticed the change happening, he took a glance before the expression on his face abruptly changed slightly. "Chen Feng, he is Jadebone Sun Jia. Possessing copper skin and iron bone, he is an extremely terrifying person. Attacks below D class are definitely incapable of injuring him!"

Copper skin and iron bone?

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes.

"If we can’t do it, let’s retreat first," Wang Chun said in a low voice.

The scariest thing during an ambush was for unforeseen circumstances to emerge!

Wang Yue’s assassination of Chen Feng had also failed due to various unexpected things happening. And now, when it was their turn to assasinate, Sun Jia’s unexpected appearance was giving them an ominous feeling.

Xu Fei’s squad was unable to lend a hand as they were busy dealing with the D-class warriors. Who could deal with Sun Jia?

"Let me give it a try."

A cold glint flickered in Chen Feng’s eyes.

His mission to kill Wang Yue today had to succeed!


Sun Jia laughed involuntarily.

A kid that had just entered E class? Truly…

However, before he even reacted, Chen Feng lashed out.

Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade!

The moment Chen Feng acted, he unleashed his strongest attack.


A succession of bizarre Wind Blades streaked toward Sun Jia. Those familiar movement-delaying abilities appeared once again. However, Sun Jia’s body merely flickered with a yellow light as all of Chen Feng’s attacked were blocked.

"Ding ding dang dang!"

The Wind Blades that filled the skies smashed onto the iron-like skin.

Even when those blades of water and mucus landed on Sun Jia’s body, they merely slid down. His whole body was wrapped in a copper skin that was also slippery, as if some lubricant had been wiped on it.

All the Wind Blades were ineffective.

"This is your attack?"

Sun Jia laughed heartily.

Wind Blades with various properties?

Interesting indeed. Unfortunately, they were ineffective against him.

He was a defensive genetic warrior. In a situation where the power of the attacks did not even reach the minimum intensity required to break him, the attacks would be totally incapable of breaking through his defense!


Chen Feng merely sneered.

So this is what it meant by copper skin and iron bone.


Things are much simpler.

Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed with a cold glint as he once against unleashed his Wind Blades. Furthermore, all except one property of the Wind Blades were given up. A succession of green-colored Wind Blades were immediately spammed toward Sun Jia!

Pu! Pu!

The Wind Blades transformed into liquid.

"I told you, your attacks are ineffective against me."

"You think this kind of…"

Sun Jia sneered before he suddenly felt a piercing pain. He lowered his head and took a look, only to have his expression changing greatly when he did. The green liquids were actually corroding his body.


These were actually poisonous liquids!

Poison-type genes had a very strong corrosion effect with very specific uses. However, due to their unique nature and the difficulty to form a proper gene system using them[1], they had been rejected by society, causing the number of their users to be comparatively low. Hence, Sun Jia had never met an opponent using such genes!

Now, however, he'd met one.

This... was the gene that absolutely suppressed his genes!

"Damn it."

Sun Jia furiously urged his ability, attempting to throw off the liquid on his body. However, a hole was still left on his abdomen.

His flesh and blood were now visible!


Copper skin and iron bone?

Attacks below D class ineffective?


Sun Jia felt his strength weakening.

Damn it!

These poisons were, in actuality, very slow. He only needed to take note of it and he would no longer be hit by it. However, he had been careless. This was only a single instance of carelessness!

He believed that, as long as he threw off this damnable poisonous liquid, he would be able to kill Chen Feng!

However, would Chen Feng give him this chance?


Chen Feng sneered.


Boundless Wind Blades circled around him.

An instant eruption of green Wind Blades!

Twenty Wind Blades!

Forty Wind Blades!

One hundred Wind Blades!

The green-colored Wind Blades covered the skies as they engulfed Sun Jia. Since he found the chance to do so, he had to kill this Sun Jia immediately. Sun Jia was instantly flooded by the terrifying green-colored Wind Blades.

"Ah ah ah ah ah ah—"

One after another, miserable ear-piercing screams resounded.



The sound of corroding flesh could be heard without stop.

Everyone else couldn’t help themselves but to look at this scene in horror. Even Xu Fei’s group, not far away, was also looking at Chen Feng with horror. What damnable ability was this?!

A catalysis reaction had actually been triggered?

Chen Feng had a stupefied expression on his face as well.

Even he himself had not expected that, after Sun Jia’s body was turned into metal, it would react with poison, ultimately ending this way. One needed to know that these poisons would only corrode a small lump of meat even when it fell on a normal person’s body. After all, it only possessed E-class power.

From this, it could be seen that the suppressive effect provided by the chosen ability of Myriad Illusions was abnormal indeed.

Finally, when the poison fell to the ground, when the miserable screams stopped, everyone turned around. No one could avoid inhaling a mouthful of cold air after seeing it. At the place where Sun Jia once stood, what was left was only a green-colored skeleton.

On the ground were puddles of green-colored liquid, leaving only a green-colored skeleton there.

That scene…

Was too horrifying!


Even those people that were fighting against Xu Fei’s group stopped and looked at Chen Feng in horror, afraid that Chen Feng would suddenly do the same thing to them.

Had it ended?

Chen Feng ignored them. Instead, he was silently examining that green-colored skeleton calmly.

A single coincidence, a single perfect suppressive effect, had taken away a D-class genetic warrior. That was reasonable and fair. However, a D-class genetic warrior only had this single gene?

Just as Chen Feng was contemplating this, an even more terrifying scene appeared.

That skeleton... actually moved!


1. When one advances their class, they will fuse with a new gene, obtaining a new gene ability. Forming a proper gene system here refers to the act of choosing genes that will complement each other well by either choosing abilities that works well together or abilities that can form a secret art out of it.