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Chapter 101: The Furious Chen Feng

Chapter 101: The Furious Chen Feng

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Chen Feng was filled with killing intent.

Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade erupted instantly and a succession of Wind Blades shot forth. Ice and fire interwove together as they charged toward Wang Yue. However, all of them were blocked by a blossoming plum blossom.

The plum blossom spun as it radiated brightly.

The petals drifted in the air.

A faint layer of light enveloped Wang Yue. The instant Chen Feng’s Wind Blades touched those petals, they were crushed immediately.

Very strong!

Everyone’s heart jolted.

"Is there a need for this?" The old man’s faint voice travelled forth. "This child here, I originally did not want to kill you. Why would you provoke this old man here?"


On the plum blossom, one petal after another hovered midair and charged forth, with Chen Feng as their target.

"Be careful."

The expressions of Wang Chun and the rest changed greatly.

"Goddamn old chrysanthemum freak who refuses to die!"

A cold glint flickered in Chen Feng’s eyes.

Don’t intend to kill me? F*ck you!

Since he had already gotten involved in the affair between Chen Feng and Wang Yue, they could only end this with death! Moreover, for him to say that he wanted to kill Chen Feng merely because he was provoked?


Who was he lying to?

He was simply looking for an excuse to kill someone.

Although Chen Feng did not know what this petal was, however, it was merely an ability imprinted on Wang Yue’s body. He refused to believe that this flower here would be truly strong!

"Killing me?"

Chen Feng raged.

Let’s see if you have this capability, then!


Chen Feng gulped the aurora reagent down.


A noiseless undulation quietly spread in his body.


The genes in his body burned furiously.

Surprisingly, this time, he did not feel any pain caused by the permanent decrease of his strength attribute. Along with the Myriad Illusionary gene he'd fused with were also a small amount of trash genes that were just nice to meet the requirements for the aurora reagent, granting him the ability to truly use the aurora reagent in a flawless manner.


Gene ignition completed.

The world before him instantly appeared like a brand new world.

The whole world seemed to have become lively.

This was his Virus Mode!

An extremely powerful mode unique to Chen Feng!


With a dense killing intent, the pink petals charged toward Chen Feng.


Chen Feng slightly raised his hand.

Multiple Wind Blades were formed in succession. These Wind Blades proceeded to hover above his hands in a bizarre way. Blades were constantly being formed before they fused together, turning into a flower formed from Wind Blades.

In the Virus Mode, he felt like he was a god! This was an extremely peculiar feeling.

Forty Wind Blades with different attributes were like 40 petals which had assembled together in a bizarre manner, condensing at a single point to form a blossoming flower. Under the extreme spiritual control of Chen Feng, they did not clash and explode. Instead, they maintained their shape as they hovered in the air and charged toward Wang Yue.


The flower collided with the petal.


At the instant of the collision, a terrifying power erupted from it immediately.

Wang Yue’s petal was incredibly terrifying!


Would the Wind Blade formed by Chen Feng with 40 different attributes be simple? The moment Chen Feng retracted his control over it, those 40 attributes started violently conflicting with each other and exploded immediately.


A terrifying power erupted.

The sky and the ground, everything before one’s eyes was covered by a vast expanse of white.

When the light finally faded, a huge pit had appeared on the ground.


Everyone inhaled a mouthful of cold air.

What power was this?

It was fine for that old man to be so strong, but Chen Feng?

Wasn’t Chen Feng only beginner E class? But the ability he used earlier, its power…

Everyone looked at Chen Feng.

Only now did someone start to keenly notice that Chen Feng felt somewhat different now. A different feeling was being emitted by him.

Currently, three seconds had passed.

"Worthy of being the chrysanthemum freak."

A cruel smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face.

"Then… how many times can you block this?"


One bizarre flower after another started blossoming around him.

Every single one of those flowers was formed by around 40 to 50 Wind Blades. There were no repeat attributes in any of the flowers. Just like that, all of them were forcefully assembled together by Chen Feng.


Chen Feng waved his hand.


Three flowers drifted around in the air as they reached Wang Yue.




Once again, a terrifying power erupted.

The earth quaked and the mountains shook!

Wang Chun and the rest could feel the ground swaying.



A crisp sound spread from Wang Yue’s body.

Everyone raised their heads to take a look, and they were immediately horrified. The faintly radiating plum blossom beside Wang Yue had been forcefully smashed apart by Chen Feng as it dimmed.

It disappeared!


The old man’s voice was full of anger.

He had never expected that he would suffer failure facing these juniors.

He saw the faint teasing expression in Chen Feng’s eyes.

"Not good."

An ominous feeling rose in the old man’s heart.

Although he was not afraid of Chen Feng, if this continued, Wang Yue would definitely die.


Old man shouted.


The plum blossom shone as it blossomed with its final radiance.

A layer of dazzling light formed. The remaining petals of the plum blossom surrounded Wang Yue and dragged him as they escaped toward the camp.

He had actually chosen to escape.

"Senior, escape faster."

Wang Yue was extremely horrified as well.

Once again, he found that this fellow that he looked down on was actually so terrifying!

Too dreadful!

Even this senior almost failed to protect him!

"Shut up!"

The old man’s angry voice traveled out from the plum blossom. "That bizarre flower of his might be powerful. However, it is too slow and can’t catch up to us. You only need to obediently hide within the plum blossom's aura."


Wang Yue was still feeling anxious.

This aura…

Can it truly obstruct Chen Feng?

His body was being dragged as he soared up. As he looked down at Chen Feng below him, an indescribable fear rose within him.


Chen Feng’s eyes were ice cold.

Aurora’s power was disappearing soon. Only two seconds remaining!

Two seconds…



Wind Blades once again formed in his hands while his Luck Aura was fully activated.



A succession of Wind Blades shot out from Chen Feng’s hand. On every single one of these blades were formed of dreadful looking electric currents that were flickering without stop. This was the blade formed of wind and thunder…

Their specialty being speed!



Over 100 blades were formed instantly.

A flash of thunder.

Before Xu Fei and the rest that all had a shocked expression on their faces, in front of Chen Feng, a huge crescent shaped Wind Blade appeared. Its size reached a terrifying three meters, with dreadful lighting bolts coiled around it!

Was this thing here still a Wind Blade?

Wang Chun inhaled a mouthful of cold air.


Chen Feng pointed.


The wind- and thunder-formed blade streaked forth, accompanied by the rumbling sound of thunder.

In a split second, this huge wind and thunder blade traveled over 100 meters. Under the extremely formidable power of wind and the extremely terrifying power of thunder, it demonstrated a limit surpassing speed.

Currently, Wang Yue was already over 300 meters away from them.

In the oasis, with a distance of 300 meters between them, Chen Feng's group wasn't even visible anymore. However, before he could even rejoice in his escape, he saw that the trees behind him had started collapsing for no apparent reason. What he saw next was that incredibly huge and terrifying Wind Blade!

"Senior, save me!" Wang Yue screeched.

"Chen Feng!" the old man shouted. "If it is possible, spare one’s life. Do not court death!"


Chen Feng had a bad temper.

Merely killing someone. Why spout so much nonsense?

Since you all wanted to kill others, then you all should be ready to get killed as well.


At the final moment, the effect of the aurora reagent was finally used up. All the power he could muster was pushed to unleash the powerful wind and thunder blade. That huge wind and thunder blade slashed at Wang Yue.

"You dare!"

The old man was furious.

The plum blossom shone.

However, not many petals were left on the plum blossom. Even the final light it radiated could only block a portion of the power of the wind and thunder blade!


A loud sound.

On Wang Yue’s forehead, the plum blossom shattered with a loud sound.

Currently, the wind and thunder blade still had half its power remaining.

"I don’t want to die!"

Horrified, Wang Yue looked at the immense wind and thunder blade in front of him. He waved his hands furiously as, one after another, rays of light formed in his hands before finally forming a bizarre symbol in front of him.



The wind and thunder blade exploded.

The symbol formed by light shattered instantly.

The terrifying power of wind and thunder covered Wang Yue and exploded in the air. From high up in the air, a black silhouette could be seen smashing toward the ground with a loud sound.