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Chapter 102: Greendragon Gene!

Chapter 102: Greendragon Gene!

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A bright radiance blossomed like fireworks.

Wang Yue… died just like that?

Everyone remained in a stupor for a long time.

That mysterious person that had acted to help Wang Yue was astonishing enough. However, Chen Feng’s hegemonic way of counterattacking was even more shocking.

So this was Chen Feng’s true strength!

At that instant, the power displayed by Chen Feng had even reached the level of intermediate D-class warriors!


This word formed in everyone’s head.

Nowadays, due to how diversified the combat power everyone had was, skipping a class and fighting someone of a higher class was still something accomplishable by a number of people despite it being hard. However, someone who skipped as many classes as Chen Feng was absolutely rare.

A person like this was simply an abominable existence!


Chen Feng was still so young?

"Deal with them," Chen Feng said calmly.

"Don’t worry."

Xu Fei and the rest exchanged glances before slightly nodding.

Wang Yue was dead. The remaining people here were simply clowns. They were the ambushing party and had prepared sufficiently. Hence, they would not give these people any chance to escape.

As for Chen Feng?

He was planning to look for Wang Yue’s corpse.

The wind and thunder blade possessed an extremely terrifying power. This was something unleashed by Chen Feng with the combination of aurora reagent’s power and Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade, an attack unleashed when he was under his strongest condition, and could be considered as the strongest attack among all the trump cards he had.

Despite being obstructed by the petals several times, it still possessed D-class power!

Wang Yue?

He couldn’t defend against this.

Wang Yue, whose main attribute was spirit, was similar to Chen Feng. They possessed low physique with a physical body of ordinary quality. When attacked by such powerful attacks, they would not survive at all!

Chen Feng guessed that the moment the wind and thunder blade exploded midair, Wang Yue had died.

However, if he survived, his actual person needed to be seen, and if he was dead, the corpse must be seen.

"Let’s find him first."

Chen Feng was calm. If Wang Yue still had a breath in him, Chen Feng would deliver the final blow.



Chen Feng headed toward the direction where Wang Yue had fallen.

However, when he reached, he was surprised to find that on the ground, apart from a huge pit, there was no corpse!


Chen Feng was bewildered.

He inspected the ground and saw bloodstains, fragments of clothes…

All these were Wang Yue’s!

"Has the corpse been eaten?"

Chen Feng’s eyes flickered.


Chen Feng traveled forth quickly and noted a row of irregular footprints and also bloodstains that indicated constant blood loss. Hence, he quickly chased after it.

Even if Wang Yue was still alive, he only had his final breath remaining!

How far could a heavily injured Wang Yue travel?

Furthermore, his agility was not high.


Chen Feng pursued decisively.

However, beyond his expectations, he pursued for no less than five minutes but did not see Wang Yue at all. If it wasn’t for the footprints on the ground that were becoming more distinct, he would almost believe that he had gone the wrong way. The bloodstains on the ground were in higher amounts. Chen Feng could even smell the lingering bloody smell and concluded that this was something freshly left here!

Wang Yue… was right ahead of him!

Chen Feng abruptly dashed out of the woods and there, his heart jolted.

Wang Yue!

He saw him!

The fleeing silhouette was in front of him, 10 meters away. Wang Yue staggered and fell on the ground just like that, with river of blood flowing out of him.

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes.

This guy… was too fast!

The location where Wang Yue had fallen after the attack earlier was merely 300 meters away from Chen Feng. He had used a short time to reach there. And from there to here, he had used five minutes to arrive.

He had failed to catch up to Wang Yue even after five minutes?

What damnable speed was this? Especially under this heavily injured condition of his?

Wang Yue was on the ground.

However, Chen Feng had not made his move.

It wasn't that he did not want to make his move on Wang Yue. Instead, it was because he couldn’t. This place was already the zone within the Genetic Union’s camp. Around them were at least 10 robots patrolling around!


Chen Feng shook his head slightly.



"A heavily injured person detected, begin rescue."

One of the robots flickered with red light as it started rescuing Wang Yue. One recovery reagent after another was used on him and some color returned to the skin of Wang Yue that was dying a moment ago.

Chen Feng walked over calmly.

Around him, a patrolling robot’s eyes flickered with red light. It had evidently felt the unusual aura on Chen Feng and had immediately locked on to him.

Chen Feng was aware that as long as he made his move, the one to die first would certainly be him!

Currently, Wang Yue had woken up slowly.

He felt his body temperature and the robot that was supporting him and was immediately in ecstasy. He knew that he was saved! He survived!


What did it matter that Chen Feng was so strong? He had still survived!

Wang Yue was in ecstasy.

However, before he could even bask in his happiness for long, just as his eyes were opened, he was almost scared to death. In front of him was a familiar silhouette, silently staring at him, with calm eyes.

"Chen Feng?!"

Wang Yue was alarmed and franticly retreated.

"What are you afraid of?"

Chen Feng smiled faintly.

"Don’t come over."

Wang Yue retreated in panic despite the robot being beside him.


Chen Feng walked forth one step at a time.

Soon, Wang Yue had retreated to the corner of the camp and was unable to retreat anymore.



Red light flickered in the eyes of the robot.

It could sense that the killing intent in Chen Feng had disappeared and confirmed that he would not kill anyone. Hence, it did not understand why was Wang Yue still retreating in fear.


The game of humans?

The robots did not understand.

However, the robots still paid attention to them.

"This is the camp."

Wang Yue was collapsing emotionally. "You can’t kill me."

He knew that Chen Feng did not dare to kill him here. However, he did not dare to gamble on that fact. One needed to know that Chen Feng was someone who had, in front of that senior, crushed the plum blossom imprint and almost killed him!

If it wasn’t for that gene…

"Don’t kill me, don’t kill me," Wang Yue recited as he shuddered.

"Be obedient."

"Why would I kill you?" Chen Feng said as he smiled.

"You really won’t kill me?" Wang Yue asked meekly.

"If I really wanted to kill you, could you escape?"

Chen Feng, who was beaming, placed his mouth right beside Wang Yue’s ear and whispered, "This time, I’m giving Wang Yao face. What I owe her, I have repaid. Next time, don’t blame me for not holding back…"

"There won’t be a next time, there won’t be a next time."

Wang Yue shook his head frantically.

So it was due to sister?

He knew that someone like Chen Feng had no emotions.

He had survived!

Wang Yue was drenched all over. For a long time, that smiling face of Chen Feng's would probably remain imprinted in his mind…

"Act intelligently."

Chen Feng looked at him while beaming before standing up and leaving.

Only when he reached the entrance did the smile on his face gradually vanish.

Truly unfortunate, to not be able to kill Wang Yue.

Despite him lying that he had let Wang Yue off due to Wang Yao, despite him leaving behind a deep mental shadow in Wang Yue’s heart, these kind of incidents, if he couldn’t eliminate his enemies thoroughly, there would be endless trouble!

"Wang family…"

Chen Feng sneered.

One day, he would thoroughly clean up the whole Wang family! He believed the opportunity for him to do this would not be too far away in the future.

Leaving the camp, Chen Feng once again returned to the location where they ambushed Wang Yue.

Xu Fei and the rest had completed their tasks. Everyone from the Wang family that was with Wang Yue had been killed. 46 E-class and four D-class genetic warriors, all dead!

This time, the Wang family had suffered a disastrous loss.

Naturally, the most astonishing thing for Chen Feng was the gene production related gains he got that Wang Yue had left behind. He originally thought that this mission was a total failure. However, he did not expect that Wang Yue had made extremely ample preparations here. Apart from a huge amount of materials, there was also an unused 4-star E-class gene formula.

Chen Feng calculated the expenses of this mission and found that he had actually made a profit.

"Robbing is indeed something profitable with low cost."

Chen Feng shook his head.

No wonder there were so many crimes in the wilderness.

"Let’s return to the camp first," Chen Feng said in a low voice. "Since Wang Yue has returned, the people from the Wang family would probably be here soon."


Chen Feng nodded slightly.

When they reached the camp, Wang Yue was no longer there.

It seemed like the moment his body recovered somewhat, he had escaped, as he was afraid that Chen Feng would suddenly go crazy and recklessly ignore all costs to try to kill him.

Chen Feng was not bothered about this either.

However, among their spoils of war was Wang Yue’s gene data. He finally knew how Wang Yue had escaped from him!


Greendragon Gene

Ability: Swapping gene attributes

Summary: Able to choose a single gene attribute within one’s body and swap it with another gene attribute.