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Chapter 103: Unexpected Gains?

Chapter 103: Unexpected Gains?

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Chen Feng’s eyes widened abruptly.

The others came over to take a look and inhaled a mouthful of cold air as well. There existed such a heaven-defying gene ability in this world?!

Gene attribute swapping?

This was too much of a bug-like existence, right?!

No wonder the Wang family called this gene the "super strong gene."

No wonder…

Chen Feng suddenly understood.

Due to the passive growth during F class, despite having a low combat power, Wang Yue’s spiritual energy was still excessively high. Now that he was nearing D class, it was even higher. Before he was hit by the wind and thunder blade, he had quickly swapped his spirit attribute with his physique attribute. With this, he was able to survive Chen Feng’s attack.


The heavily injured Wang Yue swapped his spirit to agility and escaped quickly.

Despite the heavy injuries he had sustained, he was still able to reach the Genetic Union’s camp!

This ability…

Heaven-defying indeed.

"Too shameless."

Xu Fei was too tired to berate Wang Yue. "I swear on the scar on my head, this grandson had certainly saved the world in his previous life. Otherwise, how could he obtain this kind of gene?"[1]

Swapping as one wished?

Too frightening!

With this gene ability, not only he could become the strongest warrior, he could also be the strongest mage, strongest meat shield, and the fastest scout! [2]

He did not even need anything else; merely improving a single attribute would be sufficient…

Xu Fei looked at the data with envy.

"With advantages, there are definitely disadvantages as well," Chen Feng said, analyzing it. "First, regardless of how strong Wang Yue will be at the later stages, he is still trash presently. Zero combat power, needing others to look after him. Next, although this kind of gene seems omnipotent, without suitable secret arts, the true combat power he can display will not necessarily be strong."


Everyone agreed.

"What if suitable secret arts are available?" Shen Yi asked meekly.

"Then it will be a truly shameless existence," Chen Feng lamented.

This was indeed an era where everything was possible. Even such a gene had appeared?

Wang Chun nodded. "Shameless indeed."

Everyone instinctively looked at him.


Wang Chun was confused.

"I remember that, initially, this gene should have belonged to you, right? You actually didn’t know about it?"

Chen Feng was amazed.

"Please." Wang Chun rolled his eyes. "Do you think that those old farts would tell me the truth about this gene after they failed to control me?"

Everyone agreed after thinking about it.

Chen Feng smiled faintly. "Do you not regret it?"


Wang Chun shook his head. "After fusing with such a gene, at the very least, I would require the Wang family’s care during D, E and F classes. It indeed seems incredibly majestic; however, in actuality, it’s simply an existence akin to the Wang family’s dog."

"This kind of strength, I do not want."


"I have something better!"

He looked at the Shen Yi siblings, his face full of emotions.

Chen Feng: "…"

He felt like he had accidentally eaten a mouthful of dog shit.

Ignoring this guy, Chen Feng started to conclude their gains this time for real.

One set of 4-star E-class formula, this was probably something Wang Yue had prepared for himself to use when he formally became an intermediate gene producer. He had never expected that Chen Feng would be the one to end up profiting from this.

Apart from this, there was also a huge pile of materials.

The total value of their gains—65 million yuan.


As for the operation itself…

Despite failing to kill Wang Yue, they had achieved their goal. From today onward, he definitely wouldn’t dare to easily make any move against Chen Feng. This single lesson learned with blood would definitely cause him fear, even during his sleep.

As a whole, this mission had ended perfectly.

Suddenly, a group of people entered the camp and eyed Chen Feng viciously.

They were people of the Wang family!

Evidently, they had received news about this and were coming over to suppress Chen Feng’s group. However, would Chen Feng give them this chance?


Chen Feng smiled as he greeted them before leaving in an aloof manner.

Those from the Wang family watched on with their eyes wide open as Chen Feng’s group got on the Ironcloud and left. However, there was nothing they could do! This was the Genetic Union’s camp; none dared to do anything here!

"You need to be careful for now," Xu Fei told Chen Feng.

"Don’t worry."

Chen Feng stretched his body. "There’s one more month before the Gene Rookie Competition begins. It’s about time for me to prepare for it. During this month, I have no plans of going anywhere at all."

Xu Fei: "…"

He had indeed been overly worried.

Wanting to kill Chen Feng?

One needed to be at least intermediate D class or stronger.

Otherwise, the killer would get killed instead. Apart from this, they had to avoid detection from the city’s monitoring system as well, in addition to avoiding the Gene Production Association’s detection…

Mhm, now that he thought of this, he had indeed been overly worried.

Xu Fei sighed endlessly. "At times, no matter how I look at you, you don’t seem like a freshly graduated student."

At this, Chen Feng merely smiled.

Since he dared to make his move, he had naturally prepared thoroughly.

The Wang family?

Even that old man did not scare him!

He wanted to see, between that chrysanthemum freak and Wang Yao, who was stronger?

Gold City.

The Wang family.

When Wang Yue returned covered in injuries, the whole Wang family was stunned.

Wang Tianhao was nervous. "You encountered an influential family from another city?"

Although the Wang family was powerful, their power was only limited at Gold City.

If they encountered some top influential family from a major city, they would still need to restrain themselves. However, the place they went to was only the Purplewoods Continent, a backwater region, how would they…

"It was Chen Feng," Wang Yue said in a dazed manner while the whole Wang family was furious.

"Chen Feng?"

Wang Tianhao was furious.

He had never thought that the kid that had been protected by Wang Yao would possess such terrifying power. Able to defeat the plum blossom imprint and almost kill his own son?!

He was only 18 years old!

"That kid…"

A cold glint flickered in Wang Tianhao’s eyes.

Chen Feng was too talented, to the point that he was extremely uncomfortable with it.

"Find several D-class warriors to get rid of him," Wang Tianhao said coldly. "I refuse to believe that he can contend against advanced D-class warriors. Get some advanced or peak D-class warriors to get rid of him."

"Father." Wang Yue stopped him. "I think we shouldn’t do this?"


Wang Tianhao looked at him unbelievably, but when he saw the fear in Wang Yue’s eyes, he had an ominous feeling. "Your main attribute is spirit, yet you allowed your state of mind to be influenced by Chen Feng?"


Wang Yue was timid and uneasy.

Wang Tianhao berated him. "Trash!"

Now that his son had turned out this way, it had instead become their new priority.

"Get several people to accompany him to train his willpower."

Wang Tianhao felt hatred for the iron for not becoming steel[3] and said to several members of Wang family, "There’s only one month left for the gene rookie competition. He must become an intermediate-level producer, and he must step into D class as well."

"The spread of the Wang family’s name is on the line!"

Finished talking, he glared at his son viciously. "Train properly. I don’t care whether your willpower is powerful or not, Chen Feng’s shadow must be erased from your mind!"

"With a shadow in your mind, how are you supposed to produce genes?!" Wang Tianhao rebuked angrily.

"I understand."

Wang Yue lowered his head.

Looking at the meek appearance of Wang Yue, the more Wang Tianhao looked at it, the angrier he became. After thinking about it, he decided to still tell the people of Wang family, "This Chen Feng incident, we are not the proper party to deal with it."

"Who else can do it then?" That person’s eyes lit up. "Could it be…"

"Go and arrange it."

Wang Tianhao sneered. "I refuse to believe that Chen Feng can grow three heads and six arms and kill that senior instead!"

"All right!"

That person left.

Wang Tianhao looked at his son. "Scram and start your training!"

"All right."

Wang Yue was anxious, yet he was still thinking about Chen Feng. With that senior making a move personally, Chen Feng wouldn’t be able to escape, right?

At this time, beside a certain clear lake that was surrounded by plum blossoms, an old man sneered after receiving a message. He did not care about the Wang family. However, for Chen Feng to actually dare to provoke his authority, he had to deal with this!


Who would look for him for transformation[4] in the future?

"It seems like I will be taking another trip to Gold City."

The old man stood up loftily.

The next day, he reached Gold City.

"Chen Feng…"

Following the information provided by the Wang family, he was able to find Chen Feng in a short time.

Chen Feng’s daily activities were the same. Basically, he would only appear in monitored locations, not giving the old man any chance to act at all.

The old man pondered. "Seems like I have to spoil a few of those monitoring systems then."

However, before he even made his move, he received a message.

"This is…"

The old main instinctively looked at the screen. His heart thumped as he looked at it before he ultimately sighed. Seemed like getting rid of Chen Feng was no longer possible.

"Gene Rookie Competition…"

"It has entered the preparatory stage?"

"Chen Feng has clearly not registered for the competition and has not met the qualifications for it. How could he…"


1. He’s talking about karma. Someone who did kind deeds in their previous life would be blessed with good fortune in their subsequent life.

2. Here, warrior, mage, meat shield and scout respectively correspond to strength, spirit, physique and agility as their main attribute. The mage here simply refers to one who has the spirit attribute as their main attribute, not the mage in the traditional sense who uses spells.

3. Hatred for the iron for not becoming steel – to feel resentful towards someone for failing to meet expectations.

4. Transformation – This refers to the process where he tapped Wang Yue’s forehead previously, unlocking his potential. Not much is known about this for now, though. We will see if the author will say more about this in the future.