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Chapter 104: War Preparations!

Chapter 104: War Preparations!

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Gold City.

In the central public square hovered a huge screen. The advertisements that it had been broadcasting daily had suddenly disappeared, turning into a bright red-colored countdown timer.


Thirty days before the Gene Rookie Competition begin.

"It’s counting down?"

A lot of people raised their head to look at the screen.

If one were to say that the final examinations were the turning point in the life of high school students, then the Gene Rookie Competition was the path all producers threaded on their way to the apex.

It was a grander, more authoritative event!


Gene Production Association.

Zhang Wei was arranging the data they had. "Have the invitations been sent out?"


A staff member nodded. "Invitations have been sent to all intermediate gene producers that met the requirements in Gold City or those beginner gene producers with great potential."

"Well done."

Zhang Wei nodded slightly.


"It seems like Chen Feng has yet to register himself."

The staff member was somewhat worried.

"Not registered yet?"

Zhang Wei blanked momentarily before recalling that, despite being an outstandingly gifted person, due to Chen Feng not becoming a producer early enough, he had yet to reach the minimum requirement of a 20 stars.

Qualifications to register…

Zhang Wei pondered shortly before ultimately shaking his head.

"Let everything take its course naturally."

"Chen Feng is still young. Even if he missed the competition this year, it doesn’t matter. However, you must continue paying attention to him. In the next few years, Chen Feng will definitely become one of the tyrants of the Gene Rookie Competition!"

Zhang Wei was very confident that Chen Feng absolutely had the potential to achieve this.

"Has the protection plan begun?" Zhang Wei asked suddenly.

"It started."

The staff member nodded. "Chen Feng, Wang Yue… at least 30 producers from Gold City have been included under the protection program before the Gene Rookie Competition."

"That’s good to hear."

Zhang Wei breathed out in relief.

Protection prior to the competition was a necessity.

During the initial Gene Rookie Competitions, this hadn't been considered. As such, a lot of people were assassinating their opponents before the competition, erasing a huge number of geniuses! There was even a particular city where a person had, in order to attain the championship, assassinated everyone who proclaimed themself to be a person of talent.

Too hateful!

Subsequently, the protection program was activated.

From a certain period of time before the competition up till the end of the competition, those who registered for the competition would receive the joint protection of the Genetic Union and Gene Production Association. Those nominated by Gene Production Association to join the competition would receive an even higher level of attention, becoming someone none dared to provoke!

"However…" The staff member paused slightly. "Some problems still occurred with the protection plan. Before the protection plan started, Wang Yue was attacked and suffered a disastrous injury, and he has yet to recover from his injuries."

Zhang Wei was furious. "Who did it?"

There were people who dared to challenge the authority of the Gene Production Association?

Despite it being before the protection plan, despite the fact that this behavior wouldn’t be penalized, doing so would still gave the evaluation committee a bad impression.

The staff member smiled bitterly. "Chen Feng."


Zhang Wei had a dumbfounded expression on his face.

Chen Feng?

Why had Chen Feng gone to assassinate Wang Yue?

"Not only that."

The staff member had an expression suggesting an extreme headache. "At the same time that we activated our protection plan, we also intercepted an out-of-town expert sent by the Wang family to assassinate Chen Feng…"


Zhang Wei was confused, what the heck was happening?

"Explain the whole thing to me."

"All right."

The staff member explained in detail.

The affairs between Chen Feng and Wang Yue weren’t something major for them. They only needed to casually investigate it and they would find out the truth. However, regardless of the process or the result of their conflicts, both were equally melodramatic.

"Let it be. We won’t be bothered about this."

"With the resources of the Wang family, I doubt anything major will happen to Wang Yue."

Zhang Wei waved his hand. "Tell the both of them to stop. Its fine to let what happened before the protection plan be bygones. Now that the protection plan has started, none of them are allowed to make any more moves."


The staff member nodded.

"Remember! We can’t lose any of the people included in our protection plan."

Zhang Wei’s expression was solemn. "It has been a very long time since Gold City managed to be placed in the top 100. The few fellows of this generation could be considered as somewhat talented individuals. Even if they can’t get into the top 10, at the very least, they must get into the top 100. Wang Yue has the assistance of the Wang family behind him; he might be able to fight for the placing of our Gold City!"

"Understood," the staff member answered seriously.

Internal competitions existed within the Gene Production Association, especially between each major city.

Top 100!

Top 10!

Top three!

Every single one of these rankings was something they fought after.

The Gene Rookie Competition was the most authoritative grand event for the young gene producers of the current era. Those capable of getting into the top 100 would definitely be the top 100 producers in terms of ability among the young producers of the current generation! These were the 100 most outstanding producers in the whole world!

"If our Gold City branch wants more resources allocated to us next year, it will depend on the rankings of these people."

Zhang Wei was filled with expectations.

This time—

They could no longer be stuck in the last position!

At this time, Chen Feng was also checking out the information pertaining to the Gene Rookie Competition.

The champion would be unconditionally accepted into the Gene Production Association.

What this meant was acceptance into the headquarters!

Not some regional branch, rather, it was the true headquarters of the association. The place that countless people regarded as the holy land.

Apart from this, the most important thing was also the reputation gained from this!

First of all, one’s achievements in the Gene Rookie Competition would be input into their individual information: Ranked xx at the xxth Gene Rookie Competition. This would become one’s defining trademark. Next, due to the existence of virtual streaming, the whole competition would be streamed virtually and all the viewers would feel like they were physically at the location of the competition!

Obscure and unknown person?

Didn't know how to generate fame for themselves?

Here, as long as one possessed ability, one would be able to make one’s name soar with a single attempt.

There were some who did not even need to get ranked in the competition. As long as one’s ability was sufficiently displayed, countless missions would come knocking, helping one to win both success and recognition.

This was not just a competition, this was also a grand stage where stars were created.

"Gene Rookie Competition…"

Chen Feng was shocked.

This was his first target here in this world.

Back then, he had only entered this world. It was something he chose to simply give himself a goal to chase after. Subsequently, as his power increased, he had even believed that it wouldn’t matter if he did not participate in the competition. However, after he gained further understanding of it, he found that the Gene Rookie Competition was much grander than he had ever imagined.

No wonder even Wang Yue wanted to participate in it…

Chen Feng contemplated.

Due to the existence of the greendragon gene, Wang Yue was not a normal person at all. If he were to attract the attention of super experts during the competition, the Wang family might be able to abruptly rise in power from this.

Chen Feng sneered. "What a good plan."

Wang Yue?

A mere puppet.

Even if he killed Wang Yue, the Wang family could still get a new puppet. Since that was the case, might as well keep Wang Yue alive. At the very least, the current Wang Yue was extremely afraid of him!

Moreover, even if there was no Wang family, various other powers and factions might still appear in the competition, making the whole situation messy nevertheless.

Could everyone be killed?


Hence, if one wanted to stand tall in this world, one had to grow stronger!

Hence, he had to build up his own fame.

At least, with that, regardless of circumstances, he would be able to make his voice heard.

This... was his bottom line.

He did not have any backers, nor did he have any background. However, through this competition, he could fight his way out to create a brand new world for himself, creating his very own backer!


Chen Feng’s eyes shone.

Since he wanted to fight, he should certainly fight to be the champion!

He had gained understanding on the scale of the competition. Every year, there would be several tens of thousands of participants. However, a vast majority of them would be intermediate gene producers. This fact remained true even in the top 100.

These were the outstanding ones among the intermediate producers.


They were still mere intermediate producers.

"As long as no advanced producers appear, I will have a chance."

Chen Feng was confident.

Despite him being only a beginner producer presently.

"It’s time to prepare myself."

Chen Feng was overwhelmed by emotions.

The countdown period of the competition had begun. It was about time for him to do a final sprint.

For example—

He had yet to qualify himself to register for the competition.