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Chapter 105: Never-Before-Seen Registration Details

Chapter 105: Never-Before-Seen Registration Details

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Light swirled.

Chen Feng was currently fully concentrated on gene production.


A loud sound.

Gene production failed.

"Another failure?"

Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

Although Xiao Ying was able to eat the worthless genes for him, when Chen Feng practiced, he would still do everything himself. He would first go through the gene search stage before letting Xiao Ying eat all the remaining genes. With this, he was able to both satisfy its appetite and improve himself.

However, the gene fusion stage still proved troublesome for him.

The rate of failure was excessively high despite the fact that he'd had a lot of successes previously when he'd used Luck Aura.

"I’m even finding it difficult to produce E-class genes."

Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

Under the circumstances where luck values were not used, he possessed quite a low skill level in regards to gene production. Even the vast amount of successes he'd had in E-class formula production would not grant many improvements to his skill.

"I’m probably a high-level beginner gene producer?" Chen Feng guessed.

To produce E-class formulas at this stage, the rate of failure would be extremely high.

Now, Chen Feng was grinding the aurora reagent formula.

Chen Feng cheered himself on. "I must succeed."

Mastering an E-class formula would greatly improve his true skill level in production. It was something regular 1-star F-class formulas couldn’t compare with. Hence, he had to master this formula.

One time…

Two times…

Three times…

Chen Feng started producing without stop.

During this period, all his luck values were saved.

In order to have a sufficient amount of luck value during the competition, apart from the occasional mutated gold ant genes that he produced for money, all the luck values were saved despite his current high rate of failure.

"I succeeded several times previously and am extremely familiar with the aurora reagent. My current success rate should be around 20%... Not too low," Chen Feng analyzed.

One time, two times, three times…


A huge amount of materials!

A crazy amount of training!

Using 10 days' time, Chen Feng had finally mastered this 4-star E-class formula. His production level had once again improved greatly.

So this was the aurora reagent.

Chen Feng closed his eyes. Everything that he did not understand about this formula in the past, he now understood.

Up until now, in Chen Feng’s individual data, his production level had reached 16 stars.

Among them were:

F-class formulas: lumberbear formula (1 star), thundersnake formula (4 stars), gold ant formula (5 stars).

E-class formulas: illusionary snake’s scale (2 stars), aurora formula (4 stars).

The illusionary snake’s scale was something he had mastered using the huge volume of materials provided by Wang Chun. Apart from increasing his production level, it was something useless for him in itself.

Apart from this—

He only had one unmastered formula, the illusionary snake formula.

This was the formula for his own fusion. After producing the fusion reagent, it had become useless. Hence, Chen Feng did not plan to waste his time practicing this formula.

"I still lack a 4-star formula."

Chen Feng took out a chip.

This was his spoils of war from when he had attempted to assasinate Wang Yue. Being a 4-star E-class formula and something treated by Wang Yue as his number one formula, it was definitely an unordinary formula.


Chen Feng directly inserted the chip into his wristband.


A huge amount of data rushed into his wristband.


Direfox Gene Formula

Difficulty: 4 star

Class: E

Function: Activating the direfox gene, in a short period of time, reduces the agility attribute by 100 points, reduces the physique attribute by 100 points, reduces the strength attribute by 100 points, and increases the spirit attribute by 300 points.


"Attribute changer?"

Chen Feng’s heart jolted.

A consumable reagent?

If this gene reagent was used together with the greendragon gene…


Chen Feng inhaled a mouthful of cold air.

This had to be a top-notch formula prepared by the Wang family for Wang Yue.

Unfortunately, it was now in his hands.

Chen Feng smiled calmly. "Let me be the one to display its power, then."

This gene was incredibly powerful, especially for people like Chen Feng and Wang Yue whose main attribute was spirit. It was able to unleash a terrifying power to a certain extent.


Chen Feng started his research.

In two days, Chen Feng grasped this formula.

In three days, under the assistance of Xiao Ying and luck values, Chen Feng had gained an initial mastery over this formula. His success rate had, with difficulty, increased from 0% to a range of 15% to 20%.


Chen Feng started rushing it.





Countless failures with occasional successes in between.

Not leaving his house, Chen Feng sunk into a crazy production mode.

Time, passed quietly.

There were only three days left on the countdown screen.

At this time, Chen Feng had finally left his room for the first time.

During this half month, he had finally mastered this formula. On his status window, his production level had finally reached the qualification to register—20 stars!

Naturally, his true level had far exceeded this level.

"I can now sign up for it."

Chen Feng was overwhelmed by emotion.


He turned his screen on, entered the sign-up interface, and entered his personal details.


Registration successful!

Currently, at the Gene Production Association.

A staff member was arranging the registration details when a warning window popped out: "Warning, irregular data detected, requesting human judgment!"

"Irregular data?"

The staff member blanked momentarily.


He refreshed the data in front of him. Next, he saw a peculiar data that he had never seen before.

"A fresh 20-star production level, fulfilling the requirements. However, 10 stars were from F-class formulas, while the remaining 10 stars were from E-class formulas?"


The staff member nearly thought he had seen wrongly.

What bizarre circumstances was this?

E-class formula!

This was something only intermediate or peak beginner producers were qualified to touch! Now, it had actually been mastered by a beginner producer with only a 10-star production level? One needed to know that, among the producers studying E-class formulas, there were people who had at least an 80-star production level!

No wonder the system had failed to judge this.

"Something feels wrong."

The staff member had a bitter expression on his face.

"Chen Feng…"

He checked Chen Feng’s details in the system.


Detailed information pertaining to Chen Feng popped out. Mutated lumberbear gene, mutated thundersnake gene, mutated gold ant gene, obtained the praise of the deputy president…

"So it’s a genius."

The staff member was enlightened.

He remembered that there indeed existed geniuses that would study all sorts of bizarre formulas yet would only study those they believe they needed to study and would not waste any time rushing their mastery over it.

Hence, despite these people being incredibly powerful, their data would say otherwise.

In his eyes, Chen Feng was one such person.

"A genius like this…"

The staff member shook his head slightly.

So what if he was talented?

Too many such geniuses had been disqualified at the very first round due to these geniuses only being suitable for doing research. However, those who participated in the rookie competition were those with true practical strength.

"Chen Feng?"

"I don’t know how far you can go."


The staff member approved Chen Feng’s registration.

At the same time, in the Wang family, Wang Yue was fusing the final gene in his training regime.


The reagent bottle in front of him exploded suddenly.

Production failed!

"Damn it!"

Wang Yue ferociously punched the table.

Another failure!

How many times had he failed?

He couldn’t even remember them anymore.

Chen Feng…

He clenched his teeth.

Originally, he would have broken through to intermediate gene producer at the Purplewoods Continent. Furthermore, he would continue improving, becoming a person of outstanding talent. However, now? It had been a month, yet he was still stuck here! Often, when he was on the verge of success, he would suddenly recall the soft whispers of Chen Feng by his ear.

He felt both hatred and fear!

Wang Tianhao glared at him viciously. "Calm down."

"There are three more days."

"You must become an intermediate gene producer!"

"Your spirit attribute is much higher than Chen Feng. What are you afraid of? Regardless of how strong his combat power is, he will still be surpassed by you. Understand?" Wang Tianhao said coldly.


Wang Yue lowered his head.

This idiot…

Wang Tianhao felt hatred for the iron for not becoming steel[1].

"Continue practicing."

Wang Tianhao suddenly said, "If you can’t even surpass Chen Feng, how are you supposed to lead the Wang family to greatness?! I forgot to tell you, just earlier, we received information that Chen Feng has already registered for the rookie competition."


Wang Yue was viciously shaken.

He'd thought that he would be the only participant that was a high school graduate.

After all, this was a rookie competition for those 25 years old or younger.

He believed that the excellent special gene that caused his initial combat power to be almost zero was what had improved his gene production to the point where he was now nearly an intermediate gene producer.

But Chen Feng?

What was he relying on?

He had lucked out to encounter several mutated F-class formulas? What good would that bottom-tier trash do?

"Son," Wang Tianhao earnestly advised, "I know that you do not have the courage to contend against Chen Feng. However, this is the Gene Rookie Competition."

"This is supposed to be your home ground!"

"Don’t you want to prove yourself?"

"If you want to, then defeat him fair and square!" Wang Tianhao said passionately.

"All right!"

Wang Yue’s blood boiled.

He figured it out.

Chen Feng possessed strong combat power, but so what?

As long as he did not fight Chen Feng, wouldn’t it be fine? In the Gene Rookie Competition, one would compete in gene production, not combat power! In this aspect, he was not afraid at all!

Chen Feng…


Finally, Wang Yue regained some of his confidence.

He was someone destined to lead the Wang family out of Gold City, establishing themselves internationally! How could he stop his steps for a mere, insignificant Chen Feng?

During this rookie competition, he had to get into the top 10!


1. Hatred for the iron for not becoming steel – to feel resentful towards someone for failing to meet expectations.