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Chapter 107: Succeeding Forcefully

Chapter 107: Succeeding Forcefully

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"Where did all these freaks come out from?"

Mu Yuan had a dumbfounded expression on his face.

He was already a beginner producer with 80 stars, yet he couldn’t even enter the top 10.

What a scam!

One needed to know that only three spots were available for Gold City. If this continued, he would not even get a single one of the available spots.

Mu Yuan wept tearlessly. "Is there any need for this to be so hard?"

When he entered the Gene Rookie Competition the previous year, this was what happened. This year, it was still the same!

He looked at the information for the top two rankers.

Wang Yue, 18 years old, and Zhang Lin, 22 years old. Both were younger than him. The youngsters nowadays were so terrifying? The geniuses of Gold City were even more terrifying than those at Clear City. Damn it. If he had known earlier, would he have bothered with transferring his account over here?

Currently, the number of people in the livestream area of Gold City’s virtual community numbered in the millions.

The citizens of Gold City were looking at the two who ranked high above with a stunned expression. Compared to Zhang Lin, Wang Yue appeared to be the one who had truly shone!

That was because he was only 18 years old! Four years younger than Zhang Lin!

"So young."

"Nowadays, even 18-year-olds dare to join the competition?"

"Oh, right, I heard that recently, there was something called the strongest gene that was rather popular…"

"Chen Feng!"

"Oh, yes! Is he in this competition?"

Instinctively, everyone searched for Chen Feng’s name. Surprisingly, they found it. However, when they opened his information with excitement, they found that Chen Feng was ranked in the 200s.


"Sixty points? Barely passing."

"He is, after all, a commoner. Compared to someone from an influential family like Wang Yue, it’s not the same."


Everyone sighed.

With this result, Chen Feng might be eliminated in the next stage, right? This extinguished the flame in the hearts of those commoners that hoped for a commoner to make a comeback against the wealthy.

They had indeed been too wishful.

Currently, at the Gene Production Association, with the announcement of the results, the elimination began. Out of 632 participants, only 310 remained. 322 participants were eliminated!

Looking at the empty arena, everyone felt a chilling cold in their heart.

"Then, let’s begin the second stage," Zhang Wei said indifferently. "Dealing with unexpected incidents."

The first stage was on theoretical foundations. However, there were things that couldn’t be theorized. If one were to encounter an unexpected incident with a low probability of appearance, how would they deal with it?


Light swirled.

The scene before everyone’s eyes changed as they entered the virtual world.


The light surrounding them flickered.

A fully equipped production environment appeared before them. All sorts of materials and incubator liquid were fully prepared. Even the production process was half done.

At this time…


One of the reagents exploded abruptly.

Time froze. In this situation, how should one deal with it?

Zhang Wei’s cold voice resounded in their ears. "In half an hour, 10 unexpected scenarios will be simulated. Solving one scenario will grant 10 points. Those failing will be eliminated!"

As the participants heard this, they immediately started anxiously solving the problem presented to them. Some of them had had similar previous experiences, so they were able to easily solve the problem presented to them.

As for Chen Feng, he stood there with a dumbfounded expression.

What was this?

In a normal production, such a scenario could happen?

He was totally unaware of it!

Despite only having less than three months experience, Chen Feng’s success rate was so terrifying that it caused one’s hair to stand up in anger. Even when he was grinding his formulas, he would use his luck value to reach a certain mastery over the formula before starting his grind. The various problems one might encounter when they first started with a certain formula were something that he had never encountered!

How should he deal with this?

Chen Feng tried solving the problem with his own methods.


The whole thing exploded.

First unexpected scenario, fail.

Chen Feng: "…"

Damnable unexpected scenario!

Was he in the wrong for having too high of a success rate?

Chen Feng was too tired to even berate this method of competition.

However, he was aware that it was normal for an average person to encounter these scenarios. Dealing with such scenarios was something a producer had to learn. He had to pass this stage!

"Let’s give it another try."

Chen Feng tried again.


Second unexpected scenario, fail.

Attempting once again.


Third unexpected scenario, fail.

"Is it really so hard?"

Chen Feng felt his head aching.

Another attempt.


Fourth unexpected scenario, fail.

Chen Feng: "…"

Four attempts!

Zero successes!

He was now certain that his production methods were simply an exotic existence in itself. However, if this continued, he would be eliminated!

Currently, Zhang Wei and some other people were paying attention to Chen Feng as well.

After all, the name of The Strongest Gene and Chen Feng was too popular nowadays. However, they did not expect that Chen Feng actually lacked experience in this aspect.

"He’s going to get eliminated."

Zhang Wei shook his head.

He believed that Chen Feng had better talent and accomplishments compared to Wang Yue. However, he required time!

"Let’s watch Wang Yue instead."

Zhang Wei switched his stream and started watching Wang Yue's stream.

A lot of the people here thought the same thing and left one after another. None noticed the gold glint that had flickered in Chen Feng’s pupils before disappearing.

Luck Aura, activate.

"It begins…"

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes.

In front of him was another unexpected scenario.

Due to a certain newbie’s mistake, two different genes had reacted erroneously. Now, Chen Feng had to use his knowledge to remedy this.

How should he remedy this?

In all honesty, Chen Feng had no idea.

Anyway, he simply needed to ensure the success of this production for this question to be considered solved, right?

If so, let’s begin, then.

Based on his understanding, an erroneous gene reaction during this step would cause the production success rate to greatly decrease, affecting the production greatly such that it was near impossible for it to be successful!

However, there was still a chance of success, right?


Chen Feng forcefully fused these genes.

Production successful!

One point of luck value used.


Chen Feng calmly submitted the completed reagent.


Light swirled before his eyes.

The fifth unexpected scenario, complete.


The sixth unexpected scenario appeared. In an experimental production, due to the unsuitable environment, some particles that couldn’t be seen with the naked eye had fallen into the incubator liquid. This was also the only conditioner available for the producer. Hence, one needed to look for a way to destroy these unwanted particles so that they couldn’t affect the gene breeding process.


Chen Feng thought of it.

The regular method seemed to be something like in accordance to the parameter of the incubator liquid, create something that would not cause any harm to the incubator liquid yet be able to destroy those particles?


There was other method?

Chen Feng lacked understanding on such unexpected scenarios.

However, when the gene was undergoing the fusion process, as long as the particles "obediently" hide themselves at the corner of the incubator liquid so that they wouldn’t affect the gene breeding process, wouldn’t everything be fine?

Mhm, feasible.


Once again, Chen Feng forced the fusion.

Sixth unexpected scenario, complete.


Chen Feng was calm.

The seventh time, eighth time, ninth time…

Chen Feng was going full throttle.

Soon, the second stage of the competition ended.

Number 1: Zhang Lin, 10 successes.

Number 2: Wang Yue, 10 successes.

Results announced.

Out of the remaining 310 participants, 157 were eliminated. Only 153 remaining! Less than half of the original participants remained.

Another round of cruel elimination.

However, at this time, before Zhang Wei and the rest had the opportunity to lament the cruelty of the competition, with a dumbfounded expression, they stared at the name that appeared on the last place: Chen Feng.

He had not been eliminated?


Zhang Wei’s face was filled with question marks.

Chen Feng?

Didn’t he fail four times in a row right off the bat?

"What’s happening?"

A lot of viewers watching the livestream were confused as well.

They remembered that Chen Feng had encountered four failures in a row right off the bat, causing a lot of people to lose hope. How was he still the person in the last place?

This was illogical!

"Check what happened."

Some couldn’t understand and took out Chen Feng’s records.

What they saw next was the most ridiculous method of handling unexpected incidents they had ever seen in their life. The method being... not handling the incident! Fusing forcefully and succeeding forcefully!


"What’s happening?"

The viewers had dumbfounded expressions on their faces.

"This should be his genetic ability," a staff member said calmly.

Nowadays, everyone possessed genetic abilities!

A lot of people possessed genetic abilities capable of assisting in gene production. Some were abilities used in the digitized world, while some were abilities used during the fusion process.

This Chen Feng clearly possessed a similar genetic ability.

"So that’s the case."

Everyone felt enlightened.

However, this was only the second stage and he was already forced to the point where his genetic ability needed to be used. This proved that the level of this Chen Feng guy wasn’t particularly high.

"He will probably fail to get through the third stage."

"That’s for sure."

"Barely passing every single time…"

Everyone shook their head.

And now, the third stage, begun!