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Chapter 108: Where Is the Problem?

Chapter 108: Where Is the Problem?

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"This stage will be about spiritual control."

"In the Gene Rookie Competition, spiritual control is extremely important. One could even increase one’s spiritual control at the last minute to improve one’s production skills."

"This stage will be very simple. There are only 100 points and 0 points. After three minutes, the surviving ones will pass."


Just as Zhang Wei said those words, the scene before everyone’s eyes changed once again.


The virtual world took shape.

Their surroundings become a vast ocean. Over 100 producers floated on the sea, standing only on a lonesome plank.

"What situation is this?"

Chen Feng was in a solemn mood.

Surviving? What does that mean?


Suddenly, the seawater became lively.

Drops of seawater splashed around, a dreadful sound coming from them. Something seemed to be seriously wrong with the water here. Once one fell into it, one would certainly die.

One only needs to survive the sea waves? However, how does this relate to spiritual control?

Just as Chen Feng was feeling doubtful.


A crack appeared on the plank below him, slowly spreading.

"Not good."

Everyone’s expression changed greatly.


Spiritual energy spread out.

The plank that was going to break into pieces was forced together again under the control of spiritual energy, appearing like a brand new plank.

"So this is how it works."

Chen Feng felt enlightened.

Using spiritual energy to control the plank so that it wouldn’t break into pieces?

When under such an extreme control of spiritual energy, along with the unending sea waves, the pressure on one’s spiritual control would increase with time. The moment one couldn’t hold on any longer, one would fall into the sea and die.

This would also eliminate those producers whose spirit attribute was too low in an indirect manner.

An act of killing two birds with one stone.


The seawater became violent.


One producer after another started falling into the sea.


This was what true elimination looked like!

The seawater was still increasing in violence.

On the sea surface, Wang Yue was seated cross-legged. The plank below him was still and unmoving. His extremely powerful spiritual energy ensured his dominance over everyone else, becoming someone none could surpass.

At around the two-minute mark, once again, a group of people started falling into the sea.

Some used their genetic ability to forcefully enhance their spiritual control. However, some of them still ended up eliminated due to the duration of their spiritual control enhancement being too short.

Out of 153 participants, only 82 remained.

The elimination continued.


A crisp sound could be heard.

Chen Feng cursed inwardly as he couldn’t keep the plank below him together any longer.

Despite his bitter training during this period of time that had increased his spirit attribute to 250 points, the rapid speed of increase had also caused him to be somewhat lacking in terms of spiritual control.

He was even worse off than Mu Yuan.

"I can’t hold on any longer?"

Chen Feng’s heart jolted.

The aurora reagent would increase his spiritual control to the limits. However, in the first round, usage of gene reagents was prohibited. Furthermore, the aurora reagent only had a duration of 10 seconds anyway.

Currently, Zhang Wei and the rest had also noticed the broken plank below Chen Feng.

It was broken, and the crack was still spreading without stop.

After a few more seconds, the cracks would definitely turn the plank into countless fragments, causing Chen Feng to fall into the sea, closing the curtain of the current competition on him.

"Chen Feng…"

Mu Yuan was somewhat anxious.

He was aware of how powerful Chen Feng was. However, Chen Feng was, after all, still too new a producer. Hence, his foundations were somewhat lacking. If he failed this stage, he would be in trouble.


Another crisp sound.

The single plank below Chen Feng had broken into around seven or eight pieces, and could break off totally at any time.

"This won’t do."

A cold glint flickered in Chen Feng’s eyes.

The seawater was too violent. If this continued, he would only die.

What should he do?

Luck value?


In this situation where only pure force was required, luck value wouldn’t have too much of an impact. If he used them to affect the reality instead, his 500 points of luck value might be exhausted instantly. That would truly be a dishonest amount of exhaustion.

"Spiritual control…"


Chen Feng suddenly thought of something. Why must he insist on using spiritual control?

As long as the plank didn't break, wouldn’t it be fine?

Chen Feng’s eyes lit up.


Chen Feng squatted down and pressed his right palm on the plank.


One Wind Blade after another was shot out of his hand. The Wind Blades were in liquid form that clung onto the plank. Next, ice blades shot out, freezing the whole plank.

The wooden plank instantly transformed into something as firm as an iron plank.





The sea waves become even fiercer.

The plank with countless cracks below Chen Feng attracted a lot of attention. A lot of viewers were waiting for the disintegration of Chen Feng’s plank.


Ten seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds…

Right until the last seconds, Chen Feng still remained.

Finally, the three minutes ended.

Chen Feng had smoothly survived till the end.


Everyone had a dumbfounded expression on their face.

Even with that, the plank did not break off?

Are you joking?

One needed to know that, despite the plank being something specially created for this competition, the seawater was also something specially created for this competition. Based on what they observed from those who had fallen into the sea, as long as cracks started appearing on the plank, a chain effect would be created, resulting in the plank breaking into pieces. It was something one couldn’t stop unless one used their spiritual energy to control it and hold them together forcefully.

However, Chen Feng’s plank, which had already split into seven or eight pieces, still lasted till the end!

What on earth was going on?

Everyone was confused.

"I keep having a feeling that something is wrong," some people muttered.

"Yeah. If it wasn’t for the whole thing being streamed live, I would have thought that he cheated," some muttered.

However, no matter what, Chen Feng had survived till the end!

The third stage ended.

Out of 153 participants, only 42 remained. Another round of dreadful rate of elimination.

"All right, everyone. I congratulate you all for passing the third stage. Next will be the fourth stage—power of observation."

"It is very normal for problems to arise when one is in process of producing genes. Some errors can be remedied. You have all encountered these situations in the second stage. However, some errors simply can’t be remedied. As long as one encounters such errors, they will fail their production. Hence, this will depend on your power of observation, to notice the problem in advance and deal with it in advance, destroying the error in its infancy. Understand?"

Zhang Wei smiled as he looked at them in front of him. "Then, the fourth stage will begin. 10 incidents will be simulated. Each successful incident will grant 10 points. Those failing will be eliminated."


The scene before everyone changed and the stage begun!


Light swirled around Chen Feng.

The virtual scene formed. It was a scene where a production was in progress.


Lumberbear gene!

A gene that Chen Feng was extremely familiar with. Seemed like the gene used for this stage was the easier genes among those the participants had mastered.

First step: Gene search. No problems found.

Second step: Gene reaction. No problems found.

Third step: Gene fusion. No problems found.

Sealing the gene reagent.


The gene reagent exploded.



Chen Feng was lost.

This production failed?

It did not make any sense!

It was reasonable to say that this was a gene that he was extremely familiar with. How would it fail? Unless, the hidden problem was located in the environment?

The lumberbear gene had no problems in itself.

However, due to a problem that existed in the environment around them, it had caused a certain problem on the gene.


Chen Feng entered the second virtual scenario.

It was still the lumberbear gene. However, this time, the environment was different. Chen Feng’s guesses were indeed correct. This so-called "hidden problem" was something occurring due to the environment.

"Let me take a good look, what is the problem here."

Chen Feng sneered.



Carefully, Chen Feng did everything step by step. However, he still failed to find any problems.

Production complete, sealing the reagent.


Gene exploded.


Chen Feng: "…"

What damnable situation was it actually?

The third scenario, fourth scenario, every single time, the environment would be different. Chen Feng had also finally found some situations that would probably cause problems, however—

It was pointless!

He had no idea how those problems could be solved!

Based on his guesses, each of the simulated environment would have different effects on the gene produced. If one wanted to produce successfully, one had to locate the particles in the environment capable of affecting the production before eliminating the particles.

However, all of this was something Chen Feng did not know how to do.

"A same situation again."

Chen Feng felt his head aching.

Encountering such problems, even if he were to use the Luck Aura, he would still need to think of how the Luck Aura should be used as his Luck Aura's usage required his guidance. His next failure would result in his elimination.

"I need to think of something."

Chen Feng sank into contemplation.