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Chapter 109: Ending the Problem in Its Infancy

Chapter 109: Ending the Problem in Its Infancy

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Far away from him, Mu Yuan was encountering the same issue as Chen Feng.

However, light swirled in both his eyes as he activated his genetic ability, Quick Eyes, which greatly increased his power of observation, helping him to instantly discover the problem.


He easily found the particle.

Production success!

"Increased difficulty?"

Mu Yuan sneered. Nothing could hide before his Quick Eyes.

At the same time, in the area, everyone displayed their abilities.

Facing these problems that were almost untraceable, only by depending on extremely powerful observation and one’s rich production experiences could one solve the problems.


Some considered the problem from all possible angles.

Some rushed rapidly.

Wang Yue…

Zhang Lin…

Each and every single one of the participants pushed their limits.

At this time, Zhang Wei’s gaze landed on Chen Feng once again.

Four fails.


Exactly the same as the previous stages.

He did not find this surprising, as Chen Feng traveled a completely different path than Wang Yue. If one insisted on analyzing it, Wang Yue was akin to someone meeting all the official standards, while Chen Feng was an unorthodox existence! However, regardless of how unorthodox one was, one’s foundations had to reach a certain level, or else it would be too easy for one to fail unexpectedly on the verge of success!

This was the true purpose of this round of competition.

One who only knew how to produce?

That was unacceptable!

Those who had not experienced the Gene Rookie Competition would have no idea how cruel the competition was.

In the competition… one might even die!

Comparatively, the round of competition these people were going through currently was too simple. The reason one’s foundation was used as the criteria for elimination during this round was to protect this bunch of producers who were still not particularly powerful.

"Chen Feng…"

Zhang Wei concentrated his gaze.

In the virtual community, a lot of viewers noticed Chen Feng’s current plight. Just like the previous times, he met four failures. This time, a lot of those who had left earlier during the previous stages refused to leave no matter what.

"I refuse to believe that he will still succeed with this."


"Let’s sit and wait for his next failure."

Countless people spectated him.

What was there to watch with Wang Yue?

Succeeding every single time had instead made it something boring to watch. Instead, it was the Chen Feng who had managed to survive the elimination that had become the highlight!

What was interesting was that, due to this bizarre situation, the livestream of Chen Feng, a person who was at the bottom rankings in the competition, had actually increased in popularity, exceeding Wang Yue.

At the same time.


Chen Feng’s fifth scenario began.

"It’s starting."

Everyone was excited.

As viewers, they possessed a field of vision akin to a god and were able to clearly see the hidden problems of the simulated environment. Furthermore, they could even know when the problematic particles would sneak into the genes. They found the bitter expression on the face of the producers who failed to discover the problems amusing to watch.

In the simulated scenario, Chen Feng walked to the center of the area.

He took out the materials and started his production. At this moment, everyone could clearly see some shiny particles sneaking into the lumberbear blood essence.

"Here it comes."

Everyone was excited.

This was exactly the same situation as the first scenario Chen Feng had encountered here.

These particles would sneak into the blood essence, altering the lumberbear gene. If one failed to discover these particles at this point, the subsequent production would simply fail.


Chen Feng continued his production.

"He did not discover it."

"6666666[1], seems like there’s no escaping getting eliminated this time."

"I’m fainting. I was expecting him to discover the problem."

Everyone was speechless.

Subsequently, they saw Chen Feng complete the production as usual.

"He’s going to fail."

"Seems like Chen Feng is going to get eliminated for real."

"Sigh, continuous failures like this. Why hasn’t he improved at all?"

Everyone had a feeling of hating the iron for not becoming steel[2].


Chen Feng started sealing the produced gene.

Production successful!

The virtual scenario started its adjustment.


Everyone widened their eyes abruptly.

What was going on?

It succeeded?


How was that possible?


Everyone was dumbfounded.

They could vividly remember that Chen Feng had not done anything to that particle. They had clearly seen those particles sneaking into the blood essence!

What was going on?

"Those particles are capable of altering a certain part of the lumberbear gene’s formula. The production shouldn’t have remained fine."

Everyone muttered.

Too mystical!

Everyone started spreading the news and Chen Feng’s livestream become even more popular.

"I refuse to believe he can still do it."

"Pay more attention during the next scenario."

Everyone opened their eyes wide.

Sixth scenario, began.

This time, the particles sneaked into the gene during the gene reaction stage. These particles were supposed to react with the gene, altering them once more.


It was ineffective!

Chen Feng completed his production calmly and… succeeded!

"Another success?"

Everyone was stupefied.

What damnable situation was this?

Seventh scenario!

Eighth scenario!

Ninth scenario!

Different environments, different particles!


Cold environment…

All sorts of bizarre environments appeared. However, they were all ineffective!

Chen Feng seemed to be immune to those particles. Whatever particles entered his world would be rendered ineffective, allowing all his productions to be successful!

"How is this possible?"

None could understand what’s happening.

Look at Mu Yuan!

When he eliminated the particles, it was clear for everyone to see. He had utilized Quick Eyes, letting the viewers know that the particles couldn’t hide from him, and they ended up getting destroyed by him. The others were using their own different methods, depending on either their ability or experiences. Chen Feng, however, was the only one who solved the problem without a trace or clue as to how he did it.

One could also say that he hadn’t discovered the particles at all!

"Genetic ability?"

"How is it possible for him to have so many genetic abilities? Don’t forget he is only E-class, all right?"

Everyone was speechless.

At the same time, in the Gold City’s branch of Gene Production Association, the staff member responsible for the virtual programs of the competition noticed this. The chain of reports caused him to believe that a bug had appeared in his programs.

"What’s the situation?"

Somewhat dazed, the staff member finished reading all the reports.


He checked the data. There’s nothing wrong!

At least, the data shown on the display window was correct. These particles were specially prepared gene particles; hence, they could react with genes easily. Furthermore, they possessed tracking abilities as well!

For example—

The special particles in the scenarios generated for Chen Feng.

The staff member checked and found that almost all of these particles possessed a certain level of tracking and identifying ability. They would automatically avoid other genes, looking for the lumberbear’s Ao gene before reacting with that gene to alter its nature. This was one of the most common interference programs of the simulation program.

It was impossible to generate such scenarios in the real world. However, in the virtual world?

Simulating a scenario was something easily accomplishable. These special particles were extremely lively and intelligent. As long as they entered the simulated digitized world, they would absolutely succeed!



There was some problem with Chen Feng.

The staff member’s expression became solemn.

Some people indeed possessed genetic abilities suitable for cheating. However, due to the sheer size of the Gene Production Association, none dare to do this so as to avoid provoking them.

The staff member sneered. "Interesting."

"There’s one more scenario?"

He looked at it.

Chen Feng had finished nine of his scenarios. There was still one final scenario.

"Activate tracer particle," the staff member said calmly.

"Tracer particle activated," a cold, mechanical sound replied.


A special particle activated its tracing mode.

Trailing behind the particles in the environment, they entered Chen Feng’s digitized world. With the tracer particle, every single particle there was incomparably distinct.

The staff member sneered. "Let me see clearly, how are you cheating."

Ten environmental particles, one tracer particle.

On the huge screen in the office, every single movement of these particles was being recorded. The staff member did not even blink.

The particles entered the blood essence smoothly.

Seeking the gene…



The environmental particles were searching for their target gene nonstop.


A light sound.

Found it.

The environmental particles found a certain gene particle of the lumberbear gene and streaked over in excitement. However, right at this moment, an astonishing thing happened.

The initial solemn expression of the staff member was replaced with a blank expression.



The staff member’s mouth was opened so wide a goose egg could be stuffed into it, and his mouth remained so for a long time.


What had he seen?!

Those environmental particles with a specific mission had actually been intercepted by other genes, resulting in a forced reaction with the other genes, causing them to fail their mission?

The staff member was stupefied.

He was truly stupefied. He had been employed here for several decades yet he had never seen something so astonishing.

This was how his program was set:

The target gene in the lumberbear gene would be set as a "beautiful woman," while the environmental particles would be set as a "handsome guy." These handsome guys would be in charge of dealing with these beautiful women, causing her to lose her effectiveness. However, before the handsome guy had managed to approach the beautiful woman, the handsome guy was dragged away forcefully and ravaged.


The staff member remained in a stupor for a long time.

What damnable situation was this?!

An ordinary person would deal with the problem when they encountered one. There were also some who destroyed the problem in its cradle in a mechanical fashion. As for Chen Feng? He had crushed the problem in its infancy!


1. As mentioned in previous chapters, this is equivalent to GG/Well played.

2. To feel resentful for someone for not meeting expectations.

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