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Chapter 110: Digital Battle

Chapter 110: Digital Battle

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The fourth stage ended.

The originally 42 remaining participants had been reduced to the sad amount of 12 participants. What everyone felt curious about was the fact that Chen Feng was still among these survivors.

And he… still maintained his borderline-passing score.

"What’s the situation?"

"Chen Feng is still in it?"

"I heard he succeeded six times in a row."

Everyone exclaimed in admiration.

There were some who were unsatisfied and reported him for cheating. However, in a short time, the staff members replied that no problems were found on how Chen Feng worked.

Chen Feng entered the fifth stage successfully!

"This guy…"

Everyone was shocked.

"All right, everyone," Zhang Wei said indifferently. "My congratulations for entering the final stage. You have all passed the foundational examinations. Everyone here is quite the capable individual. For the final stage, it will be a true gene production. We will provide the formulas and materials and you all will be producing it."

"I don’t care whether you are beginner producers or intermediate producers. You must all guarantee 100% success rate for F-class formula. Hence, this time, the formula we provide will be an ordinary F-class formula! 60 points for successful production. Subsequently, an evaluation committee of ten gene producers will be in charge of grading you all, deciding your final scores. The full score available—100 points."

Zhang Wei finished saying the rules.


Almost everyone instinctively looked at Chen Feng.

Chen Feng was finished!

Everyone had an odd expression.

"What’s up?"

There were some who had yet to realize what’s going on.

"Take a look at the scores yourself," one of them said softly.


He instinctively looked at the total scores and his expression changed greatly.

Total scores:

First place: Zhang Lin, 346 points.

Second place: Wang Yue, 342 points.

Third place: Mu Yuan, 330 points.

Fourth place: Li Si, 320 points.

The main point was Chen Feng’s score being 280 points!

Three times with 60 points and the 100 points of the three-minute plank stage, a total of 280 points. A grand total of 50 points less than the third place holder, Mu Yuan.

"This data…"

"In other words, Mu Yuan only needs 50 points and Chen Feng will be out of here?"

Some realized the crux.


Even if 50 points was a failing score, ultimately, however, the rankings would be decided by the total scores. Regardless of the results of other participants, Chen Feng was too far away from Mu Yuan.

What was the concept of 50 points?

Mu Yuan only needed to produce his gene successfully to get 60 points!

As for Chen Feng?

Even if he get the full score of 100 points, it would still be pointless for him!

Unless Mu Yuan failed his production. However, even if Mu Yuan were to be so incredibly unlucky as to fail his production, the fourth-place holder's score of 320 points was also something Chen Feng couldn’t catch up to even if he were to get full scores for this round.

There were also those at the fifth place, sixth place…

As long as one of them succeeded in their production, Chen Feng would not be placed into the top three even if he got the full 100 points!


Everyone finally understood.

Chen Feng had actually gotten himself eliminated in such a manner?!

Despite passing every stage to reach the final stage, due to their total scores being too low, they did not even have the qualifications to try challenging the top three ranks!

In all honesty, those qualified to fight for the top three positions were only the current top six rankers. The remaining six, Chen Feng included, were merely cannon fodder.

"To get eliminated in such a manner."

"Nothing can be done about it, he’s too young."

"He is, after all, different than Wang Yue…"

Everyone sighed with regret.

Currently, Chen Feng had an odd expression on his face as well.

That was because the Wang Yue who had been terrified for a long time, to the point where he did not have the courage to look face to face with Chen Feng, had actually taken the initiative to walk to him and start comforting him. That’s right, comfort.

"Giving up just like this? I’m looking forward to you grabbing third place."

After finishing, Wang Yue turned around and left.

Chen Feng: "…"


Indeed, Wang Yue had comforted him!

Despite Chen Feng appeared to be someone whose elimination was sure, there was still a chance!

The 100 available points were assigned based on the parameters set by the result of the produced reagent. Reagents with full effectiveness would be given a score of 100. If so, what about those that exceeded this effectiveness?

He would receive extra points!

For example—


This was Chen Feng’s chance!

Hence, Chen Feng believed that he only needed to produce a mutated reagent; it wouldn’t be any problem for him to get the third place. However, what caused him to worry was Wang Yue’s behavior.

"Something is fishy."

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes.

Wang Yue’s previous horror did not appear to be something fake. However, he had suddenly manned up? Had he overdosed on Viagra? Wang Yue had actually comforted him? It probably wasn't as simple as overdosing on Viagra. He had probably taken the wrong medicine.

"This won’t do…"

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes.

Too passive! He did not have the resources of the Wang family. He did not have any influence either. He had always been a lone ranger. However, the lack of information caused him to feel extremely passive.

He needed to think of something.

Luck value?

Nope, his current luck values were too low. The moment it was applied to affect reality, 500 points of luck value were simply akin to a drizzle, fully exhausted within minutes!

What to do, then?

Chen Feng suddenly recalled Qin Jie’s ability.

Sky Symphony!

Naturally, he did not have this ability. However, was there such an ability within the illusionary snake gene?

"Let’s try."

Chen Feng’s heart jolted.

Myriad Illusions!


Luck Aura, activate!

Chen Feng instinctively released a translucent Wind Blade. The Wind Blade blended into his body instantly. At this instant, Chen Feng felt that countless voices and sounds could be heard.

Everything within a hundred meters was akin to something right beside his ear!


Chen Feng steadied his heart.


A scouting-related gene indeed existed within Myriad Illusions! It was somewhat weak, though.

Chen Feng’s current spiritual energy was too weak. The genes he was able to utilize would be the genes with spirit requirements that were lower than his current spiritual energy. Furthermore, the ability was fused into Wind Blade. As such, it had an extremely weak effect! A 2-star secret art in Chen Feng’s hand only possessed a hearing distance of a short 100 meters.

Too weak!

"This won’t do…"

Chen Feng started thinking. What if another one was added on top of it?


A second same Wind Blade appeared.

As it blended into his body, his original hearing distance of 100 meters increased to 200 meters! Extremely formidable!


Chen Feng was excited!

Did this not signify that, in the future, he would possess scouting abilities?! He, as a lone person, was equivalent to a genetic squad!

"Then… let me try and see how powerful you are!"

Chen Feng’s eyes were sharp as lighting.


A succession of Wind Blades were unleashed within his body.

Luck Aura was fully activated. In a split second, 100 Wind Blades blended with his body. Chen Feng had the sensation that, at this instant, he had come into possession of a god’s vision!

Everything within 10,000 meters was akin to something right beside his ear!

So powerful!

Chen Feng’s heart trembled.

"Wang family…"

Wang Yue’s behavior caused him to instinctively focus on the Wang family.

Vaguely, he could hear some indistinct voices.

"Chen Feng… too abnormal… must die… digital attack…"

This was Wang Tianhao’s voice.

"I can’t… however, Wang Yue can."

This was the voice of that chrysanthemum freak he met previously.

"Who was it?!"

An abrupt shout.

Chen Feng’s listening in was forcefully ended.

Gold City.

Wang family.


Wang Tianhao had an unsightly expression. "There is actually someone spying in this place?"

"No worries." Old Mei sneered. "With the barrier I placed, there are less than three in Gold City capable of listening in to our conversation. And among them, none are able to hide it from me!"

"This is true indeed." Wang Tianhao’s expression eased. "Wang Yue will still be counting on your guidance."

"Don’t worry." Old Mei sneered. "That brat shattered one of my plum blossom imprint. This time, I must take care of him. As long as he dares to start producing gene, I will assure his death!"

Currently, at the competition.

An odd smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face.

Due to his opponent’s barrier, he couldn’t hear much. Due to his opponent being too strong, his listening was even interrupted forcefully. However, what he had heard was sufficient!

Digital attack?

When reading the information related to the competitions, he came across this.

This was the scariest battle during the practical part of the Gene Rookie Competition.

Simply put, this was simply an act of attacking and defending in the digitized world. In the cruel Gene Rookie Competition, the producers might not be allowed to fight each other. However, spiritual interference was permitted!

Could one imagine that, when one was gene searching, the gene fragments suddenly raged, or even started attacking the digitized world, what would happen in this situation?


Or turning into a vegetative state!

A battle happening within the digitized world could even be much crueler than a battle in reality.

The digitized world was simply one’s spiritual world. The gene fragments within were one’s weapons. One could use spiritual energy to control these gene fragments to attack and defend!

When facing such an attack, if one couldn’t defeat their opponent, one had to decisively give up on the fight.

This way, even if one failed, one's real body would not be affected. However, the moment one’s gene fragments were destroyed and one's digitized world collapsed, one would collapse spiritually as well.

One might die from this.

The numbers of producers dying yearly under such circumstances during the Gene Rookie Competition was so high it was uncountable!

Furthermore, each year, there were people requesting for the cancellation of digital battles in the competition. However, this was an inherent part of gene production. It could be prohibited in a competition. However, in real life, who would be bothered with any prohibitions?

If one couldn’t even master such basic abilities, one might really die!

Fortunately, such situations were not too common.

Digital battles were normally a domain exclusive to advanced producers. Only very few among intermediate producers were able to perform such a feat. These people were those who had mastered such a feat by relying on the special genetic abilities they had!

These kinds of people would be weak in all other aspects despite possessing the ability to engage in digital battle.

In other words, those only good at only a certain aspect would not be the ones surviving till the end in this competition!

However, Chen Feng had never expected Wang Yue to be one of those who learned of ways to engage in digital battle. On top of that, Wang Yue was actually planning to make a move on him. Where did this courage and confidence come from?

Or maybe…

The old chrysanthemum would be the one making the move?

Chen Feng smiled suddenly.

Digital battle?

He truly looked forward to it.