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Chapter 111: This Is My World!

Chapter 111: This Is My World!

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Gene Production Association.

The fifth stage began.

Zhang Wei provided a brand new 3-star F-class gene formula and the materials for it.


Earthworm’s Body Gene

Difficulty: 3-star

Class: F

Function: Using earthworm gene as the core, able to link two same F-class gene reagents together, enabling the reagents to display better effects.


This was a very interesting gene. Despite having all sorts of limitations with low practicality, its research value was unquestionable.

After everyone familiarized themselves with the formula, they started their production.

Those capable of reaching this stage were basically those who were incredibly well practiced in F-class formulas. Ordinary F-class formulas wouldn't pose these people any problems. Everyone seriously started their production while millions of Gold City citizens viewed the competition, waiting for the three representatives of Gold City to emerge from this round of competition.

Chen Feng, on the other hand, was somewhat half hearted in his production.

"Has he given up?"

"Sigh, nothing can be done about it. His elimination is already a sure fact, what else can he do?"

Everyone sighed.

Chen Feng was observing Wang Yue with the corner of his eyes.


Wang Yue seemed busy, but in truth, he had yet to truly start his production either.

He was waiting for Chen Feng.

Interesting. Chen Feng smiled. So you comforted me because you were afraid that I wouldn’t bother with starting my production? If that’s the case, I will do as you wish.


Chen Feng took the blood essence out.


Light swirled before his eyes and Chen Feng entered the digitized world.

His digitized world was currently in a chaotic state. The freshly extracted blood essence genes filled every nook of the vast world, wandering around unceasingly.

This was an unconstructed digitized world.

There was no sky.

There was no earth.

A vast expanse of primal chaos.


Chen Feng waved his hand.

He started the gene search step. However, at this very moment.


Crack appeared midair.

A huge hole appeared in the chaotic digitized world. A lofty silhouette split his own digitized world and entered here with a plum blossom below his foot.

This person was precisely Wang Yue!

Currently, at the competition venue, Zhang Wei was suddenly startled awake.

"Digital battle?"

Zhang Wei’s expression changed greatly. He had never expected someone would dare to engage in digital battle in the very first round of competition. This was an act of putting one’s life on the line!

It was still the very first round!

"Are they going insane?"

Zhang Wei checked carefully and found with shock that it was actually Wang Yue making a move against Chen Feng.

"Damn it!"

Zhang Wei’s first reaction was to stop it. However, he was stopped by the producer beside him.

"It’s improper," the producer said in a low voice. "They haven’t violated any rules; we can’t get involved in it."


Zhang Wei was burning with anxiety.

Chen Feng was an incredibly talented person. Despite not having any achievements in this year’s competition, in the next few years, he would definitely have some accomplishments in the competition. If something happened to him now…

He couldn’t imagine it!

"Don’t be reckless." The producer stopped Zhang Wei. "Both are rookies that graduated from high school. What are you afraid of?"

"I hope you’re right."

Zhang Wei was anxious.


Chen Feng was definitely one. However, Wang Yue…

As he recalled the conflict between Chen Feng and Wang Yue his underlings had reported previously, he could feel that something troublesome was going to happen this time. Chen Feng, I hope you can hold on.

Zhang Wei quickly submitted the report to the higher authorities, hoping that this battle could be stopped as soon as possible.

Currently, in the digitized world, Wang Yue stood on the plum blossom, akin to God’s child.

"Chen Feng." When Wang Yue felt the formidable power flowing within himself, he almost moaned these words out. "Haha, do you know? I have waited for this moment for a long time. Waiting to come here to kill you!"

He had suffered too crushing a defeat in Chen Feng’s hand!

One time after another!

Never a single victory!

Hence, when Old Mei had agreed to accompany him as he made his move, he agreed without hesitation. He knew that this was the best chance to kill Chen Feng.

"Is that so?" Chen Feng sighed. "Wang Yao should be very disappointed, right?"

"How does this have anything to do with her?" Killing intent was spilling out from Wang Yue. "If it wasn’t for her help, you would have been dead a long time ago! Hmmph. In the real world, I can’t kill you. However, we are now in the digitized world!"

"Here… is my home ground!"


The empty space started collapsing while Wang Yue’s digitized world descended!

Instantly, both digitized worlds overlapped with each other.

Different from Chen Feng’s chaotic digitized world, Wang Yue’s digitized world was something that already had a basic foundational structure, despite the structures being rather crude.


Earth formed under their feet.

In the sky, the doubled amount of genes mixed together, wandering around the air. Due to the appearance of unfamiliar auras around them, the original genes of both digitized worlds started becoming irritated and unstable.

Gene mix!

This was the collision of two digitized worlds!


Wang Yue pointed midair.


Gene fragments started condensing and formed a light sword in Wang Yue’s hand.

The sword flashed.

A huge amount of gene fragments were crushed.

This was an attacking method used in the digitized world, and also an aspect where Wang Yue was superior to Chen Feng. He was sure that Chen Feng had definitely not learnt something regarding to this aspect!

"First, destroying your genes. Next, killing you."

Wang Yue sneered.


The plum blossom below his foot shone brightly, illuminating the whole digitized world.

"This is…"

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes.

"Haha." Wang Yue laughed heartily. "The whole digitized world has been locked by me. You won’t be able to escape. Here, I will destroy everything you have, destroying you forever!"

So this was the case.

Chen Feng looked at the plum blossom below Wang Yue.

Interesting. Is this something that belonged to that old man?


Another group of genes were destroyed by Wang Yue. He looked at Chen Feng with an odd expression. "Are you not afraid?"

He had an odd feeling.

Chen Feng was too calm.

From the very beginning, Chen Feng was not flustered at all at his act of stepping into the digitized world or him using the plum blossom’s power to lock both their digitized world!

"Why should I be afraid?" Chen Feng smiled as he said, "You are here to deliver your death. What should I be afraid of?"

"Deliver my death?" Wang Yue sneered. "You indeed have a deep understanding of the digitized world. Hence, you are not startled by all this. You believe that you have a trump card, so there is no need to be afraid of me, right?"

"I guessed correctly," Wang Yue said indifferently. "However, do you truly believe that I’m the only one here?"


The plum blossom started spinning.

Light flickered, and the light shining from the plum blossom transformed into the silhouette of that old man.

"It’s you."

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. No wonder Wang Yue was so confident.

"Little friend," Old Mei said indifferently. "You destroyed one of my plum blossom imprints. Today, I’m here to repay you."


He raised his hand.

The whole digitized world rocked.

"Despite this being a mere projection," Old Mei said arrogantly, "despite me being able to only unleash a small part of my power through Wang Yue, it is enough to kill you."


Old Mei’s body shined brightly.

Around him, countless gene fragments condensed and targeted Chen Feng.


A sword slashed down with an overwhelming might.

Half the digitized world seemed to collapse under the might of this slash. This was the power of Old Mei. He was far better in digital battles compared to Chen Feng and Wang Yue.


The huge sword descended loudly.



The air trembled.

The whole digitized world trembled.

Excitement was plastered all over Wang Yue’s face. This Chen Feng that had been stepping on him for so long was going to finally die? However, as he looked at him, he was immediately stupefied.

The huge sword slashed downward.


It did not land.

The impressive looking huge genetic sword had stopped right in front of Chen Feng.

Countless gene fragments floated in front of Chen Feng and blocked the huge sword. Akin to a group of gene midgets, they blocked Old Mei’s attack!

"How is that possible?"

Old Mei’s expression changed slightly.

How could a beginner producer like Chen Feng possess such powerful control? There were several tens of thousands of genes in a digitized world. Even he would only be able to control several thousands of these genes. As for Chen Feng? The amount of genes used during this defense alone was no less than the maximum amount he could control!

"Is there anything that is truly impossible?" Chen Feng smiled faintly. "I have been waiting for you all for a long time."


He did not need control.

He had not learnt any digital battle techniques. However, so what?

The genes itself were something that would wander around randomly. He only needed to activate his Luck Aura and those genes would "coincidentally" wander to where he needed them to be.

Chen Feng might need to hold back due to various reasons in real life.

He did not have sufficient luck value anyway.

But here? In the digitized world?

Sorry, but he was undefeated here.


Chen Feng smiled calmly.


A sea of gene fragments flooded Old Mei and Wang Yue.