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Chapter 112: Total Annihilation

Chapter 112: Total Annihilation

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"Not good."

Wang Yue’s expression changed greatly.


A countless amount of genes pierced through his body.

This was a digitized world. Despite being pierced by genes, he was still alive. However, he could acutely feel that his spirit body had become extremely weak.

"Save me!"

"Old Mei, save me!"

Wang Yue looked at Old Mei.

However, when he turned his head around, he was alarmed to find that the Old Mei that he regarded as someone omnipotent was unexpectedly fleeing as well, cutting a sorry figure as he escaped.

"How is this possible?!"

He almost lost his voice. That was Old Mei!

"Damn it!"

Old Mei’s expression was unsightly.

He had indeed noticed Wang Yue’s predicament. However, what could he do?

Due to the limitations of Wang Yue’s body, in order to avoid detection by the Gene Production Association, he could only store a small amount of energy in the plum blossom. Any extra energy would end up being discovered!

However, even this much stored energy was already very powerful!

With this, Old Mei wouldn’t even fear those ordinary advanced producers.


He never imagined this.

This Chen Feng, who was only a beginner producer, could actually control the whole digitized world. All the genes in the digitized world could be ordered around by him as he wished!

What damnable situation was this?

He had no idea.


Another wave containing a huge amount of genes came crushing down on him.

Old Mei could only dodge in a wretched manner, one scar after another appearing on his body.

They wanted to flee. However, with sorrow, they found that the whole digitized world had already been locked down by the plum blossom previously. Before the battle ended, there was simply no way of lifting the lockdown.



Two more torrents of gene fragments descended upon them.


Wang Yue became even weaker from this.

"Chen Feng, don’t kill me!" Wang Yue was horrified. "I am wrong. I shouldn’t have looked for you. This old man was the one who looked for my father, persuading my father to agree to this. I also refused them at that time…"

"Don’t kill me."

Wang Yue started speaking incoherently.

Chen Feng merely stared at him coldly.

How many times had it been?

"Too much of my patience has been worn down by you."

Chen Feng shook his head.


A current of gene fragments emerged from Chen Feng’s hand.

Wang Yue retreated in a sorry manner, horror plastered all over his face.


Chen Feng waved his hand.

A huge volume of gene currents submerged Wang Yue.


Finally, the fleeing figure of Wang Yue stopped.

On his chest, a huge hole appeared.


Wang Yue rubbed his chest with his hand with an unbelieving expression. He was punctured? One needed to know that a spirit body was something that would restore itself automatically. Now that his spirit body was punctured, it could only mean that…

Trembling, Wang Yue raised his head to find that his spirit body was now almost translucent.

His spiritual energy was collapsing.

"No, it can’t be."

Wang Yue howled in a deranged manner, "I can’t die. I am a future expert! I am the one who will lead the Wang family to greatness! How can I die here?"


Chen Feng sneered.


Another gene current pierced through Wang Yue.

At that, the body of the deranged Wang Yue stopped its movement eternally.


Wang Yue fell to the ground.



Next, the whole digitized world started rocking.

This was a world formed through the overlap of both their digitized worlds. With Wang Yue’s death, everything in his digitized world was collapsing.

Some of them had also blended into Chen Feng’s world permanently!

"Good chance."

Old Mei was pleasantly surprised.

With Wang Yue’s death and the removal of the lockdown, he could finally escape.


A flash of light.

He turned into a plum blossom and escaped frantically. However, with a wave of Chen Feng’s hand, a huge volume of gene currents surrounded him, blocking all the ways out.

"Chen Feng!"

Old Mei screeched. "You are courting death!"


The glow on the plum blossom flickered unceasingly, destroying one incoming gene current after another. However, the amount of gene currents Chen Feng was capable of controlling were too much, so much that he was horrified.

Even those currently masterless ex-genes of Wang Yue's had started blocking him as well.

"How is this possible?"

Old Mei paled.

Chen Feng could even control Wang Yue’s genes?

What type of freak was this?

He was aware that things were getting troublesome. If he remained, he probably wouldn’t be able to escape anymore. Chen Feng’s strength had far exceeded his expectations.

He had to leave!

A cold glint flickered in Old Mei’s eyes.


He inhaled.

"Chen Feng, you forced me."

The plum blossom blossomed abruptly.

A peculiar stamen in the core of the plum blossom started shining. It was a purple-colored awn that was flickering with a terrifying radiance, a bewitching power emitting out of it.


The purple awn shone.

A huge amount of gene fragments emerged at this instant.

"You like to control them, right?" Old Mei sneered. "Let me see how much you can control!"


Countless amounts of gene fragments charged at Chen Feng. As a response, Chen Feng controlled his gene currents to block them. However, since there were too many genes this time, he nearly failed to block them.

Old Mei took this chance to flee quickly.

However, right at this moment, a flash of red light appeared.


The red light flickered.


Before Old Mei could even react to it, he discovered with horror that the gene fragments released by the purple stamen had instantly and completely disappeared.

In the air, a bizarre red light was flickering unceasingly.

"What thing is that?"

Old Mei was shocked. They had disappeared?

Those were the total gene fragments contained in a single drop of blood essence!

There were at least several tens of thousands of gene fragments there! That was his trump card in the digitized world, yet that bizarre red light had caused all of them to disappear in an instant?



The red mirage flickered in the air.


A familiar gene current appeared and surrounded him.

"Seems like you won’t be able to escape."

Chen Feng smiled faintly as he walked on the empty air toward Old Mei.

"Chen Feng, if you dare to kill this plum blossom, I will be hunting you until the end of times!" Old Mei shouted with a sharp voice. "This is only a clone I left on Wang Yue’s body. Even if you were to kill this body, it’s pointless. If you were to let this clone of mine leave, our grudges end here."


Chen Feng sneered.


He stretched his hand and grabbed the plum blossom.

"Chen Feng!" Old Mei called ferociously.

"Clone, eh?" Chen Feng smiled faintly. "I doubt a clone could follow Wang Yue in here, right? If it is a clone, why would you be so afraid? This thing here, even if it’s not your main body…"

"It is definitely something you treasure."

"I am very curious. If I were to crush it, what would happen?" Chen Feng said toyingly.

Old Mei was even more horrified now. "Don’t!"

"Don’t you know, from the moment you appeared, pretending to be so high and above, trying to kill me, you should have thought of such an ending." Chen Feng was extremely eager to give it a try. "Seeing you so afraid, I am even more curious now."

"You can’t!" Old Mei’s voice became rushed. "Chen Feng, I am not joking! This item is my treasured object. The energy contained within is extremely terrifying. If you were to destroy it, something major will happen!"

"So that’s the case?"

Chen Feng was astonished.

There seemed to be some degree of credibility to Old Mei’s words.

"It’s true." Old Mei breathed out in relief, now that Chen Feng was willing to talk, everything would be fine. "If you let go of me—"

"Ka cha!"

A crisp sound.

The plum blossom cracked.

"Hey?" Chen Feng had a distracted expression on his face before he looked innocently at Old Mei. "I’m really sorry. My hand slipped…"

"Chen Feng!!!"

Old Mei’s whole body trembled as he looked in horror at the plum blossom he had temporarily resided in. At this instant, the plum blossom had cracked into pieces and a bizarre energy started leaking out of it.


Suddenly, a huge amount of energy exploded.

At the same time.

Gene Production Association, Gold City branch.

At the competition, under the view of millions of spectators, under the nervous gazes of Zhang Wei and the rest, an expression of pain appeared on Wang Yue’s face.

"Something happened!"

The heart of Zhang Wei and the rest jumped.

From the moment Wang Yue had initiated the digital battle, he had guessed that something might happen. However, he did not expect that the one to ultimately have something happen to him would be Wang Yue.

Screw it.

"Save him!" Zhang Wei said urgently.


The medical personnel that had been prepared in advance went over.

However, right at this moment, a terrifying gush of energy bloomed in Wang Yue’s brain. That terrifying energy caused everyone there, including Zhang Wei, to have a huge change in their expressions.

"This gush of energy…"

Everyone retreated in alarm.


With a loud stuffy sound, Wang Yue’s head abruptly exploded, like a crushed watermelon.

Blood splattered around.

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