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Chapter 113: If I Don“t Kill You, I Will Cease to Be a Human!

Chapter 113: If I Don't Kill You, I Will Cease to Be a Human!

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"What’s going on?"

Everyone was dumbfounded.


Wang Yue had died just like that? To die in the competition at the Gene Production Association’s arena on top of it?

Everyone’s hearts jolted violently.

They knew that something major had happened!

"Damn it!"

Zhang Wei and the rest were furious.

That familiar aura earlier…

Plum blossom…

"It’s Old Mei!"

Zhang Wei was filled with killing intent.

That old fool dared to make his move on Chen Feng and Wang Yue? Although they didn't know the reason for it, for him to dare to make his move at the Gene Production Association, he was provoking them!

"Request for backup to hunt him down immediately!"


How many years had it been since someone had provoked the association?

Even if they were only a branch, Old Mei was still nevertheless courting death!

At the same time, Gold City, the Wang family.

Old Mei, who was originally seated cross legged in slumber, suddenly looked like he had aged more than ten years and started violently vomiting blood.

Wang Tianhao was startled awake. "What happened to you?"

"Scram!" Old Mei was furious and his killing intent soared to the skies. "Chen Feng scum, you dare?"

Too hateful!

This little bastard actually…

However, after a short instant, he felt a soaring killing intent envelope this area. The people from the Gene Production Association had arrived.

Old Mei’s expression changed greatly. "Not good."


Without hesitation, he turned around and fled, leaving Wang Tianhao there with a dumbfounded expression. What on earth had happened?


The ground shook.

A big group of people started chasing after Old Mei.

One of the staff members remained. "Wang Tianhao, what relationship do you have with this old fool?"

"Old fool?" Wang Tianhao widened his eyes. "Even if you are from the Gene Production Association, there’s no need to be so unrestrained, right? Old Mei can be considered a person of fame, that senior…"

"Senior?" The staff member’s expression became even odder. "You are calling him senior?"

Wang Tianhao sneered. "What’s the matter?"

"No, nothing." The staff member praised Wang Tianhao, "You truly have a big heart."


Wang Tianhao was confused.

Finally, when Wang Tianhao received the news from his butler and saw the scene of his son’s death, he was bursting with rage. Especially when he saw that familiar looking energy that had exploded out of his son's head.

"Old bastard!"

"If I don’t kill you, I will cease to be a human!"

His rage-filled roar soared to the skies.

Wang Yue was dead.

Dead in Old Mei’s hands. This was what everyone had seen with their own eyes.


It was Chen Feng?

Who would believe that?

The Old Mei that escaped with heavy injuries had carried all the blame on behalf of Chen Feng.

"Damn it!"

Old Mei rubbed his chest.

It was stained with blood.

When Chen Feng crushed the plum blossom’s core, he had suffered grave injuries. Now that he was being hunted by the Genetic Union and the Gene Production Association, things were truly getting dangerous.

Defending himself?


Telling them his initial target was actually Chen Feng?

He was still going to die.


Bitterness was plastered all over Old Mei’s face. He had never expected that the him that was still filled with splendour yesterday would end up in such circumstances today! This Chen Feng was indeed abnormal!


A silhouette of light flashed in the distance.

The Old Mei that had not even rested for a minute once again fled frantically.

He couldn’t die!

He couldn’t die in such manner at such a place!

Currently, at the Gene Production Association, Wang Yue’s corpse was already cleaned up. Death was very normal in the Gene Rookie Competition. However, those who died in the first round, and to die in such manner…Was something never seen before.

"Increase our vigilance," Zhang Wei said coldly.


The staff members had solemn expressions on their faces.

Despite Old Mei’s strength being far above them, now that something had happened, they needed to bear the responsibility for it. Something similar could never happen again.

Zhang Wei looked at the investigator. "Has it been investigated clearly?"

"No." The investigator shook his head, "I told my team members to investigate properly. The recordings have been checked as well. No abnormality is found. However, Old Mei’s aura appeared at the same time on Chen Feng and Wang Yue’s body. Our tentative conclusion is that his targets are Chen Feng and Wang Yue."

"Is that so?"

Killing intent was surging in Zhang Wei’s eyes.

The geniuses of Gold City are already low in amount. Now, you even want to kill them off?

"Strengthen the protection!"

"The competition will continue. However, it can’t be affected in any way," Zhang Wei said in a deep voice.

"Understood," the staff member answered solemnly.


The virtual streaming room was in an uproar, especially after the results of the investigation were announced.

Old Mei?

Such an expert had actually appeared here!

Furthermore, he was trying to kill Chen Feng and Wang Yue?

Was he insane?

"How could it turn out this way?"

"I’m not sure. It is said that Old Mei was very close to the Wang family and had just escaped from the Wang family earlier. This was probably due to some inner conflict within the Wang family."

"Another internal strife?"

"Probably. Ever since Old Wang got seriously ill, the Wang family has been in a mess. Two days ago, when Old Wang finally passed away, the whole Wang family almost erupted in war then and there."

"So that’s the case."

Everyone was interested in gossip.

Every year, casualties would appear in the Gene Rookie Competition. They had long become accustomed to this. The reason this incident attracted everyone’s attention was due to a third party being the one who got involved in it, violating the rules. However, with the hunt initiated on Old Mei, this incident was put to a stop here.

Wang Yue?

He was forgotten in a short time.

"It’s going to end soon, right?"


"The competition is still in progress, it should end soon."

As the time passed, everyone started paying attention to the competition again. Zhang Lin would definitely clutch the first place. Then the remaining two spots, who would these two spots land on?



25 minutes into the competition, everyone was gradually done with their gene production as the evaluation committee started giving them their scores.

For example—

First place: Zhang Lin, 90 points!

Adding this on top of his original total score of 346, his final score was 436 points, maintaining his first spot, landing ahead of everyone else.

Second place: Mu Yuan, 80 points!

Original total score of 330 points, final total score of 410 points.

Third place: Li Si, 88 points!

Original total score of 320 points, final total score of 408 points.

Apart from this, that person whose total score was originally at the 56th place had yet to get into the top three.

"It’s over."

"Yeah, I originally thought that Mu Yuan and Li Si would be fighting over the third place. However, with Wang Yue’s unexpected death, both of them have actually gotten their hands on the available spots.


Everyone lamented.

At this time, out of the 12 participants, 10 of them had received their final score!

Only Chen Feng remained.

Everyone looked at the time. There were still three minutes left.

"Chen Feng is still not done?"

"He is, after all, too new. Despite being talented, it should be quite hard to grasp a new formula," some guessed.

"I wonder if he can actually complete this."

The crowd’s interest was piqued.

From the start of the competition until now, Chen Feng had always been very mysterious. Every single time one thought that he would be eliminated, he would, in a mysterious way, barely survive.

One time after another!

How about this time?

Everyone was looking forward to seeing if he could actually finish his production successfully.

As for his score…

None bothered.

Chen Feng’s initial total score was 280. Even if he got a full score from the current stage, his total score would only be 380. However, Li Si, who was currently in third place, had a total score of 408.

"My guess is he won’t be able to complete this production," some said while laughing.

"My guess is Chen Feng will be able to complete within the next two minutes," said another person who was unsatisfied.

In the livestream room, a lot of people started betting among themselves. At the competition venue, Zhang Wei and the rest were also paying their attention to Chen Feng.

At this time.


Light swirled around.

Chen Feng sealed his gene up.


Production complete!


Zhang Wei was emotional.

Only three months in this profession yet able to successfully complete a brand new 3-star F-class formula, this was enough to showcase Chen Feng’s talent. Without any support in terms of resources, without background, and new in the profession yet able to reach the same height as Wang Yue, this was proof of the superior talent Chen Feng possessed!

As for his results?

They were no longer important.

Before 25 years old, Chen Feng would definitely become a champion in one of the Gene Rookie Competitions.

"Let’s deliver it to the evaluation committee," Zhang Wei said with a smile.

"All right."

Chen Feng walked forth and handed over the gene reagent to the evaluation committee.

However, surprising everyone, when the evaluation committee members took the reagent and evaluated it, a shocked and bizarre expression appeared on their faces before they proceed to discuss unceasingly.

"What’s the situation?"

Zhang Wei included, everyone was confused.

Weren't they supposed to give him a score now?

Just give a score individually and balance it out among all of you, won’t the final score come out this way? What is there to discuss? One of the producers among the committee is even arguing until his face is red.

What was going on?

Finally, the committee ended their discussion and Chen Feng’s score was released.

Base score of 86 points, mutated score of 50 points!

Total score—

136 points!