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Chapter 115: A Big Gift for You

Chapter 115: A Big Gift for You

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A screen popped up.

Wang Chun’s image appeared. "Congratulations on entering the second round."

Chen Feng smiled. "I got lucky."

Lucky my ass.

Wang Chun rolled his eyes. He would not believe these words of Chen Feng. However, soon, his expression became extremely solemn as he said in a low voice, "Chen Feng, I think you need to be careful for a bit."

Chen Feng’s heart jolted. "Why?"

"The Wang family," Wang Chun said in a low voice. "Although I have left the Wang family, there are still some inside who listen to me. I received some news; they might be planning to do something major."

"Something major?" Chen Feng had a bewildered expression. "How does that relate to me?"

Wang Yue?

He had been "killed by Old Mei." No problems on that front.

Furthermore, with the protection of the Gene Production Association, he wasn't really afraid of the Wang family.

"It’s still better for you to be careful." Wang Chun had a solemn expression. "Your current identity is quite special, so you can request 24-hour protection."

"Many thanks." Chen Feng expressed his thanks.

After ending the call, Chen Feng sank into contemplation.

Wang family…

They were going to do something major soon. It wouldn’t really be related to him, right? However, no matter what, he still needed to take a look.


Light swirled.

Chen Feng’s ears moved slightly as a hundred Wind Blades blended into his body.

Locking onto the Wang family.


The sounds of every single footstep in the Wang family were now traveling to his ears.

"Grandmaster, this will depend on you."

"Don’t worry, my genetic ability is the killing curse, able to ignore the distance from the target."

"How long is required for the preparations?"

"The essence of the killing curse is the power of desire. Give enough monetary reward to everyone in the Wang family, getting them to sincerely condense a blood essence containing power of desire with killing the target as their goal in their mind. As long the power of desire is sufficient, I will be able to even challenge someone of a higher class. Even that Old Mei guy wouldn’t prove much problem for me."

"Blood essence…"

"Mhm, at that time, just let those people stay in the Wang family. I will form the formation. At the very most, only some spiritual energy of theirs will be exhausted. There won’t be any problems."

"Alright, let’s use that Chen Feng as target practice, then."

This was Wang Tianhao’s voice.

At this, Chen Feng’s originally casual expression became odd.

What the heck. How does this relate to me at all?

"Although Old Mei is the murderer, their initial target is Chen Feng. I refuse to believe that this incident is not related to Chen Feng. Since my son is dead, there’s no point for this Chen Feng to remain. Now, it’s just nice for him to accompany my son in death. When the moment comes, you kill him first. Test out the power of the killing curse."

Wang Tianhao was filled with a grudge.

"Don’t worry." The grandmaster was confident. "I only need five days to prepare! At that time, Chen Feng and the rest will have left Gold City. Even if he were to die, the suspicion wouldn’t land on us."

"Very well."

"Then, the reward…"

Both their voices became softer.

Chen Feng continued listening for a long time; however, nothing useful was heard.

After a long time, his ability stopped and he returned to reality.

Killing curse?

Chen Feng checked it out.

3-star secret art.

This seemed to be a type of genetic ability that was extremely terrifying. However, one needed to prepare blood essence in advance, extract it in advance, etc. It was an extremely troublesome ability, and the user would normally be extremely weak in close combat.

However, its effect ignored distance.

Once a person was targeted, things would become extremely dangerous.

With this type of secret art, the stronger the power of desire, the stronger the power of the curse will be. This so-called power of desire was a term coined by the users of these secret arts—using one’s desire to kill a target as the power of desire! The higher the amount of people who wished for the target to die, the stronger the killing curse would be. The amount of manpower and resources required to accomplish this was astonishingly high.

Chen Feng inhaled a mouthful of cold air. "Such things actually exist."

This world was much scarier than he had imagined.

Couldn’t guard against it no matter what!

What should he do?

Chen Feng frowned.

Wang Yue was dead. Furthermore, he had been "killed by Old Mei." Chen Feng had believed that this matter would come to an end here. However, the Wang family still insisted on killing him!

Furthermore, they decided to kill him merely because they suspected him to play a hand in Wang Yue's death.

Tyrannical indeed.



Why should he need to be on defense?

Chen Feng looked at the gene reagent in his hand as a cold glint flickered in his eyes. Since the Wang family wanted to play, the Wang family should go and die as well. How simple.

When cutting grass, they still needed to be rooted, after all.


Chen Feng placed the gene reagent on the table.

This was the mutated earthworm’s body gene reagent!


Mutated Earthworm’s Body Gene

Class: F

Function: Using earthworm gene as the core, able to link multiple of the same F-class gene reagents together, enabling the reagents to display better effects.


This was a mutated gene reagent. A mutated gene reagent produced by Chen Feng using his luck value.

The original function of this gene was: Using earthworm gene as the core, able to link two of the same F-class gene reagents together, enabling the reagents to display better effects.

A one-off consumable item.

Under normal circumstances, after the earthworm’s body gene was consumed, it would string two gene reagents together, causing a superposition effect on the two gene reagents with the same ability.

Despite it being something only able to be used on F-class genes, it was still extremely powerful.

Now… the original "two" in the description turned into "multiple."

This meant that the gene reagent would now be able to link a large amount of the same gene reagents together!

Chen Feng was very curious. If three or five or even more of the same gene reagents were to be linked together, their might, how many times greater would the power be?

"Truly an option one looks forward to."

The corner of Chen Feng’s mouth curled up in a smile.

In the following two days, Chen Feng secluded himself in production.

No one knew what he was producing. After two days, Chen Feng arrived at the Gold City’s branch at the appointed time and followed Zhang Wei and the rest to Sea City to participate in the next round of the competition.


The Ironcloud started moving slowly and then streaked forward, leaving behind a red dash of light as it disappeared from view.

Chen Feng was officially leaving Gold City.

"Do your best!"

"Enter the top 100! Win honor for Gold City!"

These were the wishes of the Gold City citizens, shown on the huge screens that hovered midair.

The staff member sighed. "Hopefully they can obtain a good achievement."


Other people agreed with the sentiment.

Mu Yuan and Chen Feng were probably only there to make up the numbers before returning here after a short while. As for Zhang Lin, there might be a chance!

Work hard!

Everyone was filled with expectations. At the Ironcloud’s hub, a huge amount of people were cheering for Chen Feng and the rest. The Gene Rookie Competition was not something that only affected those individual producers. It affected the whole city as well!


On the Ironcloud, Chen Feng suddenly turned his wristband on.


Contact person: Wang Tianhao.

These were the contact details he had received from Wang Chun.


Chen Feng called him.

After a long time, a voice filled with killing intent appeared. "Chen Feng?"

"Yes." The corner of Chen Feng’s mouth curled up in a smile. "To express my gratitude for your recent care, before I leave Gold City, I have a small gift for you all. Kindly accept them."


Chen Feng ended the call.


At the other end, Wang Tianhao was confused .

Gift? Are we even close?

He frowned and couldn’t understand the reason for Chen Feng to suddenly contact him no matter what. However, suddenly, he had an ominous feeling.


The air trembled suddenly.

The sunny and cloudless sky was suddenly covered by clouds. A gush of terrifying power started converging in the sky.

This is…

Wang Tianhao’s expression changed greatly.


"Activate the defensive barrier!"


With a thundering sound, bolts of lightning started descending!