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Chapter 116: Wang Family’s Disaster

Chapter 116: Wang Family’s Disaster

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Currently, at the Ironcloud hub, the employees of the Genetic Union were wandering around.

Due to the previous Old Mei incident, in order to prevent any sudden attacks on Chen Feng and the other two participants, they had prepared a large amount of genetic warriors to protect them. Before leaving Gold City, they had to ensure absolute safety for the three.

As for Sea City?

The Genetic Union at a place like that was much powerful than what they had here.

Looking at the three as they got on the Ironcloud, they finally breathed out in relief. However, none expected that, one short minute later, before they even had the chance to withdraw, a loud explosion would resound.


The earth trembled.

"What happened?!"

Everyone in Gold City was shaken.

"Not good."

The heart of everyone in the Genetic Union thumped. In the end, something still happened!

Instinctively, they looked toward the direction of the sound of the explosion. There, only a vast expanse of darkness could be seen. The sky was covered by black clouds with countless purple-colored lightning descending from the sky. It was akin to a scene out of purgatory. A layer of a light-blue energy barrier flashed, yet it was destroyed in a split second.

That place was the Wang family's!



The earth rumbled.

One miserable scream after another resounded.

"Not good."

The expression of those from the Genetic Union changed greatly. They originally believed that if something were to happen, it was going to be at the Ironcloud hub. However, they did not expect it to happen to the Wang family.


Everyone departed for the Wang family.



The terrifying lightning descended unceasingly.

The earth trembled.


"Block it!" Wang Tianhao howled furiously.

He possessed powerful strength; hence, he was able to protect himself. However, what was scary about this lightning was its area of effect. When the huge amount of lightning covered the whole Wang family…

He was powerless against it!


With every strike of lightning, there would be people dying and buildings collapsing.

With bloodshot eyes, Wang Tianhao watched as everything he had painstakingly built was destroyed, turning into ruins. Even the so-called grandmaster that was still preparing the materials was killed.

His superb ability of killing someone above his class caused his defensive capability to be extremely low.

Finished. Everything is finished , Wang Tianhao muttered.

After a long time, the lightning stopped.

That terrifying bombardment finally stopped.

With a wretched appearance, Wang Tianhao raised his head, a total mess revealed before his eyes.

The whole Wang family had turned into ruins.

Countless deaths!

Howls of grief resounded unceasingly. On their faces were still expressions of disbelief. Evidently, they had never expected the disaster to descend upon them from the sky.

This was the Wang family!

In the city district!

Someone dared to make a move here?

Someone dared?!

At the same time, the people from Genetic Union had finally arrived. Someone daring to make such a big move in the city district, this incident was too major. They had to deal with it.

The staff member looked at Wang Tianhao. "Any idea who was the one who did this?"

"Chen Feng!" Wang Tianhao said furiously.


The staff member had an odd expression on his face.

Chen Feng?

They had just sent Chen Feng off. How could it be Chen Feng?!

"Are you sure?"

"Yes." Wang Tianhao was filled with killing intent. "I am certain that it is him!"

"Fine." The staff member nodded slightly before turning around to look at the scout beside him. "Investigate this and see if we can find anything."


Both his eyes became sharp as lightning.

Layers of images appeared before his eyes and a petite silhouette appeared.

"A woman was seen!"

A pleasantly surprised expression appeared on his face.

However, just as he wanted to get a clear look, the scene disappeared abruptly. As long as the place he looked at was the place where that person appeared, the image would become indistinct.

"Activate!" That person sneered before activating his secret art. "I refuse to believe I can’t find out your identity!"


Light swirled in both his eyes.

However, in a split second, blood started flowing out of his eyes.


The scout spat out a mouthful of blood.

"What happened?"

The people around him held him up quickly.

"That person…"

"I failed to investigate," the scout said in a low voice. "All I can see is the silhouette of a woman. However, I can’t get a more detailed look. It is very possible that our opponent’s strength is far above us."

"Look here."

A sudden cry.

A staff member pointed at the killing curse ceremony on the ground and the blood essence that was scattered around the ground. That was something used to prepare the killing curse.

Wang Tianhao’s expression changed slightly. "Not good."

"Killing curse?" The staff member suddenly understood what had happened.

"Wang Tianhao, you are courting death!"

A cold glint appeared in their eyes.

What they at the Genetic Union protected was the whole city instead of certain families. When they saw the killing curse ceremony, a lot of things did not require any further explanations. Due to their attempt to curse someone, they had gotten revenge on them instead and got counter-killed. Hadn’t they seen a lot of such cases?

That woman earlier…

Was so strong even a C-class scout had failed to investigate her. How strong was she exactly?

"Wang Tianhao! What kind of enemy have you provoked?!"

"I…" Wang Tianhao couldn’t find an answer for that question.

Looking for the person responsible?

Damn it.

They hadn’t even started their killing curse!


Nobody believed them.

"Stop doing stupid things."

The Genetic Union left a cold warning before leaving.

How could things be this way?

A bewildered expression was plastered on Wang Tianhao’s face.

It ended just like this? Chen Feng…

Wang Tianhao looked at the Wang family that had turned into ruins and finally understood the meaning of Chen Feng’s call.


A bare naked threat!

Chen Feng was using a cold, hard fact to show Wang Tianhao that he had his own methods as well!

Even if he couldn’t defeat Wang Tianhao, he was a lone person. Hence, he could flee at any time. As for those from the Wang family? This was where their roots were! Where could they run to?!

If they continued provoking him, the Wang family might be destroyed for sure!

"Chen Feng…" Wang Tianhao mumbled this name bitterly.

He knew that he no longer had any courage to fight Chen Feng.

Currently, in one of the inns of Gold City.

Wang Chun smiled as he looked at what was unfolding. "Seems like you earned yourself some merits."

"Obviously," Shen Yi said proudly. "I am originally not of this world. Furthermore, I’m the most proficient at scouting. How could I let myself be scouted out by that guy?"


Wang Chun smiled as he said that; however, he was inwardly in a solemn mood.

Everything had gone smoothly!

The mystical reagent…

Was so powerful it was inconceivable. Despite him clearly seeing that those were mutated thundersnake reagents that were linked together through some methods, the ultimate power they displayed had still exceeded his imagination!

Furthermore, the timing of the explosion was too perfect.

While the Genetic Union were busy with their protection plan on Chen Feng and the other two participants, the reagents were suddenly activated. With this, those from the Genetic Union could not even make it back in time. Otherwise, regardless of how evil the Wang family was, the Genetic Union would not allow such an incident to happen within the city and would have most certainly stopped the destruction from happening.

And the direction the investigation was going…

Killing curse, blood essence.

Everything appeared nicely, leading the direction the investigation headed toward. Everything was executed flawlessly with no mistake anywhere.

Everything unfolded exactly as he'd planned.

Too scary!

Toward this producer that was one year younger than him, apart from their friendship, he felt a profound admiration. With such methods, in the future, he would definitely be an unordinary person!


The Ironcloud traveled forth at a high speed.

Chen Feng’s closed eyes opened suddenly.

Within his body, the activated Luck Aura finally came to a halt.

"It ended."

Chen Feng’s lips curled up in a smile.

Was that the power resulting from the superposition caused by the mutated earthworm gene?

When it linked a bunch of mutated thundersnake gene reagents together, it created an extremely powerful gene with inconceivable power. A one-time consumable gene reagent with a huge exhaustion rate! Furthermore, the activation of Luck Aura had also ensured the smooth execution of the whole plan, avoiding any unexpected incidents from happening.

Apart from the exhaustion of his luck values, everything was flawless!

This was the first time that Chen Feng had felt like a god!

Standing on the god’s point of view, controlling everything, easily destroying the Wang family, causing countless casualties! Did one think that the killing curse was the only thing capable of killing those from higher classes?


As long there were enough luck values, Chen Feng could also accomplish the same thing!

In a small city like Gold City, the Wang family was very powerful. However, so what?

A chained gene had destroyed half the Wang family!

These few days, the ones left at the Wang family were those who, in order to gain monetary reward, contributed their blood essence to kill Chen Feng. Toward these people, Chen Feng would not hold back!

Far away, the sun shone through the Ironcloud’s glass. Chen Feng’s lips curled up in a smile.

Despite the amount of luck value exhaustion being somewhat high, now that he had successfully dealt with the Wang family, he could stop worrying that there would be someone causing troubles for him in dark. Finally, he could place his proper attention to the competition!

The champion of the Gene Rookie Competition was something he had to get his hands on.

"What’s the matter?"

Zhang Wei noticed the somewhat-off expression of Chen Feng.

"Somewhat tired." Chen Feng smiled. "I will rest for a bit."

These two days, he was busy producing genes and had not even gotten the chance to rest his mind. Chen Feng entered deep slumber and rested all the way until the sharp sound of the station resounded beside his ears.

Sea City, arrived!