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Chapter 118: Waiting for Failure

Chapter 118: Waiting for Failure

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Aquarhino Gene Formula

Difficulty: 5-star

Type: Special

Function: Enabling one to use the Aquarhino Rampart skill, activation through spiritual energy

Introduction: Produced from the blood essence of an aquarhino. Various materials are required to trigger the mysterious power contained within the aquarhino, producing a special gene reagent as a result.


This was the gene with the highest defense among the gene bank with no other contenders.

This was Chen Feng’s choice.

Since he wanted to grab the championship, he naturally needed to choose the strongest gene formula.

In the first round at Gold City, one’s foundations were tested. His results there were quite ordinary. Now that they were producing genes live, regardless of the methods used, he would not be lacking when compared to others.

This was his home ground!

"There should be a lot of people who chose the same formula as me, right?"

The corner of Chen Feng’s lips curled up into a smile.

Then… let’s see who’s the one laughing till the end.


As he finished choosing the formula, Chen Feng entered the segment where materials were gathered. However, he did not know that with his choice, the whole virtual community was immediately in an uproar.

Especially the learning forum.

After the several previous incidents, Chen Feng was considered as someone well-known within the beginner section of the learning forum. As such, there were people that were paying attention to him in the competition.


Aquarhino gene?

Are you kidding me?

One needed to know that among the nearly 10,000 participants, he was the only one to choose the aquarhino gene.


Due to the scam-like material requirements.

For the other formulas, those 5-star formulas included, only around 200 to 300 materials were required. However, the materials required by the aquarhino reached a staggering amount of 1,300!

An alarming amount!

With this, the problem was not the production difficulty. Instead, the problem was the fact that one might not even be able to gather the complete materials.

"Has Chen Feng given up on the competition?" someone guessed.

This was in actuality something quite normal.

There were some who believed that they were unable to pass the second round; hence, these people would choose a 5-star formula with the highest value before getting eliminated. This was something very normal. However…

"Do you know what the aquarhino gene represents among the E class?" someone said suddenly.

Another person blanked. "What?"

"IQ tester," he said grudgingly.

The other person: "…"

Despite the aquarhino gene possessing the strongest defense among the E class, due to the harsh material requirements, its quality–price ratio was so low it caused one’s hair to stand up in anger.

This was simply an abandoned gene.

Even if one were to give up on the competition, one could choose other 5-star formulas. There were a lot of well-known yet rare 5-star formulas in the gene bank. Therefore, what was Chen Feng planning?

They were unable to make sense of it.

At this time, only when they saw Chen Feng entering the virtual materials area and starting to gather the materials were they sure that Chen Feng truly planned to produce this gene.

This scam-like aquarhino gene!

"Hahaha. Too funny."

"Although there are countless materials in the materials-gathering area, every single one of the materials needs to be gathered by himself. In 10 hours, how many of them can he gather?"

"This kid must have gone insane."

"Maybe he hasn’t gone insane. Rather, after getting some achievements when he is in F class, he let it get to his head and is now too arrogant."

Some sneered endlessly.

The competition was something with a time limit.

Ten hours!

Despite the fact that blood essence had already been provided by the management and there was no need to hunt the mutated beasts, the hundreds of materials required for the incubator liquid was something one needed to gather by themselves.

If one could, for example, gather one material per three minutes, in one hour, only twenty materials could be gathered.

After ten hours?

Only 200!

This signified that any formulas that required more than 200 materials would need one to rush their material gathering. Naturally, if one was talented with higher speed, depending on the individual, one could get more. For example, over 200, 300, or 400 materials, these were accomplishable by a lot of people.

However, the 1,200 required by the aquarhino gene?

You got to be kidding me.

"Someone actually chose the IQ tester."

"666666666 I thought only a novice would make such choice."

"Hahaha, I must go to take a look."

A lot people were taking joy and delight in the calamity of others.

A group of people entered Chen Feng’s livestream room, bringing an unexpected growth to Chen Feng’s popularity.

At this time, a large portion of the participants had already chosen their formulas. With this, the second round of the competition had truly entered the material-gathering segment.


Light swirled before Chen Feng’s eyes.

Chen Feng descended to the ground.

Blue sky.

White clouds.

And a vast expanse of trees.

The smell of the fresh air pervaded his nose. The whole world gave Chen Feng an extremely real feeling. He pinched his hand and the pain could actually be felt.

Fully equipped?

Spirit body?

Chen Feng had a solemn mood.

He was sure that through some methods, spiritual energy was used to create a spirit body that was completely the same as one’s main body. This was a technology more advanced than what the virtual community used. Naturally, such equipment was something an ordinary person unable to use. One’s spiritual energy had to reach a certain level to be able to endure the usage of such equipment.

Is this where the materials are gathered?

Chen Feng looked at a distant place.

There, some rare production materials could already be seen. Among the trees, some small-scale mutated beasts could be seen wandering around in their natural habitats.

This was a small-scale virtual world.

30,000 producers were sent here to gather the required materials for their formulas.

"Let’s begin, then."

Chen Feng was overwhelmed by emotions.

Not far away, a small stalk of grass that was required by his formula was swaying gently among the bush. In accordance to his knowledge, Chen Feng carefully gathered the stalk of grass while protecting its medical effectiveness.

Time consumed: two and half minutes.

Second material.

It was behind a mutated beast. These mutated beasts were set up by the management and were not here to be hunted. As long as one was familiar with its temperament, one could easily avoid it. Carefully, Chen Feng took a detour around the beast to reach behind it and gathered the material it was protecting.

Time consumption: three and a half minutes.

Third material: one minute consumed.

Fourth material: four minutes consumed.

Chen Feng suddenly stopped.

Ten materials, 27 minutes!

This was too slow!

Ten hours seemed to be ample time; however, if this continued, he would not be able to gather even half of the required materials.

"Sure enough, it’s not working."

Chen Feng felt somewhat regretful.

Seems like I can only use that method, then.

At this time, the viewers at his livestream room were finally getting excited.

"He has just figured out the problem."

"666666666 so he really knew nothing."

"Seems like despite his accomplishments in F-class, his foundations are still too weak, for him to not be aware of even this knowledge. How is he supposed to go further?"

"Yeah, and the association actually believed that he was someone capable of grabbing the championship few years down the line?"

"What a joke!"

A slew of criticisms were thrown out from those from the learning forum.

Due to the prominence of his previous accomplishments, there were quite a number of people that liked him. However, those who disliked him were also quite high in amount. At this time, all these people came out to criticize him.

They seemed to have already seen Chen Feng’s failure.

In actuality, the moment Chen Feng chose the aquarhino formula, he had already failed. There were ten thousand participants yet he was the only one who chose this formula. If it wasn’t due to him having brain damage, what reason could it be?

Were those people stupid?


Everyone here was incredibly cunning.

Regardless of whether it was for one’s own benefit or if it was for the competition, aquarhino was the worst choice one could make.

Some sneered. "I will be waiting for the birth of the biggest joke of this year’s competition."

However, at this very moment, those in the livestream room waiting for Chen Feng to make a joke out of himself suddenly widened their eyes, an unbelievable expression on their face.

"Wait, what is he doing?"

"This is…"

"Has he gone crazy?"