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Chapter 119: Too Barbarous!

Chapter 119: Too Barbarous!

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Materials area.

A fluorescent liquid was cupped on a certain piece of leaf. This was one of the materials Chen Feng needed to gather, the morning dew. This was also one of the favorite beverages of mutated beasts.


The areas around the fluorescent liquid would always be filled with mutated beasts.

The reason mutated beasts were placed in the materials area was in order to help deepen the participants’ understanding of the characteristics of these materials. One only needed to know the temperament of these mutated beasts to easily avoid them.

These mutated beasts would take turns consuming the fluorescent liquid. One only needed to wait for a few minutes for a gap to appear. Subsequently, one only needed to take advantage of this gap to quickly retrieve the liquid. Perhaps one might have a deeper understanding of these mutated beasts and would be able to use some other materials to temporarily lure these mutated beasts away. With this, one could also easily get the fluorescent liquid.

Easy. Naturally, it was also somewhat time consuming.

This was the 11th material required by Chen Feng.

The viewers in the livestream room were originally happily witnessing Chen Feng wasting his time. However, outside of everyone’s expectations, this time, Chen Feng actually walked straight toward that mutated beast.

That’s right.

He was actually walking straight to that mutated beast!

"Has he gone insane?"

Everyone had a dumbfounded expression.

This…suicide to get eliminated out of the competition?

Chen Feng was actually planning to give up on the competition in such a manner?

However, at this moment, Chen Feng reached. An even more astonishing thing happened.


A shining Wind Blade shot out of Chen Feng’s hand and slashed toward the mutated beast with an astonishing might. That mutated beast was actually wounded by Chen Feng!


Another Wind Blade shot out.

The mutated beast died.

Next, Chen Feng retrieved the fluorescent liquid easily.

Time consumed: 10 seconds.


Everyone had dumbfounded expressions.


He had actually killed the mutated beast!

One needed to know that there were indeed people who tried killing these mutated beasts before. However, these mutated beasts were all peak F-class. Hence, for these beginner and intermediate producers, these beasts required a lot of effort to kill.

As for Chen Feng?

His killing speed was actually so short!

"His genetic ability…"

Some quickly realized something.

Normal producers would fuse with genes that provided assistance in gene production in order to become the strongest producer. Chen Feng, on the other hand, had fused with a combat gene.


Some couldn’t believe it.

The Chen Feng proclaimed as a genius producer had actually fused with a combat gene?!


"He was probably too poor in the past."

Some sneered.

Everyone was speechless.

Must all gene producers have zero combat genes?

Not quite so!

There were a lot of such producers!

This was a very common occurrence among those wild cultivators who had only managed to become producers by fluke. Becoming someone who was a mix between producer and warrior, these people possessed various genetic abilies as they would only decide what to do when they advanced into a new class without planning in advance.

These people were quite weak regardless of their combat power or their production level.

Double cultivation?

It was simply a joke.

A lot of people only fell into such predicament due to their life circumstances which forced them into it.

However…none of them had ever qualified to participate in the Gene Rookie Competition!

Chen Feng was the very first one!

Wind Blade?

What damnable ability was that?

For a gene producer, that was simply a trash ability.

"With this, his gathering speed should have a great increase, right?" some suddenly realized.

"That’s not for sure." Another guy sneered. "Only a part of the materials were guarded by mutated beasts. For those materials without mutated beasts that required pure gathering skills, how is he supposed to increase his speed? You need to know, to perfectly gather a material, one needs to be very careful, protecting the material’s medicinal effectiveness lest it get damaged…"

Before he had even finished his sentence, he was stunned as he looked at Chen Feng.

Not only him, in Chen Feng’s livestream room, everyone that saw Chen Feng’s action was equally stunned.

As that guy was talking about material gathering, coincidentally, Chen Feng was gathering a spiritual grass that required its medicinal effectiveness be preserved. What happened next was Chen Feng calmly walking to it and directly pulling that grass out.


Everyone was dumbfounded.

P-pulling it out?!

Was this Chen Feng crazy?!

A spiritual grass! Its medicinal effectiveness needed preservation.

Only by preserving its medicinal effectiveness would the production be successful. Every portion of the medicinal effectiveness lost would influence the success rate and might even cause the production to fail. Hence, when gathering such spiritual grasses, extreme caution had to be exercised as one dug the roots of the grasses out together with the soil it grew in. With this, the medicinal effectiveness would be preserved for production.

Chen Feng, though, had directly plucked it out just like that.


Everyone had a stupefied expression.

Chen Feng’s choice of actions had caused them to not even be sure how to continue berating him.

This, this, this…

They were certain that Chen Feng had gone crazy.

"Maybe, only this one time?" some guessed.

After all, if it was only done to one of the materials, the effect wouldn’t be too big.

"I think so too."

Another person agreed, "It might be because this particular spiritual grass was something Chen Feng did not know how to gather, so he directly plucked it out so as to not waste time here. It is a reasonable choice."


Everyone thought and agreed.

However, just as they was done convincing themselves that this was the truth, Chen Feng quickly walked toward a bush and cupped some liquid with his bare hands before filling his reagent bottle with it.

Time consumed: 10 seconds.


"That’s the Wind Dew!"

"This is something that must be handled with sterilized tools; otherwise, the success rate will be affected. Chen Feng actually used his bare hands to directly cup it, ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, I am going crazy!"

Everyone was stupefied.

A liquid that needed to be handled with sterilized tools…

Was cupped out with bare hands?

God, how ignorant was Chen Feng?

Do you not know how much bacteria there is on your hands? Such Wind Dew, if used, the success rate will be greatly decreased!

"He has gone crazy!"

"He must have!"

Everyone was collapsing emotionally.

This was simply the beginning.

Every single spiritual grass?

Pluck them out!

Every single liquid?

Retrieve it directly!

There were mutated beasts?



Chen Feng’s violent manner of gathering was just beginning.

In the learning forum, in Chen Feng’s livestream room, and everywhere else, everyone who saw this scene was stunned. If the actions of other participants could be called the perfect demonstration of textbook-like gathering methods, teaching the viewers how materials were supposed to be gathered, then Chen Feng’s methods could be called the perfect demonstration of the opposite of what the textbooks taught!

Every single material gathered by Chen Feng was not perfect.

"No, I can’t take this anymore!"

"Ah ah ah ah ah!"

"If I keep watching this, I will die."

"This is simply doing everything wrong…"

A lot of producers who initially joined the stream room to flame Chen Feng couldn’t continue watching this anymore. This was especially true for those virgins with obsessive-compulsive disorder, this felt like a disaster to them.

Soon, some producers couldn’t take this anymore and left.

After leaving, they started posting threads at the learning forum to berate Chen Feng. This led to a lot of people joining Chen Feng’s livestream room to watch him. Suddenly, Chen Feng’s popularity increased greatly.

The livestream room was almost filled with nothing but criticism of Chen Feng.



"This is simply an insult to the act of gathering materials!"

"This is simply an act of destruction."

The chat in his room was flooded.

All sorts of bigwig producers came out to denounce this.

Despite them knowing that the reason for Chen Feng to do this was to increase his speed, despite them knowing that this method would definitely fail during the production stage, they still found this intolerable.

What was the meaning of having a gathering stage as part of the competition?

As a producer, one had to be familiar with their materials!

If one was not even clear with where their required materials came from and what characteristics they had, only concentrating on producing by following the instructions on the formulas, how far could one go?

Could one produce the strongest gene?


Hence, material gathering was also a test of one’s foundations.

It had a very deep meaning to it.

As for Chen Feng?

He was simply damaging this competition!

"Too excessive."

Some old producers found this intolerable. "He is simply here to mess things up!"

Unfortunately, Chen Feng was not able to hear all this. If he actually heard this, he would definitely ask, if he was here to mess things up, then what about all those producers that were busy commenting here…

As for their protest?

Who do they think they are?

As long as no rules were violated, he could do as he wished!

Along with the passing of time, Chen Feng was progressing greatly in his material gathering.

In two hours, 30% completion!

In four hours, 50% completion!

In six hours, 80% completion!

In eight hours, complete!

Those materials that were originally impossible to be completely gathered had been completed by him with brute force! All the materials only had half their original effectiveness, though.

Now, Chen Feng had successfully entered the third stage, gene production!