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Chapter 120: Come, Come, Come, a Wave of Reports

Chapter 120: Come, Come, Come, a Wave of Reports

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"Will he succeed?" someone asked suddenly.


Almost everyone looked at him with an expression that suggested they were looking at an idiot.


Are you kidding me?

That was a 5-star E-class formula!

A super difficult formula!

Even in the Gene Rookie Competition, which was filled with the cream of the crop, those who chose a 5-star formula would not exceed 100 participants. Among them, a vast majority were peak intermediate producers!

Chen Feng?

They looked at his information.


20-star beginner producer?

Too laughable.

Without a doubt, the person who asked this question was a true layman who was simply here to watch the show.

Producing successfully?

The success rate for such high-difficulty formulas was extremely low when one first produced them. Something that even a large amount of intermediate producers did not dare to touch. For a beginner producer like Chen Feng, it was questionable if he could even complete a 1-star E-class formula. As for a 5-star E-class formula? He simply had zero chance of succeeding.


The crux was that all the materials he'd gathered were defective materials!

Almost none of his materials were in proper condition.

Among his 1,200 types of materials, at least 1,000 of them had their effectiveness greatly reduced. With such defective materials, could he succeed?


"Camping for Chen Feng’s failure."

"Above poster +1"

"Above poster +2"

The chat rooms were getting spammed.

Chen Feng’s livestream room was getting extremely hot. At this moment, the popularity of his room had even surpassed a large number of celebrity producers.

The current popularity of Chen Feng’s room was at a totally different level.

These producers had been here enduring their disgust toward Chen Feng all this time just to witness his final failure!

A certain professor in a certain classroom had even tuned into Chen Feng’s livestream.


"Come, look at this."

"Chen Feng’s gathering method is a perfect example of how things shouldn’t be done. See, at this moment, the hand should be used like this, instead of the brute force he used…"

The professor spoke frankly with an air of confidence.

Every single action of Chen Feng's was used as an example of how things shouldn’t be done.


All of them were waiting for the result.

They needed it to educate those wild cultivators and those who planned to take shortcuts that, after using such brute force, destroying the competition in such a manner, nothing good would result.

"Guess which step Chen Feng will fail at?"

"I think it should be the gene search step. Chen Feng is, after all, still a newbie, yet he dared to choose such a formula. I think that he won’t be able to even get through the gene search step."

"He’s only at such a level, he will definitely fail to get through the gene search step."

"I think so too."

"It is quite a regret to not be able to see the incubator liquid formed by a thousand types of defective materials…"

Everyone was happily gossiping.

They were finally getting to see what they wanted to see most.

At this very moment.

Gene production, began!



Light flashed.

Chen Feng prepared all the materials. This was the virtual world; hence, the system would assist them to complete a lot of mundane works. He did not to waste too much time doing trivial things.


The aquarhino’s blood started hovering.

At that instant, Chen Feng entered the digitized mode.


In the virtual livestream room, almost all the viewers followed him into the digitized world.

This was one of the benefits of a virtual world. It ensured a full experience to the viewer’s spiritual body, digitized world included!


Several hundreds of thousands of genes flickered around.

"So many gene fragments."

"Worthy of being the aquarhino blood essence."

Everyone exclaimed in admiration. Unsurprisingly, they saw Chen Feng standing there dazed in the digitized world without any reaction whatsoever.

First step, gene search, 1,000 strains of genes were required.

Incredibly frightening.

The incredibly high amount of gathering required for the aquarhino gene was not only applicable to its required materials, it was also the same for the genes. This Chen Feng had probably not thought of this before he came into this digitized world, right?

"He is most probably terrified now."

"Haha, even I had just found out that 1,000 gene fragments are required here. Even if there are a lot of repetitive genes, it will require a lot of time, right? I wonder if Chen Feng can actually find all the genes."


Everyone discussed spiritedly.

However, at this moment, Chen Feng moved.



Both his eyes were closed.

He did not grab toward a certain gene fragment with caution. Instead, he boldly stretched his hand and started grabbing wildly in the digitized world, grabbing a whole bunch of gene fragments every single time!

The first time, he grabbed several tens of strains of genes!

The second time, he grabbed another several tens of strains of genes!



Both his hands started working.


Almost everyone there had a dumbfounded expression.

What was this?

Gene search?

Search my ass!

Open your eyes wide. How is this a gene search? This is simply a gene plunder, right? This is simply the act of plundering the digitized world with brute force!

What on earth was Chen Feng thinking?

Everyone had a stupefied expression.

Since they did not have the formula, they were not clear on whether what Chen Feng did was correct or wrong.

However, such a manner…

It couldn’t be correct, right?

One could say that the correct steps were wrongly executed by him.

"Seeking for sensationalism."

An old producer sneered.

He had clearly seen the truth. Chen Feng had simply given up on the competition. Instead, he was using such a method to win some fame for himself, marketing himself through this!

"Is he considering himself to be an online celebrity?"

Everyone came to realize the truth.


How could this succeed? He was simply doing as he wished!

They had also recalled that, nowadays, as the virtual community grew in size, a lot of people started to fake things online in order to attract the attention of the public.

There were even some who deliberately stirred up trouble to attract attention!

Regardless of whether the viewers were insulting or criticizing these people, as long as attention was paid to these people, they succeeded. Furthermore, using the fame won by getting criticized by the public, one could still earn a huge amount of money.

And now, the same thing seemed to be happening in Chen Feng’s livestream room.

"Damn it."

A lot of people came to realize the truth.


He did not need to produce it successfully!

He was deliberately acting dumb in order to attract the attention of others.

A lot of people started checking the current popularity of Chen Feng’s livestream and found that, inadvertently, Chen Feng’s popularity had surpassed a large majority of celebrity producers!

Higher popularity than those genius celebrities!

"We were deceived," everyone cried out in alarm.

They knew of the ways one might use to become an online celebrity. However, they had never expected that even a producer would also use such methods to market himself!

Was he not afraid of getting banned?



Chen Feng was still grabbing wildly with his eyes closed.

A lot of producers saw this as trickery.

"Protesting Chen Feng!"

"Scram, Chen Feng!"

"Rejecting online celebrity producer!"

"Seeking sensationalism, deceiving others to gain attention!"

A group of people started raining their bullets.

Thus, more and more people noticed this. However, they did not leave. Instead, they stayed with an angry feeling of getting deceived, hoping that more would come to realize the truth.

Soon, Chen Feng’s livestream room was flooded with criticism.

"Too hateful!"

A lot of people that had realized the truth were now raging.

In their heart, producers were a noble existence, low-level producers included!

Hence, when they realized that they had been played around like a monkey, they were even angrier. A lot of them started reporting Chen Feng without hesitation, aiming to get him banned!

They had to let him learn the consequences of offending the circle of producers!

However, at this moment, a loud echo resounded.


The blood essence shattered.

Along with the blood essence, a large majority of the genes were destroyed. Only the gene fragments chosen by Chen Feng remained, flickering with a bizarre radiance in the digitized world.

First step, gene search, completed.



In Chen Feng’s livestream room.

The nonstop criticism stopped abruptly. There was a momentary pause in the livestream room with millions of viewer.

Everyone had dumbfounded expressions.


How was this possible?!