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Chapter 121: So What If They“re Defective Materials?

Chapter 121: So What If They're Defective Materials?

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

First step, gene search, completed.

1,000 gene strains had been completely assembled under a situation where Chen Feng had both eyes closed and he was grabbing wildly using both his hands. All the producers in the virtual livestream room were dazed for a long time.

They wanted to know: how had this succeeded?


How was this possible?!

If it wasn’t something they'd witnessed with their own eyes, they would not have believed something like this had happened! When had gene search become so simple?

"I must be hallucinating."

"Me too."

Two people happily exchanged glances; however, grief was plastered all over their faces the next moment.



Were these two idiots?

At this time, a series of bullets were again being fired in the livestream room. Those ‘layman viewers who were only here to watch the show’ that were reprimanded for their ignorance earlier had came online one after another.

"These idiots got their faces slapped furiously."

"Where’s your counter?"

"66666666 is this the so-called getting played like a monkey? You all enjoyed being a monkey so much?"

"I, your father, am dying from laughter."

"I think you all are the ones jealous of Chen Feng, right?"

Everyone was happy to participate in gossiping, while the ‘layman viewers who were only there to watch the show’ felt refreshingly comfortable after getting their revenge.

What joke was this?!

Getting criticized by the so-called experts the moment they entered the room, telling them how much Chen Feng was trash, how the ‘layman viewers’ that supported him had brain damage, etc…

F*ck, who were the ones with brain damage now?


One producer wanted to explain himself, yet he couldn’t find his words.

What could he say?

The truth was laid bare before him.

They had never expected that a day would come where a bunch of total layman viewers could actually despise them in such a way in regard to gene production. Furthermore, they had no way of refuting.

This damnable Chen Feng!

Currently, Chen Feng had started the second step of his production.

Gene reaction.

In all honesty, the difficulty level of this step was quite high as well. However, after their experience during the first step, gene search, it would be simpler for them to simply watch on as this step progressed. Indeed, Chen Feng easily completed this step as well. A gene that was radiating with a bizarre glow flickered unceasingly in the digitized world. This was the aquarhino gene!

A lone aquarhino gene!

Now, Chen Feng only needed to complete the gene fusion stage and his production would be successful.


Chen Feng pressed the power switch.

The materials for the preparation of the incubator liquid were already placed in the equipment in advance. He only needed to press the power switch when it was required and the reaction process would proceed by itself, creating the incubator liquid.



As the incubator liquid preparation was completed, a liquid with a bizarre color appeared. Chen Feng only needed to drop the aquarhino gene into this liquid in order for it to incubate and the whole production would be completed.


"This color… why is it giving me a weird feeling?"

"Yeah, this seems to be somewhat different from the description in the introduction details, right?"

Everyone felt doubtful.

Only now did all those producers get the chance to start sneering once again. "This is a trash incubator liquid produced by 1,000 defective materials."

"Finally, the incubator liquid appeared."

"Ha ha ha, this is the result of 1,000 types of materials?"

"Too funny."

They were happy to see this.

This was also their first time seeing such a unique incubator liquid produced from 1,000 defective materials. The density of the liquid was indeed quite amazing.

"How are you all so sure that this thing must be a worse-off version?"

A group of viewers were not satisfied. "Even if the color is somewhat weird and the density seems somewhat diluted, it might be the better version instead, right? Higher density doesn’t signify a better quality anyway."

"Yeah," another person agreed.

Now, they were extremely unsatisfied with these producers.

"What the heck do you know?"

An old man glared at them. "This is the incubator for the aquarhino gene. It is only natural for it to be better the higher the density is. The higher the density, the higher the success rate! If the density can reach a percentage of 50% or above, the success rate will be frighteningly high!"

The other guy sneered. "That is the truth simply because you say so?"

"This old man here has been researching gene production for many years. Why would I lie to you all?"

The old man angrily rebuked them. "From its appearance, the color seems extremely diluted. The density of Chen Feng’s liquid is not even 1%! Under such circumstances, the success rate of his gene fusion will not be more than 0.001%. In such a situation, if he can produce it successfully, this old man here will take him as my master!"

So scary?

Everyone’s heart leaped.

A success rate of not higher than 0.001%? Then... wasn’t the probability of it succeeding one in a hundred thousand?


A scam-like probability indeed.

Another guy sneered. "Be careful lest what you said actually happens."

"Ridiculous," the old main said in contempt. "Do you think that I don’t understand this Chen Feng? I completely understand him! I once had a student that was just like him! Back then, how honest were we, the producers. In our eyes, there was only production and nothing else. However, the young producers nowadays, for that stupid virtual community, in order to gain fame…"

"Seizing every opportunity to seek sensationalism, using all sort of ways to gain popularity!"

"This is the type of person I hate the most!"

"Simply someone who has lost all the face of us producers!" the old man said indignantly.


Some other producers started agreeing with him.

The other person sneered. "If you all have the guts, wait until Chen Feng is done before saying more. Did he not complete his first step despite everything anyway?"

Seizing every opportunity to gain fame?

Everyone possessed different genetic abilities. It was quite possible that such a manner of production was a more efficient way of production for Chen Feng. During the first step, gene search, hadn’t he succeeded?

"Gene search is something that can be enhanced through the digitized world. There are all sorts of abilities capable of providing assistance to this." The old man wasn’t bothered with that particular success and analyzed using his personal experience. "However, as for gene fusion? Even if he can increase the success rate, it wouldn’t be by a large margin."

Right at this moment, that drop of aquarhino gene had quietly fallen into the incubator liquid.

Gene fusion, began!

"It’s starting."

Nobody could take their eyes off it.

Millions of people in the virtual livestream room stared rigidly at Chen Feng’s production.




The aquarhino gene started duplicating.

Chen Feng’s eyes were sharp as lightning.

However, after only several duplicates, they paused, seemingly encountering something they couldn’t overcome, and stopped the fusion process.

"It ended?"

"Ha ha ha, too funny."

"The most comical gene fusion in history."

"Impurities are everywhere in such an incubator liquid that was prepared from those defective materials. When the genes were duplicating, as long as they were blocked by the impurities, there was no way out."


Everyone sneered.

And yet, after two seconds, the genes started duplicating once again!

Furthermore, this time, they were duplicating with a terrifying speed. 10%... 20%... in a short 10 seconds, the duplicated genes filled the liquid.

The incubator liquid was transformed into a clear blue-colored liquid.

Gene fusion, complete.

Chen Feng poured out one tenth of the liquid and sealed the rest.

The end.

Production success.

At this time, those people that had been criticizing him hadn’t even recovered from their shock.


It was completed just like that?

They couldn’t imagine the reason the gene duplication that had been affected by the impurities earlier suddenly continued smoothly. Furthermore, how could it be completed instantly?!

This was gene fusion!

For such a gene formula with a high difficulty level, even if there were no impurities, using a perfect incubator liquid, the success rate would still be pitifully low. There were simply too many aspects of it that required trials before succeeding!

A gene fusion needed perfect ‘evenness’ for it to succeed!

With the existence of those impurities, ‘evenness’ became something extremely difficult to achieve. Hence, as long as there was a tiny speck of impurity, the production would be affected.

As for this particular incubator liquid here?

It was filled with countless impurities!

Furthermore, Chen Feng was a newbie!

How could he have succeeded?!

All the producers had a dumbfounded expression, while those layman viewers that were criticized earlier started being active, bombarding the opponents with one bullet after another, causing them to be dumbstruck and unable to reply.

"Where is that so-called one in a hundred thousand probability?"

"That old man sounded so legit; I was almost convinced by him."

"Yeah, he even said that he had been researching for many years. Go on, continue making up stories."

The layman viewers started sneering.

They had been unsatisfied with these producers for way too long!

In all honesty, Chen Feng was only here to join the competition. Why on earth were all the producers focusing on Chen Feng as if he'd killed their father? Damaging the competition? Was the competition something belonging to the producers’ families?!

Now, all the producers were dumbstruck and unable to retort.


What could they use as a retort?

Regardless of how they retorted, it would be pointless!

Chen Feng had succeeded, striking them down with this cruel fact.

"Camping for the old man to take Chen Feng as his master."

"Above poster+1"

"Happily watching."

Everyone laughed crazily.

Compared to other livestream rooms that were calm and lacked excitement, Chen Feng’s livestream room was unbelievingly happening. Due to this incident, Chen Feng’s popularity increased once again.



The viewers increased without stop.

Currently, everyone was paying attention to a single thing. The aquarhino gene produced by Chen Feng, this gene reagent reputed as the strongest defense among E-class genes, how powerful was it?!

Everyone was looking forward to it.