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Chapter 122: The Assembly of Geniuses!

Chapter 122: The Assembly of Geniuses!

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Not much time was left in the current round. A large majority of the producers had already successfully produced their gene reagents. This was a Gene Rookie Competition joined by participants worldwide, with viewers reaching over 100 million!

There were only millions of people in Chen Feng’s virtual livestream room.

As for the other viewers?

They were all viewing the production of those genuine celebrity producers.

Layman viewers were not small in amount; however, a lot of them were still here with an attitude to learn, hoping to learn something from this competition. They had learned a lot, ranging from materials gathering to gene production.

For example—

Qin Hai with the highest popularity.

He was 23 years old, male, and a superstar producer with 300 million viewers in his virtual livestream room. He was a person possessing a frightening amount of fans.

His attractiveness index was extremely high as well, as he was astonishingly handsome.

The main reason for his popularity was due to how every single motion of his, and every single production, even material gathering, was textbook-like.

Watching his production was a type of pleasure in itself.

One could also learn a lot from watching his material gathering.

Coupled with the terrifying background he had, and this being the first time he'd joined the competition, it had lent a frightening popularity to his room with 300 million viewers!

This was Qin Hai.

An extremely powerful producer with the highest chance to be the champion of the current competition.

At this time, in Qin Hai’s livestream room.

He was gracefully completing the final step of gene production, gene fusion. Those exceptionally lively genes became docile in his hands and started the fusion process with a smoothness that gave the viewers an incomparably comfortable feeling.

Ten seconds later, production complete!

The chat in his room exploded.

"It’s so comfortable to watch."

"Ah ah ah ah this was totally a pleasure. This is what true gene production looks like!"

"Those who just returned from Chen Feng’s room are expressing their grief."

"Chen Feng??? What do you mean?"

"You all can go to the learning forum to take a look and find out what happened."

Among the praise-filled chat, there were a group of victims that had come from Chen Feng’s room. Some felt curious and checked it out, only to return with dumbfounded expressions on their faces.


"What’s the matter?"

The others were curious. "He failed his production?"

"No, he succeeded. However…"

That person had an odd expression on his face, as if they had swallowed shit. "Hard to describe."

"Better than Qin Hai?"

"How is that possible?"

"What’s the point in watching him, then?"

That person shook his head as he continued watching Qin Hai who was winding up the production process. "See, even when cleaning up, Qin Hai maintains his gracefulness. If I was a woman, I would surely be his wife."

Another succession of praises in the chat.

Compared to Chen Feng’s room, the mood in this room was totally different.


Naturally, there were words of contempt in this room.

However, such words would only appear occasionally in the chat, only to be flooded by the endless praises. It was simply something nobody noticed as the chat never stopped its furious movement.

This was Qin Hai’s popularity.

Incredibly terrifying.

As of now, the production of the 5-star E-class reagent chosen by Qin Hai had been completed.

In a different livestream room, there were around ten million viewers. The mood here was also different from Chen Feng's or Qin Hai’s room. Here, it was filled with humor.

The producer was a beautiful young girl.


Yun Xiaoduo.

Despite her age being 22 years old, she had the appearance of a 16-year-old. Wearing a blue- and white-colored navy uniform, she was sitting on top of a shaggy ball with a bored expression as she stared blankly ahead. Beside her was a grey-colored donkey standing on its two feet. Currently, the donkey was painstakingly engaging in gene production.

That’s right!

That was a donkey!

A donkey that knew how to produce genes!

Everyone was stupefied when they first entered this room.

This mood…

"Why is a donkey producing?" someone asked with a stupefied expression.


It shouldn’t be. If this furry donkey was a mutant, what was this young girl doing here? Could it be that the competition allowed two people to participate together?


Someone explained. "This donkey is something little Miss Yun summoned with her ability. Hence, it naturally counts as hers."


The other guy felt enlightened.


Even with this, it still sounds wrong?

Which donkey could produce genes?


When he asked his second question, nobody bothered replying to him anymore. He looked at the chat and noticed that his question was lost amid a succession of craze-like spams.

"Pretty young lady staring blankly everyday."

"Bored everyday 233333[1]."

"My life is incomparable to a donkey…"

"Donkey? I want to be that shaggy Yellowball, all right?"

"Damn, is the name of Lord Yellowball something you can use casually?"

"My life is incomparable to a ball…"

The chat moved with a crazy speed.



The hairy donkey flung both its forehooves as the gene went through the final fusion step.

"Little Fur."

The young lady looked at the donkey with a pitiful expression, "When are you going to finish?"

"Ao—" Donkey replied.

"Faster." The young lady had a pleading expression on her face. "I still need to continue watching the TV series tonight."

Yun Xiaoduo.

A special summoner.

Due to one of her summons possessing extremely formidable production ability, she became a gene producer, self-proclaimed super-popular pretty young lady.

Her hobbies include staring out blankly and watching TV series, and she possessed a popularity only second to Qin Hai's.

At this time, two clumps of shining gas shot out of both the donkey’s ears.


Gene production, complete.


Final step, sealing it up.

5-star E-class gene, production success.

"It actually succeeded!"

"This is the first time Xiaoduo challenged a brand new 5-star E-class formula, right?"

"Worthy of being Xiaoduo indeed."

"Ah ah ah ah ah ah, such a powerful donkey."

Once again, the chat moved furiously.

At this time, a large amount of the participants had also finished their gene production.

Apart from Qin Hai and Yun Xiaoduo, there were still a lot of extremely popular producers. There were also several producers with around eight to nine million viewers. Each of them was a super genius. As for those mediocre livestream rooms with low popularity, extremely formidable producers might be hidden among them as well.

The Gene Rookie Competition was such an unordinary competition.


The countdown began.

A lot of producers who had yet to complete their production started increasing their speed. As for those who were still a long way off completion, they gave up directly. After ten minutes, the competition entered the scoring stage.

"It’s starting!"

Everyone had a solemn mood.


How effective one’s gene reagent would be was decided through the final score.

Regardless of the star rating or the difficulty of the gene reagent, it was no longer important. Only the gene that resisted the strongest energy attack would receive the highest score!


All the livestreams stopped.

In the sky, there was nothing else except countless amounts of dazzling auroras.

At this moment, regardless of which livestream room one was in, only the same scene could be seen, the gene scoring segment and the effectiveness evaluation segment for the strongest defensive gene.

"I wonder who will be the top scorer."

Everyone was looking forward to it.

Despite this top-scorer position only being for this round, it still contained an unordinary meaning attached to it.

In the learning forum, countless people started voting in the forum polls, guessing the final results.

In this round, 200 participants had chosen 5-star E-class gene formulas. However, only 30 of them ultimately succeeded in producing them. The rest were all eliminated!

Only dead-end awaited those who rashly selected a formula that surpassed their own capabilities.

The 30 who had survived were all listed publicly. Apart from this, those 4-star E-class formulas were also capable of displaying an extremely powerful effect! Among the several hundreds of producers that produced 4-star E-class gene reagents, there was a particular producer who had even unexpectedly produced a mutated 4-star gene!

Mutated 4-star, super powerful defense!


Everyone voted.

Qin Hai…

Yun Xiaoduo…

Countless people supported their idols.

When the public noticed that there were actually someone voting for Chen Feng, the public blanked momentarily. No one expected that someone would actually vote for Chen Feng!


His chosen formula being the nominally strongest formula!

However, the quality of a gene production was not only related to the strength and difficulty of the formula. It was also related to one’s production level and choice of materials!

Had Chen Feng met the standards?

Obviously not.

The incubator liquid produced out of 1,000 defective materials was simply an incomparably scam-like existence. Despite Chen Feng succeeding in his production by a fluke, what about the impurities contained within? That huge amount of impurities!

That aquarhino gene was simply a knock-off product!

As for Qin Hai, Yun Xiaoduo, and the others?

They had chosen the most outstanding materials, started their productions in an extremely comfortable condition, and produced a gene in a perfect manner. Compared to the roller-coaster unorthodox methods of Chen Feng, they were totally different!

Such genes, how could they be weak?

Which of them were superior and which were inferior?

A single glance was sufficient for a lot of people to draw their conclusion.

Naturally, for a large amount of people here: Who was Chen Feng? They had no idea!

What was interesting was the fact that in every single virtual livestream room, a goal appeared. In accordance to the votes of the fans, the final goal of the producers would be altered.

This was simply a small event organized by the livestream rooms for fun.

A large majority of the super-popular livestream rooms had the goal of either being the champion, the top three, or even the top ten. Only, in Chen Feng’s room, the goal was—

Entering the top thousand.

The goal was to only survive the elimination.

They were really curious. Could that aquarhino gene filled with impurities produced by Chen Feng resist the aurora attack?

At this moment, the aurora in the sky started flickering. Everyone was in a solemn mood. They knew that the evaluation to decide the strongest defensive gene had begun!


The terrifying aurora attack descended.


1. 233333 is Chinese netspeak, equivalent to LOL.