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Chapter 123: Final Evaluation!

Chapter 123: Final Evaluation!

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Final Evaluation!

Countless people had their heads raised, looking upward.

In the sky, a star gleamed as several thousand aurora rays blossomed and shot toward the ground.

"Is it coming?"

Chen Feng raised his head with a solemn expression.

Only he himself knew the power of the aquarhino gene. He knew that there were definitely countless amounts of people that did not believe in him. However, so what if they did not believe in him?

This time, he would certainly emerge out of this round of elimination!


The resplendent aurora rays descended.

Several thousand aurora rays started bombarding every single one of the producers left in the area.


Chen Feng activated the gene reagent in his hand.


At this moment, Aquarhino’s Rampart was displayed.

In front of Chen Feng, a faint layer of watery light appeared, blocking the aurora.


Chen Feng was overjoyed.

This was the power of Aquarhino’s Rampart!

This was the so-called defense evaluation. As was mentioned in the rules, only one standard of measurement was applied in this round. Everyone only needed to face the strongest energy attack they could.

At the same time, almost all the producers there activated their gene reagent.


Some had ice shields appearing before them.

Some had earth walls appearing before them.

There were even some who had a mutated beast appearing before them.

The choice of gene reagents differed from each other. There were even some who had chosen gene reagents that increased the defense of their physical body.

Every one of them had their own choice.


The evaluation began.

Current energy power: 100 units


A flash of aurora.

The terrifying energy attack descended from the skies. The only thing one could do was to defend! Use the gene reagent one produced to defend!

Everyone resisted the first wave of attack.

At this time, the aurora started to increase in power.

120 units!

150 units!

200 units!

The terrifying energy increased in power unceasingly.


Light cracked.

An earth wall collapsed.

Every single destroyed gene reagent would receive their score in accordance to the intensity of the aurora energy they resisted before being destroyed.

The score for this earth wall reagent: 200 points!

The evaluation continued.



A never-ending eruption of aurora.

A succession of gene reagents started to fail and collapse. On the other hand, a majority of the producers who had lasted till now had their score greatly increased.

Ice shield gene reagent—280 points.

Copper transformation gene reagent—282 points.



One collapse after another, one producer after another departed the arena with a dimmed expression.

The aurora energy was still increasing in power!


Someone howled.

After consuming the gene reagent, that person’s body was enhanced to the point where he was several times stronger than he had originally been. However, he still ultimately failed to resist the aurora’s attack, receiving a final score of 340 points, and left the area with a dimmed expression.


Someone displayed incredibly powerful defenses. However, due to poor judgment, the defensive gene chosen was one with an explosive power but a short active duration of only one second, and they could only helplessly leave the arena. The final score for that person was 360 units.

Currently, the evaluation was still continuing.



Under the bombardment of the aurora, a lot of people had left the arena.

As time passed, the scores of the people leaving were getting higher as well. Toward the end, less than a hundred participants were left standing!

Among these hundred survivors, the gene reagents they'd produced were at the very least 4-star E-class!

They were the figureheads of this second round!

In the virtual livestream rooms, everyone's emotions surged.

A faint outline of the top hundred could already be seen. Despite it being a temporary ranking, in a lot of instances, these were the ones who ultimately end up in the top hundred towards the end of the competition.

Every single one of these producers was incomparably powerful.

Using their own methods, they had blocked all the aurora attacks up until now.

At this moment, almost all the viewers shifted their attention from the rooms of the eliminated producers to those who survived, the rooms of the less than a hundred remaining producers.

What startled everyone was the fact that Chen Feng was still in the competition.

"Chen Feng?"

"The knock-off aquarhino gene?"

Some realized.

When the aquarhino gene was produced, it caused quite a shock. After all, it was the nominally strongest gene in this round. However, when they knew that this was an impurity-filled gene reagent produced by defective materials, they lose their interest in Chen Feng. However, no one expected Chen Feng to last till now!

"It has truly been hard on him."

"Using such a method to enter the top hundred, he has earned my respect."

Countless people entered Chen Feng’s room and liked[1] his stream.

In their eyes, regardless of his strength, the very fact that he dared to choose the aquarhino gene none dared to choose and had successfully produced it was an extremely impressive feat in itself.

However, what they were more curious with was: how long could Chen Feng last?

"He should get eliminated soon, right?"

An old producer shook his head. "I produced a lot of aquarhino genes in the past and have also seen what Chen Feng did here. The amount of impurities is simply too high. Only one third of the aquarhino gene reagent’s power can be displayed. I suppose the only reason Chen Feng lasted till now is due to the aquarhino gene being an originally powerful gene where even a third of its power was still sufficiently powerful to last this long."

"True," another producer agreed.

Based on their experience, this gene reagent was indeed filled with impurities.

So that was the case.

Everyone felt enlightened. It was understandable that the aquarhino gene that required 1,000 materials and 1,000 gene fragments to be much stronger than ordinary gene reagents.

"Seems like Chen Feng will not be able to last longer."

"It is already very difficult for him to reach this point."

Everyone lamented.

At this time.


The aurora once again increased in power.



The defense of a huge amount of people collapsed.

When the number of surviving participants became lower than one hundred, the aurora increased in power furiously. In a single second, there was a four or five times increase in power. Several tens of people had their defenses collapse and they left the arena immediately. Almost all the 4-star reagents end up eliminated. Even among the 5-star defensive reagents, there were a large amount of eliminations due to their defenses collapsing.

Only eight remained!

What surprised everyone was—

Chen Feng was still here.


"Why is he still there?"

"Didn't someone say that the aquarhino gene could only display one third of its power?"

Everyone had a dumbfounded expression.

Could it be that the aquarhino gene was powerful to such an extent?

"It is indeed only one third of the power." The old producer glanced at Chen Feng without a change in his expression. "Hence, Chen Feng survived. Those other producers having their defenses collapse can only show that the genes they chose were not really suited to face such energy attacks. Hence, they deserved their elimination. However, this is where Chen Feng’s advance stops."

"Look at the remaining survivors," the old producer hinted.


Everyone instinctively glanced at the survivors and their heart immediately thumped.

Qin Hai…

Yun Xiaoduo…


All 5-star genes!

They had all chosen 5-star E-class formulas!

Furthermore, regardless of production level or materials gathered, they greatly surpassed Chen Feng! These people, they were figureheads even among those who had chosen 5-star reagents!

Apart from Chen Feng, all these were explosively popular celebrity producers.

What was frequently heard could be repeated in detail. The public could even name every one of these survivors by virtue of their popularity alone.

"It’s actually them…

"All the remaining eight survivors are also so powerful?"

Everyone was shocked.

Every single one of them was either a high-level or peak intermediate producer. Every single one of them had produced a perfect 5-star E-class defensive gene. No matter how they looked at it, among these eight, Chen Feng was the weakest.

"Look at this, the first to be eliminated will definitely be Chen Feng," some said.

At this time, the evaluation continued once again.


A flash of aurora.


Two celebrity producers had their defenses collapse. However, Chen Feng still remained.


Everyone abruptly widened their eyes.

He was still there?

This was illogical!

An attack of such a level, how could the aquarhino gene with only one third of its effectiveness resist it?


Another flash of aurora.


Three celebrity producers had their defenses collapse, eliminated.

Chen Feng remained.

Now, only three participants remained!

Chen Feng!

Qin Hai!

Yun Xiaoduo!

Under the aurora attack, Qin Hai, with an energy-formed umbrella, blocked all the aurora attacks before him with a resolute expression on his face. Yun Xiaoduo, with a shield on her wrist, blocked all the aurora attacks before her in a manner resembling a war goddess. Chen Feng, with the Aquarhino’s Rampart, blocked all the aurora attacks and stood there loftily.

"How is this possible?"

A countless amount of people cried out in surprise.

They had, with their own eyes, watched as the defense of the celebrity producers tottered before collapsing. Chen Feng’s defense, on the other hand, was as firm as a rock, not wavering under the attack!

Where was the so-called impurity?

Where was the so called one-third effectiveness?

You have got to be kidding me, right?

"How is it possible for him to remain?"

Everyone was endlessly amazed.

That old producer opened his mouth once again. "Actually…"

"Shut up!"


"F*ck off!"

A series of curses flooded the chat, shutting him down.

The old producer had bitterness plastered all over his face. His analysis was not supposed to be wrong. According to his experience, with so many impurities, even one-third effectiveness was already an exaggeration!

But then, why was Chen Feng still there?

There was only one possibility for that—genetic ability!

"He definitely has a purification-type genetic ability," some guessed.


Something able to get rid of impurities.

"Impossible," someone retorted immediately. "I have seen such an ability before. Normally, it could only expel a small amount of impurities. A huge volume of impurities like what were contained within Chen Feng’s reagent are simply impossible to be cleansed through purification."

"If so, what on earth is happening, then?"

No one knew!

Just as everyone was bewildered, another aurora descended.


One elimination!

Only two remained.


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