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Chapter 124: Who Is First Place?

Chapter 124: Who Is First Place?

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Chen Feng was eliminated?

Everyone instinctively looked at the participants.

However, they surprisingly found that the one who was eliminated this time was actually Yun Xiaoduo! Under the reinforced aurora ray, her defensive barrier had collapsed directly!

"Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, so angry!" Yun Xiaoduo raged. "Little Fur, no dinner for you tonight!"


The little donkey crouched there, feeling wronged.

Could it be blamed?

It had already displayed its full strength!

A brand new 5-star E-class formula was the absolutely highest level of quality he had ever done, yet, who knew that there were two other freaks here that were better than him?!

At this time, in the livestream room, a huge amount of people entered. No one had expected Chen Feng to actually reach this level. It was now the final confrontation between Chen Feng and Qin Hai!

The defensive gene chosen by Qin Hai was the second strongest defensive gene after the aquarhino gene. Furthermore, it was a perfectly produced outstanding gene. As for Chen Feng? He was using the impurity-filled strongest gene that had been subsequently ‘purified.’ It seemed like Qin Hai would definitely be the last survivor; however, now, nobody dared to conclude in advance, as this was how Chen Feng had, against everyone’s expectations, survived one time after another!

Nobody opened their mouth.

This moment, everyone held their breath as they waited for the arrival of the final ray of light.


An extremely powerful aurora attack descended.


A crisp sound of a barrier shattering.

Everyone instinctively raised their head to look over. Next, their hearts jolted furiously.

"It is actually…"


Everyone felt their hands shaking.

Under the dazzling radiance of the aurora, the arena where several thousands of people stood previously, at this moment, had only one person standing! Chen Feng!

He was still there!

Despite the fact that his defensive barrier was currently tottering, despite the fact that his face was currently somewhat pale, he had still survived till the end, becoming the holder of the first place for this second round!

Under the aurora, the lonesome silhouette raised his head and smiled as he said, "Seems like I won?"


Light swirled.

Evaluation ended.

Chen Feng, evaluation score: 960 points, first place without question!


Everyone was in an uproar.

No one had expected that Chen Feng would be the one to survive till the end in the second round. This Chen Feng that had been enduring waves of criticism ever since he appeared.

A terrifying dark horse!

At a certain university.

The production professor was using Chen Feng as an example of what one should not do.

"See, this posture is wrong. This method is also wrong. Every single spiritual grass he gathered, he committed at least five theoretical mistakes."

"A production like this, how is it possible for it to be successful?"

"A producer like this, how could he improve?!"

The old professor earnestly taught his class.

However, right this moment, the news window popped up. On the huge screen, on the graph used to criticize Chen Feng, a window bearing the news popped up.

Chen Feng became the winner of the second round of the competition.


All the teachers and students had stupefied expressions on their face.

Chen Feng?


Everyone exchanged glances. This was somewhat awkward.

At this moment, along with the release of the news, Chen Feng was truly popular.

Countless amazed people started checking out the information about him.

Gold ant gene…

Thundersnake gene…

Dealing with Professor Tao…

Chen Feng’s information was exposed without stop. With amazement, they found that compared with Qin Hai, Chen Feng’s information appeared like the story of a legend!

"Only graduated from high school three months ago yet encountered so many incidents already?"

"Only a single look is required to figure out that this is totally a troublemaker."

"I saw from the information, he seems to have only entered the profession for three months?"

"To hell with that! Three months is merely something he submitted to the production association for audit. Who would believe that is the truth? The information also stated that he is a 20-star beginner producer. Do you believe that?"


Everyone started discussing passionately.

This time, Chen Feng was really getting popular.

Known worldwide!

Regardless of those in great streets or small alleys, anyone who was paying attention to the competition would know that Chen Feng was the second-round winner of the competition, temporarily ranked first in the list of participants!

Naturally, to maintain this temporary popularity he had gained, it would still depend on Chen Feng’s subsequent performance.

At this time, light swirled.


Evaluation ended, elimination mechanism activated.


In the air.

A huge number flickered unendingly.

Everyone had a solemn mood.

The evaluation stage was the stage where everyone received a score. Whether one would get eliminated would depend on the passing rate decided after taking into consideration the scores of all the participants.

Everyone knew their own scores. However, what were the top one thousand scores?

The top thousand scores were the dividing line deciding the elimination of everyone here.

This method greatly resembled the university entrance examinations system.



Light swirled.

Finally, the flickering number froze at... 512 points!


The whole area was in an uproar.

Those with a score lower than 512 points would be directly eliminated!



On the competition rankings, the names of several thousand participants were blacked out, eliminating them directly. Those with a score above 512 points would advance to the third round directly.

The second round officially ended.

"It ended?"

A lot of people felt like they had just woken up from a dream.

This was especially true for those eliminated participants. They had never expected their scores to be out of the top thousand scores.

Currently, Zhang Lin was also staring blankly at the darkened screen.

A conspicuous word was on it.


510 points!

He had never expected his score to be only two units lower than the passing rate! He had actually been eliminated in the second round!

Two points!

Only two more points!

"How did things turn out this way…"

Zhang Lin powerlessly lowered his head.

He was shouldering the hope of all the citizens of Gold City!

He had been too cautious!

He had chosen a formula that would have a perfect success rate despite its defensive power being on the lower side. He had not expected that his score would be stuck just below the passing rate.

The round ended.

Everyone could leave now.

Blankly, Zhang Lin walked out of the building. The first thing he saw there was Mu Yuan who was energetically leaping around.

"You advanced?" Zhang Lin couldn’t help but to ask.

"Nope." Mu Yuan rolled his eyes. "I only had a score of 360, how is it possible for me to advance? Haha, I have a virtual movie date with the bunny ear girl tonight!"


"Virtual movie. The one where your body feels like you are in the movie scene yourself!"

"If there are some love scenes in the movie, mhm… hehe."

Mu Yuan was giggling.

Zhang Lin: "…"

This guy here seemed to have lost his intelligence. If he could advance with this brain of his, then something was definitely wrong.

Far away, Zhang Wei walked over to them.

Zhang Lin felt guilty. "I’m sorry."

"No worries." Zhang Wei patted his shoulder with excitement. "Continue working hard for next year. You still have a lot of room for growth."


Zhang Lin was about to say something.

On the sky, the huge screen on the building suddenly soared up, releasing the results of the second round competition. A huge shining name list appeared in the air.

The winner—Chen Feng!

"Chen Feng?"

Zhang Lin was directly stunned.

This little brother that had just entered the profession?!


Zhang Lin couldn’t believe it.

"I told you. He is very talented."

Zhang Wei’s tone was filled with pride.

He knew that a day would come where Chen Feng soared. However, he had never expected the day to arrive so fast. Reaching such a height when he had only entered the profession for three months!

Incomparably powerful!

At this time, Chen Feng also walked out of the building.


Zhang Wei held his emotions back and gave Chen Feng a big hug.

Chen Feng smiled. "This is for all of us."

"Naturally." Zhang Wei laughed.

With Chen Feng grabbing the first place, Gold City could take pride in this. Furthermore, the entirety of Gold City would benefit from this as well. One needed to know that this was a Gene Rookie Competition for the youth of the whole world!

They returned back to the hotel.

On the way, Zhang Lin had a very bad mood. Everyone comforted him unceasingly.

"Get over it, man." Mu Yuan comforted him. "See, Chen Feng even failed his university entrance examinations. You are an outstanding graduate of a seeded university. In this aspect, he can’t compete with you at all."

Chen Feng: "…"

Zhang Lin: "…"

Was this the way to comfort others?

Chen Feng rolled his eyes.

Zhang Wei had a ‘what the f*ck’ expression.

In other words, this outstanding graduate of a seeded university like him was nowhere near Chen Feng and had ended up getting eliminated?

Wasn’t this somewhat sorrowful?

However, he did not know that Chen Feng was actually someone who'd failed his entrance examinations.

"You did not manage to get into a university from the entrance examinations?"

Zhang Lin found this somewhat surprising.

"Mhm, my scores were two points short from being eligible to enter an ordinary university."

Chen Feng felt somewhat regretful.

"Oh, oh."

Zhang Lin understood clearly.

So this genius Chen Feng, back in the days, had lacked two points to pass as well!

Two points…

Exactly the same as his current situation!

Indeed, everyone had certain aspects they were good at. Chen Feng had an outstanding talent in terms of production. It was understandable for him to be somewhat lacking when it came to examinations.

Zhang Lin comforted himself, feeling somewhat relieved from that.

However, Mu Yuan suddenly added a sentence. "Don’t listen to him. This guy failed because he had something to do at the last minute, and was absent from the test of the final subject. Otherwise, he would have graduated with top score."

Chen Feng: "…"

He felt like strangling Mu Yuan to death.

He finally knew why this guy had failed to get a girlfriend after so many years!


With such a nature, if he were to get a girlfriend, it would be abnormal!

Zhang Lin, on the other hand, did not even have the tears to cry.

So he was only two points short due to him being absent from the final test? The difference between them was as wide as an ocean! So Chen Feng was a top student as well?

When comparing against others, it was indeed infuriating!

Zhang Lin, with grief all over his face, went to a certain corner and started drawing circles there.

"I think you should stop dealing him blows," Zhang Wei said in a low voice beside Chen Feng.

Chen Feng had an innocent expression. This really had nothing to do with him!