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Chapter 125: The Rise of the Model Student!

Chapter 125: The Rise of the Model Student!

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Sea City.

They returned to the hotel.

Due to the third round being set for three days later, they had sufficient time to rest and replenish their knowledge.

Mu Yuan had progressed greatly in his endeavors on the bunny ear girl, so he did not feel any pressure from the competition. Furthermore, he was going out on dates and out shopping with her every single day. Despite Chen Feng advising Mu Yuan to exercise some control and to get a deeper understanding of the girl first, Mu Yuan was currently thinking with his p*nis instead of his brain. Spring was plastered all over his face and he probably had not listened to any of Chen Feng’s advice.

Zhang Lin was putting great effort into training.

After the second round had ended, he was even more hardworking than before, gaining Chen Feng’s admiration.

As for Chen Feng?

Resting and recovering.

This three-day rest period was a glory belonging to him alone.

In every street and alley, almost everywhere, as long as Chen Feng went out, he could see that information pertaining him was everywhere. Everywhere he went, countless people would pay attention to him.

Only now did he truly realize that he had become a well-known figure.

"Seems like I don’t have to be afraid of assassination anymore."

Chen Feng smiled calmly.

In the future, regardless of who it was that wanted to do something to him, they would need to consider their choices carefully.

This first place he'd won was totally worth it.

However, what Chen Feng wanted was more than this. This was merely the second round of the competition. There might be a third or fourth round after this.

He had to be the one to survive till the end!

Since it was somewhat inconvenient for him to leave his room these few days, he decided to go to the learning forum instead.

These few days, the discussion on the learning forum was focused on the competition and the information related to several other participants and their performance. Hence, the information here was extremely helpful.

However, Chen Feng did not expect the focus of the learning forum today to actually be him!

'The strongest gene series–where did the impurities go?'

Within the thread was an in-depth discussion on the impurities of the aquarhino gene. Chen Feng’s gene was supposed to contain countless impurities. However, in the end, no impurities could be found. The so-called ‘knock off’ aquarhino gene had, in Chen Feng’s hands, displayed 100% of its might!

Hence, where did the impurities go?

Was it purified?

What ability was capable of purifying so many impurities?

Could it be accomplished by an E class?

Even D class couldn’t accomplish that, right?

What happened, then?

Chen Feng opened the thread and found that it was simply filled with questions.

All sorts of guesses were saying that this was related to Chen Feng’s second genetic ability. Some said that it was due to purification, some said it was due to refining, everyone had different opinions.

The thread also contained a detailed report.

There were even some who had prepared 1,000 defective materials, attempting to reproduce the results. However, after multiple attempts, none of them succeeded. They were still searching for the root of the problem.

Chen Feng exclaimed in admiration. "These people are indeed worthy of being scholars."

These were the people who would perform detailed investigations on the smallest of questions they found.

As for the question of where the impurities had gone?

Naturally, those impurities had been poured out.

When the aquarhino was completed, didn’t Chen Feng pour out one tenth of it? That was all the impurities.


With the activation of Luck Aura, the countless impure particles that were at every nook of the bottle had gathered together. Next, they were easily poured out by Chen Feng.

It was that simple.

Hence, the aquarhino he used was indeed the completed version.

"Do I need to dispel their doubts?"

Chen Feng watched on as these scholars answered the questions in the thread seriously, and he couldn’t help but want to reply to the thread. However, after thinking about it, if he were to tell the truth, he might get beaten to death.


Chen Feng shook his head.

No one would believe him even if he told them anyway.

Three days passed quickly. These few days, Chen Feng had been reading up on all sorts of learning resources regarding the competition. He had a newfound appreciation of the dedication of those scholars, as he had reaped great gains from these few days of study.

Currently, in the control room of the building of the virtual world company, the employees of the Gene Production Association were going through the final tests and improvements for the third round of the competition. They needed to prevent any problems or loopholes from arising.

"Test complete."

"We can use it tomorrow."

"Very good."

The leader, a middle-aged man, nodded his head.

An old man beside him sighed. "Little Gao, is it too strict for the competition to be in such manner?"

Gao Yun Feng. A top research professor at Sea Breeze University.

Nickname: Mad Ruledemon.

It was his belief that everything in this world was governed by rules. Only with the existence of suitable rules could all the living beings of this world be controlled! Also known as a somewhat rigid person as he was overly serious in everything. However, in regards to scientific researches and rules setup, he had been quite successful. Hence, he was hired to set the rules for the current competition.

However, even the old man had never expected the method of competition chosen by him would be so simple and direct!

"Don’t worry," Gao Yunfeng said calmly. "Since you all let me control the competition, I will filter them out and get the strongest top hundred! The top hundred in the truest sense!

"Any sort of flukes are useless before me!"

The old man had a faint smile. "That’s what you said during the second round."

At this, Gao Yunfeng felt somewhat awkward.

The goal of the second round was to choose the producers with the strongest foundations. Not only in terms of production, the process of gathering materials was also a part of the round that was heavily reviewed.

Several hundreds of production materials!

The effectiveness of every gathered material would need to be reviewed.

These were all things that would affect the final result.

These were the rules he had set up.

As per the rules he'd set, Qin Hai with the strongest foundations or the other two similarly terrifying producers were supposed to be the winner. Even if it was Yun Xiaoduo, he would accept it.

After all, that damnable donkey was an existence even he couldn’t wrap his head around.

However, ultimately, Chen Feng was the winner. A fish that had escaped from the net of rules he'd set.

He had replayed the recordings ten times.

However, he still failed to understand how Chen Feng had become the winner!

He was the one who had set the rules!

Yet he couldn’t understand what had happened.

This was the most vexing thing for him.

Killing mutated beasts was a barbarous action that was simply no different than those all-brawn-and-no-brain idiots of the Genetic Union. Their profession was a noble one—gene producer! Chen Feng’s brutish method of gathering angered him to the point where he had difficulty breathing. Every single action Chen Feng took was wrong!

However, relying on these wrong methods, Chen Feng had succeeded.

Production successful.

Evaluation successful.

Gorgeously grabbing first place.


He still couldn’t understand.


Just for Chen Feng, he'd ordered the technicians to work overtime and investigate without stop. However, no problems were found. Everything was very rational. This caused him to be even more vexed.

Especially for a person like him that liked to have everything under control.

Gao Yunfeng spoke forthrightly. "I don’t like this person."



The information pertaining to Chen Feng that he had was different than what the public had. The information he had was more detailed. Professor Tao, Wang family… more information was available for him.

After seeing the information, he was certain that Chen Feng was a person who had a knack for stirring up trouble.

Someone who wouldn’t stay put.

Comparatively, he preferred a model student like Qin Hai. Outstanding all around, to the point where one couldn’t find any problems with him. This was an example of how producers should be.

"It’s pointless even if you don’t like him." The old man smiled toyingly. "He might be the final champion, you know."

"Impossible!" Gao Yunfeng sneered. "His production level and spiritual energy are insufficient. Hence, it is impossible for him to survive till the end. Even if he is somewhat talented, it’s still useless!

"At least—

"He won’t be able to survive the third round I've set," Gao Yunfeng said proudly.

It was enough for rules to be trampled upon once.

For Chen Feng, the fish that had escaped the net of his rules, he had worked overtime for several days to perfect and improve the rules for the third round.

This time, no opportunity would be given to Chen Feng.

Wanting to survive the round?

It was possible.

Kindly progress fair and square, then!

"Is that so?" The old man laughed without saying anything further.

These people in the teaching profession indeed preferred model students. This old man here instead felt that people like Chen Feng, who possessed peculiar thinking and all sorts of bizarre problem-solving methods, were much stunning existences. This was because Chen Feng's existence itself had brought more vitality to the whole competition, making the competition much more interesting than it was.

Sea City.

In a certain luxurious hotel, Qin Hai was silently looking at the competition records in front of him.

From the moment Chen Feng had first made his move until the moment where he ultimately won the round, every single step, every single detail, had been replayed countless time by him, analyzing every sort of possibility.

"Little Hai."

The butler beside him was somewhat anxious. He was afraid that Qin Hai couldn’t take this blow.

Qin Hai had, from the moment he'd entered the profession till now, participated in countless competitions and never tasted defeat! As long as he participated in a competition, he would emerge as the champion in that competition!

No exceptions!

This was the terrifying strength Qin Hai possessed!


Even the Gene Rookie Competition was something that he did not join the moment he hit 18 years old. Instead, he waited until now because if he were to participate, then he had to make sure that he won the competition.

However, he did not expect that just at the beginning of this competition, his victory streak was stopped by someone.

Qin Hai suddenly smiled. "Interesting."

The butler was somewhat stunned. "Are you fine?"

"Of course I’m fine." An excited expression appeared on Qin Hai’s face. "It has been a long time since I met a rival. I originally believed that there was nothing much about this competition.

"Chen Feng…

"Seems like this competition is going to get interesting." Qin Hai had a smile on his face.

The butler’s heart jolted. "Little Hai."

How many years had it been seen he'd seen this child behaving in such a manner?

He thought carefully and found that since the tenth championship he had won, he had been somewhat lifeless. Despite the expression maintained on his face, most of those smiles were simply maintained as a sign of politeness.

Now, though, he seemed to have returned to the time when he first participated in a competition.

Qin Hai raised his head, surging with battle intent. "This time, I must win!"

Once again, his blood started burning.