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Chapter 126: Third Round!

Chapter 126: Third Round!

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At a certain research institute.

"Have you obtained any results from the research?"


"Trash." A manager that was tall and slim like a bamboo pole sneered at the several hundred researchers wearing white overcoats in front of him. "What’s the point in the company hiring you all? Ah? Can’t even research anything out of an E-class gene. Overtime! Tonight, you must all work overtime! None are allowed to sleep without first obtaining a result!"

The manager thundered without stop.

They had to complete their research on this gene!

A 5-star formula possessed high development value. The aquarhino gene’s value was on the lower side originally, something not worth developing. However, if they could produce it successfully using defective materials…

All those leftover defective materials from other gene productions…


They would be able to put those leftover materials to good use.

This was a large profit!

As he thought of this, both the eyes of the manager lit up.

He believed that as soon as they obtained a breakthrough in their research, discovering Chen Feng’s secret of success in his production, he would definitely get a promotion, becoming the new CEO, and would be able to marry his Ms. Perfect!

A mere E-class formula?

It wasn’t a problem!


The pitiful him had yet to realize just what a project he had endeavored on!


Sea City.

In a certain ice cream shop.

Yun Xiaoduo had both her hands on her hips as she reprimanded the little donkey in front of her, "Hmmph. Remember this. Next time, if you fail to obtain first place, no more ice cream for you!"


The little donkey felt wronged.

The producers of this year’s competition were too freakish!

"Then…" Yun Xiaoduo slanted her head as she thought. "True, with that sissy Qin Hai there, I doubt you will be able to get first place. Mhm, second place then!"

"You are only permitted to obtain second place!"


The little donkey howled.

"There’s no difference between second and third place?" Yun Xiaoduo blanked for a bit before recalling. "Oh yeah, the rewards for second place and third place are the same. Sigh. Just top three, then. Shut up, you are not allowed to talk!"

"I have already lowered the requirements to top three. You are not allowed to demand more conditions!" Yun Xiaoduo pinched the little donkey’s ear. "Only top three. Do you hear me?"

"Ao—" the little donkey answered, putting on a pitiful expression.

"Hmmph, I won’t fall for this." Yun Xiaoduo curled her lips. "This time, you are only allowed to eat ice cream after you win."

"Go! You haven’t even figured out why you lost. When we go back, go and check out that Chen Feng’s competition records. You are not allowed to leave the room before you figure him out!"

"You are the companion of the great me, Yun Xiaoduo!"

"You can’t be afraid!"

As she finished, she pinched the long ear of the little donkey as she dragged it away.

In actuality, almost all the producers here were studying their opponents. Among them, Chen Feng was the only one that everyone would definitely study. Furthermore, they would rewatch his records no less than ten times.

Those producers like Qin Hai or Yun Xiaoduo could be figured out after studying their production a few times. Even if one couldn’t reproduce what they did, one would still be able to understand what had happened.

As for Chen Feng?

Nobody was able to make sense of what had happened, regardless of them being a novice or an experienced producer.

There were even some who sought guidance from their teacher only to find out that their teacher was unable to make sense of what had happened either.

With this, things became awkward.

How had Chen Feng become the winner?

It became a puzzle.

However, the most well-spread rumor was saying that Chen Feng possessed a formidable genetic ability. At the crucial moment, it was able to perfectly purify the impurities, obtaining victory through it.

Naturally, only the laymen would believe in this.

As long as one knew even a bit about how things worked in this profession, they would not trust this rumor. However, they did not realize that it was this very amateurish rumor that was the closest to the truth.

During the three days, everyone was studying their opponents. Some were also recovering.

Time passed quickly.

Soon, three days passed and the third round begun.

At ten sharp, Chen Feng and the rest arrived on time at the arena.


Light swirled and the competition began.

Toward the content of the third round, the learning forum had their own predictions. It might be the strongest attacking gene, the strongest xx gene, etc. Hence, a lot of people had prepared in advance for those contents. However, when the rules of the competition were officially released, everyone was alarmed. No one had expected the third round to be conducted in such a manner.


Light swirled.

Everyone felt light and shadow flash in front of their eyes before an ancient kingdom appeared before them. At the same time, the voice of the announcement system echoed.

"Third round, begin!"

"This is the Eyre Kingdom. Due to a black dragon wreaking havoc within the kingdom, the king led the soldiers to suppress the dragon. Ultimately, they killed the black dragon. However, the kingdom also suffered disastrous damages from the war, with countless casualties. The royal bloodline was cursed by the black dragon with people dying without stop. The Eyre Kingdom is on the brink of collapse."

"And you, as a royal teacher, must assist them as much as possible within ten hours (during the daytime). You can choose a formula, or you can use your own formula."

"Saving different individuals will grant you different scores."

"The final 100 will be decided from the top scores."

"The rest will be eliminated."

The ice-cold machine voice descended, alarming countless people.

100 people?

In the third round, only 100 were allowed to survive?

No one had expected the rhythm of the competition to be so vicious. It was only the third round yet they were already trying to decide the top 100 participants.

The rest—


Only one tenth would remain in every single round!

At a certain location.

"Such a method…" someone muttered. "Could that guy be the one who set the rules?"

"Ah." Another person smiled and replied, "If it’s him, then things are going to get interesting."

From the very start, the competition had been somewhat unusual.

Currently, a screen with a list on it appeared. It was the current circumstances of the Eyre Kingdom. As the royal teacher, the participants were entitled to understand the current circumstances.


A succession of information appeared.


Commoners: Mild injuries, 1 point after healing.

Soldiers: Severe injuries, 3 points after healing.

Military officers: Internal and external injuries. In accordance to the level of their injuries, one could obtain between 5 points to 20 points after healing.

Palace harem: Cursed by black dragon, 30 points after healing.

Prince: Cursed by black dragon, 30 points after healing.

King: Cursed by black dragon, 50 points after healing.


This was a detailed list.

A person of different status would have different points.

Only a day was given. One had to, within a short time, heal more people to obtain more points to be able to survive among the 1,000 participants.

"This list…"

Chen Feng contemplated.

It seemed like a complicated list. However, a dividing line could be drawn easily.

Those with external injuries!

Those with internal injuries!

Those cursed!

All in all, there were only these three types of injuries here.

Hence, one only needed to choose the corresponding formulas for each injury and heal them based on their type of injury. The higher the rank of the injured, the higher the difficulty level would be. However, the points given would be higher as well.

Curse-type formula?

Chen Feng suddenly realized.

This was a trap!

It seemed simple. However, in truth, they were only given a single day.

In one day!

One had to heal!

If the formula chosen did not possess a strong enough effect, a lot of internal injuries would require at least three days to heal. This restriction of one day would by itself make a lot of options unavailable.

As for curse…

Chen Feng glanced at the list.

Despite the strength of the curse not being mentioned, the curse placed on the king was at least D class or higher! After working painstakingly, even if one could complete a 5-star formula, one could only obtain 100 points!

This was another trap here.

"Hence, only external injuries are worth healing."

Chen Feng understood quickly.

External injuries could be quickly healed in a simple manner!

Furthermore, due to the difficulty of the formulas that healed such injuries being lower, the exhaustion when producing it would be lower as well. Furthermore, the commoners were extremely high in amount. Hence, if one were to choose the formula to heal the external injuries, one would be able to rush their gain of points.


"Kindly select a formula."


The gene bank was once again opened.

Instinctively, Chen Feng looked toward the optimal formula for external injury treatment. A 3-star E-class formula. It’s rank wasn’t particularly high, but it’s exhaustion rate during production was extremely low!

Simple and fast!

This was simply the perfect formula for external injury treatment.

Just as he was about to make his choice, he abruptly stopped as he recalled a terrifying possibility. If he chose this, it was very probable for him to lose this round!

The formula was not the cause for this. Instead, it was him!