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Chapter 127: A Ridiculous Choice

Chapter 127: A Ridiculous Choice

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Chen Feng stopped his actions.

How many would be left after this round?


Choosing 100 participants from the current pool of 1,000 elites!

Chen Feng checked and found that the remaining participants were almost fully comprised of intermediate producers. Despite there being differences in the individual skills of these participants, the ones surviving till the end would be the strongest.

The top 100 would be the ones with extremely powerful spiritual energy.

As for Chen Feng?

Only 250 points of spiritual energy.

Quite an awkward amount.

Among these participants who could easily possess spiritual energy reaching 500, 600, 700, or even over 1,000 points, this small amount of spiritual energy Chen Feng possessed was akin to a drizzle of rain, an amount that would definitely suffer elimination.

Healing external injuries?

Everyone was aware that this was easier.


Without a doubt, a majority of the participants would choose to take this route that was safer.

Subsequently, this would turn into a competition on the recovery of one’s spiritual energy. With the 250 points of spiritual energy Chen Feng had, how many people could he heal?

"It’s going to get troublesome this way."

Chen Feng felt a slight headache.

Having insufficient spirit attribute was a major weakness!

This was not due to Chen Feng being too weak. Recently, his progress could be described with ‘flying speed.’ This being his weakness could only show how strong the opponents he was currently facing were.

"What should I do?"

Chen Feng sunk into contemplation.

At this time, the others had quickly chosen their formulas, especially those that already possessed healing-related genes; they felt like fish in water in this round.

This was the so-called background.

In actuality, almost every elite producer would master a couple of healing genes. These genes were still weak compared to the huge gene bank of the Gene Production Association, though.



Everyone made their choice quickly.

Qin Hai: Choosing a purification-type gene in a tyrannical manner. Since his interest had been piqued and he wanted to become the first-place holder, he had to display his full power! He wanted to use his formidable strength to directly suppress the curse, purifying the royals. Since he had to chose, he would choose the strongest.

Yun Xiaoduo: After discussing with that donkey, she picked a basic external injury treatment gene. There were no other reasons for this. This option was simply chosen due to their numerical advantage. Despite it appearing like Yun Xiaoduo was alone, both the shaggy yellow ball that usually took on the role of Yun Xiaoduo’s chair and Yun Xiaoduo herself were the donkey's assistants during gene production.

This was equivalent to three individuals!

Choosing to heal external injuries was the most optimal choice for her.

The rest were also choosing their formulas. There were also some that were good at healing internal injuries and chose to heal the internal injuries during this round. Every participant here chose what they were good at.

Currently, in the virtual livestream room, due to the release of the second round's results, the livestream rooms were no longer ranked according to popularity. Instead, they were ranked according to the second round's results.

Hence, Chen Feng’s livestream room was reigning high above everyone else!

Above Qin Hai and Yun Xiaoduo.

"What bullsh*t is this? Dare to compete against my Little Duo?"


"He simply got lucky that one time. I heard that aquarhino gene had a success rate of one in a hundred thousand. Hence, he simply got lucky!"

"On what basis is such a person above my Qin Hai now?!"

The chat rooms moved furiously.

The popularity of Chen Feng increased rapidly. The round had just begun yet his viewers had increased from the initial several hundred thousand to 10 million viewers. Furthermore, it was still increasing!

This was extremely normal.

The reason for that was also simple.

Out of the original 10,000 rooms, only 1,000 were left.

As the participants got eliminated, their livestream rooms closed. The viewers from those rooms would flow into the remaining participants. From this, the viewers in Qin Hai's and Yun Xiaoduo's rooms also increased greatly. However, due to this existence known as Chen Feng, regardless of whether these were haters or genuine fans, there were a large amount of viewers entering his room.

They wanted to see, on what basis could Chen Feng be reigning above their idol?

Based on his luck?


"Why have so many brainless fans come?"

Even the producers that were originally in Chen Feng’s room couldn’t take it any more.

Too childish!

Despite them arguing and suffering face slaps without stop, all of that was, after all, still done in a manner where production-related knowledge was used. Even when criticizing, the criticism was knowledge-related.

As for these brainless fans?

"He dares to become a celebrity producer when he is so ugly?"

"Chen Feng’s nose is so big. I can know with one look that he is a bad person."

"This pair of double eyelids he has must be something resulting from plastic surgery, right? There were some things that are better when natural, all right?"

"Having such looks, he must be single, right?"


What the heck was all this?

Were these people here to criticize or to joke around?

Too excessive!

Those old producers were almost infuriated to death. These producers that had originally found Chen Feng unpleasant to the eyes were all now sympathizing with him. They had even one-sidedly become supporters of Chen Feng due to this.


Despite Chen Feng not being as handsome as Qin Hai, he still looked above average, right?

Despite how one looked at it, that couldn’t be considered ugly, right?

How did these people define ‘beauty’?

Furthermore, whether Chen Feng was ugly or not, single or not, what the heck did that have to do with his production level? How had these brainless fans linked all that with gene production?

Even when condemning someone, logic should be followed, right?!

Too excessive.

"I wonder what formula will he choose."

Everyone guessed.

At this time, those haters came out again and started saying things like: whatever he chose would be rubbish, and when he’s so ugly, what point is there in choosing anything, etc. All of this was systematically ignored by the others.

They really had nothing to say toward these brainless fans.

External injuries!

Internal injuries!


Which would Chen Feng choose?

Regardless of haters or true fans, without a doubt, due to the first place he held from the second round, the viewers of his room increased greatly to the point where it was now the room with the third highest view count, after Qin Hai and Yun XIaoduo.

Every single decision he made would be observed by countless people.

"He should chose external injuries right? This is the fastest method," some said.

"That won’t do. Those choosing external injuries can only score victory through quantity alone by accumulation of those 1 points. Chen Feng’s spiritual energy is too low and the recovery speed is too slow. Hence, he won’t be able to heal too many of these."

Someone else retorted directly.

"What about curses…" another person proposed.

"That won’t do either. Despite the curse being of low quantity and high quality, the purification of every single one of those curses has high requirements on the strength of one’s spirit. All those royal family members seem to be D-class, right? Chen Feng only has 250 points of spiritual energy. Even if he were to use enhancements, he still wouldn't be able to purify these curses!" a producer that was somewhat well-versed with curses retorted.

"If that’s the case, only internal injuries can be chosen?"

Everyone was stunned.

There were still advantages with higher amounts of people.

Excluding those haters and brainless fans, when these elites from all industries came together to discuss, they were able to conclude in a short time that the only possible choice for Chen Feng was...

Internal injuries!

Healing the injuries resulting from all sorts of gene injuries!

This was the only hope for Chen Feng.

As for how far he could go?

This would depend on Chen Feng’s performance.

"Hopefully, he will make the correct choice."

Everyone was looking forward to it.

At this time, Chen Feng was also done with his analysis.

In this round, it was still pure gene production. However, its requirement on one’s foundations was extremely high. If he wanted to survive this round, he could only chose internal injuries!

"Internal injuries…" Chen Feng muttered.

He couldn’t accept this.

This was not the best yet not the worst choice. Due to the limited amount of people with internal injuries, the scores wouldn’t be particularly high. Choosing internal injuries also signified that the producer had given up on the top spots! However, there were also benefits to it. Internal injuries had somewhat lower requirement on one’s spiritual energy and the strength of one’s spirit. Hence, it was easier to avoid elimination with this choice.

There were advantages and disadvantages.


Chen Feng was certain that there were a lot of participants who had chosen internal injuries.

After experiencing the cruelty of the second round, in this round, they would definitely be making a conservative choice, which was choosing internal injuries to steadily gain points!

Could Chen Feng outcompete them?


"Such rules…"

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes.

Using pure quantity to render the occasional flukes ineffective?

"I can only depend on you, then," Chen Feng muttered.

Since he couldn’t make his choice, he decided to let Luck Aura make the choice for him.


Light swirled before his eyes.

He shut both his eyes and fully activated Luck Aura.


He pointed blindly.

Formula chosen.

Chen Feng opened his eyes and immediately blanked. ‘Sh*t! Why is it this gene?’