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Chapter 129: The Rise of Huang He

Chapter 129: The Rise of Huang He

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Qin Hai started a furious pace of production.




Everyone in the livestream room was stunned.

Regardless of his mental state or his production speed, the Qin Hai that appeared before them today seemed to be a completely different person than the Qin Hai they’d seen three days ago.

"This speed…"

"Damn, is Qin Hai raging?"

"This is the true perfect condition of my dearest Qin Hai!"

"So strong!"

Everyone was shocked.

From the moment he’d gotten his hands on this brand new formula, from constant failure till gradual success in his productions, having his success rate increasing constantly until he was finally producing the most outstanding gene, only half a day was required!

Twenty points…

Forty points…

Qin Hai’s score was increasing rapidly.

Among the over 200 producers that had chosen curses, Qin Hai was the undisputed first place. His rapid increase of score had caught up with Yun Xiaoduo. There were even signs of his score surpassing hers.

This was the true strength of Qin Hai.

At this time, in the virtual livestream room, a lot of people were viewing a producer named Huang He. There was no other reason for this apart from the fact that he had chosen internal injuries!

He was the one with the highest score among the producers that had chosen internal injuries.

What was the so-called internal injury?

In the current era, an internal injury was simply an injury to one’s gene attributes that was suffered during battle. For example, flame injuries, ice injuries, etc. Due to these special types of injuries, one was unable to heal their injuries. As long as these special types of injuries were healed, the injured person would not suffer from any other problems.

Why did everyone dislike choosing internal injuries?

Due to it being troublesome.

One person might be injured by A attribute, the other person might be injured by B attribute, and there were also some who were injured by C attribute. The type of healing applied had to be adjusted in accordance to the type of injuries one suffered. Otherwise, it would not only fail to heal, it might result in a negative effect on the injured. Hence, despite the high score given for internal injuries with simple healing methods, the amount of producers that had chosen internal injuries was still low!

Huang He, on the other hand, was a person who was good at the treatment of such injuries.

He was not even using the gene formula he had chosen. Instead, he was using a gene formula that he had already known previously, quickly healing a huge amount of people who suffered from internal injuries.

His score was increasing rapidly!

"What formula is that?"

"Such speed."

"The main point is not his formula; instead, it’s his capability."

Some of the viewers had good eyes and were able to see the crux.

Huang He.

A peak intermediate producer.

One of his genetic abilities being: Damage Absorption.

Apart from absorbing his own injuries, he could also absorb the injuries of others. Hence, his healing speed was incredibly astonishing.


"Damage Absorption?!"

"Damn, why is it this gene?"

Everyone was stunned.

This was a competition among producers!

What the heck was up with this Damage Absorption gene?!

Furthermore, this gene was also different than a damage-absorbing defensive gene which could only absorb damage done to self as it was able to absorb the damage done to others. This appeared to be a mutated gene!

At this time, the fans of Huang He started talking.

In actuality, Huang He was a gene producer that focused on healing. Where he came from, he was extremely well known. However, the younger sister of his wife had suffered an internal injury that he'd failed to heal. In order to heal her injury, he had ultimately discovered this special gene.

Now, he could not only heal external injuries, he could also heal internal injuries.

"So that’s the case."

Everyone felt deep veneration for him.

A producer that specialized in healing? Such a producer commanded more respect from the masses!



Huang He’s score increased rapidly.

Perhaps due to there being too many varieties to internal injuries, such injuries were generally overemphasized on their varieties. As such, the degree of the internal injuries these people were suffering was not particularly serious, despite the variety to them.

For Huang He, these were too easy.

After he familiarized himself with how these injuries work, his score started increasing rapidly.

Ten points!

Twenty points!

In a short one hour, his score was nearing those of Qin Hai and Yun Xiaoduo.

Incredibly frightening!

"The three of them should be the ones fighting over the first place, right?"

Everyone had a solemn mood.

Despite the high amount of genius producers here, a lot of them were not well versed with such healing genes. Hence, they had made their choice on the basis of surviving the elimination. Ultimately, only these three were able to rush to the very front, leading the scores of everyone here.

Qin Hai!

Huang He!

Yun Xiaoduo!

Their scores were far above the fourth place holder. More than onefold higher than that person.

"What about Chen Feng?"

At this time, someone remembered Chen Feng.

As the winner of the second round, Chen Feng was still somewhat reputable. However, when they entered Chen Feng’s livestream room, everyone was immediately speechless.

Chen Feng’s score: 0.

That’s right.

After approximately two hours, Chen Feng was still stuck at 0 points!

"What’s going on?"

Everyone was confused.

"What else can it be? He failed several times already."

The ‘laymen viewers’ in the room sighed. "He already has a low spirit attribute of 250, yet still needs to purify the curses of the king, princes, and the rest, so how is it possible for him to succeed?!"

"Even Qin Hai with 1,000 spirit attribute also failed his first attempt, all right?!"

"With such low attribute, he still dared to choose this Tiger Balm–like purification reagent. It would be weird if he could succeed with this."

Countless amounts of people berated Chen Feng.

As everyone else heard this, they were speechless.

The heck?

Was Chen Feng giving up on the competition?

"He has been too arrogant."

"After becoming a winner once, he seems to have forgotten his identity…" some berated.

A number of people agreed with this.

Chen Feng’s current actions were simply akin to courting disaster. However, despite their criticism, Chen Feng was still silently continuing his research on the icefox gene in the imperial palace.


Gene production complete.

Another fresh icefox gene produced.


Icefox Gene Reagent

Class: E

Function: Enables one to use Iceheart. Triggering the potential within the icefox’s gene, able to heal or reduce the degree of injury for all sorts of injuries. Quite effective on spiritual injuries as well.



Chen Feng was getting emotional.

He had tried previously. The icefox gene was somewhat ineffective on the curses suffered by the royal family. The only effect it brought was to reduce the degree of the injury caused by the curse!

Due to the power of the purification being insufficient, it was unable to completely heal the curse!

However, after countless tests, Chen Feng had managed to figure out the purification power this icefox gene possessed.


What about internal injuries?

Chen Feng started his tests once again. He used the icefox gene on a military officer that had suffered an internal injury. It worked very well in reducing the degree of his injury; however, it still failed to completely heal the injury.

"It doesn’t work indeed."

Chen Feng muttered.

At its base form, the icefox reagent was simply trash! At the very least, this gene was unable to accomplish anything in this round. If Chen Feng were to use this gene, he would definitely end up eliminated!


Chen Feng inhaled deeply before starting his production once again.

Gene search!

Gene reaction!

Gene fusion!


Completed gene reagent sealed.

From start to finish, everything was done in one go.

Another freshly produced gene. However, this time, the radiance the gene was flickering with was somewhat different than the genes produced by Chen Feng in the previously!


Mutated Icefox Gene

Class: E

Function: Enables one to use Iceheart. Triggering the potential within the icefox’s gene, able to heal every type of injury within a certain area of effect. Very effective on spiritual injuries as well.


Mutated gene!

This was the possibility Chen Feng had guessed.

By mutation, the icefox gene might become stronger, breaking him out of his current predicament. However, as he looked at the mutated gene before him, he still ended up shaking his head.

Compared with a regular icefox gene, ‘area of effect’ was added. ‘Quite effective’ was also changed to ‘Very effective’.

Without a doubt, this mutated icefox gene was much more powerful than a regular icefox gene.

"Let’s try it out."

Chen Feng tried using it.

With his target as the center, the gene would be effective even in an area of three meters surrounding the target! Regretfully, though, its healing effect was still somewhat ordinary.

It could only reduce the degree of injury caused by curses.

Evidently, the ’very powerful’ in the description was only applicable in comparison with the original power of the gene before mutation!

When used on the people of this kingdom?

They were quite ineffective.

This was a kingdom!

With Chen Feng’s current level, even if he were to use the enhanced version of the icefox gene, he would still fail. Ultimately, he could only heal some low-level injuries to gain a small amount of points.

Area of effect?

What was the point of having an area of effect if the injuries couldn’t be healed?

Furthermore, the area of effect was only 3 meters!

If so, why had the Luck Aura chosen this formula?

Chen Feng’s eyes lit up.


Only one possibility was left.