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Chapter 130: An Astonishing Accomplishment!

Chapter 130: An Astonishing Accomplishment!

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The scene before Chen Feng’s eyes changed as he entered the hyper-dimensional mode.

With both his eyes closed, Chen Feng had once again entered this peculiar mode.

The mode used to improve a formula.



Light silhouettes swirled around him.

Chen Feng moved based on his instincts and started his production with the assistance of Luck Aura. Since you had chosen this formula, then let this formula display its true power! Chen Feng roared inwardly.



The gene production progressed.

After a long time, when Chen Feng had almost exhausted his spiritual energy and was feeling extremely exhausted, the formula improvement using hyper-dimensional mode was finally completed!

Gene production complete!

A gene flickering with a peculiar radiance emerged from the production.

Luck value exhaustion—reaching 100 points!

"100 points…"

Chen Feng exhaled nervously.

Such a high exhaustion of his luck value. Hopefully the final product wouldn’t disappoint him.


Gene scan.

Instinctively, Chen Feng glanced at the result, and he was immediately shaken.

This gene… it’s actually—no wonder the Luck Aura selected it! No wonder it exhausted 100 points of luck value! It’s worth it!

"So, this is the reason the Luck Aura chose you?"

Chen Feng was emotional.

First place among internal injuries?

First place among external injuries?

First place among curses?

Chen Feng licked his dry lips. His eyes were burning. Sorry. I’m afraid the first place for this round will still be mine.

Thus, in Chen Feng’s livestream room, everyone saw an amazing scene.

The Chen Feng that had previously successfully produced icefox reagents several times had suddenly started failing unceasingly. He continuously failed for several tens of times, without a single success!


Was this still Chen Feng?

The never-failing Chen Feng?

"What’s happening?"

Everyone was shocked and confused.

"It might be due to him not using his genetic ability, or maybe he has actually given up."

Some guessed, "Don’t you all feel that his current state is similar to practicing the production of this formula? Using the materials in the royal warehouse to improve his proficiency in this formula?"

Everyone: "…"


Increasing proficiency?

This was the Gene Rookie Competition!

"That shouldn’t be the case, right?"

Some did not dare to believe that Chen Feng would actually do such thing.

When the other participants practiced, they were doing it in order to guarantee their success rate and to start earning points as soon as possible. As for Chen Feng? He was doing this when his score was still 0, had he given up in the competition?

In actuality, Chen Feng was truly practicing.

His true level was peak beginner producer. For a 5-star E-class formula, if he were to not rely on his luck value, he would only fail unendingly.

However, such failures were extremely helpful to him.

This was a 5-star E-class formula!

If he could master it…

Chen Feng could definitely break through the beginner level, becoming a true intermediate producer, a person who, even when not relying on his luck value, was still a formidable producer with an intermediate production level!

For him, this was a very good opportunity.




Chen Feng practiced without stop.

After several tens of failures, he started succeeding occasionally.

Apart from this, Chen Feng also issued an odd command: to deliver all the spiritual energy storage items of the whole kingdom to him.

"What is he doing?"

"He is probably using those to recover his spiritual energy."

Some sneered.

In fact, not only Chen Feng, a lot of participants had also given up on this competition. They all started using this rare opportunity to increase their production level. In a sense, this was also a type of reward to them for surviving the second round.

However, the masses had still put too many expectations on Chen Feng.

The others were those that had survived the second round with great difficulty and were aware that it was impossible for them to survive the third round; hence, they had chosen to give up. However, this Chen Feng, the winner of the second round, was actually doing this as well. This was too excessive!


A great number of people shook their head and left.

The number of viewers in Chen Feng’s livestream room was dropping without stop.

Night arrived quietly.

The third round had reached the final stages.

Now, almost all the viewers were concentrated in the rooms of Qin Hai, Yun Xiaoduo, and Huang He. The three were intensely battling it out for first place.

First place: Qin Hai, 320 points!

Second place: Huang He, 310 points!

Third place: Yun Xiaoduo, 290 points!

As for the fourth place?

Only 190 points!

They were in a totally different league.

Furthermore, despite Qin Hai appearing to be the first place holder now, regardless of Huang He or Yun Xiaoduo, both were furiously chasing after him. This was especially true for the Yun Xiaoduo that was operating as a squad of three!

Everyone exclaimed in admiration. "These three are very powerful."

"Yeah, this speed of Yun Xiaoduo… she has even caught up with the high score Qin Hai obtained from the curses."

"Qin Hai is quite impressive as well. I had believed that when he was done purifying the curses he wouldn’t be able to do anything else. However, he unexpectedly started healing external injuries! Using a low-level healing formula commonly used as practice by beginners to start healing the external injuries. Despite his speed being somewhat slow, he is still moving forward without stop. Too amazing."

"They are all working hard."

"I think Huang He is the most powerful. Choosing the obscure and unknown internal injuries and increasing his score at a steady pace. He might even have a chance to obtain first place."

"That’s possible."

Everyone was discussing spiritedly.

At this moment, almost everyone was concentrating their attention on these three.

The round was reaching its end.

Some of them would occasionally think of Chen Feng and go over to take a look, only to find that his score still remained at zero, before leaving with a disappointed feeling and continuing to view Qin Hai and the others.



Qin Hai was still working hard!

Yun Xiaoduo’s score had reached 320 points!

The competition was extremely intense.

Every single production they completed, there would be a jump in their scores. In all honesty, if it wasn’t for the fact that gene productions required time, their scores would have reached the heavens long ago. Even with this, the scores of these three were already far surpassing that of fourth place, creating a miracle in this competition.

Tick tock.

Final ten minutes.

Huang He managed to charge to first place momentarily before being surpassed once again.

Final three minutes.

Huang He once again charged to first place.

350 points!

His score was increasing in an incremental manner. Every single increase would be in a huge amount. In the final three minutes, he had reached his limit. At this time…

Yun Xiaoduo and Qin Hai were still silently chasing after him!

Qin Hai: 348!

Yun Xiaoduo: 346!

"It’s the final minute!"

"Ah ah ah ah ah, I’m so nervous. I wonder who will end up with the first place."

"All three have the potential to end up with first place!"

"Do your best."

Everyone was supporting their respective idol.

How many gene reagents could one produce in a minute?

This was the moment where their genetic ability would be tested. Regardless of the trump card they had, they had to utilize it at this moment to fight over first place!

What worried the fans most was the fact that both Qin Hai and Yun Xiaoduo were unaware of the predicament they were in.

They were totally unaware of their current rank or of how close their competition was. It would be too much of a pity if they were to narrowly miss first place due to this!

Would they put everything they had into it?


Regardless of Qin Hai and Yun Xiaoduo, they had erupted at the same moment.



The speed of their gene production increased rapidly.

Qin Hai: 349!

Yun Xiaoduo: 347! 348!

Both furiously unleashed their power.

At this moment, regardless of the ‘laymen viewers’ or producers or even the high-ranked members of the Gene Production Association or the ones who'd set up the rules of competition, everyone had their attention concentrated on these three!

Who would emerge as the final winner of the third round?


"End of competition!"


The scores were updated.

Everyone held their emotions with great difficulty and raised their head to look at the scores.

On the screen, the result was instantly updated. However, the moment everyone saw the result, they were dumbstruck. Shit, what had they seen there?!


First place: Chen Feng, 1,200 points

Second place: Qin Hai / Yun Xiaoduo / Huang He, 350 points

Fifth place: Wang Wu, 222 points