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Chapter 131: Spectacular Finish

Chapter 131: Spectacular Finish

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"What’s going on?"

"1,200 points? How is that possible?"

Everyone was dumbstruck.

Twelve hundred points?

Chen Feng?

They seemed to recall that, just a few minutes prior, Chen Feng had still been at zero points, right? Even a grandmaster producer wouldn’t be able to gain 1,200 points in the span of several minutes, right?!

What was going on?


Almost everyone was shaken.

What joke was this?

At the final moment of the confrontation between the three strongest producers, at the crucial moment, Chen Feng had silently snatched first place, and with 1,200 points on top of that?

A score higher than the combined score of the other three!

This was too excessive!

"Where’s his face?"

"Obtaining 1,200 points in a few minutes. Even if you were to cheat, there’s no need to make it so obvious, right?"

"Few minutes my ass. I went there during the final 30 seconds. At that time, his score was still 0."

"Hence, 1,200 points in 30 seconds?"

Everyone was going insane.

Chen Feng was simply insulting their intelligence!


"Send a wave of reports against him!"

"Someone actually have the guts to cheat in this magnificent Gene Rookie Competition?"

Everyone was raging.

"Could this be due to his genetic ability as well?" one person said meekly, only to instantly receive a torrent of abuse.

"Screw you! How is it possible for someone to possess such an ability? Use that brain of yours and think for a bit!"

Naturally, there was a person who'd remembered something.

This did not seem to be the first time Chen Feng was reported, right? The previous time, they were all mistaken, as Chen Feng had not cheated all along. Could this be another false alarm?

However, everyone ignored that person.

"If this is not cheating, I will livestream me eating shit!"

"Yeah, even this is not considered cheating? Are you all blind? Twelve hundred points is almost equivalent to the total points after healing everyone in the kingdom, right? Tell me, how is someone supposed to heal all the internal injuries, external injuries, and the curses instantly? Providing equal treatment to everyone regardless of status like a virtuous emperor?"

"Brainless fans can all scram! This matter, an explanation must be given to our beloved Little Duo!"

Everyone started roaring.

The chat was instantly flooded with comments, to the point where the server was on the brink of overloading.

At the same time, in the learning forum, the different online communities, or any other places where discussions could be held, everyone was discussing this, giving rise to an unprecedented sensation.

Chen Feng was once again trending.


In the top floor of the virtual company building, those from Gene Production Association were shaken.

Even the headquarters was sending countless messages to them. They did not dare to imagine that such a major loophole had appeared in this Gene Rookie Competition.


"Investigate thoroughly!"

Countless bellows from the higher management.

"This incident, an explanation must be given to the public."

One order after another was received.

Gao Yunfeng was ashen-faced. He had never expected that the flawless rule set by him would actually have a loophole, causing the score to be altered.

That’s right.

As of now, everyone still believed that this was due to a loophole in the system!

Only if there was a loophole in the system would it be possible for someone to gain 1,200 points instantly, becoming the winner.

"Chen Feng…"

Gao Yunfeng’s expression was unsightly. He indeed couldn’t get along with this bastard.

"Investigate thoroughly," Gao Yunfeng told the technicians. "Promptly retrieve all the data regarding Chen Feng. I want to find out the fluctuations of his score during the final minute, and also the circumstances our programs were in at that time."

Gao Yunfeng was unprecedentedly solemn. He did not wish for his illustrious name to be destroyed by the hands of this guy.


The technicians were mentally stretched as well.

This was a major incident, if there was truly a loophole in their system…

Just the thought of this was scary.


Several hundred technicians and all their tracking equipment investigated without stop. They had indeed found some questionable issues and some loopholes. However, what they found would only cause a small delay in the server. None of it was able to increase one’s scores. Even all the data pertaining to Chen Feng during the final minute appeared completely normal.

No problems whatsoever were found.

"No problems?" Gao Yunfeng bellowed. "With such a record, you are telling me there’s no problem?"

Everyone lowered their heads.

They were already the cream of the crop of the industry! Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been hired here. However, they really failed to discover any issues. Even when they utilized the special genetic abilities they possessed, they'd still failed to discover anything.

"What kind of ability was it…"

Gao Yunfeng’s eyes flashed unceasingly.

Able to hide from the system’s detection to alter the score by force, what heaven defying ability was it?

He was contemplating.

However, at this time, the old man beside him laughed suddenly and said, "If you can’t find any issues with the data, you can check the recordings, right? Perhaps there’s no problem in the first place?"

"How is that possible?!"

Instinctively, Gao Yunfeng wanted to call him a retarded person.

Are you kidding me? Such an obvious issue that even the blind won’t miss, and you are telling me there’s no problem?

However, after taking into consideration the status of the old man, he did not dare to voice his thoughts.

"Check the recordings of the final minute."

"All right."


Light and shadow flickered.

The recording of Chen Feng’s final minute appeared.


A huge-scale event seemed to be in progress. A huge crowd was concentrated there. In the middle of the crowd, a huge number of energy storage items were piled for unknown reason.

Gao Yunfeng and the rest were staring firmly at Chen Feng that was in the middle of the crowd and his score.

Currently, his score was still zero.

Final 30 seconds, zero.

Final 20 seconds, zero.

Final 10 seconds, zero.

And then, at this point of time, Chen Feng raised his hand. At that, a resplendent radiance appeared. The terrifying radiance pierced the heavens and earth, enveloping everyone there. Next…



Chen Feng’s score jumped furiously.

In a short 10 seconds, he reached 1,200 points!

The round ended.


Everyone was stupefied.

When they looked at the data earlier, they'd already known that he obtained his score during the final 10 seconds. However, they had never imagined that the 1,200 points were obtained in such a manner!

That radiance…

That healing…

Despite the round having ended, they were still stunned.

The technicians had the scene paused. There, they could clearly see that those commoners, military officers, and even the royal family, every single one of them was fully healed at this instant!


How was that possible?!

Everyone’s heart shook.

"Water Lotus Screen…"

The old man’s eyes shone before he sighed.

Everyone’s heart trembled at that.

Water Lotus Screen: An incredibly powerful group-heal gene reagent. Back then, it became well-known after it was used to heal countless amounts of people regardless of the type of their injuries!

Regardless of the amount of injured, as long as they were positioned in the area of effect, they would be healed!


That was an incredibly powerful A-class gene reagent!

This was a mere Gene Rookie Competition!

Gao Yunfeng inhaled deeply. "Extract the data of that gene."

Everything in the virtual world was simulated in accordance to the real world. He refused to believe that a beginner producer like Chen Feng was capable of producing an A-class Water Lotus Screen!

"All right."

The technicians nodded.


The gene data was extracted.

Gao Yunfeng merely glanced at it before his whole body trembled as he stood there blankly. It was actually this?!

A-class gene?

No, this was simply a mutated 5-star E-class gene!

But its attributes…


Mutated Icefox Gene – unknown

Class: E

Type: Special

Function: Enables one to use Iceheart. Triggering the potential within the icefox’s gene, able to heal every type of injury and spiritual damage within a certain area of effect. The healing effect and area of effect radius depend on the amount of energy exhausted.

Usage: Triggered by the supplied energy (the higher the amount of energy, the stronger the effect)