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Chapter 132: Mu Yuan’s Love Story

Chapter 132: Mu Yuan’s Love Story

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This is…

Gao Yunfeng stared blankly at the gene before his eyes.

He finally understood how Chen Feng had performed such unprecedentedly outstanding healing. He had also figured out that this feat of Chen Feng was only possible in this virtual world.

In the real world, who would open up the storage of the whole country for one person to use as an energy source?!

That was simply impossible.

Despite possessing an astonishing effect, the energy exhaustion of this gene was even more terrifying!

Furthermore, it wasted way too many resources.

Regardless of which way one looked at it, this appeared to be an extremely ridiculous gene reagent not worth using. Unfortunately though, from this kingdom’s point of view, the usage of this gene reagent was completely reasonable and fair!

Furthermore, it was the perfect gene reagent for them.

"How had things developed into this?"

Gao Yunfeng was dazed.

Rules violation?

Everything Chen Feng did was in accordance to the rules!

Flawlessly done!

He couldn’t even find any points he could nitpick on. When someone operated within the rules he'd set and then created such a miracle, what else could he say?!

In the command center, the mood in the room reached a freezing point.

The technicians felt like they were choking.

After a long time, Gao Yunfeng helplessly said, "Announce it, then."


Everyone blanked.

"Announce the results! Chen Feng did not cheat, the data on him is completely normal! If they still have any doubts, send the recordings of the final moments to them together with the data of that gene reagent."

Gao Yunfeng had an unsightly expression.


Everyone looked at Gan Yunfeng with an astonished expression, evidently not daring to believe that the Gao Yunfeng that always had a bad temper would actually swallow this down.

"What are you all looking at!?" Gao Yunfeng bellowed. "Am I a person not capable of distinguishing right from wrong? Yes, my temper is quite bad. However, I know what is right or wrong. The first place of this round is what Chen Feng deserves. None can take that away from him!"


Everyone had respectful expressions on their faces.

"Hmmph." Gao Yunfeng snorted coldly. "However, this kid here has provoked me several times now. Later, I will definitely teach him a lesson."

Everyone: "…"

Seemed like that respectful feeling they had earlier was for nothing.

At the side, that old man was watching on as all this unfolded with a smile on his face.

Chen Feng…what an interesting kid.

Currently, that grand and spectacular event of ‘reporting Chen Feng’ was still progressing.

The over ten millions reports raised had finally received a response. The management of the Gene Production Association had released their findings. Everyone started looking at the released response emotionally.


Everyone blanked.

"The data is correct?"

"No abnormality found?"

"Chen Feng’s first place is well deserved?"

Everyone almost rioted then and there.

Fortunately, below this announcement, the recording of the final moments were also included. Everyone opened the recording with disbelief all over their faces. Next, they saw an astonishing scene.

With a single ray of light, every injured person was healed in the palace.

Chen Feng had used an extremely powerful gene reagent to perform this shocking feat!

"How is it possible that such powerful gene exists?"

"Yeah, to heal everyone, a gene reagent of at least B or A class is required, right? Without cheating, could Chen Feng produce such a gene reagent?"


Countless people were furious.

Genetic abilities were indeed capable of helping one produce something above their class.

However, it was only limited to skipping a single class.

If one were to attempt to produce a gene two or more classes above one’s own class, the spiritual energy that person possessed would probably be insufficient to even partially meet the production requirements. How was it possible for such a production to be successful?!

What class was Chen Feng at? E class!

Furthermore, he was a fresh E class!

Hence, they refused to believe that Chen Feng was able to produce such a gene reagent. Instinctively, they all insisted to believe that there was something about this competition that was hidden from them instead.

At this time, the Gene Production Association released the final information they were releasing—the detailed information on the gene reagent Chen Feng had produced.


It put the whole world in an uproar.

"This is…"

"Damn, such a gene exists?"

"Godd*mmit, I just recalled. Previously, Chen Feng got everyone in the kingdom to move all the energy storage items into the palace. So he was doing that in order to activate this gene reagent?!"

"Not only that, he got all the injured to enter the palace as well."


Everyone abruptly realized what had happened.

So it appeared that everything Chen Feng had been doing was in preparation for this final move of his!

He'd waited for the whole day without doing anything in order to collect a higher amount of energy sources and a higher amount of injured people, enabling this gene reagent to display the strongest effect it was capable of in a single instant!


Totally worth it!

Everyone was shocked.

They finally understood where the 1,200 points of Chen Feng's came from. He appeared to have ignored the rules yet was following the rules all along, using his own method to create a miracle!


"Why is there such a formula in the gene bank?"

Some felt doubtful.

However, shortly after, the true data of this formula was released. It was simply different from the gene produced by Chen Feng.

"After evaluation, although this was also something produced using the icefox gene, it is not the same formula as what the gene bank produced. It is very probable that this gene is a new formula Chen Feng created."

The moment this news was released, it caused an uproar once again.

New formula!

Chen Feng was actually using a new formula!

Some exclaimed in admiration. "Every day, there will be new formulas appearing. However, a formula with such ability…"

"Despite not having much use in the real world due to the various limitations it suffers, causing it to be something that can’t be mass produced, in certain specific situations, it will have a great usage," some researchers analyzed.

Even the fans of Qin Hai and the others were dumbstruck and had nothing to say.

Adhered to the rules!

Heroically grabbing first place!

He had even created a new formula. Who could compete with that? At least, in this round, no one could compete with that. Questioning that? On what basis could one question that?!

Shortly after, the news was announced.

All sorts of newspapers and media outlets started spreading this news. Once again, Chen Feng’s popularity increased greatly. Furthermore, his popularity had surpassed Qin Hai, becoming the creator of miracles of the current generation.

Subsequently, the elimination mechanism was officially activated.

In midair, the numbers on the huge light screen flickered without stop before finally stopping at a score—136 points.

Those with less points would be eliminated!


The names of countless participants were blackened.

Elimination complete.

As of now now, the third round had ended, and the top hundred was birthed. Once again, Chen Feng grabbed first place.

Fame followed one’s merits!

In the virtual company building, some were leaving with a bewildered expression, evidently unable to believe that they had been eliminated just like this. There were also some who were wild with joy as they had entered the top hundred.

This was the top hundred of the Gene Rookie Competition!

A competition of the highest quality.

When Chen Feng left, only Zhang Wei was there waiting for him.

"Chen Feng."

Zhang Wei gave him a firm bear hug.

Obtaining first place two times in a row and entering the top hundred. This was an achievement that Gold City had never obtained before. Hence, this meant a great deal for them. Next year, the quota allocated to Gold City during the Gene Rookie Competition would be much higher than they could imagine!

Chen Feng smiled. "Where are the others?"

"Mu Yuan has been busy with his girl recently while Zhang Lin has stayed in seclusion to produce genes," Zhang Wei explained.


Chen Feng laughed involuntarily. That Mu Yuan had indeed hooked up with that bunny-ear girl.

"Let’s go." Zhang Wei patted Chen Feng’s shoulder and encouragingly said, "Don’t bother with them. These few days, with the first place you obtained, there were too many controversies. A lot of media outlets wanted to interview you. However, I had rejected them all. In the next three days, you need to rest properly and make your preparations. Work hard in the next round three days later. As long as you do your best, it will be fine."

"Mhm." Chen Feng nodded slightly.

Fourth round, eh…

He looked forward to it.

Both of them returned to the hotel.

Somewhat surprisingly, in the room that he expected to be empty, a silhouette was staring blankly out of the window, grief and dullness all over his face.

Mu Yuan?

Chen Feng and Zhang Wei exchanged glances.

"From his appearance, seems like he has been dumped?" Zhang Wei whispered.

Chen Feng nodded slightly. "This is faster than I expected."

From the moment he'd seen the bunny-ear girl, he'd had an odd feeling. He was not sure if it was due to his prejudice against mutants, but he'd had a somewhat unwell impression of the girl. However, every time he saw Mu Yuan, Mu Yuan was very excited. Hence, he had not felt that it was proper for him to say anything.

As for Mu Yuan losing his love…

It’s still a good thing for him to taste some failure. It could enrich his experience.

Mu Yuan noticed them. "You all returned?"

Chen Feng nodded slightly. "Mhm."

"I lost my love," Mu Yuan said blankly.

Chen Feng and Zhang Wei exchanged glances. Indeed.

"Did you know? We have been very intimate for several days, yet she refused to let me touch her. Hence, today I invited her to drink some alcohol. Originally, I'd planned to use the alcohol to give myself some courage, thinking that it might…"

Mu Yuan had a stupefied expression.

Chen Feng’s curiosity was piqued. "Next?"

"Next, she was drunk. And then, we stripped…"

Mu Yuan’s expression became even more unsightly.

"Next? Next?" Zhang Wei asked with excitement.

Chen Feng: "…"

You are already at this age, the heck are you getting all excited for!

"Next…" Mu Yuan had an expression as if he had lost the love of his life and said, "I noticed that, from underneath her skirt, a junk that was even bigger than mine appeared."


The whole world seemed to sink into silence at this moment.

The mood in the hotel reached a freezing point.

Bigger… than you? F*ck! What technology! No wonder I kept having an odd feeling about her.

Chen Feng and Zhang Wei exchanged glances. Such things, how should they respond?

"She took out a bottle of gene reagent?" Chen Feng probed cautiously.

He was trying to reduce the awkwardness of this.

However, Zhang Wei couldn’t resist and rolled his eyes.

What f*cking gene reagent was that? If a gene reagent were to appear from below her skirt, it would be even weirder, right? Furthermore, these words of yours, you seem to be looking down on Mu Yuan’s ego as a male?