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Chapter 133: One’s Personal Glory!

Chapter 133: One’s Personal Glory!

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Mu Yuan had a stupefied expression. "No, the bunny-ear girl is a he."

"But she didn’t seem to have an Adam’s apple, right?" Zhang Wei interjected.

"Next, he told me that during his genetic mutation, the gene that he used was the gene of a female bunny; hence, he became feminized. This leads to his Adam’s apple degenerating… in the future, he might become a genuine female. He told me that if I don’t mind, he wouldn’t mind as well…" Mu Yuan continued.

"Hence, you agreed?"

Chen Feng was astonished.

"My original thought was: since I already spent so much on her, I can’t suffer any losses! Even if it’s a male, I will just ‘do’ it and get my money’s worth back. He had the appearance of a woman anyway."

"But after that… I still can’t ‘do’ it." Mu Yuan’s face was full of grief. "Hence, I ended up losing my love."

Chen Feng exhaled in relief. "That’s good, that’s good."


If Mu Yuan could really ‘do’ it with a male, Chen Feng would need to start worrying about himself in the future!

However, when he thought of how rich the experience this guy'd had just by being in love, Chen Feng suddenly felt that this guy’s love story was even more colorful than his competition.

Currently, Mu Yuan was leaning on the window and could fall out of the window at any time. Zhang Wei signaled Chen Feng with his eyes, telling him to comfort Mu Yuan. At this, Chen Feng could only step forward.

"Calm yourself." Chen Feng calmly said, "Breaking up is something normal. If you can calm down your state of mind, you might even profit from this disaster."

Mu Yuan had a bewildered expression. "Profiting from disaster?"

He had already suffered a disaster of such a degree. Could he still profit?

"Naturally." Chen Feng thought for a bit before continuing. "In ancient times, there was an official called Ximen, who had lost his love. Next, he strolled through the street. While he was strolling, a pole smashed into his head. He raised his head to see that it was actually a seductive woman who'd thrown the pole down."

"And then, they got together?" Mu Yuan asked grudgingly.

"Nope." Chen Feng had a solemn expression. "After Lord Ximen was smashed on his head, he sunk into deep contemplation, wondering why the pole had descended instead of ascended? Could it be that there was a certain force in this planet that was causing the pole to descend? Next, he invented the concept of gravity, called Ximen Dun[1]. From then on…"

"Scram!" Mu Yuan smashed a wine bottle at Chen Feng and scolded with a smile on his face, "Screw your Ximen Dun. Even if you're going to make up a history, it has to be logical, right? Don’t worry, I’m not thinking of suicide. I’m only here by the window to get some fresh air because I broke the air conditioning earlier due to my bad mood. Merely a breakup. It’s not like I haven’t experienced it before."

He'd broken the air conditioning?

Chen Feng looked at the central air conditioning above him. How did he break this? Fine, whatever. As long as he’s fine, all is good.

Chen Feng and Zhang Wei were relieved. Next, they turned around and left.

Mu Yuan: "???"

The f*ck?! Even if I am not thinking of suicide, couldn't you take the feeling of one who has just lost his love into consideration? This is too excessive!

"Chen Feng is leaving to prepare for the competition. I believe you have yet to check the results of the third round, right?" Distantly, Zhang Wei’s voice traveled over. A voice filled with hidden meaning. "If you haven’t, I suggest you take a look. There are some other matters that might interest you more."


Mu Yuan was somewhat lost.

Since he'd hooked up with the bunny-ear girl, he hadn’t paid any attention to the competition. He had been eliminated anyway, what was worth seeing there?

Next, he went online and was immediately stunned.

Chen Feng?

First place?

First place again?!

Shocked, Mu Yuan continued checking online. Next, he saw the score that had far surpassed Qin Hai, Yun Xiaoduo, and the rest, the terrifying total score—1,200 points!


Mu Yuan inhaled a mouthful of cold air. This was Chen Feng’s strength?

Incredibly terrifying!

He finally understood why he'd been ignored when he was looking for Zhang Lin earlier. Instead, Zhang Lin was totally engrossed in studying about gene production with bloodshot eyes!


Chen Feng had reached such a level?!

Chen Feng already possessed such a terrifying power yet was still working hard. How about him?

"Chen Feng." Mu Yuan felt his fighting spirit returning. "I will not allow the distance between us to grow too far."

Breaking up?

What could that be considered as!

Currently, in a certain luxurious hotel, Qin Hai was staring blankly at the results.

He was still fairly confident with his result. He believed that despite this not being a domain he specialized in, he would still be able to obtain victory! However, he had never imagined that there were three who shared the same score as him. Furthermore, there was one person who reigned high above everyone else!

Yun Xiaoduo…

He knew about this girl.

Bizarre and fickle. This was his evaluation on this girl.

One would never know what the limit of that little donkey was. There was also that yellow shaggy ball that had never acted. What type of ability did that ball possess? No one knew! Coupled with Yun Xiaoduo’s somewhat crazy disposition, she was the most unfathomable among this trio.

Huang He?

With a glance, Qin Hai understood.

This was the domain Huang He specialized in!

He and Yun Xiaoduo had crossed swords against someone in a domain they were not familiar with. For them to reach a draw in the results, it was something acceptable. However, only Chen Feng…

Twelve hundred points?

When he saw the results, he was immediately dumbstruck.

What was this?

When he saw the replay of the competition and the data of the gene, he sunk into deep contemplation for a long time before he woke from it with an unprecedentedly bright shine in his eyes.

His foundations and innate talent were above Chen Feng. However, his opponent was able to obtain victory by discovering such an unimaginable method among the ordinary rules of the competition. This was an extremely quick-witted opponent.

In this aspect, he was far behind Chen Feng!

"So this is what defeated me."

Qin Hai was enlightened.

As far as he was concerned, second place was equivalent to failure!

After summarizing his experience and lessons learnt from this defeat, his fighting spirit once again surged. For the first time, he fully concentrated his attention and started preparing for the fourth round.

Next round, he had to be victorious!

At this time, all the producers were looking back at the contents of the third round. This was especially true for those who'd survived the third round and were eligible to enter the fourth round!

They did not have any time to play around or indulge in entertainment. They had to analyze their opponent’s strengths!

Based on what had happened in previous competitions, the battle among the top hundred might be a genuine cross of swords!

Now, a failure might be equivalent to death.

They were able to understand the content of all the participants except for Chen Feng. These producers were collectively dumbstruck. This was the first place holder?

Chen Feng!

Chen Feng again!

After every round, the only person taking first place was Chen Feng!

At this point, if there was anyone who was still naively and stupidly treating Chen Feng as a normal producer, these people would be the truly idiotic ones. In accordance to everyone’s guess, it was very probable for Chen Feng to have a high production level. However, he did not register his true information at the Gene Production Association.

His strength was extremely terrifying!

Twelve hundred points!


New formulas!

Once again, Chen Feng renewed everyone’s perception on him.

Everyone looked back and discovered that even if they were to once again go back to the previous rounds, they would not be able to accomplish what Chen Feng had accomplished. That was because they were simply incapable of producing these mutated genes!

Even if one were able to understand what he'd done, one would still fail to prevail over him!

That was Chen Feng.

When he first won first place, a lot believed that it was due to luck. When he won first place for the second time, regardless of whether he would survive till the end of this competition, his ability was proved.

In a certain Gene Production Association’s branch, an old producer was overwhelmed by emotion. "This Chen Feng, it’s him. I want to accept him as my disciple. His current level is merely beginner or intermediate producer. Once he receives proper training…"

"Scram, do you think you will have the chance?"

"If anyone were to accept Chen Feng as a disciple, it should be me, right?"

"The f*ck can you two be considered as."

Several producers were in a heated argument.

In a certain organization.

An old man looked at his children who were in dispute due to benefits and shook his head in disappointment. He switched his attention to the distant screen that was projecting Chen Feng on it.

Such potential…

"Yun Er," the old man suddenly said, "how old is Little Nan this year?"

"Father." A graceful and opulent looking middle aged woman smiled bitterly. "She’s only 14."

"Fourteen, eh?" The old man thought about it. "We can give it a try."

He believed that if they were able to attract Chen Feng to join their company as a production researcher, their company’s condition might improve. This company that was past its prime might even rise from its death. Even if Chen Feng’s current level was insufficient to accomplish that, with his popularity alone, he would bring great profit to them!

The middle-aged man beside him had worry all over his face.

Roping Chen Feng in?

Good idea.

But then, he did not have any daughters! Would it be too late if he were to get his wife to give birth to one now?

"Chen Feng…"

Tonight, countless people remembered this name.

At the same time.

All the media outlets were unanimously singing Chen Feng's praises. During the end of the previous round, there were still a number of them that were questioning him. Now, though, none could be found questioning him. The recordings released by the Gene Production Association to prove Chen Feng’s innocence were replayed constantly by the masses, especially the final ten seconds!

That magnificent saint-like radiance he bathed in!

That comeback of his during the crucial moment!

These actions of Chen Feng's brought a deep sense of comfort to the heart of anyone who watched them.

Their expectations toward him in the beginning? Totally repaid!

This was a glory belonging to Chen Feng!

For the whole three days, the name Chen Feng resounded worldwide!

Three days passed just like that. All the participants were putting in great effort in seriously studying their opponents. No one dared to look down on their opponents, regardless of their rank!

The masses were increasingly looking forward to the next round.

Soon, the three-day break was over.

At ten sharp, Chen Feng and the rest once again reached the arena.


Light swirled.

Fourth round, officially began!


1. A nameplay here, Newton, the one who discovered gravity, was pronounced as Niu Dun in Chinese. Here, Chen Feng added a ‘Dun’ as a wordplay for his story of the person who discovered the gravity.