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Chapter 135: Bluebat Gene!

Chapter 135: Bluebat Gene!

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Fourth round—formula choosing stage.


Light swirled.

Every producer present chose their gene formula.

This time, there were not many reactions to the choices of the producers, as in this round, the influence of the selected formula was quite minimal.

4-star formula?

5-star formula?

There wasn't much difference.

Only by selecting a formula that was compatible with the formulas one had already mastered could the selected support gene be able to display the strongest might it was capable of.

In actuality, up till now, the surviving participants were either high intermediate or peak intermediate producers. Their production star ratings were at least 60 stars or above!

What did this signify?

The lowest difficulty formulas were those 1-star formulas and these remaining participants were those who possessed at least 60 stars worth of these E-class formulas! This had not even taken into consideration the fact that every single intermediate producer out there would possess a large amount of F-class formulas as well!

Every single intermediate producer possessed a rich amount of gene formulas.




Apart from what they were good at, they mastered a lot of other types of formulas as well.

Granted, they had not had the opportunity to use a lot of these formulas during the second and third rounds. However, during this round, they were able to optimally display their formulas.

Some of them were already starting to rearrange their database.

Qin Hai: A total of 25 support-type gene formulas.

Yun Xiaoduo: Unknown number of support-type gene formulas. However, based on her registration details, the presently recorded support-type gene formulas that had once appeared on her reached an amount of 22…

Apart from this, the other participants each had around more than 10 or over 20 formulas respectively.

Only a very few of them possessed support-type gene formulas numbered in single digits.

And those similar to Chen Feng?

None of the others were in such situation.

All these participants were those who had gone through years of practice, reaching this level step by step. This fact was especially true for them when they were beginner producers, a stage full of difficulties where a large amount of gene formulas were required to raise their level.

As for Chen Feng?

Only three months.

Regardless of which aspect the competition tested, it would touch on Chen Feng’s weakness.

"He did not even have a single support formula?"

When the viewers saw the records, they were stunned.

They were aware that Chen Feng might have been somewhat lacking in this aspect, having a low number of mastered support gene formulas. However, they had never expected that the number of his mastered support type gene formulas were a big zero!

"Damn, doesn’t this mean that… he can only use the gene he chooses here?"


"How is he supposed to win with this?"

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Different than earlier, now, Chen Feng had his own die-hard fans. They were hoping that Chen Feng would be the one to obtain the final victory.


Not a single formula?

They looked at the other participants that possessed more than 10 support-type gene formulas and were dumbstruck.

How was he supposed to win with this?

This was not the matter of their trust in Chen Feng.

Rather, Chen Feng’s accumulation was truly so low that it caused one’s hair to stand up in anger. This was applicable not only to the support-type gene chosen in this round, even if it was attack, defense, or healing…

Chen Feng had zero chances.

"He should be able to win, right?"

A lot of Chen Feng’s fans were somewhat unconfident now.

At this time, the fans of other producers who were previously berated to the point they were speechless appeared once again.

"With such an accumulation, he still dares to participate in this competition?"

"Hahaha, after relying on some random genetic ability and that exotic line of thought he possesses to obtain two wins, he thinks he is so very impressive? Look at Qin Hai!"

"I know, right…"

"Pitiful Chen Feng. The lowest accumulation in the top hundred."

"On what basis are you accusing our Chen Feng of having the lowest accumulation? What joke is this. Is this something you would call low accumulation? Looking at him, it’s more suitable to say that he simply has zero accumulation! Hahahaha."


Everyone started sneering.

Chen Feng’s fans were unsatisfied and started hurling abuses at them. Momentarily, the chat was spammed furiously. Due to this, no one was able to see what Chen Feng was doing. Able to spam the three dimensional chat in the virtual world to the point where the whole zone was filled with only spam and nothing else could be seen, this demonstrated the terrifying number of viewers in Chen Feng’s livestream room.


Could Chen Feng really win?

No one knew!

Despite his talent, despite his astonishing production capabilities!

This time, it was a real combat competition!

Everyone looked at the competition.

Due to the unlimited supply of materials, the participants only needed to concentrate on producing the gene formulas they had. Furthermore, different from the brand new formula obtained from the gene bank, they were already very well practiced with their own formulas. Hence, they were able to easily produce these formulas without any problems.




Everyone was putting their effort toward their production.

The one day provided was adequate for them to produce their gene reagents, familiarize themselves with the new formulas, and perform simulation tests on their assigned androids.

Tick tock.

Time passed.

Chen Feng had chosen his formula as well.


Bluebat Gene Formula

Difficulty: 5-star

Function: Instantly increases the user’s spiritual energy by 500 points for a duration of 3 seconds. Only able to use once per day.

Limitations: E class

Introduction: Produced from the blood essence of a bluebat. Various materials are required to trigger the mysterious power contained within the bluebat gene, producing a special gene reagent as a result.



Everyone was lost.

What was the meaning of this?

In all honesty, the formula selection was something nobody cared about when it happened to other participants. Even if the participant were to choose some worthless attack gene, nobody cared!

However, Chen Feng?

He was the person who possessed only this one support gene that he'd selected!

Why had he chosen this formula?

"Big brother, stop messing around!"

"Big brother, I believe in your ability to comeback! Can you please choose a more tyrannical formula, for example, those support genes possessing super powerful killing power… allowing your android to kill with a single hit?"

"Requesting for a violent mutated gene!"

The chat was spammed furiously.

This time, even Chen Feng’s fans couldn’t calm themselves, as the gene chosen this time was truly useless!

Instantly increasing spiritual energy by 500 points??

What was the point in that?

One needed to know that the only spiritual attack the android possessed was that common Spirit Shock. Without any enhancements, its attack power was very ordinary!

Look at those powerful spirit type abilities—

Raging Flames Storm!

Psionic Ice Blade!

Able to amplify the combat power by several times. As for that Spirit Shock?

There was no amplification on the android’s combat power!

It was simply an attack that purely utilized the spiritual energy to charge forward, that was all there was to it.

Furthermore, the android only had 200 points of spiritual energy. Even if it received an increase of 500 points, it would only be 700 points. When battling against others, it was somewhat worthless.

Besides that…

Three seconds!

This ridiculous duration!

Could a battle between androids end in three seconds?

They doubted it.

"Is he aiming for superposition?" someone guessed. "If the gene is able to achieve a superposition affect after mutation…"

"Impossible!" Someone rejected that firmly. "Regardless of whether it possessed the ability to achieve the superposition effect or not, he would not be able to utilize it. What joke is this, do you think the 500 points increased here is due to the limitations of the gene? No. It is due to the limitations of a human’s body! Even a person in the higher levels of E-class would only possess around 1,000 attribute points. If you were to instantly increase their attributes by too high an amount…"


"Your brain will be roasted immediately!"

"Becoming brainless!"

"Your body will collapse in a short amount of time, dispersing into nothingness!"

"So that’s the case."

Everyone had a solemn mood.

Superposition wouldn’t do it?

Why had Chen Feng chosen this formula then?

They were unable to make sense of it.

"This... Chen Feng must have his reasons for choosing this."

The fans of Chen Feng explained.

"Hehe." A person sneered suddenly. "Have you taken a look at the livestream room of Yun Xiaoduo and the rest?"


Everyone went over to take a look. Immediately, their expressions changed greatly.