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Chapter 136: The Bizarre Insta-Kill

Chapter 136: The Bizarre Insta-Kill

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Yun Xiaoduo’s livestream room.

Yun Xiaoduo had used several gene reagents on her assigned android.


Light swirled.

The android’s spirit attribute had increased by 500 points!

"With this, the basic attribute should be sufficient."

Yun Xiaoduo clapped her tiny hands, feeling very pleased.

At this time, if anyone were to check the attributes of her assigned android, they would find with astonishment that all four attributes of this android were at 700!

Gene attribute increase?

Chen Feng was not the only one capable of doing this.

This was simply the start.

"3-star F-class support gene—Full-body Stone Transformation, duration of 10 seconds."

Yun Xiaoduo continued without stop.


Instant Fire Transformation…

Liquid Transformation…


Yun XIaoduo started producing one mystical gene reagent after another.

Gene attribute increase?

These were only a small portion of the gene reagents she produced.

The amount of attribute increase that could be given to an E class was too limited.


All-rounded types of supporting effects and instant enhancements were Yun Xiaoduo’s trump card.

Everyone started using Yun Xiaoduo as a basis of comparison and found that Chen Feng had no chance of succeeding. According to their collected data, Chen Feng really could be eliminated in this round.

Analysis on the android…

Analysis on the gene attributes…

Analysis on the genetic ability…

Regardless of which angle they looked at it from, Chen Feng would be ranked below top 90. His total strength was at the bottom tier among the participants.

At this time, in the livestream room of a participant called Lin Ke, light shone in his eyes.

With gene reagents, he was forging his very own expert fighter. Before his eyes, under his efforts, the whole body of his android had became extremely different than the rest.


He tossed out a bottle of gene reagent.



The gene reagent dissolved into a clump of energy before morphing into a piece of armor.


The armor landed on the android’s body.

Flawless execution.


Lin Ke was agitated.

Before his eyes, that ordinary and mediocre-looking android had transformed into an armored android whose body was filled to the brim with a dreadful force of energy.

This was a mechanical armor!

A mechanical armor produced by support gene reagent!


Lin Ke was in ecstasy.

The victory of this round would be his!

"Despite the duration being somewhat short, it is definitely capable of unleashing a tenfold worth of power!"

Lin Ke was agitated.

He knew that a new legend belonging to him was beginning.

At this moment, in his livestream room, a huge crowd had entered. These people were here to witness the birth of that mechanical armor. That metallic lustor on the armor bewitched countless people here.

"Damn, Gundam."

"It’s only mechanical armor. Honestly, the fact that he produced mechanical armor is not quite mystical. A lot of genetic abilities could accomplish this. However, capable of producing an instant mechanical armor using a support gene reagent, this Lin Ke is truly excessively powerful."

"The rise of a second Huang He."

Everyone exclaimed in admiration.

Chen Feng, Huang He…

Now, a Lin Ke had appeared!

The Gene Rookie Competition was indeed a venue that provided chances for people to showcase their talent.

At this time, everyone was preparing for the incoming battle.

Due to the existence of many unknown formulas and formulas that these producers had originally known, based on the data in the livestream room alone, the viewers were unable to get a clue as to how some of these gene reagents worked.

This round was heavily focused on the battle stage!

Time passed quietly.

In the arena, Chen Feng was calmly producing genes.

He was aware of his true power. As he had only been in this profession for a very short time, if he wanted to obtain victory with his ability as a novice, he had to use some peculiar methods!

Accumulation and foundations?

Real combat?

Despite the rules set in this round being somewhat restrictive, Chen Feng had still managed to seize a glimmer of hope from the rules. It was the chance for him to obtain victory. At the same time, it was also the chance for him to rush to the forefront among the participants!

"Come at me."

Chen Feng inhaled.

He refused to believe that he would not be able to win this round.


Gene production complete.

Chen Feng glanced at it and an expression of delight appeared on his face. Indeed, it was not too far away from what he had estimated. If such a degree of mutation was used…

He might still be able to fight it out!

Time passed quietly.

Night arrived and the production stage officially ended. The battle stage began!


"Kindly carry your gene reagents with you and enter a battle-ready state," the ice-cold machinery voice prompted.


Androids appeared.

A silhouette of light swirled before Chen Feng’s eyes before transforming into a huge screen. On it was the information related to his android. Around the information were the gene reagents he had produced earlier.

During the battle, he could use the gene reagents on his android at any time.

"Is it starting?"

Chen Feng’s lips curled into a smile.

He was truly not proficient with support genes. However, as for other genes…


"Battle preparation completed."

"Everyone, kindly get to your stations."

"The battle stage officially begins."


Light swirled.

Countless pictures flickered as random opponents were matched.

Chen Feng vs Zhao Liu.


A huge virtual ring descended.

Two androids appeared in the middle of the ring. In midair was a shining number that was counting down. After the 3-second countdown, the match would officially begin.

"It begins."

A lot of viewers were watching this in Chen Feng’s livestream room.

Regardless of whether these were his haters or fans, this was his first battle. They wanted to see if Chen Feng could truly advance forward in this round.

"Zhao Liu has 12 support genes."

"Yeah, although he is in the bottom ranks of the top 100, in the aspect of support genes, he is still much more powerful than Chen Feng."

Everyone started discussing spiritedly.

Right at this moment, the battle erupted.


On Zhao Liu’s android, multi-colored gene reagents appeared with a flash. That was the effect of the various support genes he'd used, possessing a terrifying might.

As for Chen Feng?

Only a faint layer of light was swirling around his android.

That was the glow of the bluebat gene.


The Zhao Liu–controlled android howled as it turned into a flash and streaked toward Chen Feng's android.

Incredibly fast!

The android had astonishingly increased its agility to the limit.

"So fast!"

"This speed already reaches the level of a D-class warrior. On top of that, there are also other enhancements!"

"Chen Feng is finished."

Everyone’s hearts chilled.

This speed…

Too heaven defying!

However, at this moment, Chen Feng slightly raised his hand, and a faint shockwave flashed. With that, the android that was streaking forth with a high speed collapsed instantly.


"Battle ends. Chen Feng is victorious, obtaining 1 point."


Light swirled.

Chen Feng returned to the battle preparation area.


"What’s going on?"

"The f*ck?"

Everyone was confused.

Winning just like that?

It was the same situation in the second, third, and even the fourth round! Every time one believed that Chen Feng had reached his limits, he would employ an inconceivable method to obtain victory.

And now, the same thing was happening.

"Did you all see what happened?"


"I only saw Zhao Liu’s android charge forth, and then it ended."

Everyone answered honestly.

None were able to see clearly what had happened, due to it being too fast.

Too fast.

Chen Feng’s second battle began.

As usual, his opponent erupted with his strongest combat power the moment they entered the ring. A terrifying android charged toward Chen Feng. However, Chen Feng merely raised his hand.


A flash of the bluebat gene reagent’s light.

His opponent collapsed immediately.


Once again, Chen Feng obtained 1 point.