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Chapter 138: Final Confrontation!

Chapter 138: Final Confrontation!

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Another insta-kill!

Defeating Lin Ke was only the beginning. Only when Chen Feng continued defeating one celebrity producer after another, before ultimately defeating Yun Xiaoduo as well, did an alarmed expression appeared on everyone’s faces.

"Yun Xiaoduo was defeated as well?"

"Chen Feng is actually so powerful?"

Everyone was shocked.

Only at this moment did they realize how terrifying Chen Feng was. So many previously undefeated producers were insta-killed by Chen Feng.

"Chen Feng is going to win first place once again?"

At this moment, Chen Feng was matched against a new opponent. This matchup had caused a sensation among countless people.

Chen Feng vs Qin Hai!

"It’s Qin Hai."

Everyone’s eyes shone.

Qin Hai.

The producer with the highest amount of support genes!

Up till now, just like Chen Feng, he had maintained his winning streak. The path he had chosen this round was the sharpest path, only strengthening his android in one particular aspect—


Highest strength attribute!

Strongest attack enhancement!

Strongest energy weapon!

In the hand of Qin Hai’s android was an energy sword flickering with a dazzling radiance. It was capable of displaying a terrifying power to instantly defeat its opponent!

Even if it was not insta-kill, it was still terrifying!


Light swirled.

Both of them and their androids appeared on the ring at the same time.

"Chen Feng!"

Qin Hai’s battle spirit was surging.

Seventy-five–victory streak. He had waited for this moment for far too long!

"Qin Hai."

Chen Feng had a solemn expression.

Toward this textbook-like perfect producer, he had a deep impression. This opponent was also the strongest competitor of his in this competition!


Battle began!


Qin Hai activated all his gene reagents.


The energy sword on the android’s hand started blossoming with a terrifying might. Faintly, one could feel that it somewhat surpassed the power of one at this class. Cracks even appeared in the air around it. One layer of support aura after another enveloped the energy sword. That was the effect of Qin Hai’s support genes!

Incredibly terrifying.


Qin Hai controlled the android as the sword was swung down.


A terrifying energy spread out.

At this, Chen Feng raised his hand like usual, aiming at Qin Hai.


Light swirled.

The dreadful radiance from the descending energy sword blossomed in the air. When it was 1 cm away from Chen Feng, it stopped there, never to move again.

The radiance gradually faded from the air.

The battle ended.


Everyone blanked.

It ended?!

They raised their head to take a look before noticing that Qin Hai’s android had collapsed at this moment, dead under Chen Feng’s attack!


Everyone was in an uproar.

No one had expected this result!


Insta-kill as usual!

"I’m afraid nobody is capable of stopping Chen Feng now, right?"

"Such terrifying strength!"

"Even Qin Hai was defeated. Who can stop him?"

Everyone exclaimed in admiration.

Eighty-win streak!

Ninety-win streak!

Once again, Chen Feng’s winning streaks increased rapidly.

At this moment, an astonishing incident happened. Qin Hai was once again defeated!

His opponent was a producer named Sun Han, the guy whose android seemed to be bathed in gold light, looking sturdy as a rock and possessing unequaled defense.

His combat style was—

Tiring his opponents to death!

"What’s going on?"

Everyone was bewildered.

"He is too freaking sturdy."

Those who had witnessed the match previously started complaining. "That guy is simply a labor livestock[1]. Using over 20 support gene formulas entirely consisting of defensive gene reagents. Is he sick?!"

"Qin Hai couldn’t even break through his defense. How is he supposed to fight?"

"Honestly, if Qin Hai was fighting personally, he would’ve won long ago. However, this is a battle between androids; hence, there’s no way to break the defense!"

In fact, Sun Han was not particularly powerful. That was because his winning streaks only lasted 12 matches before it ended.

In his 13th match, he encountered a guy possessing several recovery gene formulas. Every time his android was dying, a recovery gene reagent would be used and the android would be energetic and frisky like a brand new android again.

The Sun Han who was exceptional at exhausting others to death end up getting exhausted to his death as well.

This was the so-called repressive effect!


Even with this, Sun Han’s ability was not to be undermined.

Among the top 100, the best defensive gene-reagent producer was Sun Han. The android he supported had the undisputed number-one defense among all the androids there.

Unequaled by anyone else!

"So such a battling method actually exists?"


"Doesn’t this mean that he might be able to defeat Chen Feng?"

Everyone suddenly realized something.

At this time, Chen Feng’s winning streak had reached 95 wins, and only four opponents remained. If nothing unexpected happened, the match anticipated by many would happen soon!

Chen Feng vs Sun Han!

The confrontation between the strongest attack and the strongest defense!

On the virtual ring, both androids appeared. Countless eyes locked on Chen Feng, waiting for the start of the match, waiting for the secret behind Chen Feng’s insta-kills to be exposed!

Everyone was looking forward to it.

The number of viewers in the livestream rooms of Chen Feng and Sun Han had increased greatly.

Ten million viewers!

Fifteen million viewers!

Twenty million viewers!

For the first time, their livestream rooms reached a previously inconceivable height, even compared with the other livestream rooms worldwide.

In Chen Feng’s livestream room.

Everyone here wanted to see clearly what methods Chen Feng employed for his insta-kills. Even Chen Feng’s fans were wishing that Chen Feng’s victory would be slowed down by a few seconds.


The sentiments here were to let them witness clearly Chen Feng’s insta-kill methods.

As for the livestream room of Sun Han?

"Do your best, Sun Han!"

"Defeat the demon king Chen Feng!"

"Fight for the common producers! You are the final defensive line of us producers!"

The chat was spammed endlessly.

Everyone there was actually hoping that Sun Han would exhaust Chen Feng to death.

The strength of Chen Feng’s attack was without doubt.

However, Sun Han was good at dealing with such producers. This was also the reason everyone looked forward to this matchup. If even Sun Han was defeated, probably nobody else could defeat Chen Feng anymore.


The countdown timer flickered.

Battle began.


Gold light shone from Sun Han's android.

Seemingly sensing the threat posed by Chen Feng, Sun Han moved furiously, and a succession of defensive genes were instantly activated. The amount of activated gene reagents here was even higher than Qin Hai.


Gold light flickered.

Sun Han’s android entered its optimal defensive mode.

At this time, Chen Feng slightly raised his hand.


The air trembled.


Sun Han’s expression changed greatly.


He directly activated a forbidden art.

The android in front of him had one of its arm shattered. Around it, a red-colored energy aura appeared and formed a formidable defensive barrier.

This was the support gene reagent of Sun Han.

Formidable, with a myriad of variations!

"So powerful."

"How many layers of defense is this?"

"All his defense was unleashed in an instant."

Everyone was anxious.

Sun Han must have felt threatened for him to react in such a way. However, how scary was the sense of crisis he felt for him to unleash so many layers of defense?

At this time.


Light shattered.

This time, the viewers could clearly see it. A transparent wave had bombarded the surroundings of Sun Han’s android. Due to the intense collision of energy, a huge light effect could be seen.



A certain android was broken apart.

The battle ended.

"It finished?"

Everyone raised their heads with bewilderment.

In the ring, the victory screen had once again locked on to that familiar silhouette.

Chen Feng—



Tens of millions of people were shaken.

Chen Feng was once again victorious?


This was f*cking illogical!

Yes, yes, you can win. However, can you let us see what methods you used to win? And there’s also this Sun Han. Arren't you the f*cking strongest defense? Even if you were to lose, you have to resist a second longer, right?

Sun Han had a stupefied expression as well.


In the several tens of matches he'd been in, he had encountered countless types of androids and had tasted defeats as well. However, not a single one of those defeats were as direct as his current defeat, where he couldn’t even resist!

Even after he left the ring, he was still in a stupor.

What freak is this?!

As of now, the battle stage had reached its end.

It concluded with Chen Feng as the undisputed first place holder.


The rankings were refreshed.

First place: Chen Feng, 99 points.

Second place: Qin Hai, 97 points.

Third place: Lin Ke, 94 points.

And now, the top 10 was birthed. The rest were all eliminated!

Everyone had their gazes concentrated on Chen Feng.

First place!

Indeed, first place again!

Three times in a row, when nobody was optimistic about him, he had used some inconceivable method to obtain first place, without anyone capable of defeating him!

"It’s actually Chen Feng again."

Everyone exclaimed in admiration.

However, no one expected that at this very moment, Sun Han, who was one point away from the tenth place and ended up eliminated due to his 11th place position, had suddenly voiced his concerns.

"I want to lodge a report on Chen Feng. He has violated the rules and used his genetic ability in the android battle!"


Everyone’s heart jolted.


It was actually a report lodged by the 11th place holder.


1. It essentially means animals used for labor due to their strength, such as mules, buffalos, horses, etc.