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Chapter 139: Sun Han’s Defense

Chapter 139: Sun Han’s Defense

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"I want to report him!

"I’m not supposed to be eliminated.

Sun Han said, "You all might doubt my words. However, let me tell you all this one thing. Under the circumstances where all my support genes are activated, my defensive power is already at C class!"


Everyone’s hearts trembled.

C class?!

What concept was that!

The android was only at E class originally. Ordinary producers would support it until it reached the level of peak E class, elite producers would support it until it reached the level of beginner D class, while genius producers like Qin Hai would be able to support it until it reached the level of around intermediate or advanced D class!

As for C-class?


It was akin to a gate!

C class’s power far surpassed D class!


Sun Han released his data to prove his words.

"So that’s the case."

Everyone suddenly came to themselves.

No wonder Qin Hai couldn’t even break Sun Han’s defense. Sun Han’s defensive gene reagents had reached C class?

Incredibly terrifying!


What about Chen Feng?

Everyone suddenly felt something amiss.

Chen Feng was a person who had at most utilized five support genes. This was clear for everyone to see when he was producing those genes. A majority of them were bluebat gene reagents.

What could he do to have an attack surpassing C class?

Absolutely impossible!

What was the concept of C class?

10,000 points of spirit!

"I felt it." Sun Han sneered. "The instant my android was attacked, the defenses collapsed immediately due to a terrifying power landing on them. This proved that the strength of Chen Feng’s attack had absolutely surpassed 10,000 units!"


Everyone inhaled deeply.

If they were to think about it, wasn’t that the truth?

If they were both at C class, between defense and attack, even if one side was somewhat stronger, it wouldn’t be such a one sided insta-kill. This meant…

Chen Feng’s attack power was much higher!

Middle tier C class?

20,000 units?

What was the original power of the android?

Spirit: 200 points

Regardless of how one looked at it, that was something impossible!

"Hence," Sun Han said with a clear voice, "I suspect that when his android attacked, Chen Feng had also utilized some of his genetic ability, interfering with the battle between the androids!

"I need justice!"

He was ranked at 11th place, only one point behind the top 10. If he were to gain that one extra point from his match with Chen Feng, he would be able to enter the top 10, even if he had to share the 10th place with someone else.

This was a glory that belonged to him!

The difference between the top 10 and top 100 was as different as sky and earth. He had to fight for this.

Moreover, if Chen Feng had really violated the rules, he would be directly eliminated! At this moment, almost everyone was focussing on this.

Rules violation?

As they thought of it, they felt suspicious as well.


That shouldn’t be the case.

However, using one’s genetic ability to interfere in the battle between androids, even if that was not considered cheating, that was still a violation of the rules, and his results should be erased.

That was because the rules were clear—

Producing support gene reagents!


"Investigate thoroughly!"

Those defeated by Chen Feng jumped out one after another.

Especially their fans.

These people had been bragging about how impressive their production ability was previously before being insta-killed by Chen Feng, getting their face smacked to the point that it was swelling. This time, they naturally need to come out and step on Chen Feng as well.

The competition was temporarily suspended.

This was the second suspension.

Previously… it was also due to Chen Feng!

However, due to the previous ‘reporting Chen Feng’ incident, the absolute majority of the people maintained their rationality, waiting for the investigation results of the Gene Production Association.

"Such evil must be erased!"

"Youngsters nowadays, always looking for a quick way out."

"Every time, it’s this Chen Feng that’s stirring up trouble."

"Yeah, a foul atmosphere was brought into a good competition like this because of him."

A lot of producers were not satisfied.

Especially the older producers.

Their thought process was very simple. Regardless of whether this was an accusation, if Chen Feng hadn't stirred things up, who would bother reporting him?!

Couldn't he just follow the rules?

Somewhere, an old producer stood up. "Liu Er, help me to the Gene Production Association."

"Teacher," the student said respectfully, "is there a need for you to go personally?"

"Hmmph! If I don’t go over, will they do anything about this?!"

"The competitions nowadays are getting more and more ridiculous. That Qin Hai student has advanced with solid foundations and steady results. Furthermore, his attitude is very good as well. Even with that, he can only obtain second place? And the one who obtained first place is some producer who obtained victory through some tricks? Is this proper?" the old producer said furiously.

The student felt somewhat awkward. "Oh, teacher, this is not confirmed yet."

"Even if he won through quick thinking, does that mean it’s not trickeries?"

"Hmmph!" The old producer glared at him. "Furthermore, this is Gao Yunfeng’s mistake! If it wasn’t for the appearance of a loophole in the rules he'd set, would Chen Feng have found a chance to win through tricks?"

Chen Feng’s tricks…

Gao Yunfeng’s mistake…

Trash technicians…

The Gene Production Association only watching at the side…

The old man started nagging without stop, seemingly returning to his youth.

The student could only listen to him with a bitter smile on his face.

You are already at such an age, why are you getting involved in all this? Honestly, stepping on Chen Feng at his moment of victory, with your identity on top of it, isn't this being too much of a bully? Even if this was for the sake of Senior Apprentice Brother Qin Hai, isn’t this too biased? the student thought inwardly.

However, he did not notice the hidden glint in the old man’s eyes.

Deep as an ocean.

Deep and immeasurable.

"Let’s go."

"While these old bone of mine can still move… the next round, the battle of the top 10, it must be vetted by us, the old generation of producers!"


At this time, in the command center of the virtual company building, the sudden surge of reports had tremendously increased the workload of the employees there.

"Has it been investigated clearly?" Gao Yunfeng said indifferently.

The technicians nodded. "Mhm."


Chen Feng’s data was once again extracted, including all the formulas he had used in the competition. Only now did Gao Yunfeng know how Chen Feng obtained his victory.

"This…It’s actually like this?" Gao Yunfeng was dumbstruck.

He had tried his best to perfect the rules together with the help of several hundred producers. However, he had not expected that Chen Feng would still find some exploit in it.

"If this is released, I will probably be scolded to death…" Gao Yunfeng mumbled.

The moment he saw Chen Feng’s data, he was aware of what might happen to him as a result.

This Chen Feng…

"Is it a coincidence?"

Gao Yunfeng smiled bitterly.

The first time, it is coincidence. The second time, it is luck. What about the third time?

This only highlighted Chen Feng’s astonishing analytical and observation capabilities and his accumulation! That’s right, accumulation. That peculiar accumulation of Chen Feng that was totally different than that of everyone else.

"Chen Feng…"

This was the first time Gao Yunfeng took this producer seriously.

Perhaps this is a talent worth nurturing after all!

Gao Yunfeng inhaled deeply. "Announce it."

The technician hesitated. "Everything?"

"Everything!" Gao Yunfeng did not hesitate. "I prepared the start and the end of the round and set up the rules. For Chen Feng to obtain victory within the parameters set by my rules, this victory is rightfully his!"

"All right."

The technician nodded.


Chen Feng’s data was once again released.