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Chapter 141: The Analyzed Chen Feng

Chapter 141: The Analyzed Chen Feng

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"Chen Feng…"

A fire of fury was burning in everyone’s hearts.

This was especially true for those in the top 10!

Stepped on by Chen Feng’s feet…

Having the dignity of the top 10 questioned by the masses…

Criticized by the news outlets saying that the current year’s batch of participants wouldn’t do…

Those titles saying that, since even with the nine of them, they still couldn’t even oppose a single Chen Feng, thus letting him obtain the first place, they were probably not that powerful after all. What celebrity producers, they were all jokes, etc.


Chen Feng’s first place was not due to his strength, instead, it was due to the others being weak?

What? Since you are all saying how useless we and Chen Feng are, shouldn’t you all first consider how useless the idols you supported are? What textbook level, you are all probably overdosed with textbooks, turning into some stupid bookworms!

Every time a criticism of Chen Feng arose, the nine of them would be implicated.

Every time Chen Feng received any sort of recognition, the nine of them would still be dragged over to be criticized.

No matter what happened, the nine of them were taking the blame for Chen Feng.

At a certain ice cream shop.

"Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah—this young lady here is infuriated to death." Yun Xiaoduo was bursting with rage. "Look at this, when they were scolding Chen Feng, they actually dragged me in. Ah ah ah ah ah, what does this have anything to do with me?!

"Look at this, that bastard called Song Dazui.

"What is his meaning in saying that this is the worst batch of the Gene Rookie Competition he has ever seen? Asshole, didn’t he say the same thing last year as well? There’s also that guy…

"And this guy…"

Yun Xiaoduo showed them all to the little donkey.

The little donkey kept its huge eyes opened wide with an innocent expression on its face.

"What are you looking at!

"You are not allowed to eat!

"You are only allowed to eat when you win. In the next round, I must show Chen Feng. Hmph hmph. I can’t let this troublemaker—" Yun Xiaoduo was panting with rage before seemingly feeling that these words of hers were somewhat incorrect and promptly correcting herself, "I can’t let Chen Feng, this piece of rat poop, spoil the pan of dish."

In the shop, a huge shaggy ball was devouring ice cream crazily.


The little donkey felt wronged.

Fine, it would just accept the fact that it was not allowed to eat. But to force it to watch on as others ate? This was too excessive!

"Ao ao—"

The little donkey was angry.

This was all because of that damnable Chen Feng. This time, it had to properly take care of that guy!

At the same time, Qin Hai, Lin Ke…

Everyone’s anger was welling up inside of them.

In the next round, the fifth round, they had to teach Chen Feng a lesson!

They were the current top 10, the true geniuses. They had to prove their potential and accumulation, and they absolutely would not give Chen Feng any chances to win using his tricks.

Furthermore, some had even started contacting the other top 10 participants, hoping that the nine of them could group up against Chen Feng!

Defeating Chen Feng became their foremost goal!

At this time, on the learning forum, due to Chen Feng’s unusual method of obtaining victory, countless criticism arose in the forum. Some supported him, while others were against him. Due to this, the arguments in the learning forum were intense as well. However, the popularity of these discussions dropped greatly, because at this moment, a thread appeared and attracted everyone’s attention.

The thread was still centered on Chen Feng.

‘The main reason for Chen Feng’s continuous victories and the simplest method of preventing this.’


The thread attracted countless readers the moment it appeared.

That was due to the thread starter being a somewhat well-known producer. Regardless of his identity or his status, it was not something an ordinary person could be compared to.

The title of this thread was also concise and comprehensive.

In the thread, the main points of Chen Feng’s previous rounds were analyzed in detail with a guess that Chen Feng most probably possessed a certain powerful genetic ability that would help him produce mutated genes after making certain sacrifices. An evaluation was also included: If such an ability existed, it was most probably an A class or higher gene!

This was one of the points in the thread.

This was the reason Chen Feng had successfully produced mutated genes time and time again. Reasonable and fair.

Next, the thread started highlighting the second reason for Chen Feng’s victories.

The others participants were restricted!

Due to this being a competition, the participants were restricted by the rules of the competition.

And due to these rules, the strength of the others was greatly restricted within the confines of the rules. For example, they were restricted to produce only the strongest defense… the strongest support… the strongest heal…in the respective rounds.

As for Chen Feng?

Due to his essentially zero accumulation, the restrictions on him were simply nonexistent.

This was the second reason.

There was a third reason.

It was that creative and peculiar way in which Chen Feng thought.

Despite countless producers being dissatisfied due to the first two points, for this third point, an extremely high evaluation was given to Chen Feng. Chen Feng was an extremely quick-witted producer!

Hence, with the combination of these three factors, Chen Feng was able to obtain continuous victories.

Apart from this, within the thread was also the method of preventing Chen Feng from continuing his victories: formula.

Chen Feng had won continuously?

However, had anyone noticed that in every single victory of his, it was based on the new formula he'd obtained from the gene bank? That was due to him not having any accumulation at all!

He did not have any previously known formulas to use!

Hence, this was the only method he could employ!

The essential factor ensuring every single victory of his was the formula he had chosen.


If the competition stopped supplying formulas?

Based on the examples of the competitions from previous years, when the competition entered the final round, it was very probable for formulas to stop being supplied. At this time, how would Chen Feng display his strength?

Finally, a huge amount of data was attached to the thread.


After the thread was released, a huge uproar was caused.

So this was the case!

A huge amount of confused people finally realized it.

When everyone was busy fighting, this producer had used the simplest method to calm the whole learning forum down and get them to start approaching it from a research and academic point of view.


‘Do you think that Chen Feng will be the final first-place winner?’

Some posted a poll.


Chen Feng was the undisputed tenth place in the poll!

Total voter amount: 12,841

Tenth place votes: 11,921

In this world, the scariest thing was the unknown. When Chen Feng was fully analyzed, he lost that tint of mysteriousness on him.

At this time.

In the hotel.

Chen Feng’s heart was greatly alarmed as well after reading this thread.

Too accurate!

Apart from his Luck Aura being misunderstood as some genetic ability, the other points were totally accurate.

"I indeed can’t underestimate these seniors."

Chen Feng was shocked.

Tenth place, eh…

Chen Feng sighed.

In all honesty, he had initially believed that he would obtain the final victory. However, after the series of first places he obtained all the way until he was now in the top 10, he felt a deep sense of powerlessness.

I’m afraid, my advance will stop here.

The top 10 was too strong!

Qin Hai…

Yun Xiaoduo…

Chen Feng was clear on his level of strength.

If he were to have an all-out confrontation with them, he was simply not their opponent. One could also say that this was simply a competition between those in different leagues!

How would the battle between the top 10 proceed?

He was not sure.

However, Chen Feng guessed that there would no longer be any restrictions.

Instead, it would be a true all-out confrontation!

At this time, what could he use to obtain victory?

Just as this thread had said, without a supply of formula, what could he do? Using the pitiful amount of formulas he knew to face the others who knew several tens or even several hundreds of formulas?!

That was simply a dead end.

However, should he give up just like this?

He was not reconciled to just giving up.

He had reached here with great difficulty only to give up just like this?!

How could he be willing to?


It wouldn’t be that bad?

Chen Feng looked at the luck values he had. Despite the high amount of luck value exhausted in each round, due to the three days break in between and the luck value he'd saved up previously, he still had 300 points of luck value currently.

These… might be his only hope.

"I am now already a peak beginner producer."

Chen Feng analyzed his strength.

Initially, he was already on the brink of reaching peak beginner producer. After the productions and the competition he'd gone through, he had finally reached peak beginner producer.

Despite the fact that his star rating remained at 20 stars.

His efforts during this period of time were not wasted. Despite the fact that luck values were still required for completion of E-class formulas, he could now successfully produce F-class formulas without relying on luck values regardless of the star or the difficulty level!

Now, he was in a mode other would call ‘intermediate producer mode.’

"I have improved greatly."

Chen Feng was still quite satisfied with this.

Every single round he went through also brought progress and improvement to him!

At the same time, when he was battling it out and crossing swords with others, his foundations were improving greatly, reaching his current level!

However, for the final confrontation?

All this was still insufficient!

"First place…" Chen Feng muttered. Did he really have zero chance?