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Chapter 142: A Confrontation of Accumulation? Who’s Afraid!

Chapter 142: A Confrontation of Accumulation? Who’s Afraid!

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At the learning forum, Chen Feng entered the same thread that analyzed him and started reading through it. In the span of several hours, there were already over ten thousand replies. Evidently, a lot of people were taking this thread seriously.

Chen Feng silently went through the replies.

"Haha, this time, there’s no place for Chen Feng to hide."

"Interesting, so it was due to a powerful genetic ability…"

"Anyone have any idea what ability that is?"

"No idea. However, we only need to roughly guess the way it works. With the data here as the proof, I’m afraid that, in the top 10, Chen Feng will not be able to win through quick thinking alone, right?"

"Haha, true."

Everyone discussed spiritedly.

"In the end, it’s still due to him not having sufficient accumulation…" some lamented.



What made Chen Feng feel so helpless was this exact thing called accumulation.

What could he do about it if he was too young?

"Yeah yeah yeah!"

"Chen Feng is still too young, after all. Perhaps, after two years, he will be able to be the new champion."

"I agree with this point."

"In all honestly, I don’t think Chen Feng is quite that bad in other aspects. Accumulation includes numerous aspects. However, Chen Feng is somewhat lacking in the amount of mastered formulas."

"Above poster +1."

Everyone engaged in enthusiastic discussion.

Chen Feng agreed with their analysis. The learning forum was still comparatively objective when it came to knowledge-related problems. They had also managed to find out the aspect of accumulation which Chen Feng lacked—


However, what could he do about that?

Which mastered formula wasn’t something that was only mastered after a producer painstakingly trained for a long time?


Chen Feng abruptly realized something.


Trained for a long time?

Before mastering?


Akin to someone who obtained enlightenment, in an instant, Chen Feng became clearheaded and his eyes shone brightly as he became incomparably excited.

What a joke!

He had always been mocking others for following the wrong train of thought, but wasn’t he doing the same thing?

The others required a very long time to master a formula. However, that was not the case for Chen Feng. Due to the existence of Luck Aura, he only needed to study the formula to know the contents of it and that would be sufficient!

As long as he obtained a formula, it would immediately become a part of his accumulation.

There was simply no need for him to train himself and obtain mastery in the formula. He only needed to study the contents of the formula and Luck Aura would enable him to produce them.

As for studying…


Nowadays, due to the high amount of 4-star and 5-star E-class formulas that he had learnt, in regards to the formula and materials, he had a better grasp on them. As such, his speed was much higher when studying as well!

Getting familiarized with a formula?

It wouldn’t take him long at all!


What if he were to study a huge amount of formulas?

Chen Feng licked his dry lips, a fire burning in his heart.

Formidable accumulation?

A battle of mastered formulas?!

I shall push you all to death!



Chen Feng entered the business district of the virtual community and started sweeping through it. His occasional mutated gold ant gene production had given him a great amount of riches, so he had quite an amount of cash on hand.

F-class formula?


Even if it was only a 1-star formula!

Every formula he could see in the business district, as long as it seemed somewhat useful, Chen Feng would buy.

Not enough cash?

He would produce a mutated gold ant gene reagent.

Chen Feng started his furious purchasing plan.

In three days, Chen Feng bought and study formulas without stop.

F-class formulas would not waste too much of Chen Feng’s time, as he could almost instantly finish studying them. Only those E-class formulas with somewhat higher star ratings would slow him down. However, these formulas wouldn’t slow him down by much as well. That was because, as his accumulation of knowledge regarding formulas increased, the speed in which he familiarized himself with new formula increased as well.

It reached a point where, in some of the formulas, around half the contents within were some knowledge that he already knew about.



Chen Feng studied at a frantic pace.

During the final confrontation, he would show the other producers what real accumulation looked like.


In the command center of the virtual company building, Gao Yunfeng and the rest were undergoing tests on the rules for the final confrontation. However, no one expected that an old producer that was supported by a student of his would appear in this command center.

Gao Yunfeng was shocked. "Why has your respected self came here?"

Why had this old man come?

Wen Jiang, an ex-conference elder of the Gene Production Association headquarters. Possessing terrifying influence and students all over the world. A senior like this, why had he come to this place?

"Taking a look here."

Wen Jiang merely watched on indifferently.

Gao Yunfeng felt somewhat awkward. With this old man here staring at them, how were they supposed to carry on with their tests?

"Old Wen." A bright laughter traveled forth from a distant place as the old man that had always been at Gao Yunfeng’s side during the competition appeared and, with a smile on his face, said, "What are you doing here?"

Wen Jiang was somewhat surprised. "Old Hou, why are you here?"

Hou Liang.

Similarly, he was also a conference elder of the Gene Production Association headquarters. The only difference being that Wen Jiang had retired from that position while Hou Liang still held the position.

Hou Liang smiled. "If even you can come, why can’t I come?"

Wen Jiang looked at the wrinkles on Hou Liang’s face and said deeply, "You have gotten old as well."

Yes, they had gotten old.

Back in the days, these two were proud sons of the heavens. Now, they had entered their old age.

The monkey who overturned the heavens and seas and almost pierced through the skies back then[1] was now calmly overseeing the competition and was actually content with that.

Hou Liang laughed involuntarily. "I know, right."

"Since you are here, the reason I came this time…" Wen Jiang did not waste time saying any nonsense.

"Don’t worry." Hou Liang pulled Wen Jiang. "Don’t worry, since I am here, I won’t allow any problems to happen to that matter. This year’s Gene Rookie Competition, we will definitely choose the strongest producer from it."

"That’s good, then."

Only with this did Wen Jiang feel relieved.

With Hou Liang here, there wouldn’t be any problems with the rules of the competition.

"I still need to say the same thing." Wen Jiang had a solemn expression. "Only a producer capable of staying alive is the strongest producer! In the real world, who would give you a perfect environment to conduct your tests? We are not some laboratory bookworms or some lucky speculators. What we need is a genuine producer!"

Wen Jiang said word by word, "The genuine strongest producer!"


Gao Yunfeng had a respectful expression.

This was also what influenced the rules he'd set for this competition.

He suddenly realized that this year’s Gene Rookie Competition might not be as simple as it appeared to be! Regardless of the fact that he was dispatched here to set up the rules or the fact that senior Hou Liang was here to oversee the competition proved that! However, no matter what, he only needed to do what he was supposed to do. That would be sufficient.

"That’s good, then." Wen Jiang looked at him deeply before turning around to leave.

Hou Liang escorted them out.

"Old Hou… you must keep the ship afloat," Wen Jiang said in a low voice. "I’m afraid some dirty things are going to surface soon."

"Understood." Hou Liang’s eyes shone brightly.

This was also the reason for him being here.

"That child, Qin Hai, is the best choice for us." Wen Jiang couldn’t resist but to say, "I can even specially nurture him."

"Don’t worry." Hou Liang laughed as he said, "In the fifth round, it is an all-out confrontation. Are you satisfied with this?"

"All out confrontation?!"

Wen Jiang’s eyes flashed. If this was the case, Qin Hai could definitely showcase his full power.

"Hence, we will definitely be able to choose the strongest producer from this round!" Hou Liang smiled as he said.


Satisfied, Wen Jiang left, not noticing the toying smile on Hou Liang’s face.

They would definitely choose the strongest producer out of this. However, as for whether Qin Hai would be the one who qualified for it, that was not something they could decide. Instead, it would be decided by the results of the competition!

After all…

There was still another child who was rather interesting in it.

"Final confrontation, eh?"

A smile appeared on Hou Liang’s face. Would it be the child that he guessed?

He looked forward to it.


1. Essentially means that he was a troublemaker back then, similar to that Monkey King/Sun Wukong from Journey to the West. Fun fact, his name is Hou Liang, while Hou here means monkey.