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Chapter 143: The Demon That Died in Infancy!

Chapter 143: The Demon That Died in Infancy!

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh
Somewhere amidst the boundless ocean was an endless expanse of interweaving glaciers and sea surface.

This was the Ice Sea.

A place that would still be enveloped by endless chill regardless of how intense the sun shone.

Suddenly, the seawater started boiling.

It began from a small chunk of seawater and slowly spread around, reaching a radius of over several tens of kilometers. The bone-piercing ice-cold seawater had, at this instant, started boiling.

"Gu du!"

"Gu du!"

A terrifying black aura started coming out of the sea.

After a long time, those clumps of black aura condensed in midair, akin to a fiend that had crawled out of an abyss, possessing an immense body which greatly resembled the dragon of legend! It was only formed of black aura, though.

A high pitched shout travelled forth from that clump of darkness. "Hahahahaha. I am back.

"How many years has it been… I, your father, am finally back!

"Genetic Union, and that Gene Production Association, all of you damnable worms, do you believe that you are actually capable of forever trapping me, your father, in this place? Haha. How ridiculous!"

The clump of darkness’s resentment-filled voice echoed.

He had returned.

Despite the amount of sacrifice he had paid to return.

However, it was worth it.

He believed that as long as he was able to once again form his physical body, he would be able to once again conquer the world, making the whole world kneel before him!

"The era of me, your father, is here!"

The clump of darkness bared his fangs and brandished his claws.

A gust of black gas scattered and enveloped over half of the glacier there.

This was his strength!

Despite his current weakened state, it was still incomparable.

However, right at this moment, a gust of terrifying power abruptly descended. The recently awakened clump of darkness couldn’t even react to it before he was pierced through by a huge burning sword that descended from the skies.


The huge burning sword descended. It pierced the clump of darkness, akin to a nail, and smashed the clump of darkness into the glacier.

"Ah—" the clump of darkness screamed mournfully as it struggled frantically. However, that terrifying black gas of his was no longer capable of displaying its previous prowess. His power had been sealed.


"Who dares to act against me?" the clump of darkness bellowed.


Up in the air, from above the cloud, a silhouette jumped down.

It was Wang Yao!

"Who are you? How did you find out that this lord here would appear at this location?" the clump of darkness said with a high-pitched voice.

He had managed to avoid the detection of the Gentic Union and Gene Production Association. However, he had never expected that there would be someone here waiting for him. On top of that, the person waiting for him was actually a little girl!


Wang Yao had a cold expression.


Once again, she pushed her huge sword down.

"You can’t kill me. I have an unkillable body!" the clump of darkness bellowed.

At this time, in Wang Yao’s hand, a mysterious blood essence gleaming with a bizarre blue radiance appeared. Quietly, it landed on that clump of darkness’s body at the spot that had been pierced through by the huge sword earlier.


A terrifying power blossomed.


A mournful scream.

"Seadragon blood essence. How can you have this thing?! The seadragons have been extinct for so many years, ah ah ah ah ah ah…" The clump of darkness looked at his collapsing body with a terrified expression.

"I am the future ruler of this whole world!

"How is it possible for me to die here?!

"I have an unkillable body…"

The terrified voice echoed around the area.


Accompanied by the final crisp sound, the black aura vanished, and not a shred remained.

The seadragon blood essence that had fully exhausted its remaining speck of energy dropped into the sea. At this, the several tens of kilometers of seawater that was boiling finally calmed down, with glaciers everywhere, just like how it used to be.

Wang Yao raised her head.

That delicate tiny face appeared exceptionally beautiful under the sunshine.



Light swirled.

Her silhouette disappeared amidst the clouds.

The boundless sea regained its former tranquility, as if nothing had ever happened there.


Three days passed quietly.

The conflict between Chen Feng and the other top 10 participants was getting ever more critical.

In these three days, everyone was rubbing their fists in anticipation, preparing for the final confrontation. This confrontation of the top 10 would certainly be the most interesting part of this competition.

At 9:50 AM, in the virtual livestream rooms. The round had yet to start, but all the livestream rooms were bursting with viewers.

Chen Feng and the rest entered the building.

Due to there being only 10 of them, they all entered the same custom-made arena prepared by the Gene Production Association for them. This was also the first time Chen Feng saw Qin Hai and the rest in the flesh.

"Chen Feng!"

Their gazes met, and the air sparkled.


Chen Feng smiled calmly and ignored them. Instead, he looked around him. In this arena, all the virtual equipment was larger and more luxurious than it had previously been!

This final battle would definitely be extraordinary.

"Chen Feng!"

The rest of the top 10 participants were seething with rage. They had not expected that Chen Feng would directly ignore them! He was simply insulting them!

Lin Ke was seething with killing intent. "I will let you know."

He had always treated his defeat at Chen Feng’s hand as a humiliation.

"I will defeat you," Qin Hai said seriously.

"Hmph!" Yun Xiaoduo snorted loftily.

The rest all focused their gaze on Chen Feng, their whole bodies bubbling with battle intent.

"I will be waiting for everyone, then," Chen Feng calmly said.


"All participants, please get to your stations," the ice-cold voice prompted.

They sneered before getting to their respective stations.

The round was about to begin.

At ten sharp.


All the livestream rooms brightened up at almost the same time. An azure-colored radiance shone dazzlingly. On the countless luxurious virtual equipment around them, the red indication light flickered without stop.

The final confrontation between the top 10 had finally begun!


"The fifth round begins!"

"All the participants must have a final confrontation against the other nine participants. The winner will obtain one point. The defeated will obtain zero points!"

"The final ranking will be allocated based on the scores."

"The rules for the final round are as follows: two participants will face each other in a simulated environment. Unlimited materials will be provided. You can produce any genes you are capable of producing to kill your opponent!"

"The final survivor will be victorious!"

"Round duration: 10 hours."


The moment this was released, everyone was shaken.

All-out confrontation!

This was actually chosen as the method for this year’s final confrontation!

Apart from the single request of the rules that one must use gene reagents to defeat one’s opponents, this round seemed to not have any other limitations!

In other words—

Everyone in the top 10 could fully display all their firepower!

"We have finally reached the most interesting phase."

"I’m afraid Chen Feng is going to be finished here."

"Which of the producers here is without over a hundred formulas mastered?"

Everyone was shaken.

No formulas to choose from.

No limitations on the type of formulas one could use.

Even the victory conditions were so simple—to survive equated to victory.

What could Chen Feng rely on to obtain victory?

Loopholes in the rules.

Now, there were no rules. Where could you find a loophole?

Chen Feng was extremely good at gene production. This was publicly acknowledged.

However, as for his other aspects?

Almost zero accumulation!

In the eyes of the masses, the strongest producer had to be a person whose production, personal accumulation, and everything else were strong. Those who overemphasized on a single aspect were not qualified to be called the strongest.

Chen Feng?

Evidently, he was unqualified!

"Camping for Chen Feng’s zero points."

"This is the real Gene Rookie Competition."

"The competition is finally normal again."

Countless people expressed their praises of the current round’s rules.

At this time.

"This moment has finally arrived."

Qin Hai and the rest were rubbing their fists eagerly.

Unlimited materials!

No limitations!

They could display their strongest abilities without fear.

Winning through tricks?

Loopholes in the rules?

Before their powerful accumulation, all that was but a joke!

This was a battle between gene producers! This time, they had to teach Chen Feng what a real gene producer was!


Light swirled.

First match began.

Chen Feng’s first matchup was against Lin Ke!