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Chapter 144: Chen Feng on Offense!

Chapter 144: Chen Feng on Offense!

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"It's actually them?"

Everyone’s hearts leaped.

Chen Feng’s first opponent was actually Lin Ke!


"Lin Ke’s grudge against Chen Feng is so high it soars to the skies."

"Seems like we've got a good show ahead of us."

"I feel like Chen Feng is going to be very miserable this match."

Countless people discussed in excitement.

To be frank, this round was in actuality a test simulating the scenarios that might happen in the wilderness. In the wilderness, what would be the deciding factor for a gene producer’s survival and production capability? Gene reagents!

This was also what Chen Feng lacked the most.

"Chen Feng?"

Somewhat surprised, Lin Ke looked at his opponent as his lips curled up, forming a cruel smile.

Encountering Chen Feng in the first match? What a nice surprise!

"I have waited way too long for you." Lin Ke sneered. Ever since he had been insta-killed by Chen Feng, he had been holding his rage in. He had not expected himself to be so lucky now.


Light swirled.

"Random environment allocation."

"Allocation complete—Shan Hai Lu Woods."


Simulated environment generated.

Green-colored code flickered without stop before finally forming the environment.


Countless people inhaled a mouthful of cold air.

This was a simulation of an actual environment?

In order to guarantee the fairness and genuineness of this round, the equipments used during this round had actually perfectly simulated the Shan Hai Lu Woods that existed in the real world!

Here, it was exactly the same as the Shan Hai Lu Woods in real world.

Even the wind force here was exactly the same as it was in the real world.

This was the so-called simulated environment. It could be treated like the real world.


Light swirled.

Chen Feng and Lin Ke descended into the simulated environment.

The match began.

There was no period of pause. However, due to the both of them descending onto a somewhat remote corner of the environment, ample time was given for them to produce their genes.

"It’s here."

Chen Feng’s had a solemn mood.

Shan Hai Lu Woods was a place he had heard about before. Due to its beautiful environment, where countless production materials grew, this was a place that was even treated as a holy land by some.

Chen Feng looked forth. As far as his eyes could see, just from the area ten meters in front of him alone, over 100 types of production materials could be seen. The mutated beasts that were originally active there in the real world version of this place had been directly turned into drops of blood essence here. This was a competition of gene production. Hence, the work that was supposed to be done by genetic warriors was simplified. They could directly take whatever blood essence they required.

"Must I use the methods of a gene producer here?" Chen Feng pondered.

He had sufficiently mended the weakness he had in regards to the amount of formulas he knew. Despite those formulas being something he had just learned, he could still produce them successfully with Luck Aura’s assistance. Hence, from a certain perspective, Chen Feng now possessed sufficient accumulation to contend with them.

However, Lin Ke… this was a troublesome guy.

Despite the fact that he had insta-killed Lin Ke before, Chen Feng still remembered that blue-colored armor on his android, the armor capable of providing a huge enhancement in one’s power!

This guy was definitely a formidable opponent.

"He is most probably producing that mechanical gene reagent."

Chen Feng guessed.

If he wanted to defeat Lin Ke, using only a gene reagent or two was simply unreliable. The eruption of a huge amount of attack enhancement gene reagents was required in order for there to be any possibility of him defeating Lin Ke.

For example—

The linked version of the mutated thundersnake gene.

The linked gene capable of destroying almost half of the Wang family.

"Should I use it?"

Chen Feng checked his luck value.


He only had over 300 points of luck values remaining. If he were to use that linked gene, at least 200 points would be required. Even if he won, he would not be able to do anything during the subsequent matches.

"I must use the lowest possible amount of luck values to obtain victory!"

Chen Feng was clear on what his goal was.


Let’s start with the basics.


Chen Feng gathered the basic materials and started gene production.

It was also impossible for him to use the aquarhino gene reagent here. With that terrifying material requirement, even if he were able to gather them up, it would be too time consuming. This round was not only about the strength of their productions, it also tested their time management!

If one were to complete one’s production before one’s opponent?

If at this time, one found the opponent?


In this round, without a gene reagent, one was simply naked, without any ability to resist!

Chen Feng’s goal was very simple. To produce the mutated thundersnake gene.

With the assistance of his luck value and his proficiency with this gene, he could absolutely produce this gene rapidly. Next, he could look for a chance to get rid of Lin Ke directly.

This was his chance.


Material gathering completed.

Chen Feng speedily produced a mutated thundersnake reagent.

"Time to look for Lin Ke!"

Chen Feng’s eyes flickered.


Wind Blade quietly fused with his body. He was planning to scout Lin Ke’s position. However, unexpectedly, just as he activated his genetic ability, it was directly blocked.

Warning: Genetic abilities can only be used for gene production!

Chen Feng: "…"


Genetic abilities had been completely prohibited?

However, as he thought of it, that was to be expected. If genetic abilities were allowed during a battle between producers, the nature of the future competitions would probably degrade.

This was a competition between gene producers!


Just because it was prohibited, did that mean he wouldn’t be able to do anything?

Chen Feng sneered.


He speedily gathered some materials.

This time, he was planning to produce an ordinary 3-star F-class gene reagent. With Chen Feng’s current level, without even using his luck values, he was capable of completing a gene reagent at this level.

Soundbat gene reagent, instant enhancement in one’s hearing ability, detecting the enemy’s position.

"Found him!"

Chen Feng’s eyes were sharp as lighting.


Chen Feng hastily pressed toward Lin Ke’s position.



Shan Hai Lu Woods was not a small area. However, since Chen Feng was pressing forth in a straight line, the distance between them were greatly shortened. In a short five minutes, Chen Feng reached the vicinity of Lin Ke’s position.

In the livestream room.

Everyone watched this scene in a daze.

Too savage!

They had initially believed that both of these producers would be producing gene reagents without stop and would unleash their gene reagents to battle it out at the final moments.

They had never expected Chen Feng to be so fast and nimble.




Instantaneous execution.

Chen Feng displayed a battle experience far surpassing what an ordinary producer possessed.

They looked at other livestream rooms and found that almost all the other producers were hidden somewhere and silently preparing their gene reagents. The way in which they battled was very simple. Similar to that round with the androids, they would first prepare all their gene reagents before erupting with their respective trump cards to grasp the final victory!

The only exception being Chen Feng.


Chen Feng moved through the woods, akin to a fierce beast.

He had only produced a single attack gene reagent before starting his hunt. The scariest fact was that if Chen Feng managed to pull his sneak attack off…

It was probable that he would win!

"Damn, there’s such a method?"

"Such a terrifying awareness…"

Everyone was shocked.

This was the first time they had found Chen Feng stunning.

In the livestream room, a lightly armed Chen Feng could be seen traveling through the Shan Hai Lu Woods, moving speedily like a flurry.

On the other hand.

The viewers entered Lin Ke’s livestream room.

They found that Lin Ke was putting great effort into gene production. His production level was in actuality much higher than Chen Feng's. With his high production speed, he was constantly enhancing his power.

"Damn, Lin Ke, run fast!"

"Chen Feng is near, the f*ck are you doing still producing genes there?"

"Lin Ke, the planet is getting destroyed. Go out and take a look."

The chat was spammed furiously.

However, from the start till the end, Lin Ke did not detect any exceptions.

At this very moment, the viewers did not even need to go to Chen Feng’s room, they could see from Lin Ke’s virtual livestream room that at a certain corner, a cold glint could be seen.

Chen Feng had arrived!