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Chapter 145: Triple Combo

Chapter 145: Triple Combo

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"Is Lin Ke’s brain damaged?"

"Run fast!"

The chat was spammed furiously.

The viewers were hoping that Lin Ke would escape quickly. However, currently, Lin Ke was simply unaware of what was happening and was still engrossed in gene production.


Surprise attack?

How was that possible?

This was the Gene Rookie Competition!

This was a battle between two gene producers.

Based on how things usually went in the previous competitions, a majority of the participants would prepare their gene reagents during the day, all the way until the final battle stage where they battled it out with each other! As the countdown for the battle began, the simulated environment would start releasing corrosive energy to limit the radius of the simulated environment where the producers could move in.

As the radius of the simulated environment where the participants could move in was reduced, both producers would definitely encounter each other.

And finally—the final battle would erupt.

At that time, they would be competing in the strength of their gene reagents.

Facing each other in a small space, the better one would be victorious!


Lin Ke was filled with anticipation.

The set of genes that he had designed was going to be completed soon.

At that time, with the activation of the energy armor coupled with the energy contained in the other gene reagents he had prepared, he would be able to, at a certain degree, maintain the activation of the mechanical armor on his body.

This was a super body transformation technique!

Greatly increasing his combat power!

Chen Feng?


"Just you wait." Lin Ke sneered. "I won’t give you the opportunity to produce freely all the way until the countdown."

He had decided to act early and give Chen Feng a miserable death. While he was at it, he could somewhat humiliate Chen Feng as well. Only with this could he clean the humiliation he had previously suffered when he was insta-killed!

"Two more."

Lin Ke inhaled deeply.


Light swirled.

He continued his production.

In his livestream room, everyone did not know whether they should laugh or cry. Not giving Chen Feng the chance to survive until the countdown? Brother, are you kidding me? Just take a look, your opponent is already at your entrance!

At this time, everyone’s hearts stirred as they suddenly noticed a ray of light bubbling up.

Chen Feng…Was going to make his move!

In the woods, Chen Feng was concealed at a certain corner without leaking any of his aura.

He had been watching Lin Ke all along as Lin Ke completed a gene reagent. However, he had yet to make his move. Due to the gene reagent Lin Ke was producing being a somewhat easy reagent to produce, it would be quite easy for Lin Ke to stop his production to deal with Chen Feng. And now, when Lin Ke had once again started producing another gene reagent, a cold glint flashed in Chen Feng’s eyes.

This is the chance!


Light flashed in Lin Ke’s eyes as he entered the digitized world!


Without the slightest hesitation, Chen Feng tossed out the thundersnake gene reagent in his hand.


Lightning flashed.

The thundersnake gene reagent exploded on Lin Ke’s body.

A faint swirling light scattered and disappeared immediately. However, despite it not touching Lin Ke’s body, Lin Ke, who possessed a certain degree of crisis awareness, still awoke at this moment.

Chen Feng?!

Lin Ke immediately had an ominous feeling.

"He still has a chance!"

Everyone started spamming the chat in the livestream room.

"Quickly, release your defensive gene reagent!"

"Yes yes yes, despite this mutated thundersnake gene reagent having a high attack, its reaction time is slow. Hence, Lin Ke has an adequate amount of time to respond to it. He still has a chance to immediately erect his defense!"

Everyone bellowed frantically, "This is his final chance, he must defend against Chen Feng!"

At this time, Chen Feng was merely smiling as he looked at the Lin Ke in front of him.


Chen Feng waved his hand as he greeted Lin Ke.


Lin Ke blanked momentarily. The him that had just retreated from the digitized world evidently had no idea what was happening and instinctively returned Chen Feng’s greeting with a ‘hello’ as well.


Terrifying lighting suddenly started descending from the sky.

Lin Ke was instantly heavily injured.


Chen Feng tossed out a 1-star F-class fireball gene reagent.


Gene reagent exploded.

The dense flame burned while the heavily injured Lin Ke was killed on the spot.


The livestream room sunk into momentary silence and went into an uproar shortly after.

He was dead just like that?!

The first battle ended just like that?

There was also that Chen Feng. He was too excessive! Thundersnake reagent, hello, fireball reagent, triple combo accomplished smoothly in one go. This was simply a humiliation!


Light swirled.

The battle ended.

Chen Feng and Lin Ke had returned to their stations.

Chen Feng had won.

The match that was expected to last a whole day had been completed in 15 minutes by Chen Feng.

Of those 15 minutes, he had spent 5 minutes in gene production, 5 minutes to look for his opponent, 5 minutes waiting for a chance to attack, and only a single instant was used for him to kill his opponent.

From the hunt till the final kill, it gave people a carefree feeling!


"I… am dead?"

Lin Ke stared blankly at himself.

Since he had returned to the real world, it meant that the match had ended.

The revenge he had planned had yet to be accomplished. The set of gene reagents he had prepared with utmost care was not even used yet. Just like that, he had been killed by Chen Feng?

For him to die to a 1-star F-class fireball reagent on top of that!

"Ah ah ah ah!" Lin Ke raged.

When he recalled how Chen Feng had greeted him in the midst of everything, he was so angry he felt like killing someone. That was too excessive!!!

As he recalled the previous scene…

As he recalled the tens of millions of viewers looking at him as he was humiliated…

"Chen Feng!"

Lin Ke’s fury surged to the skies.

Chen Feng again!

This was supposed to be a battle where he humiliated Chen Feng! This was supposed to be a battle where he took the initiative to attack!

How could things turn out this way?

"Ah ah ah ah ah ah!" Lin Ke bellowed.

He was filled with anger yet couldn’t find an outlet to let it all out.

The final confrontation did not end here. He still had eight more matches. However, no matter what, his battle with Chen Feng had ended with his complete defeat.

Furthermore, he still had an ominous feeling…

His guess was correct.

Despite the end of their battle, the viewers of both their livestream rooms were going crazy, spamming the chat with countless messages. Everyone was furiously spamming the chat.

"Lin Ke, hello. Too damn funny."

"Thundersnake-hello-fireball technique, the latest triple combo, 2333333[1]."

"66666666666, you got to respect this."

"I can’t take this anymore. I am going to change camps. From today onward, I am Chen Feng’s fanboy!"

"Hahaha, who said that Chen Feng couldn’t win? Despite our Chen Feng having low accumulation with bad foundations, our Chen Feng’s IQ is high!"

Everyone laughed crazily.


Chen Feng was also speechless with this when he returned to the real world.

Lin Ke’s unexpected awakening from his digitized mode was something he had seen as well. Due to the thundersnake gene reagent being an attack that would descend from above, Chen Feng had immediately greeted Lin Ke in order to attract his attention.

His train of thought was very simple.

Greeting Lin Ke in front of him, he would definitely activate his defensive gene reagent. If his vigilance was high enough, he could even instantly fully activate his defense!

At this time, the area above him would be the blind spot and the thundersnake gene reagent’s bombardment would still be successful!

This was Chen Feng’s plan!

Greeting was simply to attract Lin Ke’s attention!


He had never expected that, despite Lin Ke being able to vigilantly awaken from the digitized mode, when Lin Ke saw Chen Feng greeting him, his instinctive reaction would be to return the greeting with a hello???

Are you kidding me?

Chen Feng felt helpless as well. He truly did not intend to humiliate Lin Ke.

In the online community.

As Chen Feng’s match ended, a hot discussion arose.

Chen Feng’s unexpected victory had exceeded everyone’s expectations. However, for some reason, the masses were not focused on his victory, rather—

They were focused on his triple combo.

Thundersnake-hello-fireball technique. This became a new meme, becoming the way in which a huge amount of people greeted their friends.

The moment where Lin Ke replied with a hello with a blank, puzzled expression on his face was screenshotted, turned into a meme, and spread online at a crazy pace, causing the masses to go hysteria from the laughter.

Lin Ke was now trending.

Through such a bizarre manner.

It was also at this time that a well-known critic, Song Dazui, suddenly started his bombardment of the Gene Rookie Competition. His large-scale bombardment was directed toward the rules and fairness of the Gene Rookie Competition!


1. 2333333 is Chinese netspeak, similar to LOL